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Taz Cafe

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  • Deli Food, Salads, Sandwiches
  • 84 William St, New York 10038 40.70797 -74.007684
  • (At Nassau St)
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  • (212) 742-8009
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Bagel plain, poppy, sesame, cinnamon raisin, everything, whole wheat.    1.00
Dozen Bagels     12.00
Dozen Bagels 1/2lb. scallion cream cheese    5.00
Dozen Bagels 1/2lb. veggie cream cheese    5.00
Dozen Bagels 1/2lb. cream cheese    4.00
Dozen Bagels 1/2lb. smoked salmon    15.00

Breakfast - Add Ons

Butter     0.50
Tomato     0.50
Plain Cream Cheese     1.00
Veggie Cream Cheese     1.50
Low-Fat Veggie Cream Cheese     1.50
American Cheese     1.00
Smoked Salmon     6.00
Jelly     0.25
Onion     0.25
Scallion Cream Cheese     1.50
Low-Fat Cream Cheese     1.50
Low-Fat Scallion Cream Cheese     1.50
Peanut Butter     2.00
Bacon     1.00

Danish & Croissants

Plain Or Chocolate Croissant     2.25
Cheese Or Pecan Danish     2.25
Low-Fat Jumbo Yogurt Muffin corn, blueberry crumb, raisin bran, banana walnut or chocolate chip.    2.25
Sliced Pound Cake marble, iced lemon or orange.    2.50
Crumb Cake plain, chocolate or raspberry.    2.50
Dannon Yogurt strawberry, vanilla, mixed berry, strawberry banana, light strawberry or light vanilla.    2.50
Fresh Fruit Salad sliced seasonal fruit.   (per lb) 5.99
Cold Cereal Cup corn flakes, raisin bran, frosted flakes, cheerios or honey nut cheerios.    3.00
Cold Cereal Cup add 10oz. of cup of milk (regular or skim).    1.00

From The Breakfast Grill

Extras: Additional Egg $0.50, Egg Whites $0.50, Bacon $1.50, Sausage $1.50, Turkey Bacon $1.50, Croissant $1, English Muffin $1.

1B. 2 Eggs on roll    2.25
2B. 2 Eggs, Bacon & Cheese on roll.    3.95
3B. 2 Eggs, Bacon, Cheese & Home Fries in whole wheat wrap.    4.50
4B. 2 Eggs, Bacon & Cheese on croissant.    4.50
5B. 2 Eggs, Sausage & Cheese on english muffin.    4.50
6B. 3 Egg Whites, Low-Fat Swiss & Turkey Bacon in whole wheat wrap.    4.50
7B. Western Omelette in whole wheat wrap.    4.50
8B. 2 Eggs, Beef Salami & Cheese on roll.    3.95
9b. Grilled Cheese     3.00
9B. Grilled Cheese after 11:00 extra    1.00
9B. Grilled Cheese with bacon extra    1.00
10B. B.L.T on white toast with mayo.    3.00
10B. B.L.T after 11:00 extra    1.00
11B. Ham & Cheese Croissant     4.00
12B. Buttermilk Pancakes     5.00
12B. Buttermilk Pancakes add bacon, sausage or 2 scrambled eggs.   ea 1.00
13B. Challah French Toast     5.00
13B. Challah French Toast add bacon, sausage or 2 scrambled eggs.   ea 1.00
14B. 2 Eggs any style with potatoes & toast.    4.50
14B. 2 Eggs with bacon, ham, sausage.   ea 1.00
15B. Western Omelette with potatoes & toast.    5.95
16B. Hot & Hearty Oatmeal pick toppings: apples, bananas, granola, brown sugar, packaged honey or walnuts.   (16oz) 3.50

Design Your Own Omelette

Made With 3 Organic Eggs & 3 Toppings. Cheese: American Cheese, Swiss Cheese, Mozzarella Cheese, Cheddar Cheese, Feta Cheese. Meat: Bacon, Ham, Sausage, Turkey Breast, Grilled Chicken. Vegetables: Onions

Style A omelette by itself.    5.95
Style B omelette in a whole wheat wrap.    5.95
Style C omelette with home fried potatoes & buttered whole wheat toast.    6.95

