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The Green Fig Bakery Cafe

  • $
  • Bagels, Bakery & Pastries, Coffee & Tea, Sandwiches
  • 462 36th St, Brooklyn 11232 40.653219 -74.002705
  • (Btwn 4th & 5th Ave)
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  • (716) 541-0306
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Bagels & Bread

Plain Bagel     1.00
Poppy Seed Bagel     1.15
Sesame Seed Bagel     1.15
Everything Bagel     1.35
Whole Wheat Bagel     1.25
Multi-Grain Bagel      1.50
Fiber Bagel     1.25
Cinnamon Raisin Walnut Fiber Bagel     1.25
Chocolate Bagel     2.25
Prosciutto Plain Bagel a plain bagel with prosciutto baked in.    2.25
Prosciutto Everything Bagel an everything bagel with prosciutto baked in.    2.25
Ham & Cheese Bagel a bagel with ham and cheese baked in.    2.25
Onion Black Olive Bagel a bagel with onion and black olives baked in.    2.25
Prosciutto Bagel      2.75
Chocolate Bagel      2.50
Cinnamon Raisin Bagel      1.75
Roll      0.75


House Salad  mixed greens and mozzarella with roso balsamic reduction.     5.50
Junk Draw Salad  salad with roso balsamic reduction.     7.50
Tomato & Extra Virgin Olive Oil Salad  garlic, onion and season.     5.95
Grilled Chicken Salad  mixed greens and roso balsamic reduction.     8.75
Avocado Salad  with red onion.     4.75
Smoked Salmon Salad  mixed greens and roso balsamic reduction.    8.50


A. The Ridge Sandwich  mozzarella and prosciutto.     8.00
B. Bella Storia Sandwich  mozzarella, prosciutto, sun-dried peppers.     9.50
C. Bella Ragazzo Sandwich  prosciutto, fontina cheese and arugula.    9.00
D. Amore Sandwich  speck (smoked prosciutto), fontina cheese and arugula.    9.00
E. Affumicato Sandwich  speck (smoked prosciutto) and mozzarella.     8.00
F. Michaelangelo Sandwich  hot capicolla, mozzarella and arugula.    9.00
G. Divinchi Sandwich  hot capicolla, provolone and grilled eggplant.    9.50
H. Challa Sandwich  hot soppressata and french cheese.     8.50
I. Strada Sandwich  hot soppressata, chef`s cheese and olives.     9.00
J. Calabria Sandwich  italian ham, mozzarella and roso balsamic vinegar.     8.00
K. Como Sandwich  italian ham, provolone and tomato.     8.50
L. Mondo Blue Sandwich  italian ham, american, arugula, tomato and mayo.     9.00
M. Roma Sandwich  italian ham, fontina and sun-dried tomato.    9.00
N. Bus Stop Sandwich  roast beef, avocado, onion and mayo.     9.00
O. Mta Sandwich  roast beef, mozzarella and roso balsamic vinegar.     8.00
P. The B63 Sandwich  roast beef, mozzarella and sun-dried peppers.     9.00
Q. Tempo Sandwich  roast beef, american, arugula, tomato and mayo.     9.50
R. The Gobble Sandwich  turkey, mozzarella and balsamic reduction.     8.00
S. Yellow B Sandwich  turkey, american, arugula, tomato and mayo.     9.00
T. The R Train Sandwich  turkey, mozzarella, sun-dried peppers and roso balsamic glaze.     9.50
U. Capri Sandwich  chicken, mozzarella, sun-dried peppers and roso balsamic glaze.     10.00
V. Fantastico Sandwich  chicken, french cheese and grilled eggplant.     10.00
W. Azzurro Sandwich  tuna, bel paese cheese and sun-dried peppers.     9.00
X. Greenwood Sandwich  tuna, mozzarella, grilled eggplant and roso balsamic.     9.50
Y. Guiseppe Sandwich  tuna, tomatoes, hot pepper, arugula and mayo.     9.00

