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Eats And Treats

Boerewors Roll grilled south african farmers sausage served on a bun. tomato and onion sauce ("bredie") is optional, but highly recommended. boerewors is the most popular item at a braai (barbecue) and the closest thing that south africa has to a national meat. it is cooked over hot coals in a long continuous flat spiral, rather than being divided into individual links. boerewors is usually served with a plate of pap (polenta), but we offer it on a roll as a portable alternative for that sausage craving.  
Prego Steak Roll garlic is "nailed" to sirloin steak, marinated with a hint of chili and served on a freshly baked portuguese papa seco roll. somewhere along its journey from portugal to south africa via mozambique, this casual dining staple was transformed from bife a portuguese to prego no pao to the prego roll - or was it the other way around? let's leave that debate to the scholars, while we chow down! in the south african version, garlic is pounded or nailed into the steak (hence the name "prego" which means "nailed" in portuguese - not to be confused with prego pasta sauce!), then subtly spiced with the african bird's eye chili, also known as piri-piri, to give it some heat. the meat is freshly cooked, served on soft portuguese rolls slathered with steak drippings and covered with grilled onions.  
Prego Chicken Roll same thing just with, you know, chicken.  
Durban Bunny Chow a hollowed out half-loaf of bread filled with a savory meat or vegetable curry. this has nothing to do with rabbits! often referred to as a bunny or kota (quarter), bunny chow was created by the indian migrant community. one story goes that merchants from the indian bania caste served bread and curry from the back window of a cafe in durban to apartheid era workers who were not allowed into the restaurant itself. since roti was not available, or else tended to fall apart when carried out to the sugar cane fields, bread was substituted. another tale is that the meal was sold under a bania tree by street cooks, who had the curry, but no plates. either way, bania became bunny and the chow became an instant favorite. a cube of bread is hollowed out and filled with lamb, beef, or vegetable curry. the gravy soaks into the bread where the tastes blend together, inviting you to eat your dish instead of just licking it. when eaten by hand as  
Ouma's (Grandma's) Malva Poeding a caramelized apricot sponge pudding. this sweet pudding, an alcohol free version of the cape brandy tart, has cape dutch origins and was an afrikaner favorite which swept the country. it can be eaten with custard, cream or ice cream and is served hot or cold. it's either named after malvasia wine from the canary islands and madeira, which was a traditional dessert accompaniment; or after a woman named malva. we're going with the first story.  
Rooibos Tea Citrus Mint Punch a fruity concoction made with herbal rooibos (red bush) tea, lemons, limes, oranges and mint. rooibos tea is a south african institution renowned for its health and restorative benefits. also, it tastes good. the red bush grows only in the cederberg region of the western cape. to summarize: caffeine free - check. bursting with anti-oxidants and flavonols - check and check. refreshing and delicious - oh yeah.  
Lychee Ginger Ale a home brewed ginger ale infused with lychee fruit. this delicious blend balances the bite of the ginger with the sweetness of the succulent lychee fruit native to china and southeast asia.  
Rooibos Chai Tea hot, milky, and fragrant chai made by us with rooibos (red bush) tea and fresh spices. a favorite in southeast asia made with the uniquely south african rooibos tea. healthy never tasted this good!  


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