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Upi Jaya

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  • 76-04 Woodside Ave, Elmhurst 11373 40.743436 -73.888663
  • (Btwn 76th & 77th St)
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  • (718) 458-1807
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A1. Tahu Isi (V) fried tofu stuffed with vegetables   (2pcs) 4.00
A2. Tahu Goreng (V) sumedang style fried tofu with small hot green chili peppers   (8pcs) 3.00
A3. Sate Sapi bbq beef skewers with peanut sauce   (4pcs) 6.25
A4. Sate Ayam bbq chicken skewers with peanut sauce   (4pcs) 5.25
A5. Pempek Palembang traditional broiled fish cake in hot & sour sauce   (2pcs) 6.50
A6. Tempe Goreng (V) traditional fried soybean cakes   (2pcs) 3.00
A7. Risolles deep fried savory chicken pancakes coated with breadcrumbs   (2pcs) 3.50
A8. Perkedel Kentang (V) potato fritters with vegetables   (2pcs) 3.75
A9. Lemper Ayam steamed glutinous rice stuffed with shredded seasoned chicken   (2pcs) 3.75
A10. Batagor fried fish cake served with peanut sauce    6.50
A11. Shumai steamed fish cake served with peanut sauce    6.50

Indonesian Traditional Soups

S1. Soto Ayam sliced broiled chicken in a soup with bean sprouts & rice noodles    7.50
S2. Soto Padang tender broiled beef slices in a soup with rice noodles & chunks of chopped perkedel    8.50
S3. Sop Kambing mutton soup    8.25
S4. Sop Buntut oxtail soup    8.00


B1. Rendang Padang **    (2pcs) 6.50
B2. Rendang Padang **    (4pcs) 12.50
B3. Rendang Padang ** the famous & traditional indonesian beef dish, tenderly cooked in hot spices over low heat.   (4pcs) 23.50
B4. Gulai Cincang * curried beef spare ribs cooked in coconut milk, ground hot chili & garlic    7.50
B5. Empal Daging tender broiled beef    7.50
B6. Sate Padang Pakai Lontong * spicy beef skewers covered with chef's special sauce made or rice flour & served with indonesian herbs & spices   (4pcs) 7.50
B7. Gulai Kambing * lamb stew upi's style cooked in traditional indonesian herbs & spices    8.50
B8. Dendeng Balado * crispy beef strips smothered with hot chili peppers    7.50


C1. Ayam Gulai * curried chicken cooked in coconut milk, red chili & turmeric    7.50
C2. Ayam Rendang * dry chicken cooked in spicy coconut milk, ginger & lemon grass    7.50
C3. Ayam Goreng Kalasan upi's special deep fried chicken with herbs & spices    7.25
C4. Ayam Goreng Balado * deep fried chicken smothered with hot chili peppers    7.50
C5. Opor Ayam tasty marinated chicken in spices & coconut milk    7.50
C6. Ayam Panggang * grilled barbecued chicken indonesian style    7.50
C7. Ayam Goreng Padang padang special fried chicken    7.00
C8. Opor Ayam Kuning curried chicken, not red chili    7.50


F1. Ikan Pepes whole red snapper, marinated with green chili, shallots & basil wrapped in banana leaf  
F2. Ikan Goreng Balado * whole red snapper fried & smothered with hot chili peppers  
F3. Ikan Bakar whole red snapper grilled lightly spiced to perfection  
F4. Ikan Asam Pedas * whole red snapper in a delicately tangy spicy & sour sauce  
F5. Ikan Gulai * whole red snapper cooked in curry spice & coconut milk  
F6. Ikan Asam Manis whole red snapper fried & marinated in sweet & sour sauce  
F7. Udang Goreng Balado Petai * broiled shrimp & sator (green indonesian nut) simmered over red hot chili peppers    14.50
F8. Gulai Udang Campur Tahu Petai * curried shrimp with tofu & sator (green indonesian nut) cooked with coconut milk & turmeric    14.50
F9. Gulai Cumi * curried squids cooked in spicy coconut gravy    8.00


