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  • Japanese, Sushi
  • 77 Hudson St, New York 10013 40.718473 -74.009078
  • (Btwn Jay & Harrison St)
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  • (347) 620-1236
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Lunch Specials $15

Pulled Pork Bun Lunch Special slow cooked tender pork, bbq sauce, with pickled jalapeno, cucumber. served with french fries. choice of miso soup or salad.  
Yakitori Plate Lunch Special seared chicken, scallion on a skewer, sautéed brussel sprouts, with pastrami, sweet corn and rice. served with miso soup.  
Nabayaki Udon Lunch Special udon noodle in a light chicken/seafood broth, with fish cake, bok choy, shrimp tempura, enoki mushroom and scallion. served with a salad.  

Small Plates From The Kitchen

Green Papaya Salad spicy. green papaya salad with tomato, long beans, thai chili, dried shrimp, peanuts and lime juice.    9.00
Fried Rock Shrimp spicy mayo and tobiko.    8.00
Soy Garlic Chicken Wings fried chicken wings marinated in soy and garlic.     8.00
Grilled Nasu japanese eggplant, miso, and sesame.    8.00
Edamame charred edamame, chilis, and yuzu salt.     6.00
Sweet & Sour Calamari deep-fried calamari, sweet lime chili sauce and papaya salad.    9.00
Zutto Fried Rice chorizo, kimchi, pastrami and fried egg.    10.00
Gyoza pan fried pork dumplings.     8.00
Shishito Peppers vegetarian, charred and fried japanese peppers, yuzu salt and lemon aioli.    9.00
Silken Tofu Salad tempura tofu, pickled mushrooms, pickled eggplant, spicy shoyu sauce, and micro cilantro.    8.00

Appetizers From Sushi Bar

Sashimi Appetizer two pieces of tuna, salmon, white fish, one piece fluke.    20.00
Lightly Seared Big Eye Tuna with daikon radish and ponzu sauce.    16.00
Seared Salmon Salad salmon sashimi lightly seared with assorted pickles.    15.00
Hama yellowtail, ponzu, thai chili and mandarin supreme.     16.00
Kanpachi Usuzukuri thinly sliced amberjack and yuzu pepper.    16.00
Tuna & Avocado Appetizer diced tuna, avocado, crispy shallots, ponzu, pickled jalapeño, and negi.    14.00

Sushi & Sashimi

Akami tuna loin.    7.00  4.00
Madai japanese snapper. from goto japan.    9.00  5.00
Hirame fluke.    7.00  4.00
Sake king salmon.    7.00  4.00
Hamachi yellowtail. from kagoshima japan.    9.00  5.00
Tomago egg omelet.    5.00  3.00
Botan Ebi sweet shrimp. from maine    9.00  17.00
Kanpachi greater amberjack. from kumamoto japan.    9.00  5.00
Unagi fresh water eel with eel sauce.    9.00  5.00
Tobiko flying fish roe. from canada.    7.00  4.00
Ikura salmon roe. from alaska.    9.00  5.00
Toro     12.00
Shima Suzuki striped bass.    4.00  9.00
Sawara spanish mackerel    4.00  7.00

American Style Roll (Rice Outside)

Tribeca Roll spicy tuna, avocado, and caviar in a triangle.    12.00
Soft Shell Crab Roll flying fish roe, scallion, cucumber, and kaiware sprouts.    15.00
New Zealand Roll  salmon, grilled asparagus, tempura flakes and spicy pineapple.    11.00
California Roll  crab stick or snow crab with avocado.     6.00
Gulf Of Mexico Roll shrimp tempura, flying fish roe, scallion, cucumber, and kaiware sprouts with spicy mayonnaise.    11.00
Maine Roll lobster tempura, flying fish roe, scallion, cucumber, and kaiware sprouts with spicy mayonnaise.    16.00
Maryland Roll lump crab, avocado, caviar, and tuna.    10.00
Yum Yum Sae Woo Roll tempura shrimp, crab, lettuce wrap, yuba, and spicy red bean sauce.    11.00
Panko Eel Roll panko fried eel, yuzu créme fraiche, and avocado.    14.00
Animal Roll  short rib, jalapeño, garlic, and soy glaze.    12.00
Crazy Sake seared salmon and cucumber with spicy salmon on top.    14.00
Dragon Roll eel, cucumber, kaiware, avocado and tobiko.    14.00
Salmon Avocado Roll     8.00
Shrimp Tempura Roll tempura shrimp with cucumber and soy glaze.    8.50

