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  • Peruvian, South American
  • 86-20 37th Ave, Jackson Heights 11372 40.750215 -73.879802
  • (At 87th St)
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  • (718) 672-2224
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Breakfast. Sabado Y Domingo: 9:30am-2:00pm.

Chicharron con camote frito    7.00
Salchicha con huevo revuelto    6.00
Tamales pollo o cerdo    5.50
Chanfainita sin arroz    8.00
Tacu Tacu c/ bistec encebollado    10.00
Caldo De Gallina    lg 8.75 sm 5.75
Relleno con camote frito    7.00
Salchipapa     6.00
Filete De Pescado Frito     8.00
Bistec con huevo frito    7.00
Lomito Al Jugo     9.00

Desayuno Especial

Especial Para Uno     9.75
Especial Para Dos     17.00
Tacu Tacu Solo (Make Fried Rice And Beans) chicharron, relleno, salchicha con huevo, camote frito yuca frita y salsa criolla    5.50


Pan Frances    ea 0.50
Camote Frito     3.00
Huevos Fritos    (2) 1.75

Ceviches Entradas

Appetizers. All Freshly Marinated In Lime Juice

Ceviche De Pescado sliced basa fillet    13.25
Ceviche Mixto fish, calamari, octopus & shrimps    14.75
Ceviche De Camaron cold steamed shrimp    14.75
Tiradito De Pescado thin long slices of sea trout in aji amarillo lime sauce    12.25

Chicharrones Entradas

Appetizers. Fried To A Crispy Perfection.

Chicharron De Calamar crispy calamari    14.00
Chicharron De Camaron crispy shrimps    14.75
Jalea crispy calamari, shrimp and fish   sm 19.00 lg 29.75
Piqueo Del Mar mixed seafood in lime juice, crispy calamari, fish in aji amarillo, mussels with onion and tomato    31.00


Papa Rellena crispy mashed potato stuffed with meat    6.00
Ocopa sliced boiled potato covered with a creamy huacatay sauce (black mint)    8.00
Papa A La Huancaina sliced boiled potato covered with creamy aji amarillo sauce    7.75
Tamales (Peruanos) choice of chicken or pork. (made of corn)    4.75
Tamalito Verde cilantro based tamale stuffed with chicken    4.75
Choros A La Marinera covered mussels with spicy onions and tomatoes    8.00
Choclo Peruano Con Queso peruvian corn with white cheese and sliced potatoes    7.75
Salchipapas sliced hot dog with french fries    6.25
Anticuchos two grilled skewers of corazon - (veal heart)    8.75
Rachi grilled bible marinated in aji panca (peruvian peppers) served with grilled potato and corn    8.00
Parrilla Criolla two grilled skewers of veal heart & bible tripe marinated in aji panca (peruvian peppers) served with potato and corn on a grill    14.75
Yuquitas Fritas Con Crema De Huancaina O Creme De Ocopa deep fried cassava sticks with typical peruvian sauces huancaina or ocopa    7.00
Piqueo Criollo crispy calamari, sliced fish in lime, tamale, potato stuffed with beef    30.00


Soups. Sm / Lg.

Parihuela clams, mussels, shrimp, octopus, calamari and scallops    13.75  7.75
Sopa De Mariscos mussels, octopus, calamari and shrimps with thin noodles    13.75  7.75
Chupe De Camarones peruvian shrimp chowder    11.25  6.00
Aguadito De Mariscos cilantro rice soup with clams, mussels, shrimp, octopus, calamari & scallops    13.75  7.75
Aguadito De Pescado cilantro flavored rice soup with fish    5.75  9.75
Sopa De Choros mussel soup    4.00  8.00
Caldo De Gallina fowel noodle soup    5.75  8.75
Aguadito De Pollo cilantro flavored rice soup with chicken    4.95  6.75
Sopa A La Minuta meat soup with angel hair noodle and egg    4.50  5.50



Seco De Carne beef stew in a cilantro sauce    11.25
Seco De Cabrito lamb stew in a aji panca sauce served with cassava    12.25
Seco De Cabrito C/ Frijoles lamb stew in a aji panca sauce with beans    13.75
Chanfainita traditional peruvian beef stew    12.25
Seco Combinado seco de carne served with beans    12.25
Aji De Gallina shredded fowl meat in a heavy cream aji amarillo sauce    11.00
Olloquito Con Carne ollucus potato with string beef    12.25
Cau - Cau honeycomb tripe stew in a turmeric sauce    11.00



Parrilla Urubamba 1/2 rotisserie, 2 anticuchos, rachi, entrana includes choice of two side orders    29.75
Bistec A Lo Chorrillana grilled sirloin steak with sauteed onions and tomatoes    16.25
Bistec A Lo Pobre grilled bone in shell steak with sweet plantains, fried egg and white rice    16.75
Entrana 1/2 grilled skirt steak with tacu tacu, tallarin or white rice and salad    16.95
Pargo Rojo A La Parrilla grilled red snapper with cassava and salsa criolla    16.75
Salmon A La Parrilla grilled salmon with salad and rice    17.25
Pollo A La Parrilla grilled boneless chicken served with potato salad    13.25

