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Vegetarian Ginger

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  • Asian Fusion, Other, Vegetarian
  • 128 Montague St 2nd Fl, Brooklyn 11201 40.694733 -73.994256
  • (At Henry St)
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  • (917) 924-1408
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1. Spring Roll     3.00
2. Basil Moo Shu Roll     3.95
3. Salt & Pepper Tende     5.95
4. Sugar Cane Drum Stick     7.95
5. Steamed Spinach Shumai     5.95
6. Baked Eggplant w/ miso sauce    5.00
7. Salt & Pepper King Oyster Mushroom     7.95
8. Crispy Soy Protein w/ plum sauce    6.00
9. Scallion Pancakes w/ home made mango salsa    4.95
10. Indian Pancakes * w/ curry dipping sauce    4.95
11. Crispy Vegetables Tofu Skin Wraps w/ tangy sauce    5.95
12. Cold Boiled Spinach Rolls w/ ponzu sauce    5.00
13. Steamed Or Pan - Fried Spinach Dumpling     5.00
14. Seaweed Cabbage Roll w/ barbecue sauce    4.95
15. Deep - Fried Tofu w/ tempura sauce    4.00
16. Crispy Watercress & Soy Cheese Wonton     5.95
17. Curry Samosa * w/ mint chutney    6.00
18. Steamed Pumpkin Slices     4.00
19. Soy Protein Skewers     4.95
20. Edamame     4.00
21. Vegi Wonton In Sesame Sauce *    4.00

Soup And Salad

22. Miso Mushroom Soup     1.95
23. Vegi Wonton Soup     1.95
23A. Soy Protein Corn Soup     3.95
24. Hot & Sour Soup *    2.95
25. Pumpkin Soup w/ root vegetables & white bean    4.95
25A. Vegetable Tofu Soup     3.95
25B. Spinach Tofu Soup     3.95
26. Mixed Green Salad with carrot ginger dressing    4.00
27. Tofu Salad with mixed green, beets, alfalfa sprouts & tomato with carrot ginger dressing    5.25
28. Watercress Salad with avocado, beets & alfalfa sprout with sesame dressing    7.50
29. Baby Spinach Salad with pine nuts, beets & alfalfa sprouts with yuzu citrus dressing.    7.50
30. Avocado Salad with mixed greens, tofu, cheese, alfalfa sprouts & beets with carrot ginger dressing    7.50
31. Mango Salad with mixed greens, bell peppers, alfalfa sprouts & beets.    7.50
32. Hijiki Salad With Edamame Peas with miso mustard dressing.    5.50
33. Mixed Seaweed Salad     5.50

Noodles, Rice & Sides

34. Pad Thai * flat thai rice noodles sauteed in a light spicy sweet sauce with bean curd, bean sprouts & crushed peanuts    8.95
35. Singapore Style Mei Fun * curry sauteed rice noodles with vegetables    8.95
36. Stir - Fried Udon Or Soba Noodles with shredded vegetable & bean curd    8.95
37. Pineapple Fried Rice with broccoli avocado and bean curd    8.95
38. Udon Or Soba Noodle Soup with firm tofu seaweed, spinach & mushroom in miso broth    8.95
39. Soy Protein Fried Rice with shredded vegetable & bean curd    8.95
40. Soy Protein Lomein with shredded vegetable & bean curd    8.95
41. Steamed Vegetables broccoli, carrot, cauliflower, asparagus, zucchini & lotus root    7.25
42. Steamed Green chinese broccoli. spinach & kale    7.25
43. Cold Noodles with sesame sauce    6.00
44. Brown Red Rice     2.00
45. White Rice     2.00


With Brown Red Rice & A Choice Of Miso Soup Or Green Salad. Notes Soy Protein & Seitan Are Common Meat Substitutes, Soy Protein Is Made Principally From Soy Beans Seitan From Wheat.

