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Vegas Diner

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  • Diner
  • 1619 86th St, Brooklyn 11214 40.609938 -74.006726
  • (Btwn Bay 12th & Bay 13th St)
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  • (718) 331-2221
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Fruit & Juice

Fruit Salad     4.95
Fresh Melon in season    4.95
Fresh Strawberries in season    6.75
Fresh Blueberries in season    6.75
Half Grapefruit     3.95
Orange Juice    lg 3.25 med 2.45 sm 1.95
Tomato Juice    sm 1.95 lg 3.25 med 2.45
Prune Juice    med 2.75 sm 2.25 lg 3.45
V-8 Juice    sm 2.25 lg 3.45 med 2.75
Welch's Grape Juice    med 2.75 sm 2.25 lg 3.45
Grapefruit Juice    sm 1.95 lg 3.25 med 2.45
Pineapple Juice    med 2.45 sm 1.95 lg 3.25
Apple Juice    sm 1.95 lg 3.25 med 2.45
Cranberry Juice    lg 3.45 med 2.75 sm 2.25


With Milk     3.95
With Fruit & Milk     5.45

Country Fresh Eggs

Served With Home Fried Or French Fried Potatoes & Toast Bagel, Roll Or English Muffin &0.85 Extra, Extra Egg $1.20 Extra Baked Potato Or Vegetable $0.75 Extra Curly Fries $2 Extra

Two Eggs any style    5.75
Two Eggs with ham, bacon or sausage    7.75
Two Eggs with turkey bacon or turkey sausage    8.75
Two Eggs with canadian bacon    7.95
Single Egg     4.55
Single Egg with ham, bacon or sausage    6.55
Single Egg with turkey bacon or turkey sausage    7.55
Single Egg with canadian bacon    7.05
Corned Beef Hash & Eggs     8.95
Salami & Eggs pancake style    8.95


Served With Home Fries

Eggs Benedict two poached eggs on toasted english muffin with canadian bacon topped with hollandaise sauce    9.95
Eggs Florentine two poached eggs on toasted english muffin with spinach & feta cheese, topped with hollandaise sauce    10.95
Eggs Benedict with crabmeat two poached eggs on toasted english muffin with canadian bacon & crabmeat stuffing topped with hollandaise sauce    11.95

Our Very Special Omelettes

Served With Home Fried Or French Fried Potatoes & Toast Bagel, Roll Or English Muffin $0.85 Extra, Extra Egg $1.20 Extra Baked Potato Or Vegetable $0.75 Extra Curly Fries $2 Extra, For A Healthy Breakfast Try Our Egg Whites Only Omelettes $1 Extra.

American Cheese Omelette     7.75
Swiss Cheese Omelette     8.25
Mozzarella Omelette     8.25
Virginia Ham Or Bacon Omelette     8.75
Western Omelette     8.25
Spanish Omelette     7.95
Mushroom Omelette     8.45
Onion Omelette     7.25
Green Pepper Omelette     7.25
Broccoli Omelette     7.95
Feta Cheese Omelette     9.95
Greek Omelette feta cheese & tomato    9.95
Spinach & Feta Cheese Omelette     9.95
Minced Nova Scotia Lox & Onions     11.25
Corned Beef Or Pastrami & Eggs pancake style    9.95
Garden Omelette mushrooms, carrots string beans & broccoli    8.75
Ham & American Cheese Omelette     8.95
Ham & Swiss Cheese Omelette     9.25
Broccoli & American Cheese Omelette     8.95
Mixed Grill Omelette ham, bacon & sausage    9.95
Turkey Omelette     9.95
Hawaiian Omelette with ham, pineapple & cheddar cheese    9.75

Our Very Special Omelettes

California Style Steak & Eggs with home fried or french fried potatoes    26.95
Hickory Smoked Sugar Cured Ham Steak & Eggs with home fried or french fried potatoes    17.95
Jumbo Bagel Or Bialy 3 bagels or bialys, nova scotia lox & cream cheese with tomato, olives & bermuda onion served on a bed of lettuce   (for 2) 20.95

Dairy Dishes

Heavy Sour Cream Or Cottage Cheese     4.45
Heavy Sour Cream Or Cottage Cheese with sliced banana or peach halves    6.25
Heavy Sour Cream Or Cottage Cheese with diced fresh garden vegetables    9.25
Cheese Blintzes with heavy sour cream   (3) 7.45
Cheese Blintzes with heavy sour cream & preserves    8.25
Cantaloupe Half & Cottage Cheese     7.75


