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Sushi Tsushima

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  • Japanese, Sushi
  • 210 E 44th St, New York NY10017 40.7516558 -73.9727916
  • (Btwn 2nd & 3rd Ave)
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  • (212) 207-1938
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Edamame boiled soy beans   4.50
Spicy Edamame boiled soy beans with cajun spice   5.00
Seaweed Salad    5.50
Mix Tempura lightly fried shrimp & vegetable   8.50
Shrimp Shumai steamed shrimp dumpling   7.50
Spicy Chicken Teriyaki boneless chicken sauteed in spicy teriyaki sauce   7.75

From Kitchen

Served With Salad & Soup

Vegetable Tempura lightly fried vegetables   16.00
Shrimp Tempura lightly fried shrimp   18.50
Mix Tempura lightly fried shrimp & vegetable   18.50
Chicken Teriyaki boneless chicken sauteed teriyaki sauce   17.00
Spicy Chicken Teriyaki boneless chicken teriyaki with spicy sauce on top   17.50
Grilled Eel whole eel with seaweed salad & broccoli   26.00
Salmon Teriyaki Or Grilled fresh salmon broiled & roasted with teriyaki sauce or grilled with salt   23.00
Mix Teriyaki salmon, chicken, shrimp   21.00

Lunch Combo $28.50

Served With Salad & Soup. Please Choose One Roll, Sashimi Carpaccio, Chirashi Rice.

1. Lobster Salad aspara, grilled salmon wasabi maya   
2. Lobster Tempura crab, tobiko, cucumber   
3. Eel Avocado eel & tempura crunch on top   
4. Spicy Tuna crab, avocado, jalapeno, tempura   
Sashimi Carpaccio tuna, yellowtail, salmon   
Chirashi Rice spicy tuna, spicy yellowtail, spicy salmon   

Lunch Selection A $19.25

Please Choose One

California Roll    
Shrimp Tempura Roll    
Spicy Tuna Roll    

Lunch Selections B $19.25

Please Choose Two From With Tempura, Salad, Soup, Rice.

Salmon Sashimi    
Salmon & Tuna Sashimi    
Shrimp Shumai    
Shrimp Teriyaki    
Scallop Teriyaki    
Grilled Salmon    
Spicy Chicken Teriyaki    
B.B.Q. Eel    
Chicken Teriyaki    

Premium Select Lunch C $24.50

Please Choose One Of Each

Mini Tuna Chirashi    
Mini Salmon Chirashi    
Mini Yellowtail Chirashi    
Sashimi T.Y.S    
Mini Bara Chirashi    
Mini Eel Chirashi    
Mini Ikura Chirashi    

Chirashi Rice

Served With Salad & Soup

Special Box Chirashi assorted tsukiji fish sashimi & sushi rice with salmon roe   42.00
Tsushima Chirashi assorted sashimi over sushi rice   23.00
Eel Chirashi eel over rice   24.00
T.Y.S. Chirashi 4pcs tuna, salmon, yellowtail over sushi rice   24.00
Bara Chirashi assorted small cut fish over sushi rice   18.95
Spicy Salmon spicy tuna, avocado chirashi   18.50


Served With Salad, Soup & Rice

Sashimi Lunch 2pcs of tuna, yellowtail, amber jack, red snapper, sear salmon, salmon   23.50
T.Y.S. Sashimi 5pcs of tuna, 3pcs of yellowtail, 7pcs of salmon   24.50


Served With Salad & Soup

Sushi Lunch (A) 2pcs of tuna, salmon sushi & california roll, spicy tuna roll   18.50
Sushi Lunch (B) 7pcs of assorted sushi & 1 california roll or 1 spicy tuna roll   20.00
Sushi Lunch (C) 2pcs of tuna, yellowtail, salmon, amber jack sushi & one roll   22.00
Sushi Sashimi Lunch 3pcs tuna, 2pcs yellowtail, 4pcs salmon, 2pcs white fish sashimi, 5pcs assorted sushi & one roll   26.00

Tsukiji Sushi Combo $48

Served With Salad & Soup. Please Choose One Sashimi Salad. Six Pieces Of Sushi & Any One Roll From Sushi List Maximum Of Two Pieces Per Type Of Fish.

Marinated Tuna    
Amber Jack    
Sear Salmon    
See Eel    
Salmon Roe    
Jack Fish    

Special 2 Roll Combo $23.50

Served With Salad & Soup. Please Choose Two From The Rolls Below.