V1. Gado Gado a variety of traditional indonesian steamed vegetables served in a tangy peanut sauce    6.75
V2. Ketoprak rice vermicelli, tofu & bean sprouts a garlic peanut sauce    6.50
V3. Sayur Nangka young jackfruit cooked to perfection in a lightly spiced curry.    5.50
V4. Sayur Lodeh mixed vegetables cooked in delicious curry gravy    5.50
V5. Sayur Daun Singkong fresh kale leaf cooke in tangy coconut milk & spices    5.75
V6. Gulai Jengkol pickled dash (jumbo nut) curry    7.75
V7. Balado Jengkol pickled dash (jumbo nut) marinated in hot chili spices.    7.50
V8. Lontong Sayur rice squares served over mixed vegetables.    5.50
V9. Karedok fresh vegetables served with peanut sauce    6.50
V10. Sate Tofu fried tofu with bean sprows & cucumber served with peanut sauce    6.50
V11. Balado Telor deep fried egg with hot chili    5.50
V12. Kemtang Balado fried potato with hot chili    5.50
V13. Terong Balado deep fried eggplant with hot chili pepper    5.50

Nasi Rames

Chef's Combination Of Rice Specials. Choice Of Entree Served With Jasmine Rice & Vegetables.

R1. Randang Daging ** beef rendang    7.50
R2. Gulai Ayam * curried chicken    7.50
R3. Rendang Ayam * chicken rendang    7.50
R4. Ayam Panggang * barbecued chicken    7.50
R5. Ayam Goreng fried chicken    7.00
R6. Ayam Goreng Balado * fried chicken smothered with hot chili peppers    7.50
R7. Ikan Goreng Balado * fried fish smothered with hot chili peppers    8.50
R8. Gulai Cincang * curried beef spareribs    7.50
R9. Gulai Cumi * curried squids    7.50
R10. Dendeng Balado * crispy sliced beef    7.50
R11. Empal Daging tender broiled beef    7.50
R12. Udang Balado * broiled shrimp smothered with chili peppers    7.50
R13. Gulai Udang Tahu * curried shrimp & tofu    7.50
R14. Gulai Ikan * curried fish    8.50
R15. Opor Ayam chicken marinated in spices & coconut milk    7.50

Nasi Rames

Daily Lunch Special weekdays 11:30am-3:00pm    6.25

Side Orders

Q1. Nasi Putih fragrant jasmine rice    1.50
Q2. Krujpuk Udang / Ikan traditional indonesian shrimp or fish crackers (choose one)    1.75
Q3. Krupuk Emping / Bawang (v). vegetarian "melinjo nut" or onion crackers (choose one)    2.00
Q4. Sambal Merah / Hijau    sm 1.00
Q5. Sambal Merah / Hijau upi's red or green fresh ground chili   (8oz) 5.00

Weekends Only

Q6. Nasi / Mee Goreng & Telor (Egg) upi's lightly flavored fried rice / vermicelli noodles  
Sayur with mixed vegetable    6.50
Ayam with shredded chicken    7.50
Udang with shrimp    7.75
Iran Asin salty fish    7.75


H1. Pisang Goreng Pakai Ice Cream warm banana fritters with two scoops of ice cream    5.50
H2. Pisang Goreng banana fritters    3.00
H3. Ice Cream choice of vanilla, chocolate, mango or green tea   (2 scoops) 3.00
H4. Lupis steamed glutinous rice wrapped in banana leaf, topped with fine ground coconut & drizzled with palm sugar   (2pcs) 3.50
H5. Cheese Cake Fried   

Specialty Indonesian Beverages

G1. Es Cendol rice beads topped with palm sugar & coconut milk    3.50
G2. Es Pokat smooth avocado blend topped with shaved ice & sweetened condensed milk    4.00
G3. Es Teler jackfruit & avocado slices topped with basil seeds, shredded young coconut, palm fruit & shaved ice    3.50
G4. Soda Gembira soda with condensed milk    3.00

Other Beverages

M1. Mango orange, apple, or young coconut juice    2.50
M2. Iced Coffee / Tea     2.00
M3. Hot Coffee / Tea     1.50
M4. The Botol / Kotak chilled indonesian jasmine tea    1.50
M5. Nestea coke / diet, sprite / diet, bottled water    1.50
M6. Kopi Susu / Kopi Tubruk unfiltered indonesian coffee with / without condensed milk.    2.00
M7. Kopi Jahe indonesian coffee sweetened with sugar cane ginger & herb extracts.    1.75


Upi Jaya
76-04 Woodside Ave
Btwn 76th & 77th St
(718) 458-1807
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