Toasted Jumbo Bagel Or Bialy     1.95
Toasted Jumbo Bagel Or Bialy with cream cheese    3.95
Toasted Jumbo Bagel Or Bialy with nova scotia lox    9.95
Toasted Jumbo Bagel Or Bialy with nova scotia lox & cream cheese    10.95
Toasted Jumbo Bagel Or Bialy "all the way" nova scotia lox & cream cheese on a toasted jumbo bagel with lettuce, tomato, olives & bermoda orion    11.95

French Toast

Served With Butter & Syrup

Our Own Homemade Challah Bread     6.45
Our Own Homemade Challah Bread with ham, bacon or sausage    8.45
Our Own Homemade Challah Bread with turkey bacon or turkey sausage    9.45
Our Own Homemade Challah Bread with canadian bacon    8.95
Our Own Homemade Challah Bread with blueberry or strawberry preserves    8.95
Our Own Homemade Challah Bread with one egg    7.65
French Toast Deluxe with ham, bacon & sausage    11.25
He-Man french toast with ham, bacon, sausage & one egg    12.45
Whole Wheat French Toast     7.45
Whole Wheat French Toast with egg additional    1.20

Griddle Cakes

Served With Creamery Butter & Syrup

Golden Brown Griddle Cakes     5.95
Golden Brown Griddle Cakes with ham, bacon or sausage    7.95
Golden Brown Griddle Cakes with turkey bacon or turkey sausage    8.95
Golden Brown Griddle Cakes with canadian bacon    8.45
Silver Dollar Griddle Cakes     6.95
Silver Dollar Griddle Cakes with ham, bacon or sausage    8.95
Silver Dollar Griddle Cakes with turkey bacon or turkey sausage    9.95
Silver Dollar Griddle Cakes with canadian bacon    9.45
Griddle Cakes Deluxe with ham, bacon & sausage    10.75
Lumberjack pancakes with ham, bacon, sausage & one egg    11.95
Whole Wheat Griddle Cakes     6.95
Whole Wheat Griddle Cakes with egg additional    1.20

Griddle Cakes

Chocolate Chip Pancakes     7.95
Blueberry Pancakes     8.95
Strawberry Pancakes     8.95

Belgian Waffles

Belgian Waffle plain served with powdered sugar, butter & syrup    6.45
Belgian Waffle with ice cream golden crisp belgian waffle with two scoops of ice cream    8.75
Belgian Waffle with strawberry or blueberry preserves    8.75
Belgian Waffle with fruit salad  
Golden Crisp Belgian Waffle with fruit & whipped cream    8.95
Belgian Waffle with canadian bacon    9.95
Belgian Waffle with yogurt    9.25
Belgian Waffle with fresh strawberries & whipped cream    9.95
Belgian Waffle and ice cream    10.95
Whole Wheat Waffle     7.45

Belgian Waffles

Belgian Waffle Deluxe with bacon, ham and sausage    11.75
Belgian Waffle Sundae golden crisp belgian waffle with your favorite ice cream, topping, nuts& whipped cream    9.95
Super Belgian Waffle with bacon, ham, sausage & one egg    12.45
Belgian Waffle Matinee golden crisp belgian waffle with bacon, ham or sausage    9.45

Toast & Muffins

Golden Brown Buttered Toast with jelly, or marmalade    1.45
Hard Roll with jelly or marmalade    1.75
Toasted Jumbo English Muffin with butter & jelly or marmalade    1.85
Cinnamon Toast    (3 slices) 2.95
Toasted Homemade Corn, Bran Or Blueberry Muffin with butter & jelly    2.25
Toasted Buttered Danish     3.45
Assorted Pound Cake     2.95
Pita Bread     1.95

Deuces Are Wild $19.95

Breakfast For Two

2 Pancakes   
2 Slices French Toast   
2 Eggs any style  
2 Pieces Bacon   
2 Pieces Sausage & Two Pieces Ham   


Melon in season    4.95
Half Grapefruit     3.95
Fruit Cup     4.95
Pickled Herring in cream sauce    6.95
Stuffed Derma     5.95
Stuffed Cabbage Sweet & Sour     6.95
Baked Stuffed Clams    (3) 8.95
Gefilte Fish with horseradish    5.95
Chopped Chicken Liver     6.45
Stuffed Mushrooms    (3) 8.95
Stuffed Grape Leaves     5.95
Shrimp Cocktail     12.95