Carnes Y Aves

Bistec Apanado Con Papa A La Huancaina breaded steak with sliced potato covered with creamy aji amarillo sauce    16.00
Lomo Saltado sliced tender beef stir-fried with onions and tomato    12.75
Entrana Saltada tender sliced skirt steak stir-fried with onions and tomato with rice and french fries    14.75
Tallarin Saltado chinese style pasta, mixed and served with your choice of chicken or beef    12.25
Arroz Chaufa beef fried (carne)    10.75
Arroz Chaufa chicken fried rice (pollo)    10.50
Arroz Chaufa shrimp fried rice (camaron)    15.00
Pollo Saltado slices of chicken stir fried with onions and tomato    11.75
Chicharron De Pollo pieces of crispy boneless chicken with sweet plantains and salad    12.75
Milanesa De Pollo breaded chicken breast with salad and french fried    12.75
Bistec Encebollado Con Arroz steak topped with sauteed onions and tomato    11.75
Papa Rellena Con Arroz crispy mashed potato stuffed with meat served with rice    8.75
Arroz A La Cubana two fried eggs with sweet plantain and rice    7.25

Tacu Tacu

Mixed Rice And Canary Beans.

Bistec Encebollado steak with sauteed onions and tomato    13.25
Bistec Apanado breaded steak    12.25
Seco De Carne beef stew in a cilantro sauce    12.75
Seco De Cabrito lamb stew in aji panca sauce    13.75
Pollo A La Parrilla grilled chicken    13.25

Tallarin Verde

Pasta Mixed In A Basil, Spinach And Cheese Sauce.

Bistec Apanado breaded steak    13.75
Milanesa De Pollo breaded chicken breast    13.25
Pollo A La Parrilla grilled chicken    13.75



Pescado A Lo Macho assorted seafood mixed in a spicy wine sauce served over a sea trout fillet    18.95
Pescado Sudado steamed white fish fillet with onions tomato and seafood broth    14.75
Sudado De Mariscos Con Pescado steamed seafood in a broth with onions and tomatoes    18.75
Arroz Con Camarones yellow rice with shrimp    15.00
Arroz Mariscos (Peruvian Paella) yellow rice mixed with fresh seafood    16.25
Arroz Con Chaufa De Mariscos seafood fried rice    16.00
Pescado Frito (Corvina Filete) crispy fish fillet served with white rice onion salad    12.25
Pescado A La Chorrillana (Filete) fish fillet with sauteed onions and tomatoes    14.25
Pescado Saltado pieces of fish stir-fried with onions and tomatoes over french fries    12.75
Saltado De Camarones stir fried shrimps with onions and tomatoes    15.75

Tacu Tacu

Mixed Rice And Frijol Canario (Canary Beans)

Pescado Frito (Filete) crispy white fish fillet served in onion salad    12.75
Pescado Encebollado fried sea trout fillet with sauteed onion and tomato    14.75

Tallarin Verde

Pasta Mixed In A Basil, Spinach And Cheese Sauce.

Pescado Frito (Filete) crispy white fish fillet    12.75


Maduros sweet plantain    3.75
Papa Frita french fries    3.75
Yuca Frita fried cassava    3.75
Frijoles canary beans    3.75
Camote Frito fried yam    3.75
Camote Sancochado boiled yam    3.75
Crema De Huancaina aji amarillo cheese sauce    3.75
Tostones crispy plantain    3.75
Canchita toasted corn    3.75
Arroz rice    3.75
Salsa Criolla spicy onion salad    3.75
Leche De Tigre tiger's milk    3.75
Papa Sancochada boiled potato    3.75
Arroz Con Frijoles rice and beans    5.00
Tacu Tacu (Solo) mixed fried rice and beans    5.50
Tallarin Verde (Solo) green spaghetti    5.50

Pollo A La Brasa

Urubamba Combo whole chicken served with french fries with hot dog/large salad and 1/2 pitcher purple corn juice    24.00
1/2 Pollo half chicken with french fries and house salad    7.95
1/4 Pollo quarter chicken with french fries and salad    5.95
Pollo Entero whole chicken    5.25
1/2 Pollo half chicken    5.25
1/4 Pollo Quarter Chicken     3.75



Alfajor cookie sandwich filled with dulce de leche    2.00
Humita sweet corn tamale    3.25
Crema Volteada flan    3.75
Helado De Lucuma ice cream made of peruvian fruit    4.50
Leche Asado custard made with brandy    3.75
Arroz Con Leche rice pudding    3.00
Helado De Cherimoya ice cream and of peruvian fruit    4.50


86-20 37th Ave
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