46. Basil Soy Protein thick tender slices of soy protein sauteed in basil ginger sauce with zucchini, asparagus & bell pepper    12.95
47. Mango Soy Protein thin sliced medallions sauteed in a mellow plum sauce with mango, sweet sage turnips, bell pepper and onion    12.95
48. Pineapple Soy Protein thin sliced medallions sauteed in a mellow pineapple sauce with pineapple, sweet sage turnips, bell pepper and onion    12.95
49. Sweet & Sour Hawaiian Soy Protein with broccoli, cauliflower, pineapple, onion and bell pepper    12.95
50. Sweet Citrus Soy Protein marinated thick sliced soy protein in a sweet citrus sauce, topped with almond over a bed of kale    12.95
51. Black Pepper Seitan tender thin sliced medallion of wheat sauteed in a savory black pepper brown sauce, bed of chinese broccoli    13.95
52. Malaysian Curry Stew * mild slow cooked coconut curry with soy protein, broccoli, carrot, potatoes    12.95
53. Moo - Shu Vegetables (No Rice) shredded cabbage shitake mushroom, carrot & snow peas spiced & sauteed with hoisin sauce & wrappers    9.95
54. Vegetable Medley Lettuce Wrap (No Rice) diced sauteed vegetable shitake mushroom, sage turnips bell peppers onions, celery with pinenut wrapped in boston lettuce    10.95
55. Jade Mushrooms * batter-dipped shitake mushrooms sauteed in a spicy sweet sauce over a bed of kale    12.95
56. Smoked Teriyaki Seitan sliced filet or smoked wheat protein in teriyaki sauce over a bed of sugar-snap peas    13.95
57. Fisherman's Vegetables Protein veggie seafood sauteed oyster mushrooms, asparagus, sugar snap peas & cauliflower    12.95
58. Grilled Soy Fillet grilled veggie soy protein filet with asparagus in barbecue sauce    12.95
59. Pepper Steak with bell pepper onions, in brown sauce    9.95
60. Broccoli Soy Protein sauteed broccoli with house special sauce    9.95
61. Mixed Vegetables Soy Protein with broccoli, carrots, zucchini, asparagus, cabbage sweet sage turnips in brown sauce    9.95
62. Szechuan Style Soy Protein * with broccoli, bell pepper, asparagus, zucchini, cabbage, sugar snap peas in a spicy kung bao sauce    9.95
63. Broccoli Seitan sauteed broccoli with house special sauce    9.95
64. Szechuan Style Seitan * with broccoli, ball pepper, asparagus, zucchini, cabbage, sugar, snap peas in a spicy kung bao sauce    9.95
65. Soy Cutlet Sizzling Platter thick breaded soy cutlet sauteed in a tangy black bean sauce with broccoli, onion, bamboo shoots & stewed tomatoes    12.95
66. Bok Choy & King Oyster Mushroom White Sauce     10.95
67. Sauteed Shredded Bean Curd with red green bell peppers, chives & beans sprouts    9.95
68. Sauteed Soft Beans Curd & King Oyster Mushroom     10.95
69. Tofu Teriyaki Sizzling Platter strips of tofu filet and broccoli in teriyaki sauce over a bed of bean sprouts & carrots    11.95
70. Eggplants & String Beans In Basil Garlic Sauce *    9.95
71. Dried Sauteed String Beans     9.95
72. Sauteed Soft Bean Curd In A Spicy Garlic Sauce *    9.95
73. Sauteed Soft Bean Curd & Home Style Sauce *    9.95
74. Sauteed Tofu & Vegetables tofu, broccoli, carrots, zucchini, asparagus, sugar-snap peas and cauliflower, sauteed in a brown sauce    9.95
75. General Tso's Soy Protein * breaded medallion of sauteed soy protein with steamed broccoli in a spicy brown sauce    13.95
76. Orange Seitan * breaded medallion of wheat protein sauteed in a spicy citrus sauce, over a bed of broccoli    13.95
77. Seitan w/ black bean sauce    10.95
78. Bean Curd w/ black bean sauce    9.95
79. Kong Pao Tofu *    9.95
80. Fresh Mango w/ bean curd in mango sauce    9.95
81. Soy Protein In Pan Fried Noodles     12.95
82. Bean Curd w/ sesame sauce    9.95
83. Sesame Seitan     13.95
84. Broccoli * w/ garlic sauce    9.95
85. Sauteed Broccoli w/ bean curd    9.95
86. Moo Shu Soy Protein In Hoisin Sauce no rice    10.95

Lunch Special $5.97

Served From Mon-Sat: 11:30am-4:00pm, Sunday: 12pm-3pm. Comes With Brown Red Rice And A Choice Of Miso Soup, Hot & Sour Soup, Wonton Soup, 1pcs Spring Roll $1 Extra Or Small Green Salad $1 Extra. L13 Through L15 Without Rice.