Broiled T-Bone Steak a delicacy of the house, with mushroom caps    29.95
Vegas Special roumanian steak, 2 stuffed shrimp and 2 baked clams, served with rice, potato or vegetable    30.95
Beef Kabob chunks of sirloin steak, onions, mushrooms & tomatoes served on a bed of rice pilaf    27.95
Chicken Kabob chunks of chicken breast with onions, peppers & tomatoes, served with rice pilaf    19.95
Special Vegas Platter parmigiana ala sorrentino(for two) baby veal cutlet breast of chicken eggplant jumbo shrimp covered with mozzarella & tomato sauce, served with spaghetti    33.95
Fried Chicken In The Basket batter dipped fried chicken served with french fried potatoes and onion rings    14.95

Italian Specialties

Served With Salad, Choice Of Dressing, Bread And Butter

Breaded Veal Cutlet with marinara sauce & spaghetti    18.95
Veal Cutlet Parmigiana topped with melted mozzarella, served with spaghetti    19.95
Breaded Breast Of Chicken with marinara sauce & spaghetti    17.95
Breast Of Chicken Parmigiana served with spaghetti    18.95
Jumbo Shrimp Parmigiana with spaghetti    23.95
Eggplant Parmigiana with spaghetti    16.95
Chopped Sirloin Steak Parmigiana with marinara sauce & spaghetti    17.95
Spaghetti with marinara sauce    12.95
Spaghetti & Meatballs     14.95
Cheese Ravioli with marinara sauce    13.95
Baked Manicotti with marinara sauce    13.95


Soup Du Jour    bowl 3.95 cup 2.95
French Onion Soup au gratin crock    5.95

Vegas Specials

French Dip roast beef with melted american cheese, served on a roll (au jus )    10.45
Chicken Philadelphia Cheese Steak on a club roll with cole slaw & pickle    10.45
Fried Clams with french fries    10.95
Chicken Or Pork Souvlaki with french fries    10.95

Hot Open Sandwiches $14.95

Served With Potato, Vegetable & Salad

Sliced Turkey with gravy & cranberry sauce  
Roast Sirloin Of Beef   
Roast Fresh Ham   
Baked Virginia Ham   

Steaks & Chops

Served With Salad, Vegetable, Potato, Bread And Butter

Broiled Heavy New York Cut Shell Steak with mushroom caps    27.95
Our Famous Rib Steak     28.95
Broiled Prime Filet Mignon with mushroom caps    32.95
Chopped Sirloin Steak with onion rings    16.95
Broiled Jersey Pork Chops with applesauce   (3) 19.95
Broiled Spring Lamb Chops on toast with mint jelly   (3) 24.95
Broiled Roumanian Tenderloin Steak with fried onion rings    27.95
Prime London Broil with fresh mushroom sauce    27.95
Two Veal Chops     27.95

Entrees & Roasts

Served With Salad, Vegetable, Potato, Bread And Butter

Southern Fried Chicken     14.95
Roast Half Spring Chicken with stuffing & applesauce    15.95
Broiled Half Spring Chicken     16.95
Roast Half Ll Duckling with sauce l'orange    17.95
Roast Top Sirloin Of Beef au jus    16.95
Roast Young Tom Turkey with stuffing & cranberry sauce    16.95
Roast Fresh Brisket Of Beef     17.95
Baby Calfs Liver broiled with onions or bacon    16.95
Broiled Beef Liver with onions or bacon    15.95
Broiled Chicken Liver with fried onions or bacon    14.95
Roast Fresh Ham     16.95
Broiled Virginia Ham Steak Hawaiian with pineapple ring    16.95


Broiled Fresh Fillet Of Lemon Sole with butter sauce    21.95
Broiled Fresh Fillet Of Norwegian Salmon with butter sauce    19.95
Broiled Fresh Whole Flounder with butter sauce    21.95
Broiled Fresh Bluefish Fillet with butter sauce    17.95
Broiled Fillet Of Boston Scrod with butter sauce    21.95
Broiled Imported Brook Trout     17.95
Broiled Fresh Eastern Halibut Steak with butter sauce    20.95
Broiled Fresh Scallops en casserole    21.95
Broiled Jumbo Shrimp Scampi Ala Vegas     22.95
Broiled Swordfish     19.95
Broiled Twin Lobster Tails with drawn butter    36.95
Single Broiled Lobster Tail     25.95


Any Of The Above With Fresh Garlic Or Almondine $1 Additional.

