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Thai Market Starter

Thai Market Crepe crisp rice crepe, minced shrimp, coconut flake, cilantro, beansprout. 7.00
Daikon Cake sauteed with spicy soy sauce, bean sprout, egg & chinese chive. 7.00
Spring Roll crispy fried vegetarian spring roll. 4.00
Curry Puff curried chicken & potato in puff pastry. 4.00
Steamed Thai Dumpling minced chicken, preserved radish, peanut 5.00
Good Todd fried garlic shrimp, split back, shell on. 5.50
Calamari crispy fried calamari, spicy plum sauce. 7.00
Goong Chea Nam Pla *** raw shrimp, bird's eye chili, fish sauce, lime juice, mint and garlic. 6.00
Salmon Wrap * pan-roasted minced salmon, lemongrass, galanga, bird's eye chili, mint and scallion. green leaves. 7.00
Tao-Hoo Todd crispy fried tofu, taro and peanut, spicy apricot sauce. 5.50
Gu Chai steamed vegetable dumpling. green chive, spinach, spicy soy sauce. 5.00
Soup $5.50

Tom Jerd Tao- Hoo tofu, baby spinach soup.
Tom Yum Goong lemongrass tamarind tendril, shrimp, mushroom.
Tom Kha Gai chicken, coconut milk soup.
Yum Yum - Thai Spicy Salad

Yum Mock Duck watercress, green leaf salad, seitan(mein chin), peanut, watercress onion and chili. 6.50
Som Tum ** green papaya, bird's eye chili, long bean, tomato, peanut. 6.00
Larb ** zesty, minced chicken, roasted rice 6.50
Nam Sod ** minced pork, ginger, peanut, bird's eye chili. 6.50
Yum Neau ** grilled skirt steak, mint, red onion, watercress, roasted rice. 7.00
Thai Salad 6.00
Kui Teiw

Noodle. Shrimp / Beef $12, Vegetable / Tofu $11.

Pad Thai pad thai noodle, chicken, peanut, bean sprout, egg. chinese chive. 11.00
Pad Se-Ew flat rice, noodle, chicken, chinese broccoli, egg, sweet soy sauce 11.00
Pad Kee Mao flat rice noodle, chicken, thai basil, birds eye chili tomato, bok choi 11.00
Kui Teiw Kua Ped flat rice noodle, duck, egg, bean sprout, red onion, scallions 11.00
Kow Soy * egg noodle, chicken, pickle mustard, green bean sprout, red onion, chieng mai curry 11.00
Sen Mee Puey rice vermice, braise beef soup, thai meatball, bean sprout, scallion, spicy birds egg chili dipping sauce 10.00
Kow Pad

Fried Rice

Kow Pad Kana chinese broccoli-chicken fried rice, egg, onion, tomato, scallion. 10.50
Kow Pad Gra Prow ** spicy thai basil fried rice, minced chicken, string bean. 10.50
Kow Pad Poo crabmeat fried rice, egg, onion and scallion 13.00

Chicken Sate 4.00
Loog Chin Ping thai meatballs tamarind chiliglaze 2.00
Moo Ping marinated grilled pork 3.50
Grilled Vegetable zucchini, ong eggplant, pepper scallion 2.50
Tiger Cry sliced skirt steak, long bean, jeaw sauce 7.00
Main Course

Served With Thai Hom Mali Rice

Green Curry ** eggplant, bamboo shoot, long hot chili, basil, coconut milk.
Green Curry chicken 11.00
Green Curry shrimp 13.00
Gaeng Noh Mai Dong sour bamboo curry, sauteed with chicken, long hot pepper, basil, coconut milk. 11.00
Thai Basil Sauce crushed bird's eye chili, basil, garlic, string bean.
Thai Basil Sauce chicken 11.00
Thai Basil Sauce shrimp 13.00
Pad Sapparod * pineapple, cashew nut, scallion, sweet & sour sri-ra-cha sauce.
Pad Sapparod chicken 11.00
Pad Sapparod shrimp 13.00
Gai Rad Preeg ** crushed long hot chili-garlic, caramelized tamarind sauce. bok choi.
Gai Rad Preeg fried sliced chicken 10.00
Pa-Nang Curry ** kaffir lime leaf, long hot chili, peanut, string bean, pepper, coconut milk
Pa-Nang Curry chicken 11.00
Pa-Nang Curry ** shrimp 13.00
Chicken Massaman * potato, onion, peanut, avocado, coconut milk curry. 12.00
Gai Yarng charcoal grilled 1/2 chicken, garlic cilantro marinated, sticky rice 12.50
Kow Moo Dang roasted pork, thai pork sausage, boiled egg, moo dang sauce, over rice. 11.00
Main Course - Thai Market Specialty