Design Your Own Omelette

Wholesome Homemade Soups we make our delicious soups fresh every day!   (12oz) 5.00 (16oz) 6.00

Chef Designed Salads

Chicken Caesar Salad grilled chicken, cherry tomatoes, parmesan cheese & croutons with creamy caesar dressing on a bed of romaine lettuce.    7.95
Classic Cobb Salad grilled chicken, bacon, avocado, blue cheese, cherry tomatoes & mushrooms with creamy caesar dressing on a bed of baby spinach.    8.95
Baja Salad grilled chicken, kidney beans, cheddar cheese & corn with balsamic dressing on a bed of mixed greens.    8.95
Oriental grilled chicken, mandarin oranges, sesame noodles, mixed peppers & cucumbers with sesame ginger dressing on a bed of mixed greens.    8.95
Chef Salad ham, turkey, american cheese, swiss cheese, boiled egg, mixed peppers, cucumbers & cherry tomatoes with thousand island dressing on a bed of mixed greens.    7.95
Tuna Salad Platter tuna salad on a bed of our tossed salad.    7.95

Presidential Sandwich & Wrap Collection

All Sandwiches Are Made To Order. Never Pre-Made! We Proudly Serve Boar's Heads Products.

Italian sliced cappicola ham, genoa salami, pepperoni, provolone, lettuce, tomato, onion, banana peppers, oil & vinegar on regular club.    7.99
American boar's head turkey breast, baked virginia ham, american cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, banana peppers & russian dressing.    7.99
Healthy Tuna with carrots, cucumbers & leaf lettuce on 7 grain whole wheat.    8.00
Organic Roasted Turkey Breast & Avocado with leaf lettuce, tomato & lite mayo on 7 grain whole wheat.    8.95
The Lincoln boar's head turkey breast with cole slaw, swiss cheese & russian dressing on regular club.    7.95
Wall Street honey glazed turkey with swiss cheese, apples, lettuce & honey mustard on multi-grain whole wheat club.    7.95
Thanksgiving served hot. fresh roasted turkey, stuffing & cranberry sauce on regular club.    8.95
Chicken Salad Club with crispy bacon, pepper jack cheese, lettuce & tomatoes on regular club.    7.95
Turkey Club boar's head turkey breast, crispy bacon, lettuce, tomato & mayonnaise on regular club.    7.50
Vegetarian - Fresh Mozzarella & Tomato with leaf lettuce, roasted peppers, banana peppers, onions, oil & vinegar on multi-grain whole wheat club.    6.99
Bistro Roast Beef boar's head top round rare roast beef with lettuce, tomatoes, cheddar & horseradish sauce on regular club.    7.95
Cordon Blue served hot. crispy chicken cutlet, black forest ham, melted swiss, lettuce, tomato, onions, banana peppers & russian dressing on regular club.    8.50
Grilled Chicken & Fresh Mozzarella served hot. with lettuce, tomato, banana peppers & chipotle.    8.50
Smokin' William served hot. smoked turkey breast & black forest ham with smoked gouda, lettuce, tomato, onion, banana peppers & honey mustard on multi-grain whole wheat club.    7.95
Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap with grilled chicken, romaine lettuce, plum tomato & parmesan cheese, tossed with creamy caesar dressing.    6.99
Chicken Cobb Salad Wrap grilled chicken, bacon, tomatoes, fresh spinach & avocado, tossed with creamy caesar dressing.    7.99
Cracked Pepper Turkey Wrap with pepper jack cheese, banana peppers, pickles, lettuce, tomato, onions & mayo.    7.50
The Washington Wrap served hot. grilled chicken with melted pepper jack cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, banana peppers, avocado & chipotle in a wrap.    7.99
Buffalo Chicken Wrap served hot. crispy chicken cutlet, melted pepper jack, shredded carrots, celery & tabasco sauce.    6.99

Egg Sandwiches

On Roll, Bagel Or Wrap.