Fillet Of Lemon Sole with spinach and feta cheese stuffing    23.95
Whole Flounder with crabmeat stuffing    23.95
Jumbo Shrimp with crabmeat stuffing    24.95
Baked Stuffed Clams     15.95
Lobster Tail with crabmeat stuffing    27.95
Stuffed Bluefish with crabmeat stuffing    19.95
Roll Of Lemon Sole Fillet with crabmeat stuffing    23.95


With Tartar Sauce & Lemon Wedge

Fried Fillet Of Sole     21.95
Fried Jumbo Shrimp     22.95
Fried Fresh Scallops     21.95


Broiled Seafood Combination Ala Vegas halibut, fillet, shrimp, scallops & baked clam    26.95
Fried Shrimp In The Basket batter dipped fried shrimp, served with french fried potatoes, vegetable & onion rings    22.95
Seafood Kabob shrimp, scallops & fillet on a skewer with sauteed onions & peppers, served over rice pilaf    26.95
Surf 'N' Turf lobster tail & filet mignon    37.95
Roll Of Lemon Sole Fillet with crabmeat stuffing    23.95
Vegas Special Fried Seafood Combination filet, shrimp, scallops & fish cake    25.95

Side Orders

French Fried Potatoes     4.95
French Fried Potatoes with melted american cheese    5.95
French Fried Potatoes with melted swiss or mozzarella    6.45
Curly Fries     5.95
Curly Fries with american cheese    6.95
Curly Fries with swiss or mozzarella    7.45
Sweet Potato Fries     6.95
Home Fries     4.95
Vegetable Du Jour     3.95
Fried Onion Rings In A Basket     5.95
Mozzarella Sticks     8.95
Potato Salad     3.95
Scoop Of Cottage Cheese     4.45
Cream Cheese     2.45
Baked Potato with sour cream & chives    3.95
Tossed Green Salad     5.25
Cole Slaw     3.95
Heavy Sour Cream     4.45
Feta Cheese     5.45
Lettuce & Tomato     5.25
Pickles     2.25
Cherry, Blueberry or strawberry preserves    2.95
Basket Of Bread with butter    3.45
Spaghetti     6.95

Finger Foods & Snacks

Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail     12.95
Buffalo Chicken Wings with hot sauce, french fries & bleu cheese for dipping    9.95
Chicken Fingers served with honey mustard & french fries    9.95
Mozzarella Sticks with tomato sauce    8.95
Fried Calamari with salad & french fries    14.95
Finger Combo chicken fingers, buffalo wings & mozzarella sticks, served with cocktail or barbecue sauce & french fries    12.95
Loaded Steak Cut Fries with chopped bacon, melted mozzarella & cheddar cheese and ranch dressing    9.95


Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato     5.95
Lettuce & Tomato     4.75
Boiled Ham     6.25
Boiled Ham with american cheese    6.95
Boiled Ham with swiss cheese    7.45
Salami & Lettuce     5.95
Chicken Salad     6.45
Chopped Chicken Liver     6.45
Grilled Bacon Or Ham     6.75
Frankfurter on a bun    4.95
Fried Chicken Cutlet     9.95
Fried Veal Cutlet     10.95
Meatloaf     8.45


Above With Cheese $1 Extra With Tomato $60 Extra, Roll English Muffin Or Bagel $5 Extra, Pita Bread $5 Extra, Above Sandwiches Served Deluxe With Lettuce, Tomato & Fries $2.95 Additional.

