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  • Japanese, Sushi
  • 43-46 42nd St, Sunnyside 11104 40.744107 -73.922351
  • (Btwn 43rd Ave & Queens Blvd)
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  • (718) 673-6879
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Soda     2.50
Orange Juice     2.00



Edamame Boiled green soybeans with light salt.    5.50
3 Shrimp Shumai Chopped shrimp and fish surimi in steamed dumpling.    5.50
Tempura Appetizer Three battered shrimps and vegetables.    10.00
Tuna Tataki Sliced tuna with ponzu sauce.    14.00
Tuna Yukke     10.00
Gyoza Pork 5 pieces. Homemade fried ground pork and vegetable dumplings.    6.00
Gyoza Vegetable 5 pieces. Homemade fried vegetable dumplings.    6.00
Gyoza Shrimp 5 pieces. Homemade fried shrimp and vegetable dumplings.    7.00
Agedashi Tofu Deep fried tofu with ginger and light sweet sauce.    6.50
Burdock Sticks Burdock sauteed and deep fried with yuzu salt.    6.00
Grilled Scallop Grilled fresh dry scallop with home made mayonnaise.    11.50
Grilled Black Cod Marinated with soysauce, mirin and sake.    12.50
Tatsuta Age Deep fried soy marinated chicken.    8.50
Pork Katsu Deep fried breaded pork.    8.50
Fried Oyster Breaded deep oyster.    10.50
Sunomono Variety of fish with sweet vinegar    9.50
3 Piece Kushi Age Set Breaded deep fried scallop, chicken and shitake.    9.50
Eggplant with Dengaku Sauce Slow roasted eggplant with dengaku sauce.    8.00


Soy Bean Soup     2.50
Lobster Soup     7.00


Salads and Soups

House Salad Musclin, lettuce, avocado, etc and kaiware.    7.50
Seaweed Salad Premade seaweed salad.    5.00
Tofu Avocado Salad Tofu and avocado with mixed salad.    8.00
Spicy Tuna Salad Spicy tuna, kaiware on top of mixed salad.    10.00
Sunnyside Salad Serves two. Slices of tuna and salmon on top of salad and fruits.    13.00

Sashimi Sushi a la Carte

Sashimi Sushi a La Carte

Tuna World.    3.00
Bluefin Tuna World.    4.00
Fluke New York and New Jersey.    3.00
Kampachi Amber-Jack     6.00
Shinaji Stripe jack. Japan.    6.00
Salmon EU, CA and US.    3.00
Wild Shrimp South America.    3.00
Salmon Belly     4.00
Squid Greece, Atlantic.    3.00
Octopus Japan.    5.00
Fresh Octopus     8.00
Eel China.    3.00
Eel (Japan) Japan.    9.00
Sweet Shrimp Maine, Russia.    7.00
Botan Shrimp Seattle.    8.00
Egg     3.00
Sea Eel Japan.    8.00
Capelin Fish Egg Capelin, CA.    3.00
Flying Fish Egg Flying fish.    4.00
Horse Mackerel     6.00
Japan Kampachi Japan.    5.00
Yellowtail Japan.    3.00
Yellowtail Belly Japan.    4.00
Salmon Roe Alaska.    5.00
Sardine Portugal, Japan.    5.00
Geoduck Giant Clam Seattle.    8.00
Orange Clam Atlantic.    5.00
Torigai Japan.    7.00
Scallop Atlantic.    4.00
Scallop Live (2 pieces) Atlantic.    12.00
2 Piece Kumamoto Oyster Seattle.    7.00
California Uni CA    8.00
Chu-Toro World.    7.00
Maine Uni     6.00
Toro World.    11.00
Wild Salmon Seattle, Alaska.    5.00

