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  • Deli Food, Pizza, Sandwiches, Sushi
  • 59 Maiden Ln, New York 10038 40.7082 -74.008173
  • (At William St)
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  • (646) 582-6916
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From Our Bakery

Apple Turnover turnover filled with diced tart apples.    1.69
Croissant buttery flaky croissants. pick any kind you like.    1.69
Danish with apple, apricot, raspberry options.    1.69
Donut get your coffee from coffee&tea section and make it a nice snack.    1.00
Muffin choose the flavor you like and enjoy your soft&tasty muffin.    1.69
Scone lovely crisp crust with a rich buttery flavor and raisin or apricot on it.    1.69

Fruits For Breakfast

Prepackaged Strawberries product of u.s.a.   (16oz) 3.49
Prepackaged Raspberries product of mexico.   (6oz) 3.99
Prepackaged Blackberries product of mexico.   (6oz) 3.99
Prepackaged Blueberries product of chile.   (4.4oz) 4.49
Navel Orange product of chile.   ea 0.99

Healthy Juices

Apple & Eve a wide variety of 100% pure, delicious juices.    1.99
Bolthouse Farm low in sodium, high in calcium, magnesium, vitamin b6, vitamin b12, vitamin c, and zinc   (15.2 fl oz) 3.49
Naked Juice healthy, 100% juice smoothies.    3.99
Pom pom    4.29
Tropicana 1 juice from leading producer of branded fruit juices.   (1pt) 1.79
Tropicana 1/2 Gallon juice from leading producer of branded fruit juices...   (1/2 gal) 3.99
Vita Coco Coconut Water all natural coconut water never from concentrate.   (1ltr) 4.99
Vita Coco Coconut Water all natural coconut water never from concentrate.   (11.2 fl oz) 2.29

Nutrition Bars

Clif Bars delivers sustained energy by steadily increasing, then decreasing blood sugar levels.provides energy boost for athletes; healthy, casual snacking for anyone.70 percent of ingredients certified organic.moist and chewy; wheat-free and dairy-free.please read all label information on delivery    1.99
Kashi Bars all natural and high in fiber and protein. made in the usa.    2.29
Kashi Granola Bars 6 bars in a package.all-natural and high in fiber and protein.kosher certified.made to balance blood sugar, protein and fiber.made in u.s.a    5.99
Kind Bars nutritionally boosted whole nut and fruit bars with essential vitamins and nutrients including: antioxidants, omega 3, b complex, calcium and additional protein.    1.99
Luna Bars great tasting nutrition bar for snacking.    1.79


Chobani Greek Nonfat & Low Fat Yogurt luxuriously creamy and full of flavor.   (6oz) 1.79
Silk Live Soy Yogurt creamy, delicious yogurt with the goodness of soy, plus beneficial probiotics to help support the body's natural defenses   (6oz) 1.90
Stonyfield Organic Non Fat&fat Free Yogurt just real, nutritious, organic food.   (6oz) 1.29
Total Yogurt By Fage 100% natural. it contains no added sweeteners, thickeners or preservatives.it doesn't contain powder milk, powder cream or powder protein, just raw milk, raw cream and live active cultures which come together for a naturally blissful taste experience.   sm 1.69
Danon Yogurt - Fruit On The Bottom dannon fruit on the bottom has a great balance of smooth lowfat yogurt and flavorful fruit pieces. a great feature is with dannon fruit on the bottom you can enjoy it anyway you want. skim the lowfat yogurt off the top, dig into the fruit portion, or simply mix it all around.   (6oz) 1.19
Danon Yogurt - Light And Fit whether you're counting calories, carbs, or fat, dannon light & fit has what you need to stay on track.   (6oz) 1.19

Coffee And Tea Bar

Small & Large Coffee you can select any kind of milk you like. sugar comes on the side.    1.29
Small & Large Tea you can select any kind of milk you like. sugar comes on the side.    1.25
Small & Large Cafe Latte     2.75
Small & Large Hot Chocolate     1.99
Small & Large Cappuccino     2.75
Espresso-One Shot & Double Shot     1.99
Iced Coffee    (16oz) 2.75
Iced Cafe Latte    (16oz) 3.75
Iced Cappuccino    (16oz) 3.75
Iced Cafe Mocha    (16oz) 3.75