Brown Trout fried whole trout, marinated, sauteed vegetables, mushroom rice. 15.00
Pla Dook Pad Ped *** sauteed fillet catfish, long bean, thai eggplant, gra-chai root, green pepper corn, bird's eye chili. 13.50
Grilled Salmon * pepper corn curry sauce, curry rice. 16.00
Pla Rad Preeg ** pan-roasted red snapper, crushed long hot shyly-garlic, caramelized tamarind sauce. hom mail rice. 17.00
Siam Duck half duck, sliced, sauteed bok choi, honey plum ginger sauce, mushroom rice. 17.00
Gra Prow Kai Dow *** minced chicken (or pork) basil with bird's eye chili, over rice, with thai style fried egg 12.50
Skirt Steak marinated, served sliced, with sauteed vegetable, chili garlic puree, sticky rice. 17.00

Served With Thai Horn Mall Rice

Mock Duck Pad Chaa saitan, mein chin, mixed vegetables, peppercorn, bird's eye chili, gra-chai root.. 10.00
Vegetable Curry ** mix vegetables and fried tofu, coconut milk 11.00
Tofu Pra-Ram steamed broccoli, tofu, served with peanut sauce. 10.00
Spicy Chinese Broccoli ** fried tofu, long hot chili garlic sauce 11.50
Eggplant Thai Basil ** long eggplant, fried tofu, bird's eye chili, dry black bean 11.00
Tau Hoo Rard Khing soft fried tofu, shitake mushroom, chinese broccoli, napa cabbage, scallion ginger sauce 11.00
On The Side

Pad Thai Noodle no meat 6.00
Egg Fried Rice no meat 5.50
Sauteed Spinach with garlic 6.50
Steamed Broccoli no sauce 5.00

Vegetable 3.00
Chicken 4.00
Beef 5.00
Tofu 2.00
Noodle 3.50
Sticky Rice curry rice / brow rice / mushroom rice / thai mashime rice 2.00
Thai Kow Hom Mali jasmine rice 1.25
Peanut Sauce 1.00

Ice Cream ginger, green tea, coconut, vanilla 5.50
Lychee Creme Brulee 6.50
Tapioca Pearl In Coconut Pudding 5.00
Mango & Sticky Rice 6.50

Coke diet coke, sprite, ginger ale, club soda 1.25
VOSS Sparkling Water 4.00
Bottle Water 2.00
Thai Ice Tea 3.50
Thai Ice Coffee 3.50
Pomegranate Ginger Ale from fresh ginger (no extracts) 4.00

Spring Roll crispy fried vegetarian roll carrot sauce
Steamed Thai Dumpling minced chicken preserved radish peanut
Curry Puff curried chicken, potato in puff pastry
Som Tom ** green papaya salad
Green Salad mix green with thai herb dressing
Tom Ym Goong Soup ** lemongrass tamarind tender shrimp mushrooms
Tom Jerd Soup tofu and vegetable clear soup
Main Course

Add Shrimp Or Beef Mixed Of Chicken $2.

See Mee Neau Peuy
Chicken Green Curry ** eggplant, bamboo shoot long hot chili thai basil coconut milk
Beef Basil *** birds eye chili, string bean thai basil sauce
Chicken Ginger nappa cabbage, mushroom, onion, scallion ginger
Pad Thai Noodle chicken, bean sprout chinese chive, egg, peanut
Pad Kee Mao *** flat rice noodle, chicken , thai basil, birds eye chili, tomato, bok choi
Pad Se-Ew flat rice, noodle, chicken, chinese broccoli egg, sweet soy sauce
Kow Pad Kana chinese broccoli, chicken fried rice, egg onion, tomato, scallion
Vegetable Ginger cashew nut, tofu, onion, mix vegetables