1. Two Eggs Or Egg Whites On Roll     2.25
2. Two Eggs bacon & cheese on roll.    3.75
3. Egg Whites & Veggies In Wrap     3.95
4. Western Omelette In Wrap egg whites or regular eggs.    3.95
5. Three Egg Whites with turkey bacon & low fat swiss wrap.    3.95
6. Two Eggs bacon, cheese & homefries in wrap.    3.95
7. Two Eggs bacon & cheese in english muffin.    3.95
8. Greek Omelette with tomato & feta in wrap. egg whites or regular eggs.    3.95

Egg Sandwich Extra Add Ons

Bacon, Ham Or Sausage     1.00
Beer Or Turkey Sausage     1.50
Cheese     0.50
Extra Egg Or Egg Whites     0.50
Croissant Or Toasted English Muffin     0.75

Breakfast Buffet

Bagels plain, poppy, sesame, raisin, onion, everything, salt, whole wheat, pumpernickel, 7-grain, bialy.   ea 1.00 (doz get 3 free) 9.00
Muffins corn, raisin bran, blueberry crumb, banana nut, orange cranberry, double chocolate, banana chocolate chip, apple cinnamon.    1.89
Fat Free Muffins triple berry, raisin bran.    1.99
Croissants & Danishes plain, chocolate, cheese danish, fruit danish, pecan ring, apple turnover.    1.99
Pound Cake & Coffee Crumb Cakes marble, iced lemon, orange, double chocolate, plain crumb, chocolate crumb, raspberry crumb.    1.99
Fresh Fruit Cups mixed seasonal fruit cup, pineapple cup, watermelon cup, sweet grapes cup, strawberry cup.   reg 3.00 lg 4.00
Homemade Granola & Yogurt Parfaits delicious crunchy honey granola served with iron fat vanilla or strawberry yogurt & fresh berries.   (9oz) 3.00 (16oz) 4.00
Hot & Healthy Oatmeal sweetened or unsweetened. choose two complimentary toppings - apple, banana, walnuts, raisins, granola, brown sugar, packaged honey.   (12oz) 3.00 (16oz) 3.50

Breakfast Buffet Extra Add On

Butter     0.25
Jelly     0.25
Toasted     0.25
Tomato     0.50
American Cheese     0.50
Bacon     1.00
Cream Cheese     0.95
Veggie Or Scallion Cream Cheese     1.50
Peanut Butter     1.50
Low Fat Cream Cheese     1.50
Lox Spread     2.00
Smoked Salmon     5.00

Breakfast Grill Extras

Additional Egg     0.50
Egg Whites     0.50
Bacon     1.50
Sausage     1.50
Turkey Bacon     1.50
Croissant     1.00
English Muffin     1.00

1. Choose Your Bread

Regular Club Or Multi-Grain Whole Wheat Club   
Whole Wheat Wrap   

2. Choose 1 Meat & 1 Cheese

Boar's Head Black Forest Ham   
Boar's Head Deluxe Ham   
Boar's Head Turkey Breast   
Boar's Head Roast Beef   
Boar's Head Peppermill Turkey   
Boar's Head Genoa Salami   
Boar's Head Honey Turkey   
Fresh Mozzarella (v).  
American Cheese (v).  
Provolone Cheese (v).  
Pepper Jack Cheese (v).  
Albacore Tuna Salad (o).  
Chicken Breast Salad (o).  
Grilled Chicken Cutlet (o).  
Crispy Chicken Cutlet (o).  
Veggie Burger (vg, v, o).  
Organic Roasted Turkey Breast (o).  
Imported Swiss Cheese (v).  
Cheddar Cheese (v).  
Muenster Cheese (v).  

4. Pick Your Toppings

(VG, V).

Pickle Chips   
Black Olives   
Roasted Peppers   
Jalapeno Peppers   
Shredded Carrots   
Organic Field Greens   
Sun-Dried Tomatoes   
Bell Peppers   
Organic Baby Spinach   

5. Pick Your Favorite Spread

Full Flavor

Thousand Island   
Horseradish Sauce   
Honey Mustard   
Hellrnann's Mayonnaise   
Extra Virgin Olive Oil   

5. Pick Your Favorite Spread

Healthy Alternatives

Deli Mustard   
Balsamic Vinegar   
Tabasco Sauce   
BBQ Sauce   
Salt pepper / oregano  

Design Your Own Chopped Salad

Organic, Farm Raised, Fresh Ingredients.