Med / Lg

Capricciosa Pizza ham, black olives, mushrooms, artichokes and mozzarella.    18.99  10.99
Chix-Avocado Pizza smoked mozzarella, smoked chicken breast and fresh seasonal    18.99  10.99
Funghi Pizza with mixed mushrooms and mozzarella.    8.99  14.99
Goat Cheese Pizza goat cheese, sliced tomatoes and fresh mozzarella.    10.99  18.99
Hawaiian Pizza fresh mozzarella, ham, pineapple    10.99  18.99
Heart Attack Pizza mozzarella, crispy bacon, pepperoni, salami and sausages.    12.99  21.99
Margherita Pizza classic homemade tomato sauce, basil and mozzarella    12.99  7.99
Marinara Pizza with out cheese, tomato, garlic and oregano.    10.99  6.99
Marine Pizza with shrimp, calamari and clams.    12.99  21.99
Melanzane Pizza mozzarella, grilled eggplant, i old fashioned marinara sauce.    9.99  14.99
Mexicali Pizza mozzarella, ground beef, jalapeno, fresh tomato and cheddar cheese.    12.99  21.99
Ortolana Pizza roasted mixed vegetables.    14.99  8.99
Parmigiana Pizza eggplant, tomatoes, mozzarella and parmigiana cheeses.    16.99  9.99
Pesto Pizza with fresh tomato and mozzarella.    10.99  18.99
Pizza Alla Vodka penne pasta with classic vodka cream sauce topped with fresh mozzarella    10.99  21.99
Pizza Lasagna ground beef, ricotta, mozzarella and marinara sauce    10.99  20.99
Pizza Napoli fresh tomatoes, mozzarella and parmigiana cheese    10.99  19.99
Pizza Prosciutto     10.99  21.99
Quattro Formaggi Pizza with pecorino romano, parmesan, provolone, mozzarella ortolana, roasted vegetables and tomatoes.    11.99  18.99
Quattro Stagioni Pizza with pastrami, black olive & mushroom.    10.99  18.99
Sophia Loren Pizza mozzarella, fresh garlic, sliced tomato and topped with marinara sauce.    10.99  18.99
Vesuvio Pizza anchovies, black olives, capers and pepperoni    12.99  21.99
White Pizza fresh mozzarella and ricotta cheese.    16.99  9.99
Zeytuna Pizza pastrami, fresh mozzarella and black olives    16.99  9.99


Black Forest Ham Sandwich cheese, lettuce and tomato.    5.49
Classic Deli Club turkey, ham, salami, lettuce, tomato and cheese.    5.49
Fresh Mozzarella Sandwich sun dried tomato,basil,fresh mozzarella and oil vinegar    5.49
Grilled Chicken Sandwich lettuce and tomato.    5.99
Ham Sandwich cheese, lettuce&tomato    5.49
Honey Turkey Sandwich brie, green peppers, lettuce, honey mustard, green apple.    5.99
Mortadella Sandwich cheese, lettuce and tomato.    5.49
Pastrami Sandwich cheese, lettuce and tomato.    6.99
Prosciutto Sandwich provolone roasted red pepper, oil vinegar.    6.49
Roast Beef Sandwich lettuce and tomato.    6.49
Tuna Melt Sandwich fresh tuna salad with melted cheese, lettuce, and tomato.    5.49
Turkey Sandwich cheese, lettuce and tomato.    5.49
Virginia Ham Sandwich cheese, lettuce and tomato.    5.99
Zeytuna Famous Italian prosciutto, salami, pepperoni, sopresatta, mortadella, provolone, roasted peppers, lettuce, tomato, oil and vinegar.    6.49


