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  • Asian Fusion, Chinese, Other, Vegetarian
  • 773 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn 11226 40.654038 -73.959363
  • (Btwn Clarkson Ave & Lenox Rd)
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  • (917) 793-0651
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Lunch Specials $7

L1. Lemon Chicken Lunch Special made with taro.  
L2. Mango Chicken Lunch Special *  
L3. Curry Chicken Lunch Special *  
L4. Chicken Teriyaki Lunch Special   
L5. Tofu Teriyaki Lunch Special   
L6. Chicken Broccoli Lunch Special   
L7. Chicken With String Beans Lunch Special   
L8. Eggplant With Soy Chicken Lunch Special *  
L9. Mixed Vegetables Lunch Special   
L10. Bean Curd With Mix Vegetable Lunch Special   
L11. Beef Broccoli Lunch Special   
L12. Sesame Chicken Lunch Special   
L13. Boneless Ribs Lunch Special   


A1. Chicken Nuggets crispy soy chicken breaded with panko bread crumbs, rosemary, basil & oregano. served with bbq sauce.    8.00
A2. Salt & Pepper Chicken Tenders crispy soy chicken lightly seasoned. served with vidalia onion vinaigrette.    6.00
A3. Sugar Cane Drumsticks breaded soy protein and fresh herbs wrapped around raw sugar cane. served with a thai sauce.   (5pcs) 7.00
A4. Curry Rolls vegetables rolled in traditional indian curry sauce.   (2pcs) 4.00
A5. Edamame fresh soy beans steamed in their pod, sprinkled with sea salt.    3.50
A6. Malaysian Pancake with curry dipping sauce.    5.00
A7. Scallion Pancake pan-fried vegetarian pancake with bits of scallions.    4.00
A8. Vegetarian Spring Rolls vegan rolls filled with cabbage, carrots & celery.   (2pcs) 4.00
A9. Chicken Tofu Rolls chicken & garden vegetables wrapped with a thin layer of bean curd skin.   (3pcs) 5.00
A10. Vegetable Roast Duck made with pressed bean curd.    4.50
A11. Deep-Fried Wontons served with sweet & sour sauce.   (12pcs) 6.00
A12. Fried Calamari     7.50
A13. Vegetarian Dumplings    (6pcs) 4.50
A14. Fish Nuggets    (10pcs) 6.50
A15. Tater Tots     3.50
A16. Salt & Pepper King Oyster Mushrooms     7.00
A18. Summer Roll With Hoisin Sauce     4.50

Salad & Soup

S1. Veggie Salad     5.00
S2. Chicken Nuggets Salad     8.00
S3. Seaweed Salad     5.50
S4. Avocado Salad     6.00
S5. Hot & Sour Soup a delicious blend of snow cabbage, bean curd, bamboo shoots, banana blossom & wood ear.   lg 5.50 sm 3.50
S6. Seaweed Soup sweaweed, bean curd & carrot.   sm 3.50 lg 5.50
S7. Miso Soup tofu & seaweed served with a pinch of scallion.   lg 5.50 sm 3.50
S8. Wonton Soup shanghai rice wrapper filled with soy protein, cabbage & carrot.   lg 6.50 sm 4.50
S9. Mixed Greens Noodle Soup combination of snow peas, bean sprouts, broccoli & zucchini with rice noodle.   lg 6.50 sm 4.50


G1. Tuna Sandwich vegetarian tuna sandwich served on a toasted sesame bun, garnished with lettuce, cucumber, tomato, avocado, onions & mustard vinaigrette.    9.00
G2. Beef Sandwich grilled vegetarian beef served on a toasted sesame bun, garnished with lettuce, cucumber, tomato, avocado, onions & mustard vinaigrette.    8.50
G3. Chicken Sandwich grilled vegetarian chicken sandwich served on a toasted sesame bun, garnished with lettuce, cucumber, tomato, avocado, onions & mustard vinaigrette.    8.00
G4. Turkey Sandwich grilled vegetarian turkey served on a toasted sesame bun, garnished with lettuce, cucumber, tomato, avocado, onions & mustard vinaigrette.    8.50

Fried Rice & Noodles

F6. Pineapple Fried Rice     10.00
N3. Pad Thai * traditional thai noodles in spicy sauce stir-fried with bean curd, scallions, carrots & bean sprouts.    8.50
F1. Diced Vegetable Fried Rice     8.00
N1. Mei Fun Singapore-Style curry.    9.50

Vegetables & Tofu

V1. Sautéed String Beans     9.00
V2. Eggplant In Sauce *    9.00
V3. Sautéed Mixed Vegetables     8.00
V4. Stir-Fry Shanghai Bok Choy     8.00
V5. Spinach In Garlic Sauce     9.00
V6. Broccoli With Black Mushroom     11.00
V8. Moo Shu Delight     11.00
V9. Sautéed Broccoli     8.00
V10. Ma Po Tofu *    9.00
V11. Tofu Garlic Sauce *    9.00
V12. Bean Curd With Mixed Vegetables     9.50
V13. Chinese Broccoli     9.00