Ham Or Bacon & Egg     5.95
Canadian Bacon & Egg     6.45
Western     6.25
Fried Egg     3.45
Sliced Hard Boiled Eggs    (2) 4.95
Egg Salad     5.75
Egg Salad with bacon    6.75


Cream Cheese     3.95
Cream Cheese with jelly    4.25
American Cheese     4.95
Grilled American Cheese     5.25
Grilled American Cheese with tomato    5.75
Grilled American Cheese with bacon or ham    6.75
Grilled American Cheese with canadian bacon    6.95
Swiss Cheese imported    5.45
Grilled Swiss Cheese     5.65
Grilled Swiss Cheese with tomato    5.95
Grilled Swiss Cheese with bacon or ham    7.25
Grilled Swiss Cheese with canadian bacon    7.45

Carving Board

Roast Vermont Turkey all white meat    10.95
Corned Beef     10.95
Roast Virginia Ham     10.95
Roumanian Pastrami     10.95
Roast Sirloin Of Beef     10.95
Fresh Brisket Of Beef     10.95
London Broil     15.95
Roast Fresh Ham     10.95


Fried Fillet Of Sole     11.95
Fried Shrimp     12.95
Salmon (ind) with lettuce, tomato & garnish    8.25
Tuna (ind) with lettuce, tomato & garnish    7.95
Sardines (imported) with lettuce, tomato & garnish    7.95
Shrimp Salad chunky    8.45
Tunafish Salad     7.45

Paninis $13.95

Served With French Fries Your Choice Choice Of Any 1/2 Panini $8.95 With Cole Slaw & Pickle.

The Mediterranean grilled chicken culet, sundried tomatoes, feta cheese & black olives  
The Cuban roast beef, ham, swiss cheese, pickles & mayo on our zesty southwestern bread  
The Reuben corned beef or pastrami, swiss cheese, sauerkraut & mustard  
The Italiano grilled chicken, sauteed onions, sundried tomatoes, lettuce, & mozzarella cheese  
The Russian roast beef, swiss cheese, sauteed onions, lettuce, tomatoes & russian dressing  
The Salad Melt tunafish or chicken salad cheddar cheese, lettuce & tomatoes  

Wraps $12.95

All Wraps Served With French Fries Choice Of Plain, Sundried Tomato Or Whole Wheat Wrap

1. Tuna Salad Wrap tuna salad with lettuce, tomato & onions  
2. Turkey Club Wrap fresh turkey with lettuce, tomato & bacon  
3. Chicken Salad Wrap chunky chicken salad with lettuce, tomato & onions  
4. Chicken Caesar Wrap sliced grilled chicken, romaine lettuce & parmesan cheese  
5. Beef Or Chicken Gyro Wrap with sliced tomato & onions in a homemade cucumber sauce  
6. Turkey & Swiss Cheese Wrap with lettuce, tomato & russian dressing  

Triple Deckers

Served With Potato Salad, Cole Slaw & Pickle.

1. Sliced Turkey with bacon, lettuce & tomato    11.95
2. Tunafish & Sliced Egg with lettuce & tomato    10.95
3. Chicken Salad with bacon, lettuce & tomato    9.95
4. Egg Salad with bacon, lettuce & tomato    8.95
5. Chopped Liver & Corned Beef with lettuce & tomato    10.95
6. Baked Virginia Ham & Swiss Cheese with lettuce & tomato    10.95
7. Shrimp Salad & Sliced Egg with lettuce & tomato    12.95

Triple Deckers

Gyro Sandwich served on pita bread with french fries    10.95
Chicken Gyro Sandwich served on pita bread with french fries    10.95
Open Faced Grilled Cheese on an english muffin or bagel    5.75
Open Faced Grilled Cheese with canadian bacon    7.45
Open Faced Grilled Cheese with bacon or ham    6.95
Open Faced Grilled Cheese with tomato    6.25
Deli Duo mix or match them choice of any two on twin homemade rolls, roast sirloin of beef, corned beef roast turkey, roumanian pastrami or roast virginia ham with potato salad, cole slaw & pickle    15.95
Tuna Melt tunafish with melted american cheese on a toasted english muffin served with cole slaw & pickle    8.95
Fried Fillet Of Sole Deluxe served with french fries, lettuce & tomato    14.95
Fried Shrimp Deluxe served with french fries, lettuce & tomato    15.95
Philadelphia Cheese Steak on a club roll with pickle & cole slaw    9.95
Chinese Roast Pork Deluxe succulent slices of chinese roast pork piled high on hot toasted garlic bun with lettuce, tomatoes, french fries cole slaw & pickle    11.95
Reuben corned beef & sauerkraut, grilled on rye bread, topped with melted swiss cheese. served with cole slaw & pickle    11.95
Monte Cristo grilled imported swiss cheese, danish ham & white meat turkey on challah bread french toast    11.95
Sliced London Broil Deluxe served with french fries, lettuce & tomato    18.95
Franks And Beans served en casserole with salad    10.25