L1. Sweet Citrus Soy Protein w/ kale  
L2. Mango Soy Protein w/ vegetable in plum sauce  
L3. Pineapple Soy Protein w/ vegetables in pineapple sauce  
L4. Sweet & Sour Hawaiian Soy Protein w/ broccoli & cauliflower  
L5. Smoked Teriyaki Seitan w/ sugar snap peas  
L6. Black Pepper Seitan w/ chinese broccoli  
L7. Basil Soy Protein w/ zucchini, asparagus & peppers  
L8. Curry Stew * w/ soy protein, broccoli, carrots & potatoes  
L9. Steamed Assorted Vegetables   
L10. Eggplants & String Beans In Basil Garlic Sauce *  
L11. Sauteed Shredded Bean Curd bell pepper, chives & bean sprouts  
L12. Sauteed Tofu & Vegetables In Brown Sauce   
L13. Stir - Fried Singapore Mai - Fun Noodles   
L14. Stir - Fried Soba Noodles w/ vegetables & tofu  
L15. Cold Noodles w/ sesame sauce  
L16. Soy Protein w/ broccoli  
L17. Pepper Steak   
L18. Soy Seitan w/ broccoli  
L19. Soy Seitan w/ mixed vegetables  
L20. Sauteed Tofu In Garlic Sauce *  
L21. Sauteed Tofu w/ king oyster mushroom  
L22. Sauteed Tofu * w/ home style sauce  
L23. Dry Sautéed String Beans w/ home style sauce  
L24. Orange Seitan *  
L25. General Tso's Soy Protein *  
L26. Soy Protein w/ mixed vegetables  
L27. Seitan * w/ szechuan style  
L28. Sesame Seitan   
L29. Broccoli * w/ garlic sauce  
L30. Curry Stew * w/ seitan, broccoli, carrots and potatoes  
L31. Hot & Spicy Soy Protein * w/ peanuts  
L32. Bean Curd w/ black bean sauce  
L33. Kong Bao Tofu *  
L34. Broccoli w/ tofu in black bean sauce  
L35. Fresh Mango w/ bean curd  
L36. Sauteed Broccoli w/ bean curd  
L37. Bean Curd w/ sesame sauce  
L38. Sesame Soy Protein   


D1. Cheese Cake pumpkin or chocolate    5.50
D2. Peanut Butter Bomb     6.50
D3. Soy Ice Cream vanilla, chocolate or peanut butter    3.50
D4. Fried Ice Cream vanilla, chocolate or peanut butter    4.95


B1. Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice     4.25
B2. Fresh Squeezed Carrot Juice     4.25
B3. Pineapple Orange Ginger     4.25
B4. Cucumber Pineapple Apple     4.25
B5. Avocado Soy Milk Smoothies     4.25
B6. Soy Milk Shake chocolate, peanut butter / vanilla    4.95
B7. Carrots Apple     4.25
B8. Carrot Ginger     4.25
B9. Carrots Beet Apple     4.25
B10. Carrot Apple Cucumber     4.25
B11. Sea Pellegrino     4.25
B12. Poland Spring     1.50
B13. Coke sprite & diet sodas / iced tea    1.50
B14. Lychee Ice Tea     4.25
B15. Longan Ice Tea     4.25
B16. Jasmine green ice tea    2.95
B17. Beer     4.00

Organic Hot Tea $2.95

* Hot & Spicy

O1. Jasmine Oolong   
O2. Green Oolong   
O3. Green Tea   


Vegetarian Ginger
128 Montague St
At Henry St
(917) 924-1408
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