Vegetarian Sandwiches

Z. Red Harvest Sandwich mozzarella and tomatoes.    7.00
UU. Green Leaf Sandwich mixed cheeses, arugula, raisin walnut and extra virgin olive oil.    9.00
YY. Artisian Sandwich grilled veggie with mozzarella and roso balsamic glaze.    8.00
PP. Giardino Sandwich arugula, mozzarella and tomatoes.    8.00
II. Formiagglo Sandwich chef`s cheese, olive walnut, artichokes and cranberries.    9.00
CC. Tree Nut Sandwich avocado, mixed cheeses, walnut, dry cranberries and pesto.    10.00

Vegan Sandwiches

Teepo Rosso Sandwich  tomato, extra virgin olive oil, red onions and seasoning.     7.00
Grano Duro Sandwich  vegan mozzarella, grilled artichoke and tomato.     9.00
Street Lamp Sandwich  grilled eggplant and tomatoes.    8.50
Jackgreen Sandwich  mixed grilled veggies with a roso balsamic reduction.     8.00
Grasshopper Sandwich  vegan mozzarella with tomato and arugula.     9.00
The Ladybug Sandwich  mixed greens, avocado and roso balsamic reduction.    7.50
Bestseller Sandwich  broccoli rabe with sautéed garlic.     9.00
Black Bird Sandwich  grilled eggplant with roso balsamic reduction.    9.50

Personal Pizza

Margarita Personal Pizza      5.25
Vegan Personal Pizza      5.75


Fig Bar  a buttery short bread cookie with fig jam, citrus, lemon and cinnamon.     2.25
Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookie two cookies made with peanut butter. filled with peanut butter and raspberry jam.     2.25
Peanut Butter Dumplings Cookie bottom cookie with a scoop of peanut butter, coated with chocolate and topped with sliced raw almonds.    1.50
Raspberry Jam Filled Linzer Tart      2.25
Chocolate Filled Linzer Tart      2.25
Chocolate Chip Cookie  white chocolate chips and dark chocolate chips.    0.50
Quareshmall a light crunchy cinnamon cookie with almonds.     0.75
Lemon Tear Drop  a almond flour cookie with raspberry jam.     1.25
Pistachio Tear Drop  almond flour pistachio paste.     1.25
Chocolate Tear Drop  an almond flour with chocolate paste.    1.25
Black & White Cookie  a vanilla sponge cookie, raspberry jam and a blanket of chocolate white icing.     2.25


Cannoli  a crispy shell filled with ricotta cheese, chocolate chips and cinnamon oil.     2.25
Chocolate Cannoli  a crispy shell covered with chocolate filled with chocolate chips.    2.75
Lobster Tail  puff pastry shell layers with an outside crispy shell filled with a whip cream topped with powder sugar and a cherry crown.    2.95
Napoleon  three flaky layers two french cream layers wrapped with icing and chocolate strips.     2.25
Strawberry Shortcake  a vanilla sponge cake, whipped cream layer and strawberry fruit filling.    2.25
Chocolate Mousse Domes  a thin layer of chocolate sponge scoop chocolate mousse coated with chocolate ganache.     2.75
Raspberry Chocolate Mousse Short Cake  two layers chocolate sponge and two layers chocolate mousse wrapped with raspberry jam.     2.75
Carrot Cake  a carrot cake sponge with layers of cream cheese frosting.     2.75
Red Velvet  three layer sponge cake with three layer cream cheese frosting.     2.95
Fresh Fruit Tart  a cookie bottom, french cream and topped with seasonal fruit.     3.25
Fig Crucetta     2.25
Chocolate Covered Fig Crucetta     2.95

Coffee Friend

Muffins     1.95
Cheese Streusel      2.75
Scones      1.95
Pumpkin Bread      1.95
Carrot Bread      1.95
Almond Sponge Cake      1.75
Croissant      2.25

Hot Coffee

Sm / Lg. Flavor Option($0.75): Vanilla, Caramel, Almond, Chocolate, Mint, Chocolate, Hazelnut. Additional Espresso Shot $1.