A. Crab with spicy mayo roll wrapped with avocado & spicy tuna, tempura crunch on top   
B. Salmon Avocado Roll with spicy salmon & wasabi tobiko on top   
C. California Roll with half-whole eel on top   
D. Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab cucumber & tobiko roll   
E. 3pieces Shrimp Tempura Roll with grilled white fish flakes & tobiko mayo on top   
F. Salmon, Jalapeno Roll topped with 2pcs each of tuna, salmon, avocado   
G. Tuna, Crab, Avocado, Cucumber tobiko with spicy mayo   
H. Salmon, Yellowtail crab with jalapeno   
I. Eel avocado & tempura crunch on top   

Daily Special

Monday - Vegetable Udon, Katsu Curry Or Sushi vegetable udon noodle curry with pork cutlet or sushi   16.75
happy hour price (11:30am-12:00pm)   14.00
Tuesday - Chirashi assortment of fish over sushi rice   18.00
happy hour price (10:30am-12:00pm)   15.00
Wednesday - Ramen & Crab Rice pork or chicken ramen & crab rice   16.75
happy hour price (11:30am-12:00am)   14.00
Thursday - Niku Soba & Tuna, Salmon Or Mix Over Rice soba noodle with beef & tuna, salmon or mix over rice   17.25
happy hour price (11:30am-12:00pm)   15.00
Friday - Ramen & Eel Rice pork or vegetable ramen & eel rice   16.75
happy hour price (11:30am-12:00pm)   14.00


Lunch - Maki Combo

Served With Salad & Soup


Two Roll Combo please choose 2rolls from below   14.95
Three Roll Combo please choose 3rolls from below   18.95

Vegetable Roll

Seaweed Outside.

Cucumber burdock   
Pickled Radish    
Dried Gourd    

Vegetable Roll

Seaweed Inside Out.

Avocado Cucumber with wasabi seasoning   
Avocado cucumber, asparagus   
Avocado Jalapeno    


Inside Out.

Spicy Tuna    
Tuna, avocado roll with 7 spice out side   
Spicy Tuna & Shrimp Tempura    
Tuna & Salmon with wasabi seasoning   
Spicy Salmon Avocado    
Spicy Salmon Jalapeno    
Salmon with cream cheese   
Yellowtail Scallion    
Spicy Yellowtail    
with tobiko   
Lobster Salad Avocado    
Crab Salad Cucumber    
Lobster Salad with crab stick tempura   
Eel Avocado    
Shrimp Tempura    
Spicy Scallop    
Ginger & Mackerel    
Ginger Snapper with tobiko mayo   



Cold Appetizer

Tuna Avocado Tartar    10.00
Hirame Usu-Zukuri thin sliced fluke   15.00
Ika Natto squid & fermented soy beans   7.50
Ikura Oroshi salmon roe with grated daikon radish   7.50
Nama Tako-Su fresh octopus & cucumber with vinegar   8.50
Maguro Natto tuna & fermented soy beans   10.00
Maguro Yamakake tuna with mt.yam   10.00

Hot Appetizer

Edamame boiled soy beans   5.00
Spicy Edamame boiled spicy soy beans   5.50
Garlic Broccoli sauteed broccoli with garlic   5.50
Geso Yaki grilled squid leg   6.00
Shrimp Shumai    7.00
Agedashi Tofu deep fried tofu with nametake mushroom & broth   7.50
Vegetable Tempura deep fried vegetable   6.50
Mix Tempura deep fried vegetable & shrimp   8.50
Shrimp Tempura deep fried shrimp   8.50
Salt & Pepper Large Shrimp lightly fried shrimp with salt & pepper   10.00
Toko Ishiyaki grilled octopus on the stone   8.00
Chawan Mushi steamed egg custard   7.00
Crab Chawan Mushi    10.00
Sea Urchin Chawan Mushi    13.00
Hamachikama Shioyaki grilled yellowtail neck   10.00
Taikama Mushi steamed snapper head   15.00
Uni Tempura    17.00


Miso Soup soy bean soup   2.50
Akadashi Soup red soy bean soup with nameko mushroom   4.00
red soy bean soup with clam   6.00


House Salad    6.00
Seaweed Salad    6.00
Avocado Salad avocado & mixed green salad with ginger dressing   8.50
Salmon Sashimi Salad marinated salmon sashimi with yuzu dressing   13.00
Red Snapper Salad sesame marinated snapper with salad   16.00

From Kitchen

Served With Salad, Miso Soup & Rice

Vegetable Tempura Platter deep fried vegetables   18.50
Mix Tempura Platter lightly fried shrimp & vegetable   21.00
Shrimp Tempura Platter lightly fried shrimp   23.00
Shrimp Teriyaki    23.00
Chicken Teriyaki boneless chicken sauteed in teriyaki sauce   18.00
Salmon Teriyaki Or Shioyaki salmon teriyaki or grilled with pinch of salt   23.00
Mixed Teriyaki salmon, shrimp, chicken teriyaki   26.00


Toro Taku Roll fatty tuna & pickled radish   
Negitoro Roll fatty tuna & scallion roll   
Futomaki giant roll with vegetable & eel roll   15.00
Saba Battera pressed mackerel sushi   18.00

