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Tres Carnes

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1. Choose One

Burrito flour tortilla
Soft Tacos (2) white corn
El Tres Bowl served over rice and beans or mixed greens
2. Pick Your Filling

Double Meat Add $2.76.

Smoked Brisket tc3 dry rub. 16+ hrs. smoke 8.73
Smoked Chicken adobo & lime. tc3 dry rub. smoked & chopped. 8.04
Smoked Pork Shoulder tc3 "texican" rub. pulled hot. 8.04
No Carne (v). choice of veggies. 7.81
3. Rice

Choose 1

Green Poblano Rice (v). cilantro, poblanos, green onion
Mexican Yellow Rice sweet bell peppers, onions
3. Beans

Choose 1

Pinto Beans "Charros" smoked pork, chorizo, & chiles
Black Eyed-Black Beans (v). tc3 dry rub, mexican beer
4. Additional Fillings

(V). Any Or All For $0.92 Add Chili For $1.37.

Street-Cart Corn roasted. smoky lime mayo, cilantro
Chipotle E Squash roasted with red onions, lime, spices
Smashed & Smoky Guac
5. Free Toppings

Pico mild
Tomatillo Salsa med
Roasted Tomato Salsa hot
Tres Fuegos Salsa xxx hot
Pickled Onions
Cotija Cheese

Smoky Lime Corn 4.59
Chipotle Squash 4.59
Brisket Chili 4.59
Rice & Beans 3.68
Guac & Chips 3.44
Salsa & Chips 2.53

Double-Smoked Churro Doughnut 3.22
To Drink $2.76

Agua Fresca cucumber-apple-lime
Fresh Agave Limeade

Mexican Sodas 2.53
Asst. Sodas 2.07
Bottled Water 1.61

(V) Vegetarian.

Mariachi Michelada beer on the rocks with lime & the cock's tail bloody mariachi
Michelada De Humo dark beer on the rocks with chipotle puree, fresh lime.
Chelada Clasica beer on the rocks with salt, lime & valentina hot sauce.
Spiked Mexican Limeade beer on the rocks with our housemade limeade. refrescante.