Special Rolls

Special Rolls

Pink Panther Roll Crabstick, shrimp, avocado, crunch and mayo wrapped with pink soy sheet. Does not contain raw fish.    10.00
Meri Roll Shrimp tempura, crabstick and asparagus inside. Grilled salmon outside. Does not contain raw fish.    17.00
Alex Roll Spicy tuna, avocado and crunch.    9.00
Rob Roll Spicy tuna, shrimp and crunch inside. Avocado outside.    14.00
H and L Roll Spicy tuna, flying fish roe and crunch inside. Tuna and avocado outside.    18.00
Flave Roll Yellowtail, fish egg and crunch inside. Sliced tuna and avocado outside.    17.00
Jennifer Roll Spicy yellow tail and avocado inside. Chopped tuna and scallion fish egg outside.    17.00
Evanalex Roll Spicy tuna, yellowtail and crunch inside. Shrimp outside.    17.00
Finisto Baby Roll Spicy tuna and shrimp tempura inside. Yellowtail, crunch, scallion and fish egg outside.    18.00
Lobster Roll Lobster topped with crunch and red and green fish eggs.    18.00
B. Girl Roll Eel, shrimp, mayo and crunch inside. Avocado and eel sauce outside. Does not contain raw fish.    15.00
Dragon Roll BBQ eel, wrapped with avocado and topped with eel sauce.    15.00
Bruce Roll Shrimp tempura, spicy tuna and avocado.    11.00
Ruby Roll Eel, crunch wrapped with yellow tail, avocado topped with fish eggs, scallions.    18.00
Tsunami Roll Crabstick, shrimp, fish egg, crunch and scallion inside. Tuna and avocado outside.    16.00
Billy Roll Spicy yellowtail, crunch and scallion inside. Chopped tuna, fish egg, crunch and scallion outside.    17.00
Rachel Roll Spicy tuna, fish egg and crunch inside. Salmon and avocado outside.    16.00
Grandma Selma Roll Salmon inside. Salmon roe and avocado outside.    19.00
Michelle Roll Spicy yellowtail inside. Chopped tuna, scallion crunch and salmon outside.    19.00
Elzo Roll Spicy salmon and crunch inside. Yellowtail, avocado, flying fish roe and scallion outside.    17.00

Inside-Out Rolls

Inside out Rolls

White Shrimp Roll Japan.    10.00
Kunamoto Oyster Roll Seattle.    8.00
Chu-Toro Roll World.    7.00
Shako Roll     8.00
Abalone Roll     17.00
Dancing Shrimp Roll     10.00
California Roll     4.50
Tuna Roll     7.50
Salmon Roll     7.50
Yellowtail Roll     8.50
Spicy Tuna Roll     8.00
Spicy Salmon Roll     8.00
Spicy Yellowtail Roll     9.00
BBQ Eel Roll     9.50
Shrimp Tempura Roll     8.00
Alaska Roll     8.50
Philadelphia Roll     8.50
Toro Scallion Roll     14.00
Scallop Roll     13.00
Rainbow Roll     14.00
Dragon Roll     15.00
Garden Roll     5.00
Avocado Roll Seaweed outside.    5.00
Cucumber Roll Seaweed outside.    4.00
Kanpyou Roll Seaweed outside.    5.00
Ume-shiso Roll     4.00
Vegetable Roll Seaweed outside.    5.00
Toro Roll World.    11.00
BBQ Salmon Roll     8.00
BBQ Salmon Skin Roll     8.00
BBQ Yellowtail Roll     8.50
Spicy Cod Roe with White Fish Roll     12.00
Spider Roll     12.00



Tempura Dinner Shrimp and vegetables. Served with soup, salad and rice.    17.00
Shrimp Tempura Dinner Six pieces of shrimp. Served with soup, salad and rice.    18.00
Vegetable Tempura Dinner 10 to 12 pieces of vegetables. Served with soup, salad and rice.    13.00
1 Piece Shrimp Tempura     3.00

Teriyaki Dinner

Teriyaki Dinner

Chicken Teriyaki Chicken marinated in homemade teriyaki sauce. Served with soup, salad and rice.    17.00
Salmon Teriyaki Salmon marinated in homemade teriyaki sauce. Served with soup, salad and rice.    19.00
Beef Teriyaki Beef marinated in homemade teriyaki sauce. Served with soup, salad and rice.    28.00


Noodles and Ramen

Zaru Soba     12.00
Tempura Soba     14.00
Tempura Udon     14.00
Nabeyaki Udon A hot noodle pot with chicken, egg, shrimp tempura and vegetables.    14.00