Austrian Alps Panini black forest ham, brie, mesclun, honey mustard.    6.99
Beef Teriyaki Panini roast beef, mozzarella cheese, lettuce and teriyaki sauce    6.99
Black Forest Ham Panini with honey mustard, brie cheese, lettuce and sundried tomatoes    6.99
Chicken Avocado Panini grilled chicken, mozzarella, avocado, roasted peppers, lettuce, honey mustard    6.99
Chicken Teriyaki Panini grilled chicken,teriyaki sauce,spicy sauce,mozzarella cheese, lettuce,onion    6.49
Copenhagen Panini roasted turkey, swiss cheese and coleslaw    6.99
Grilled Vegetable Panini mixed grilled vegetables and mozzarella cheese    6.99
Ham Pesto Panini sliced ham, swiss, sundried tomato, pesto, oregano, salt and pepper    6.99
Honey Turkey Panini honey turkey, brie cheese, green apple, green pepper, lettuce and honey mustard.    6.99
Monte Cristo Panini smoked turkey, ham, lettuce, tomato, swiss cheese, and honey mustard served hot on toasted panini bread    6.99
New Yorker Panini roast beef, swiss cheese, caramelized onion, thousand island dressing    6.99
Pesto Chicken Panini grilled chicken, mozzarella, roasted pepper, pesto sauce, salt and pepper    6.99
Ruben Combo Panini corned beef, pastrami, coleslaw and swiss cheese    6.99
Siciliano Panini prosciutto, ham, salami, provolone cheese, sundried tomato and arugula.    6.99
South Of The Border Panini sausalito turkey, monterey jack cheese, , fresh jalapeno pepper, roasted peppers and tomato w/spice mustard    6.99

Wraps $6.49

BBQ Chicken Wrap grilled chicken, bbq sauce, mozzarella and onions.  
Buffalo Wrap grilled chicken with swiss and caramelized red onions  
Chicken Burrito Wrap grilled chicken & salsa.  
Chicken Caesar Wrap grilled chicken, caesar dressing. parmesan cheese, lettuce  
Chicken Fajita Wrap grilled chicken, cilantro, marinara sauce, cheddar cheese and lemon juice.  
Chicken Pepper Wrap breaded chicken cutlet, roasted red peppers, fresh mozzarella, olive oil, garlic and spices on sundried tomato wrap  
Chicken Ranch Wrap grilled chicken, bacon, shredded cheddar cheese and ranch dressing.  
Greek (Spinach & Feta) Wrap grilled chicken with spinach and feta cheese  
Grilled Vegetable Wrap grilled mixed vegetables, mozzarella and sundried tomato spread.  
Hummus Wrap With Turkey Breast turkey breast, hummus, oregano&spices, lettuce and tomato  
Philly Cheese Steak Wrap top round sirloin slices, melted cheddar cheese, roasted peppers and onions  
Turkey Monster Wrap sliced turkey breast with muenster cheese  

Sandwiches - Gozleme

Gozleme     6.99

Mediterranean Grill

Grilled Salmon Steak with two side dishes.    11.99
Grilled Tuna Steak with two side dishes.    11.99
Half Roasted Chicken with two side dishes.    8.99
NY Strip Steak with two side dishes.    24.99
Aged Prime Rib with two side dishes.    27.99
Beef Burger with french fries, onions, cheese, tomato, lettuce served on homemade bun.    6.99
Grilled Chicken Breast with two side dishes.    7.99
Grilled Salmon approx / 2 side dishes   (0.5 lb) 12.99
Turkey Burger with french fries, onions, cheese, tomato, lettuce served on homemade bun.    6.99
Veggie Burger with french fries, onions, cheese, tomato, lettuce served on homemade bun.    6.99

Salads $3.49

1/2 Lb. Finest And Freshest Cuts Around

Caesar Salad romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese, croutons, caesar dressing  
Chicken Caesar grilled chicken, romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese, croutons, caesar dressing.  
Chicken Curry Salad sour cream, mayo, heavy cream, sugar, egg yellow, honey&cranberries.  
Chicken Salad celery, mayo, salt & pepper  
Chicken,Avocado &tomato Salad grilled chicken, avocado, tomato, lettuce, vinegar.  
Crab Meat Salad imitation crab meat, celery, onions, mayo, salt & pepper, vinegar.  
Greek Salad olives, feta, cucumber, peppers, onions, walnuts.  
Grilled Mixed Vegetable Salad grilled red peppers, eggplant, squash, green pepper, zucchini.  
Shepherd Salad tomato, cucumber, onion, peppers, parsley, vinegar.  
Tuna Salad celery, mayo, black pepper.  

South Of The Border

Available For Lunch Only, Monday-Friday 11am-3pm. With Grilled Chicken, Beef, Or Vegetables And Your Choice Of Toppings.