Pay One Price Chopped Salad     8.99
Chopped Salad Without Main Ingredient     7.00
Have Your Chopped Salad In Whole Wheat Wrap!     7.99

1. Select Your Favorite Greens

Organic Crisp Romaine   
Organic Field Greens   
Organic Baby Spinach   

2. Pick 1 Main Ingredient

Additional Ingredient $2.50 Extra.

Tuna Salad (o).  
Crispy Chicken (o).  
Grilled Flank Steak (o).  
Steamed Shrimp   
Organic Roasted Turkey Breast (o).  
Grilled Chicken (o).  
Smoked Turkey Bacon (o).  
Dry Albacore Tuna   
Deli Turkey Breast   
Cajun Grilled Chicken (o).  
Poached Salmon (o).  
No Main Ingredient   

3. Select Up To 6 Items From Following

Additional Item $1 Extra.

Baby Mozzarella (v).  
Chick Peas (vg, v).  
Croutons (vg, v, o).  
Sweet Peas (vg, v).  
Dried Cranberries (vg, v).  
Boiled Egg   
Egg Whites   
Sweet Corn (vg, v).  
Avocado (vg, v).  
Broccoli (vg, v).  
Sesame Noodles (vg, v).  
Mixed Bell Peppers (vg, v).  
Mandarin Oranges (vg, v).  
Bacon Bits   
Scallions (vg, v).  
Diced Tomatoes (vg, v).  
Walnuts (vg, v).  
Feta Cheese (v).  
Blue Cheese (v).  
Raisins (vg, v).  
Roasted Peppers (vg, v).  
Romano Cheese (v).  
Red Onions (vg, v).  
Cucumbers (vg, v).  
Onion Crunch   
Marinated Artichoke Hearts (vg, v).  
Cheddar Cheese (v).  
Carrots (vg, v).  
Celery (vg, v).  
Sun-Dried Tomatoes (vg, v).  
Black Olives (vg, v).  
Kidney Beans (vg, v).  
Sun Flower Seeds (vg, v).  
Cherry Tomatoes (vg, v).  
Mushrooms (vg, v).  
Sliced Beets (vg, v).  
Green Olives (vg, v).  

5. Choose Your Favorite Dressing

Creamy Caesar (v).  
French (v).  
Thousand Island (v).  
Lemon Juice (vg, v).  
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (vg, v).  
Blue Cheese (v).  
Sesame Ginger (vg, v, o).  
Balsamic Vinegar (vg, v).  
Creamy Ranch (v).  
Low Fat Honey Dijon (vg, v, o).  
Fat Free Balsamic Vinaigrette (vg, v, o).  
Lite Caesar (vg).  
Lite Italian (vg).  
Low Fat Ranch (v).  
Red Wine Vinegar (vg, v).  

Burgers & Fries

Make It A Deluxe. Add French Fries $2 Extra. Add Bacon $1 Extra.

1L. Angus Cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, grilled onions, pickles, ketchup & mayonnaise.   (1/2lb) 5.95
2L. Oven Baked Veggie Cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, grilled onions, pickles, ketchup & mayonnaise.    5.95

Tex-Mex Grill Specialties $6.95

With Guacamole Extra $1.

3L. Quesadilla your choice of chicken or steak with peppers, onions, monterey jack, cheddar cheese, sour cream & salsa.  
4L. Burrito your choice of chicken or steak with peppers, onions, beans, salsa, sour cream, lettuce, monterey jack & cheddar cheese.  

Hot Off The Grill

Side Order Of French Fries $2.50, Cheese Fries $3.50.