Japanese Style Roll (Seaweed Outside)

Tuna Roll     7.00
Yakishushi Roll (Cut Roll) grilled tuna and scallion roll with soy sauce.    11.00
Yellowtail & Scallion Roll     8.00
Futomaki Roll (Cut Roll) snow crab, egg custard, mango, spinach and pickles with bonito flakes.    11.00
Spicy Tuna Roll     7.00
Avocado Roll      5.00
Cucumber Roll      5.00
Avocado Cucumber Roll      6.50
Negi-Toro Pickle Roll fatty tuna, scallions and pickled daikon radish    12.00
Salmon Roll     7.00
Salmon & Cucumber Roll     8.00
Spicy Salmon Roll     7.00
Yellowtail Jalapeño Roll     8.00
Tuna & Avocado Roll     8.00
Tuna & Cucumber Roll     8.00
Plain Rice Roll sushi rice wrapped in seaweed.    4.00

Main Course

Daily Selection Of Sashimi  18 pieces of assorted sashimi.    39.00
Premuim Sushi 10 pieces of sushi chef`s special assortment of raw fish and a roll.    35.00
Daily Selection Of Sushi 7 pieces of sushi and a roll. chef`s choice.    24.00
Sushi & Sashimi Combination 9 pieces of sashimi, 6 pieces of sushi, and a roll of chef`s choice.    42.00


Broiled Salmon with pickled mushroom quinoa and sautéed spinach.    23.00
Chipotle Teriyaki seared skirt steak, with sauteed broccoli rabe, cherry tomatoes, and zutto salsa. with chipotle teriyaki sace.    18.00


Tonkotsu Ramen  tonkotsu noodle soup topped with kikurage, menma, red pickled ginger, sesame and scallions.    12.00
Spicy Miso Ramen red miso and pork based soup topped with scallions, chopped pork, memma, white pickes, sesame, ginger & chili oil.    12.00
Kimchi Ramen spicy pork based soup. pork topped with tofu, pickled ginger, clams, and nori.    15.00
Wasabi Shoyu Ramen soy sauce, chicken and vegetable based noodle soup topped with bean curd, wasabi, menma, kaiware radish, shiso, scallions, and wasabi infused oil.    12.00
Chicken Paitan Ramen chicken and premuim soy sauce based soup topped with slow-cooked chicken breast, scallion, menma, and nori.    14.00
Parma-Karma Ramen  soybean paste and pork noodles topped with parmigiano-reggiano, menma, fresh grated ginger, karashi and scallions.     15.00
Seafood Ramen lobster based, head on shrimp, manila clams, roasted garlic oil, pickled ginger, menma, and wakame.    16.00
Duck Ramen duck broth with a slow cooked duck breast, bok choy, menma, kikurage and scallions.    14.00

Hirata Buns

Kobe Beef Steamed Bun hijiki, red onion, and togarashi mayo.    12.00
Pork Belly Steamed Bun lettuce and miso mayo.    9.00
Short Rib Steamed Bun spicy fermented cabbage and tobanjan mayo.    10.00
Portabella Steamed Bun rucola, parmesan crisp, and brown miso mayo.    11.00
Gang Nam Style Buns spicy pork, kimchi, scallion.    10.00
Zutto Pork Belly Buns caramelized pork, peanuts, sweet & spicy sauce and cilantro.    10.00
Panko Miso Cod Steamed Bun crusted miso cod, lettuce, and chipotle tartar sauce.    11.00


Wedge Salad with ginger vinairette.    5.00
French Fries     5.00
Caramelized Brussel Sprouts with bacon.    9.00
Seaweed Salad vegetarian.    9.00
Rice     2.00
Ricola Salad rucola salad and tomatoes.    8.00


Pellegrino     7.00
Tonic Water     2.50
Soda coke, diet coke, sprite, ginger ale    2.50
Orange Juice     3.00
Cranberry Juice     2.50


77 Hudson St
Btwn Jay & Harrison St
(347) 620-1236
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