Burrito     6.99
Fajita     6.99
Quesadilla     7.49
Taco Bowl     6.99


Available For Lunch Only. (12) Pieces Per Order

California Roll imitation crab, cucumber, avocado    5.99
Spicy California Roll imitation crab, cucumber, avocado, spicy mayo    6.99
Vegetable Combo carrot, cucumber, avocado    5.99
Shrimp Tempura Roll tempura shrimp, cucumber, japanese sweet sauce   (10pcs) 9.99
Spicy Shrimp Roll shrimp, cucumber, avocado    6.99
Tuna Avocado Roll tuna & avocado    6.99
Spicy Salmon Roll salmon,cucumber,avocado, spicy mayo    6.99
Seaside Combo Roll tuna,salmon    6.99
Philadelphia Roll smoked salmon,cream cheese,cucumber    6.99
Eel Roll tuna, cucumber, avocado    6.99
Hawaii Roll tuna,tobiko,sliced almonds,cucumber,avocado    6.99
Rainbow Roll vegetable roll with salmon and tuna on top    10.99
Orange Roll imitation crab,cucumber,avocado, salmon roe.    6.99
Red River Roll tuna,tobiko,cucumber    6.99
Zeytuna House Roll zeytuna's special roll    7.99


Sm (12oz) $2.99 / Lg (16oz) $3.99. Fresh Homemade Daily Soups

Chicken Noodle   

Gyro & Kebabs

Lamb Kebab Wrap kebab and salad on a wrap.yogurt and hot sauce on the side    8.99
Chicken Adana Kebab Plate with orzo rice & salad.yogurt and hot sauce on the side.    10.99
Chicken Gyro Plate with orzo rice & salad. yogurt and hot sauce on the side    10.99
Chicken Gyro Wrap gyro and salad on a wrap. yogurt and hot sauce on the side    8.99
Chicken Kebab Wrap kebab and salad on a wrap. yogurt and hot sauce on the side.    8.99
Lamb Gyro Platter with orzo rice & salad. yogurt and hot sauce comes on the.    10.99
Lamb Gyro Wrap gyro and salad on a wrap. yogurt and hot sauce on the side.    8.99
Lamb Adana Kebab Plate with orzo rice & salad. yogurt and hot sauce on the side.    10.99
French Fries a small container as a side order.    1.99

Pasta Bar

Farfalle Primavera bowtie pasta with fresh garden vegetables and olive oil.    8.99
Fettucine Carbonara flat noodle pasta in cream sauce with bits of bacon and onion    10.99
Linguini Alla Mama sundried tomato, diced chicken breast and shitake mushrooms in cream sauce.    10.99
Linguini Shrimp Scampi fresh gulf shrimp with herbs and garlic sauce    10.99
Penne Alla Vodka pasta topped with diced mozzarella in a tomato and cream sauce    8.99
Rigatoni Bolognese pasta in marinara sauce and ground sirloin    8.99
Simply Fettucini fettucine with olive oil and garlic sauce.    8.99
Simply Linguini diced wine tomato, olive oil and fresh basil.    8.99

Hot & Cold Buffet $3.49


Baba Ganoush mashed eggplant with various seasonings.  
Breaded Chicken Cutlet served by pound  
Falafel balls made from ground chickpeas.  
Grilled Chicken served by pound  
Homemade Hummus mashed chickpeas blended with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic.  
Mashed Potatoes served by pound  
Orzo Rice rice & chickpeas  
Spicy Chicken Cutlet served by pound  
Spinach Pie&cheese Pie prepared daily.  
Stuffed Grape Leaves grape leaves stuffed with rice, ground beef, chopped dill, garlic and lemon juice.  
Tabouli salad made of bulgur, chopped parsley, mint, tomato, onion, lemon juice and olive oil.  
Yellow Rice served by pound  
Zucchini Pancakes served by pound  


Can / Btl (20fl oz) / (2ltr)

