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Tokubei 86 (CLOSED)

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  • Japanese, Sushi
  • 314 E 86th St, New York 10028 40.777478 -73.951116
  • (Btwn 1st & 2nd Ave)
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  • (212) 628-5334
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1. Yaki-Nasu broiled egg plant , chopped scallion and ginger soy sauce.    4.95
2. Hiya-Yakko cold soybean curd and fresh vegetables, chopped scallion and ginger ponzu sauce.    4.95
3. Yu-Dofu hot soybean curd and fresh vegetables, chopped scallion and ginger ponzu sauce.    5.45
4. Age-Dofu fried soybean curd in dashi sauce.    5.95
5. Tatsuta-Age deep fried seasoned chicken wings    5.95
6. Sakana-Nanban deep fried fresh fish, marinated in sweet- sour sake sauce.    5.95
7. Yaki-Hama broiled top neck clams, ponzu sauce    6.95
8. Yude-Hama steamed top neck clams, mussel sauce.    6.95
9. Conch Shells sauteed conch and vegetables mixed with ginger sauce    6.95
10. Mussel steamed mussels in mussel sauce or sake wine broth.    6.95
11. Yaki-Buta roast pork japanese style, mustard sauce    6.95
12. Tairagai sauteed scallops in sake lemon sauce    6.95
13. Oyster And Asparagus sauteed oysters and asparagus in sesame sauce    6.95
14. Fried Calamari fried squid served with sake lemon sauce    6.95
15. Baby Clam Asari cooked japanese asari clams in sake wine sauce.    6.95
16. Oshitash steamed spinach, rolled in sheet of seaweed    4.75
17. Edamame steamed young soybean    3.25
18. Water Cress sauteed water cress in garlic sauce    4.95
19. Baby Bock Choy sauteed baby bock choy in brown sauce    4.95
20. Shiitake Mushroom broiled, served with ponzu sauce    5.95
21. Oyster Mushroom sauteed with garlic lemon sauce    5.95
22. Broccoli sauteed broccoli in tokubei 86 mussel sauce.    4.95


23. Sumono delicately flavored clear fish broth    2.95
24. Miso-Shiru soybean soup    2.95
25. Nameko-Jiru soybean soup with nameko-mushroom    3.45
26. Tofu and Vegetables chicken broth with soybean curd and vegetables.    3.95
27. Ton Jiru soybean soup with various kinds of japanese vegetables and pork.   cup 3.95 bowl 6.95
28. Asari Soup miso soup with asari clam   bowl 7.25


29. Tokubei 86 Special Combination Salad fancy combination salads-sesame seed house dressing    6.95
30. Avocado And Fresh Tuna Salad sliced avocado and fresh tuna sashimi    6.95
31. Hijiki Salad cooked seaweed salad    4.95
32. Asparagus And Hearts Of Palm served with home made sesame seed house dressing    6.25
33. Oshinko pickled nappa    2.50
34. Tossed Salad served with sesame seed house dressing.    2.95
35. Chayote pickled chayote in garlic soy sauce.    2.95

Sea Food Entrees

36. Salmon broiled salmon, teriyaki sauce or shioyaki, ponzu sauce    14.75
37. Fish of The Day broiled or teriyaki fish of the day    13.45
38. Oyster Shrimp Sauce sauteed oyster in shrimp wine sauce    13.95
39. Scallop Shrimp Sauce sauteed scallops in shrimp wine sauce.    13.95
40. Oyster And Scallop Combination sauteed oysters and scallops in shrimp wine sauce    13.95
41. Sea Food Yaki-Udon sauteed assortment of seafood on japanese noodles.    14.95
42. Assorted Neptune sauteed assortment of seafood in sake wine sauce.    14.95
43. Shrimp Yaki-Udon sauteed shrimps and shitake mushrooms on japanese noodles.    14.95
44. Tempura shrimps and vegetables tempura, tentsuyu sauce.    13.95
45. Ebi-Tempura shrimps only tempura, tentsuyu sauce    14.95
46. Sakana-Tempura fish and vegetables tempura, tentsuyu sauce    12.95
47. Kaki- Age shredded scallops and vegetables tempura, tentsuyu sauce    12.45
48. Shrimp Teriyaki broiled shrimps, teriyaki sauce    14.95
49. Shrimps And Vegetables sauteed shrimps and vegetables in tokubei 86 special sauce.    14.95
50. Scallops And Vegetables sauteed shrimp and vegetables in tokubei 86 special sauce.    14.95
51. Spicy Shrimp sauteed shrimps with vegetables in spicy sauce.    14.95