Main Dishes

M1. Sweet Basil Soy Protein sautéed soy protein with bell peppers, onion & homemade sweet chili sauce.    13.00
M2. Black Pepper Seitan with chinese broccoli and shiitake mushrooms.    12.50
M3. Basil Soy Protein * with bell peppers, onions & string beans.    12.50
M4. Soy Nuggets soy chicken breaded with panko bread crumbs, rosemary, basil & oregano. served with a hickory-smoke mustard sauce.    13.50
M5. Mango Soy Protein * fresh strips of mango, vegetarian chicken sautéed in a citrus thai marinade and served in a mango shell.    12.50
M6. Curry Soy Protein * malaysian curry stew with soy protein, carrots & potatoes.    12.50
M7. Ginger Soy Protein * vegetarian chicken with mixed vegetables.    12.50
M8. Chicken Teriyaki vegetarian chicken sautéed with our chef`s blended teriyaki sauce with mixed chinese vegetables & broccoli.    12.00
M9. Sesame Chicken chicken with broccoli.    12.00
M10. Orange Flavored Chicken * vegetarian soy chicken with steamed broccoli sautéed in a duo of orange & tangerine sauce.    12.00
M11. General Tso's Chicken marinated soy chicken in lemon & orange juice topped with roasted cashews.    12.00
M12. Sweet & Sour Chicken lightly battered fried vegetarian chicken served on a bed of onions and peppers. served with a pineapple and sweet & sour sauce.    12.00
M13. Chicken With Broccoli soy chicken sautéed broccoli with baked garlic sauce.    12.00
M14. Chicken With Mixed Vegetables sautéed vegetarian chicken with zucchini, cauliflower, celery, broccoli, carrots & snow peas.    12.00
M15. Zen Fried Chicken deep-fried soy chicken with tater tots. served with hickory bbq sauce.    12.00
M16. Beef With Broccoli vegetarian beef sautéed with broccoli in brown sauce.    12.00
M17. Beef Teriyaki grilled vegetarian beef sautéed with our chef`s special teriyaki sauce with mixed vegetables.    12.00
M18. Curry Beef * savory curry soy beef cooked thai style.    13.00
M19. Beef With Mixed Vegetables stir-fried vegetarian beef with zucchini, chinese cabbage, broccoli, carrots & snow peas.    12.00
M20. Asparagus With Tenderloin Tips sautéed fresh asparagus with textured protein in brown garlic sauce.    13.00
M21. Orange Flavored Beef * stir-fry vegetarian beef in spicy orange tangerine sauce. served with steamed broccoli.    12.00
M22. Sweet & Sour Spare Ribs     13.00
M23. Peking Duck vegetarian duck served with scallions, cubed pineapples, hoisin sauce & four crepes.    12.50
M24. Roast Duck With Mixed Vegetables * vegetarian roast duck served with mixed vegetables.    12.50
M25. Smoked Teriyaki Seitan sliced filets of smoked wheat protein in teriyaki sauce.    12.50
M26. Salmon Teriyaki     13.00
M27. Pan-Fried Vegetarian Fish Steak     13.00
M28. Seafood Delight     13.00
M29. Boneless Ribs     12.50


I1. Soy Ice Cream    (2 scoops) 4.00
I2. Soy Ice Cream Shake soy ice cream with soy milk.    4.75
I3. Smoothies choice of two fruits blended with banana.    4.75


E1. Carrot Juice     4.50
E2. Carrot & Apple Juice     4.50
E3. Carrot & Spinach Juice     4.50
E4. Carrot & Ginger Juice     4.50
E5. Carrot, Beet & Apple Juice     4.50
E6. Carrot, Apple & Cucumber Juice     4.50
E7. Carrot, Beet & Spinach Juice     4.50
E8. Carrot, Apple & Celery Juice     4.50
E9. Carrot, Apple & Lemon Juice     4.50
E10. Carrot, Apple, Beet & Ginger Juice     4.50
E11. Frozen Drink choice: strawberry daiquiri, lime rickey, pina colada.    4.50
E12. Strawberry, Lemon, Grapefruit & Orange Juice     4.50
E13. Apple, Pineapple & Ginger Juice     4.50
E14. Apple, Grapefruit & Ginger Juice     4.50
E15. Pineapple & Ginger Juice     4.50
E16. Pineapple, Cucumber & Apple Juice     4.50
E17. Avocado & Soy Milk     4.50
E18. Soda selection: coke, diet coke, ginger ale, sprite, iced tea, pepsi.    1.25
E19. Spring Water     1.25
E20. Hot Tea selection: jasmine tea, oolong tea, ginger tea, green tea.    2.50


773 Flatbush Ave
Btwn Clarkson Ave & Lenox Rd
(917) 793-0651
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