Coke     2.49  1.49  1.09
Pepsi     1.09  2.49  1.49
Sprite     1.49  1.09  2.49
Sierra Mist   
7 Up    can 1.09 (btl 20fl oz) 1.69
Dr.Pepper     1.09  2.49  1.49
Mountain Dew     1.69  1.09  2.49
Canada Dry     1.06  2.49  1.69
Schweppes    (2 ltr) 2.49 (20fl oz) 1.49
Crush    (2 ltr) 2.49 can 1.09
Sunkist    (20fl oz) 1.49 can 1.09
Fresca    can 1.09


Tropicana Juice 100% juice from leading producer of branded fruit juices.   (1 pt) 1.79 (1/2 gal) 3.99
Simply Juice    (13.5 fl oz) 1.99 (59 fl oz) 3.49
Martinelli's Apple Juice     1.99
Pom Wonderful gorgeous pomegranate fruit and pomegranate juice    4.29
Welch's Fruit Juice    (16 fl oz) 1.69 (64 fl oz) 4.99
Ceres 100% Fruit Juice    (33.8 fl oz) 3.49


Bolthouse Farm low in sodium, high in calcium, magnesium, vitamin b6, vitamin b12, vitamin c, and zinc.   (15.2fl oz) 3.49
Naked Juice healthy, 100% juice smoothies.    3.99

Organic Juices

Purity Organic    (16fl oz) 2.29
Santa Cruz Organic    (32fl oz) 2.49


Hero Nectar    (33.8) 3.49
Looza Nectar    (33.8fl oz) 3.79

Acai Drinks

Sambazon Açaí Drink    (10.5fl oz) 3.79
Zola Açaí Drink     2.69

Aloe Vera Juices

Fremo Aloe Vera Drinks    (16.9fl oz) 1.99
T'best Aloe Vera Drink    (17.6fl oz) 2.99

Tea Drinks

Arizona Iced Tea    (20oz) 1.99
Arizona Organic Iced Tea    (20oz) 2.29
Carpe Diem Kombucha Tea    (16.9oz) 1.49
Gt's Kombucha Tea    (16fl oz) 3.99
Snapple    (16oz) 1.69
Snapple    (17.5oz) 1.99
Tea's Tea    (16.9fl oz) 1.99

Root Beers & Cream Sodas

Mug    (2 ltr) 2.49
Boylan Soda    (12oz) 1.79
Stewart's Soda    (12fl oz) 1.49
Water, Seltzer, Fruit Water, Coconut Water   

Water,Seltzer, Fruit Water, Coconut Water

Still Water   
Sparkling Water&seltzer Water   
Fruit Water   
Coconut Water   

Still Water

(500ml) / (1ltr) / (1.5ltr)

Evian Water     2.49  1.49  1.99
Fiji Water     1.39
Fiji Water     2.49  1.99  1.49
Poland Spring    (500ml) 0.99 gal 2.29 (1.5 ltr) 1.79 (1 ltr) 1.49
Volvic Water     1.49  2.69  2.29

Sparkling Water & Seltzer Water

Perrier     1.29
S.Pellegrino    (8.45fl oz) 1.29 (25.3fl oz) 2.49
Schweppes original seltzer, black cherry seltzer, orange seltzer, lime seltzer .   (20fl oz) 1.49
Vichy Catalan Mineral Water    (1ltr 1.8fl oz) 2.99

Fruit Water

Mash Fruit Water pomme blueberry, grapefruit - citrus zing, lemon peel - ginger root, ripe mango - blood orange.    2.49
Sobe Lifewater    (20oz) 1.69

Coconut Water

100% All Natural Coconut Water, Never From Concentrate.

Vita Coco Coconut Water    (1ltr) 4.99
Vita Coco Coconut Water plain, passion fruit, peach mango, pineapple.    2.29

Sports Drinks

Gatorade    (20ft oz) 1.79 (32 fl oz) 2.49
Muscle Milk    (14oz) 3.99
Red Bull    (12fl oz) 3.49 (8.3fl oz) 2.99 (16fl oz) 4.49
Vitamin Water     1.99

Energy Drinks

Code Blue no caffeine, low calorie   (12oz) 2.99
Muscle Drinks    (14oz) 3.79
Red Bull    (16fl oz) 4.49 (12fl oz) 3.49 (8.3fl oz) 2.99


Pom gorgeous pomegranate fruit and pomegranate juice.    4.29
Purple 7 Antioxidants    (10fl oz) 1.99
Sobe Lifewater    (20oz) 1.69


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