Vegetarian Food Entrees

52. Yasai-Itame sauteed assortment of vegetables in tokubei 86 special sauce.    12.25
53. Tofu And Vegetables sauteed soybean curd and vegetables in tokubei 86 special sauce.    12.95
54. Yasai-Tempura fresh vegetables tempura, tentsuyu sauce.    11.95
55. Shojin-Age shredded mixed vegetables tempura, tentsuyu sauce.    11.95

Meat And Poultry Entrees

56. Negima-Yaki fresh scallion rolled in thinly sliced choice of beef, teriyaki sauce.    14.75
57. Beef-Teri-Yaki broiled choice shell steak, teriyaki sauce    15.75
58. Beef Steak Ponzu broiled choice shell steak, ponzu sauce.    15.75
59. Chicken Teri-Yaki broiled chicken, teriyaki sauce    13.75
60. Chicken Roll-Age fresh carrot, spinach and cheese rolled in thinly sliced chicken, deep fried in vegetables oil, home made peanut sauce and cutlet sauce    13.95
61. Sukiyaki thinly sliced choice rib eye, soybean curd, bamboo shoots, glass noodles, mushrooms and fresh vegetables in tokubei 86 special sukiyaki sauce.    14.75
62. Beef And Vegetables sauteed sliced beef and vegetables in toubei 86 special sauce.    14.75
63. Chicken And Vegetables sauteed sliced breast of chicken and vegetables in tokubei 86 special sauce    14.25
64. Gyu-Ponzu sauteed sliced beef and vegetables in ponzu sauce with grated japanese radish.    13.95
65. Chicken Ponzu sauteed sliced breast of chicken and vegetables in ponzu sauce with grated radish.    13.75
66. Beef Yaki-Udon sauteed sliced beef on japanese noodles.    13.75
67. Gyoza pan-fried beef and vegetables dumplings, japanese style served with spicy sesame oil sauce    13.95
68. Makunouchi Box small portions of tempura, negima, tekka-maki, sashimi, broiled fish, fried scallops, and oshinko pickles, served in a box platter served with soup(miso or suimono)    20.75


69. Home-Made Custard Pudding     3.25
70. Fresh Fruit melon, golden pineapple, japanese pear, persimmon or strawberry in season    3.75
71. Shirokuma fresh fruits with shaved ice topped with tokubei 86 special yogurt syrup.    5.25
72. Ice Cream And Sherbet vanilla, chocolate, green tea, red bean, ginger or orange sherbert    3.25
73. Fruit Parfait ice cream and fruits    3.75


Nuta choice of marinated fresh clams, fresh fish or boiled octopus with lightly boiled vegetables, nuta sauce.    6.25
Seaweed Salad assortment of seaweed salad    5.75
Kani-Salad salad of crab stick    4.75
Usu-Zukuri extremely thinly- sliced fluke fish    4.75
Clams Sashimi assortment of oyster, top neck, scallop and hokki    8.95
Ika-Tarako-Ae sliced fresh squid marinated with salted cod roe.    6.75
Ika-Ikura-Ae sliced fresh squid marinated with salted salmon roe.    6.75
Yaki-Nori parched sheets of seaweed with green mustard.    2.95
Sunomono sweet sour seasoned fresh seafoods and vegetable    8.95
Tako-Su sweet sour seasoned boiled octopus and vegetables.    8.95