Sushi Platter

Sushi Platter

Sushi Platter A Seven pieces of sushi including tuna, fluke, salmon, yellowtail, season's fish and one roll of your choice. Served with soup.    24.00
Sushi Platter B Eight pieces of sushi including tuna, fluke, salmon, yellowtail, clam, sea urchin, fish from Japan and one roll of your choice. Served with soup.    29.00
Sushi Takesushi Platter Ten pieces of chef recommended sushi and one roll. Served with soup.    40.00
Omakase Sushi Chef selected fish. Served with soup.    68.00
Chirashi Platter Rice bowl topped with fresh high quality fish slices. Served with soup.    40.00
Kaisen Bowl     32.00
Uni Bowl     32.00
Uni Bowl with Tuna     32.00
Uni Bowl with Salmon     32.00
Bateira Sushi Platter Six pieces of mackerel sushi. Bateira means small boat in Portugal. Served with soup.    15.00
Roll Combo Platter Two rolls: tuna, salmon, shrimp, eel or yellowtail roll.    16.00
Sushi Platter for 2 Sixteen pieces of sushi, Maine fresh lobster roll and spicy tuna roll. Served with soup.    71.00
Sushi for 2 Deluxe High quality fish the chef recommends.    81.00
Sunnyside Roll Large roll consisting of vegetables, egg and fish surimi.    15.00
Sushi and Sashimi Combo 13 pieces of Sashimi, five pieces of sushi and one roll. Served with soup.    42.00
Sushi and Sashimi Deluxe for Two     85.00
Sashimi and California Roll Platter 15 pieces of sashimi tuna, salmon, yellowtail, whitefish, etc. Served with soup.    34.00
Omakase Sashimi High quality fish recommended by the chef. Served with soup.   Platter A - 18 Pieces 54.00 Platter B - 22 Pieces 74.00
Futomaki Large roll consisting of vegetables, egg, and fish srimi. Served with soup.    12.00


Jumbo Soft Shell Crab Maryland.    15.00
Kumamoto Oyster Three pieces. Seattle.    9.50
Stone Fish Oyster shucker.    7.00
Red Pearch Maine.    11.00
Monkfish Liver Maine.    7.50
Steamed Manila Clam Seattle.    11.00
Fugusashimi and Temoura Atlantic.   Sashimi 11.00 Tempura 11.00 Ensemble 15.00
Grilled Yellowtail Kama Japan.    14.00
Grilled Tuna Kama World.    13.00
Broiled Sagitated Calamary Japan.    8.50
Grilled Makerel Norway.    11.00
Grilled Chili Seabass Chili.    12.00
Octopus with Vinegar Japan.    9.50


Rice     2.50

Takesushi Lobster Specials

Maine Lobster Tail and Sushi Roll Served with lobster soup.    36.00
Whole Maine Lobster Sashimi and Sushi Special Served with lobster soup.    37.00
Sushi for Two with Lobster Served with lobster soup.    71.00
Sushi Deluxe for Two with Lobster Served with lobster soup.    81.00

Takesushi Kappo

Takesushi Kappo 1 Tuna yam, fugu sashimi, grain shell, mushroom shrimp shinjo, grilled black cod, five sushi and one roll.    39.00
Takesushi Kappo 2 Toro-tataki, kuma oyster, avocado tofu salad, fugu tempura, grilled codblack, five sushi and one roll.    45.00
Takesushi Kappo 3 Ankimo, sashimi, grilled prime rib, soft shell crab, grilled Chilean sea bass and seven sushi.    69.00
Takesushi Kappo 4 Ankimo, sunomono, sashimi deluxe, grilled prime rib, soft shell crab, grilled Chilean sea bass and seven sushi.    90.00

Best 4 Omakase Dinner

Omakase Sashimi A 18-20 piece of chef's special.    52.00
Omakase Sashimi B 20-26 piece top quality chef's special.    72.00
Omakase Sushi Soup and 1 chef's choice appetizer, 12 piece nigiri sushi and toro roll.    59.00
Complete Omakase Dinner Assorted appetizer dish and sushi or sashimi chef's choice complete dinner.   Sushi 80.00 Sashimi 100.00


Mochi Ice Cream     3.00
Ice Cream NOT FOR DELIVERY.    6.00
Mizuyokan Soft red bean jelly.    6.00
Soft Chocolate     6.00
Fruits Armitsu     7.00


43-46 42nd St
Btwn 43rd Ave & Queens Blvd
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