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Appetizers $7.50

Kategna toasted injera generously coated with "berbere" and "kibe".
Telba Fitfit ground flaxseed mixed with red onion, peppers and lemon juice, served dipped in morsels of injera
Sambusa (2pcs) light fillo pastry filled with spicy ground sirloin or lentils
Azifa Salad lentil spread with minced onions and green peppers, and seasoned with ginger, lemon juice and olive oil. served on an endive leaf
Salad lettuce, tomatoes and onions in a lemon dressing

Served With Two Vegetable Sides Per Platter

Tibs Wett* strips of sirloin simmered in a spiced stew with berbere, kibe, garlic, cardamom, coriander and other herbs and spices. an ethiopian favorite 19.59
"Zoma Tibs" house special cubed filet mignon pieces marinated in "tej", green peppers, red onions and zoma's special sauce and sauteed to perfection 19.59
Kitfo finely chopped tender sirloin seasoned with "mitmita" and "kibe". traditionally served raw, "steak tartar" style but can be cooked to your liking. kitfo is an ethiopian delicacy 19.59
Gomen Be Siga fresh collard greens simmered with sauteed beef, onions, green peppers and spices in mild sauce 17.00

Served With Two Vegetable Sides Per Platter

Doro Wett* chicken gently simmered onions, ginger, berbere and spices for hours to create a delightful stew. doro wett is traditionally served on special occasions 19.59
Doro Alitcha chicken stew cooked as above but with a mild herb sauce 17.00
Doro Tibs tender morsels of boneless chicken breast marinated in "tej" then stir fried with ginger, garlic, sweet onions and tomatoes 19.59
Lamb $19.59

Served With Two Vegetable Sides Per Platter

Yebeg Alitcha tender lamb marinated in ginger, rosemary and spices; braised slowly in a mild sauce with a touch of turmeric.
Awaze Tibs* cubes of lamb marinated in tej and awaze, then stir fried in kibe with onions and green pepper.

Assa Tibs tilaia filet seasoned with herbs and spices, pan fried to perfection. served with tomato salad. 20.59
Vegetarian Dishes $13.50

Side Dish Not Included

Gomen collard greens slowly simmered in vegetable broth with finely chopped onions, garlic, ginger and other spices.
Atakilt Wett fresh carrots, potatoes, cabbage and onions, sauteed with garlic, ginger and tomatoes in a mild sauce.
Fasolia fresh string bean stir fried in a garlic and light tomato sauce.
Misi Wett** red split lentils cooked with berbere, garlic, ginger and other herbs and spices.
Kik Aletcha split peas cooked and flavored with green peppers, onions and mild spices.
Shiro Wett* chickpeas, lentils and peas roasted, powdered and cooked in a berbere sauce with a multitude of spices. shiro is ethiopian comfort food.

Served Only 2 People * Spicy, ** Mildly Spicy.

Vegetarian Combination sampler serving of four vegetarian dishes 24.59
Combinations A tibs wett, doro alitcha & gomen be siga. 28.95
Combinations B doro wett, yebeg alitcha & bozena shiro 28.59