Japanese Style

Blue Fin Tuna Roll    8.50
Yellow Fin Tuna Roll    5.00
Yellowtail Scallion Roll    8.00
Sea Eel & Cucumber Roll    8.00
Squid & Spicy Cod Row Roll    8.50
Ginger & Mackerel Roll    8.50
Tuna Nakaochi Natto Maki minced tuna & fermented soy beans   8.75

American Style

California Roll    8.00
Eel Avocado Roll    7.50
Spicy Salmon Avocado Roll    7.50
Salmon Jalapeno Roll    7.50
Spicy Yellowtail Toll    8.00
Spicy Tuna Roll    8.00
Salmon Skin Roll    7.50
Shrimp Tempura Roll    7.50
Lobster Salad Roll    7.50
Spicy Scallop Roll    8.50
Spicy Tuna & Shrimp Tempura Roll    10.00


Kappa Roll cucumber   4.50
Pickled Radish Roll    4.50
Gourd Skin Roll    5.00
Burdock & Cucumber Roll    5.00
Natto Roll fermented beans   5.00
Umeshiso Kyuri Maki plum, shiso leaves & cucumber   5.00
Asparagus Roll    5.00
Avocado Roll    5.00
Avocado Cucumber Roll    6.00
Umeshiso Yamaimo Maki plaum, shiso leaves & japanese yam   6.00

Sushi & Sashimi

A La Carte / Dinner: With Salad, Miso Soup.

Sushi Moriawase A 2pieces tuna, 2pieces salmon & california roll, spicy tuna roll  22.00 25.00
Sushi Moriawase B 1roll & 7pieces sushi  24.00 27.00
Sushi Moriawase C 2pieces tuna, salmon, yellowtail, eel & 1roll  28.00 31.00
Edomae Nigiri 9pcs of assorted sushi & 1roll please choose one roll  42.00 45.00
Sashimi Moriawase 4kinds, 9sliced of fresh fish  25.00 28.00
Sashimi Deluxe 6kinds, 15sliced of fresh fish  36.00 39.00
T.Y.S Sashimi 5pieces of tuna, 3pcs of yellowtail, 4pcs of salmon  28.00 31.00
Sushi Sashimi Moriawase 5pcs of sushi, 4kinds of sashimi & 1roll. please choose the roll  32.00 35.00
Tocsin Chirashi from japanese sashimi of the day & sushi rice  39.00 42.00

Sushi, Sashimi

Sushi / Sashimi.

Yellow Fin Tuna   4.00 5.00
Blue-Fin Tuna   5.00 6.00
Zuke soy sauce marinated tuna  5.00 6.00
Chu Toro medium fatty tuna   
Yaki Toro lightly grilled tuna   
Toro Takuan fatty tuna & pickles   
Yellowtail   4.50 5.50
with yuzu pepper  4.75 5.75
Fatty Yellowtail   7.00 8.00
Jack Fish   8.00 9.00
Amberjack   6.00 7.00
Fluke   5.00 6.00
Seaweed Marinated Fluke   5.00 6.00
Fluke Fin   6.00 7.00
Snapper   5.00 6.00
Tai Goma Zuke snapper with sesame sauce  5.50 6.50
Salmon   4.00 5.00
Fatty Salmon   4.50 5.50
Salmon Zuke soy sauce marinated salmon  4.50 5.50
Seared Salmon with lemon & salt  4.50 5.50
Japanese Squid   4.00 5.00
Ika Zuke sauce marinated squid  4.00 5.00
Yaki Ika with 7spice & salt  4.00 5.00
Ika Geso squid legs  4.00 5.00
Nama Tako fresh octopus  5.00 6.00
Japanese Mackerel   6.00 7.00
Seared Mackerel   6.00 7.00
Horse Mackerel   6.00 7.00
Kohada gizzard shad  6.00 7.00
Scallop   4.00 5.00
Giant Clam sushi 1 order 1pc, sashimi 1order 1pc   
Eel   5.00 5.00
Sea Eel with sauce  6.00 6.00
with salt  6.00 6.00
Caviar   4.00 4.00
Wasabi Caviar   4.00 4.00
Salmon Roe   5.00 5.00
Sea Urchin   8.00 8.00
Squid with sea urchin  8.00 8.00
Egg Custard   2.50 2.50
Eggplant   3.00 3.00

Chef's Special

Omakase the chef creates a special dish with the freshest selection  100.00 130.00
Sushi sashimi omakase  up 80.00
Sushi Omakase    
Sashimi Omakase chef selected tsukiji japanese special fish  up 50.00


Sushi Tsushima
210 E 44th St
Btwn 2nd & 3rd Ave
(212) 207-1938
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