Jumbo Burgers

Served On A Toasted Bun With Cole Slaw & Pickle

Jumbo Beef Burger     6.25
Jumbo Cheeseburger     6.75
Bacon Burger     8.25
Bacon Cheeseburger     8.75
Mushroom Burger smothered with mushrooms    8.25
Texas Burger scrumptious burger topped with a fried egg    7.45
Pizza Burger beef burger topped with melted mozzarella & tomato sauce    7.75
California Burger burger on grilled rye with melted swiss & american cheese, fried onion & bacon    8.95
Olympic Burger with spinach & feta cheese, topped with melted mozzarella & tomato sauce    8.75

Deluxe Burgers

Served On A Toasted Bun With French Fries, Onion Rings, Lettuce, Tomato, Cole Slaw & Pickle With Swiss Or Mozzarella Instead Of American Cheese $0.50 Extra Roll, Bagel, Bialy Or English Muffin $5 Extra, With Bacon $2 Extra Baked Potato Or Vegetable In

Beef Burger     9.20
Cheeseburgers     9.70
Mushroom Burger     11.20
Texas Burger     10.40
Pizza Burger     10.70
Twin Burger served on two toasted buns    12.95
Twin Cheeseburger     13.95
Cool Bleu Burger on a toasted bun smothered with zesty bleu cheese    10.95
Vegas King Kong Burger charcoal broiled 13oz beef burger topped with bacon, shredded lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, choice of cheese and mayonnaise    15.95


Stuffed Tomato Delight with tunafish salad    10.95
Stuffed Tomato Delight with chicken salad    10.25
Stuffed Tomato Delight with egg salad    9.75
Stuffed Tomato Delight with shrimp salad    12.95
Spinach Salad     9.95
Famous Greek Salad chopped greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, olives, feta cheese & anchovies    11.45
Topped With Grilled Chicken     14.95
Chef's Salad julienne of turkey, ham, roast beef, swiss cheese, hard boiled egg, mixed greens, cucumbers, sliced tomato & choice of dressing    12.95
Caesar Salad     10.45
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad our perfectly seasoned caesar salad topped with strips of grilled chicken    13.95
Topped With Grilled Shrimp     16.95


Veggie Burger     7.25
Turkey Burger     7.25
Grilled Chicken Burger all above served on a toasted bun with cole slaw & pickle    8.45
Grilled Chicken Burger add melted american cheese   extra 0.50
Make It Deluxe with french fries, onion rings, lettuce, tomato, cole slaw & pickle    2.95

Trim Line Features

1. California Salad fresh fruit salad with creamy cottage cheese & jello on crisp lettuce    9.45
2. Hamburger Pattie a generous portion of fresh country cottage cheese, on a bed of iceberg lettuce with peach half    9.75
3. Vegetable Platter choice of 4 vegetables    9.95
4. Tuna Or Sardines (individual), served with cottage cheese, lettuce & tomato    9.95
5. Spring Salad fresh diced garden vegetables, sliced tomato, crisp lettuce & sour cream or cottage cheese    9.75
6. Fruit Bowl cottage cheese, stewed pears and stewed peaches on a bed of lettuce    9.45
7. Vegas Slim Line sliced turkey on a bed of crisp lettuce with sliced red ripe tomato & fresh country cottage cheese    11.95
8. Hawaiian Dream fresh half pineapple filled with cottage cheese, walnuts, raisins & shredded coconut    9.95

Grilled Chicken Deluxe Sandwiches

Served On A Roll With French Fries & Onion Rings

Grilled Chicken Oriental with onions & green peppers    10.95
Grilled Chicken, Bacon & American Cheese     11.95
Grilled Chicken, Mozzarella & Grilled Tomato     11.95
Grilled Chicken BLT bacon, lettuce & tomato    11.95

Crispy Cold Salad Platters

Served On A Bed Of Lettuce With Potato Salad, Cole Slaw Boiled Egg, Tomato, Cucumber, Peppers, Scallions & Crackers