Sushi And Sashimi Entrees

84. Deluxe Sushi deluxe assortment of sushi    20.75
85. Regular Sushi assortment of sushi    15.75
86. Deluxe Sashimi deluxe assortment of raw fish.    20.75
87. Regular Sashimi assortment of raw fish    15.75
88. Sushi And Sashimi Combination assortment of sushi and sashimi combination.    20.75
89. Tekka-Maki fresh tuna with seasoned rice rolled in sheet of seaweed    12.95
90. Kappa-Maki fresh cucumber with seasoned rice rolled in sheet of seaweed.    10.75
91. Nori-Maki cooked dried squash with seasoned rice rolled in sheet of seaweed    10.75
92. California Roll kani stick and avocado with seasoned rice rolled in sheet of seaweed.    12.75
93. Tokubei 86 Roll smelts roe, kani-stick and egg with seasoned rice rolled in sheet of seaweed.    13.25
94. Oshinko-Maki japanese pickled radish with seasoned rice rolled in sheet of seaweed.    10.75
95. Futomaki assortment of vegetables, shrimp, kani-stick and egg with sheet of seaweed.    12.75
96. Temaki-Set hand roll of tokubei 86 roll, yellowtail scalion roll and california roll.    12.75
97. Chirashi-Sushi thinly sliced assortment of fresh seafood on bowl of seasoned rice.    13.95
98. Tekka- Donburi thinly sliced assortment of fresh seafood on bowl of seasoned rice    14.25
99. Vegetarian-Sushi assortment of vegetable sushi    12.95
100. Tuna Sashimi fresh tuna sashimi    18.75
101. Tako-Sashimi boiled fresh octopus sashimi    13.95

A Piece of Sushi and Sashimi

Uni sea urchin    3.75
Ikura salmon roe    2.95
Masago smelt roe    2.75
Hotate scallop    2.95
Toro fatty belly of tuna  
Maguro tuna    2.75
Hamachi fresh yellow tail    2.95
Sake smoked salmon    2.95
Fresh Salmon     2.25
Ebi shrimp    2.25
Anago cooked sea eel    2.75
Unagi cooked fresh water eel    2.75
Suzuki striped bass    2.25
Hirame fluke    2.50
Trout sea trout    2.25
Katsuo bonito    2.25
Sawara spanish mackerel    2.25
Saba marinated mackerel    2.00
Hokki novascotia clam    2.00
Ika squid    2.50
Kani crab stick    2.00
Tamago seasoned egg omelet    1.50
Komochi Engawa chopped fluke fin marinated with sake wine and smelt roe.    2.75
Fresh Engawa fresh fluke fin    2.50
Tako octopus    2.25
Broiled Engawa broiled engawa, unagi sauce    2.75
Butter Fish marinated butter fish.    2.00
Real Crab real crab meat.    3.25
Tai red snapper    2.50

From Our Raw Bar

Availability Of All Sea Food Depends On The Season And The Market Availability.

Kumamoto Oyster     2.50
Hamahama Oyster     2.50
Top Neck Clam     2.00
Aoyagi Clam price varies according to size  

A Roll and Hand Roll Of Sushi

Tekka Maki tuna roll    4.45
Tekkyu Maki tuna and cucumber roll.    4.50
Negi Hamachi Maki fresh yellow tail and scallion roll    4.75
California Maki avocado & crab roll    4.45
California Special Maki rolled inside out coated with smelt roe    5.25
Salmon Skin Maki grilled salmon skin, meat, scallion and cucumber roll    4.45
Alaskan Maki fresh salmon and avocado roll    4.45
Anago Maki cooked sea eel and cucumber roll    4.95
Unagi Maki coked fresh water eel and cucumber roll    4.95
Tokubei Maki house roll    4.75
Kappa Maki cucumber roll    3.75
Oshinko Maki pickled radish roll.    3.75
Nori Maki cooked dry squash roll    3.75
Nattou Maki fermented soybean roll    3.95
Boston Maki crab, lettuce, cucumber, mayonnaise    5.25
Ume Shiso Maki sour plum paste and shiso leaf roll    3.95
Spicy Tuna Maki special spicy sauce and tuna roll.    4.75
Fresh Salmon Maki fresh salmon roll    4.50
Smoked Salmon Maki smoked salmon roll    4.95
Chef's Special Maki minced fluke fish, egg, crab stick and spinach rolled in white radish and seaweed, served in sweet fruits vinegar    6.25
Spider Maki deep fried soft shell crab roll served two rolls.    12.50
Rainbow Maki broiled unagi rolled in various kind of fish    12.50
Dragon Maki broiled unagi rolled in avocado    9.25
Ebi Tempura Maki shrimp tempura roll    6.95
JJ Roll japanese jewish roll, smoked salmon, caper, sour cream and onion    5.25
Handrolls Less     0.25
Inside Out Roll Extra     0.50
Quail Egg     0.50
Shiso Leaf     0.25


Tokubei 86
314 E 86th St
Btwn 1st & 2nd Ave
(212) 628-5334
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