House Coffee     2.25  1.75
Café Ola coffee with steamed milk.    1.90  2.40
Americano     2.25  3.25
Red Eye     2.75  3.25
Espresso a strong european-style cafe.    1.75  3.00
Cafe Coco Lemon a double shot espresso served with coco, lemon zest, vanilla and topped with whipped cream.    3.95
Cafe Macchiatto a double shot espresso with a drop of steamed cream served sweet or naked.    3.25
Cappucino a shot of espresso with frothy steamed milk served with cinnamon.    3.50  2.25
Crema Macchiatto warm sweetened milk with a half shot of espresso.    3.75  2.75
Latte Macchiatto steamed sweetened milk with a shot of espresso.    3.50  2.25
Cafe Latte steamed milk with a shot of espresso.    2.25  3.50
Latte Chlaro caffeine-free. a warm milk sweetened with a shot of vanilla and freshly milled cinnamon.    3.00  2.00
Soy Latte a shot of espresso with steamed soy milk.    3.75  2.75
Gourmet Hot Chocolate with steamed milk.    3.00  2.00
Gourmet Hot Cream Chocolate made with half and half.    3.75  2.75
Cafe Latte Al Nocciola steamed soy milk with a shot of espresso and hazelnut paste.    3.75  3.25
Cafe Latte Al Mandola steamed milk with almond syrup and espresso.    3.75  3.25
Soy Latte Al Nocciola steamed soy milk with a shot of espresso and hazelnut paste.    3.25  3.75
Nocciola Coco Latte steamed sweetened milk and hazelnut paste.    3.75  3.25
Soy Latte Al Arachide steamed sweetened soy milk with a shot of espresso and peanut paste.    3.75  3.25
Mocha Latte steamed milk, coco and espresso.    4.25  3.00
Chai Latte steamed milk and chai tea.    3.00  2.25
Dirty Chai Latte steamed milk, chai and espresso.    3.25  3.75

Iced Coffee

Iced House Coffee    lg 3.25 sm 2.25 med 2.75
Iced House Tea    lg 2.50 med 2.25 sm 2.00
Iced Flavored Tea Of The Week    sm 2.75 med 3.25 lg 3.75
Organic Iced Teas brewed to order will take 5 minutes.   sm 2.75 med 3.25 lg 3.75
Iced Cafe Latte a shot of espresso with whole or skim milk.   lg 3.75 sm 3.00 med 3.40
Chai Iced Latte    sm 2.70 med 3.10 lg 3.60
Dirty Chai Iced Latte a shot of espresso added.   sm 3.70 med 4.20 lg 4.70
Cappuccino Frulatto    sm 2.70 lg 3.60 med 3.10
Soy Cafe Latte soy milk with a shot of espresso.   lg 3.75 sm 2.75
Iced Soy Almond Latte a shot of espresso, almond paste and soy.   lg 4.60 med 4.10 sm 3.70
Iced Mocha Latte a home made coco syrup, shot of espresso, half cream and half whole milk.   sm 3.50 lg 3.75 med 3.70
Iced Espresso a double dose of chilled sweated espresso shot of cream.    3.50
Iced Espresso Macchiato a double dose of chilled sweated espresso shot of cream.    3.75
Iced Latte Di Madola whole milk with almond syrup.   sm 2.75 med 3.50 lg 4.25
Iced Redeye    sm 3.25 lg 3.75 med 3.50

Herbal Teas

Lipton Tea caffeine or caffeine-free.    1.70  1.50
Tea tea flavor: english breakfast black tea, earl grey black tea, chai spice black tea, green tea, jasmine green tea, organic tamayokucha green tea, organic gen maj cha green tea, chamomile tea    2.05  1.80
Roobis Tea caffeine-free. red leafs grassy notes from south africa.    2.75  2.25

Smoothy $3.50

Crema Café Smoothy coffee with cream.   
Peach Tea Smoothy    
Mango Tea Smoothy    
Latte Di Madola Smoothy  almond milk.  
Coco Noccola Smoothy  chocolate hazelnut.   
Cafe Noccola Smoothy  coffee hazelnut.   
Mixed Fruit Smoothy    


Stappj Bitter  a bitter low carbon, low sugar drink served with a slice of lemon.     2.50
Mineral Water      2.25
Aqua Pana natural water.     1.75
Aranciata Rossa  blood orange.     2.25
Aragiata  orange     2.25
Lemonata  lemon.    2.25
Pompelmo  grapfruit.    2.25
Chinotto  orange zest.    2.00
Bottled Water      1.25
Canned Soda coke, diet coke, ginger ale    1.75


The Green Fig Bakery Cafe
462 36th St
Btwn 4th & 5th Ave
(716) 541-0306
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