Chicken Salad     10.95
Chunky Shrimp Salad     13.95
Chopped Egg Salad     9.95
Sliced Hard Boiled Egg     9.95
Tunafish Salad     11.95
Sardines (individual) boneless & skinless    11.95
Tuna (individual) white meat    11.95
Salmon individual    12.25
Nova Scotia Lox     16.95
Whole Jumbo Shrimp Supreme     19.95
Roast Beef     11.95
Chopped Chicken Liver Salad     10.95
Vegas Combination tunafish & egg salad    12.45

On The Side

Bacon, Ham Or Sausage     3.95
Canadian Bacon     4.45
Corned Beef Hash     5.45
Turkey Bacon Or Turkey Sausage     4.95


Ala Mode $1.25 Extra Whipped Cream $0.30 Additional.

Our Famous Cram Cheesecake     4.95
Fruit Cheesecake with blueberries, cherries or pineapple    5.45
Chocolate Cheesecake     5.95
Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake     5.75
Strawberry Cheesecake     5.95
Strawberry Fruit Tart     5.45
Assorted Butter Danish     3.45
Lemon Meringue Pie     4.95
Banana Cream Pie     4.75
Chocolate Cream Pie     4.75
Homemade Pound Cake plain or marble    2.95
Baklava     4.75
Linzer Tarts     3.25
Jello with whipped cream    3.25
Jumbo Cookie     2.95
Bread Pudding     3.95
Apple Strudel     4.95
Assorted Fruit Pies     4.75
Assorted Fruit Crumb Cakes     4.75
Assorted Danish Horns     4.75
Coconut Custard Pie     5.25
Chocolate Mousse     5.75
Apple Turnover     3.75
Jumbo Chocolate Eclair     3.95
Jumbo Napoleon     3.95
Chocolate Brownie     3.45
Chocolate Layer Cake     4.75
Rainbow Cake     4.95
Fruit Danish     3.95
Homemade Rice Pudding     3.95
Chocolate Pudding with whipped cream    3.25
Carrot Cake     4.45
Rugelach    (2) 4.25
Diet Baked Roman Beauty Apple No Sugar     3.95

Soft Frozen Yogurt

Sm / Lg.

Plain     5.25  4.95
Plain with banana    6.50  5.95
Plain with blueberries (in season)    7.95  7.45
Plain with cantaloupe half   lg 7.95
Plain with chocolate chips    5.45  5.95
Plain with fresh fruit salad    6.75  7.25
Plain with honey    5.95  6.25
Plain with raisins    5.45  5.95
Plain with strawberries (in season)    7.45  7.95
Plain with wet walnuts    7.95  7.45


Extra Topping $0.95

Yogurt Shake with honey, banana & milk    5.95
Yogurt Banana Split with banana, walnuts, syrup & a cherry    7.95
Belgian Waffle golden crisp waffle topped with yogurt    9.25


Tower Ice Cream Soda two mammoth scoops of ice cream, overflowing in every soda, topped with whipped cream and a maraschino cherry    5.95
Strawberry Shortcake     5.45
Banana Royale ripe banana with three generous scoops of ice cream, cushioned between chocolate syrup, crushed pineapple and a lavish layer of whipped cream    6.95

Ice Cream

Plate Of Ice Cream    (2 scoops) 4.95
Sherbet    (2 scoops) 5.25
Ice Cream Float     4.95
Plain Sundae     5.95
Pineapple Sundae     6.45
Strawberry Sundae     6.95
Hot Fudge Sundae     6.95

Children's Menu

Under 12 Years Old Please. All Served With Chocolate Pudding Or Jello And Small Milk Or Soda

MR.T Hamburger with french fries    7.95
MR.T Hamburger with american cheese    8.95
Billy Grilled Cheese with french fries    7.25
Hulk Fried Fillet Of Sole with vegetable & french fries    10.95
Conan Sliced Roast Turkey with cranberry sauce, vegetable & potato    9.95
Rocky Chicken Fingers with french fries    9.95
Kimberly Cheese Ravioli with tomato sauce    7.95
Rambo Roast Sirloin Of Beef with vegetable & potato    9.95
Superman One Large Frankfurter with french fries    6.95
Tommy spaghetti with tomato sauce    8.95
Tommy with two meat balls    9.95


Vegas Diner
1619 86th St
Btwn Bay 12th & Bay 13th St
(718) 331-2221
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