5L. Chicken Parmesan Club crispy chicken cutlet, melted mozzarella cheese & marinara sauce on regular club.    7.50
6L. Italian Pomodoro Club crispy chicken cutlet, italian salami, melted fresh mozzarella, lettuce, tomato, roasted peppers, banana peppers, olive oil & vinegar on regular club.    8.95
7L. Reuben with grilled pastrami, melted swiss, sauerkraut & russian dressing.    8.95
8L. Grilled Pastrami & Grilled Turkey with melted american, cole slaw & russian on regular club.    8.95
9L. Grilled Virginia Ham & Turkey with melted pepperjack, lettuce, tomato & russian dressing on regular club.    7.95
10L. Philly Cheese Steak with american cheese, grilled onions & peppers on hero.    7.95
11L. Grilled Chicken Cheese Steak with pepper jack cheese, peppers, onions & melted cheese on hero.    7.95
12L. Tuna Melt with melted cheddar on grilled 7 grain whole wheat bread.    7.95
13L. Grilled Chicken With Melted Mozzarella on multi-grain whole wheat club with lettuce, tomato, onion & banana peppers.    7.95
14L. Crispy Chicken Cutlet with melted muenster cheese on regular club with lettuce, tomato & mayonnaise.    7.95
15L. Fried Flounder on regular club with lettuce, tomato & tartar sauce.    7.95
16L. Grilled Cheese on grilled white bread.    4.00
17L. B.L.T. on white toast with mayonnaise.    4.00

Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Juices $6

1. 100% Carrot   
2. 100% Orange   
3. Carrot pineapple & apple  
4. Carrot apple, spinach & celery  
5. Carrot apple, beets & ginger  

Fresh Fruit Smoothies

(16oz) $4.99 / (24oz) $6.

1. Strawberry & Banana   
2. Strawberry blueberry & banana  
3. Strawberry mango & blueberry  
4. Pineapple & Blueberry   
5. Create Your Own Smoothie with any of the above.  

Low-Fat Yogurt Parfaits

Low-Fat Strawberry Or Low-Fat Vanilla crunchy honey granola with low-fat yogurt and mixed seasonal fruit.   (16oz) 4.50 (10oz) 3.50

Hand-Dipped Milkshakes

Vanilla strawberry or chocolate   (24oz) 6.00 (16oz) 4.50

Cold Beverages

Tropicana Juice original, apple, strawberry banana, home style or ruby red grapefruit.   pt 3.00
Naked Juice Smoothies green machine, protein or red machine.    4.95
Soda coke, diet coke, coke zero, sprite, sprite zero, orange, ginger ale, seltzer or nestea iced tea.   btl 2.50 can 1.50
Gatorade lemon lime, fruit punch or orange.    2.69
Snapple lemon iced tea, diet lemon iced tea, peach iced tea, diet peach iced tea or lemonade.    2.69
Vitamin Water revive xxx, power-c, energy, essential, xxx zero, squeezed zero, glow zero, drive zero or go-go zero.    2.79
Poland Spring Water    (1/2lt) 2.00 (1lt) 3.00
Nesquick Chocolate Milk     3.00
Milk regular or skim.   qt 3.00
Half N Half    qt 4.00

Snacks & Desserts

Caesar Salad Or Tossed Salad snack size.    3.75
Cole Slaw Or Macaroni Salad     3.00
Pasta Broccoli     3.25
French Fries     3.00
Cheese Fries     4.00
Kettle Chips Or Soy Chips bbq, lightly salted, jalapeno or cheddar.    2.00
Fresh Fruits apple, green apple, banana or orange.    1.00
Giant Chocolate Chip Or Oatmeal Raisin Cookie fresh baked on premises.    2.50
Black & White Cookie     2.50
Chocolate Brownie     2.75
Rice Pudding Or Chocolate Pudding     3.00
Jello     2.50


Sm $1.49 / Lg $2 / XLg $2.25.

100% Colombian Supremo   
Hazelnut Or French Vanilla   


Sm / Lg / XLg.

Lipton Tea     2.25  2.00  1.49
Earl Grey Or English Breakfast     1.49  2.25  2.00
Peppermint Or Green Tea     2.00  1.49  2.25
Hot Chocolate     2.00  2.50  3.00
Espresso    (dbl shot) 3.00 (sgl shot) 2.00
Cappuccino Or Latte     3.50  3.00  4.00


Med $2 / Lg $2.50 / XLg $3.

Colombian Supremo   
Iced Tea   
Iced Latte caramel / chocolate.   lg 4.00 xlg 5.00


Taz Cafe
84 William St
At Nassau St
(212) 742-8009
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