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  • Japanese, Sushi
  • 145 Duane St, New York 10013 40.716519 -74.007859
  • (Btwn W Broadway & Church St)
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  • (212) 571-1830
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Lunch Specials

Served With Soup, Salad And Rice. Lunch Special Menu From Our Chef's Also Available!

Tori Mixed grilled organic chicken and 2 side dishes    15.00
Tofu Mixed tofu steak and 3 side dishes    14.50
Sushi Mix 3 pieces, 1 california roll and 2 side dishes of the day    16.50
Sushi Sp Mix daily special sushi lunch 5pcs and 1 roll, 2 side dishes of the day    22.00
Sashimi Mix 3 kinds of sashimi, and 2 side dishes of the day    17.50
Maki Box tuna, salmon and california roll    15.00
Chirashi Mix 5 kinds of sashimi over sushi rice    19.00
Black Cod Mix grilled marinated miso cod fish    18.00
Salmon Mix grilled marinated miso salmon    15.00
Ten Don shrimp and veggie tempura in tempura sauce over rice    17.00
Una Don eel broiled in sweet soy sauce over rice    18.00

Soup $3

Red Miso with organic tofu, wakame seaweed and scallion.  
White Miso In Vegetable Broth with spinach, yuzu and organic tofu  


Edamame boiled young soybeans with sea salt (from okinawa)    4.50
Gomaae boiled spinach with roasted sesame seasoning    4.50
Hijiki-Shiraae steamed hijiki and vegetables mixed with tofu    4.50
Yin-Yen Nasu grilled eggplant with two kinds of miso sauce    6.00
Ebi Shumai steamed shrimp dumplings    8.00
Rock Shrimp Tempura rock shrimp and broccoli tempura with spicy mayo sauce    10.00
Age Gyoza fried dumplings made or chilean seabass and shrimp    7.00
Sauteed Mushroom 3 kinds include shitake, white and enoki    8.00
Tatsuta Age     7.00
Black Cod grilled black cod marinated in saikyo miso    13.00


Nori Green organic romaine lettuce, onion, kirby, kaiware, hari-nori uzu dressing    5.00
Tokyo Forest arugula, tomato, onion, grilled shitake with parmesan cheese    7.00
Tsunami ugo nori, aka nori, wakame, with miso dressing    8.00
Soba Salad buckwheat noodles, shitake, avocado, onion, daikon, harinori with sesame dressing.    8.50


Tofu Salad organic tofu, wakame, scallion with sesame dressing    7.00
Agedashi deep fried with light broth    6.50
Tofu Steak sauteed with ginger and garlic sauce    8.00

Sushi Bar

Tri-Sushi tuna, salmon and yellowtail    11.00
Tri-Sashimi tuna, salmon and yellowtail    12.00
Blackened Tuna seared tuna sashimi coated with black pepper, mustard sauce    10.00
Summer Roll salmon, mango, avocado and cucumber rolled in daikon    8.50
Winter Roll alaskan king crab, avocado, asparagus, and cucumber rolled in daikon    12.00
Unatama grilled eel, egg omelette, cream cheese wrapped in daikon    7.00
Hamachi Tartar chopped yellowtail and sea urchin marinated in tabasco    12.00
Hamachi Carpaccio sliced yellowtail with jalapeno sauce    12.00

Special Style Maki

Happy Together eel, walnuts and asparagus rolled in soy bean paper    10.00
Rainbow tuna, yellowtail, salmon, shrimp, cucumber and avocado    11.00
Secret Garden chives, cucumber, gobo, avocado, shitake, alugra and aonori    8.00
Bee Movie japanese pumpkin tempura and eel and with gold and black flying fish roe with spicy eel sauce    11.00
Perfect Storm shrimp tempura, light cream cheese, cucumber, black tobiko and spicy onion-mayo on top    13.00
Gold Rush alaskan king crab, avocado, cucumber    15.00
Philadelphia Story salmon light cream cheese and avocado    8.00
Wages Of Fear scallop, kaiware, smelt roe, clam pait, tabasco and mayonnaise.    8.50
Chicken Little fried breaded tender chicken roll with spicy orange sauce.    9.00

Special Big Maki

Big shrimp, egg, cucumber, kanpyo, takuwan, eel, spinach and masago    10.00
Anaconda shrimp tempura and avocado garnished with broiled eel on top    15.00
Cold Mountain chopped tuna, asparagus and avocado with spicy mayo, crunchy and radish    11.00
Picnic cucumber, avocado, asparagus, arugula, takuwan and gobo    8.50
Year Of The Dragon eel, cucumber, avocado and flying fish roe    12.00
Kiss Of The Spider Woman deep fried soft shell crab, avocado, lettuce, cucumber, smelt roe, radish and mayonnaise    12.00
Apollo 13 shrimp tempura, cucumber, avocado and spicy mayonnaise sauce    12.00
Godzilla soba noodle, cucumber, avocado and salmon skin    10.00
Little Buddha lotus roots tempura, cucumber, avocado, gobo and arugula    9.00
Taxi Driver tuna, salmon, yellowtail, cucumber, avocado rolled in soybean paper    13.00
Passage To India tuna, avocado, mango and cilantro with curry sauce    12.00
Enter Dragon lobster tempura roll with green and dried shrimp    15.00
Ocean's 13 eel and mango roll with tuna, salmon, crunch, avocado, masago with spicy mayo and eel sauce on top.    16.00

Special Style Sushi

Kaisen Don Mini tuna, yellowtail, salmon, uni and ikura over sushi rice    19.00
Sake-Hako Sushi box-pressed salmon sushi with sansho pepper    14.00


All Maki Roll extra from sushi a la carte menu    2.00
California     5.50
Spicy tuna, yellowtail, salmon.    6.00
Vegetable cucumber, avocado, takuwan, gobo, kanpyo, asparagus, nagaimo.    3.00
Salmon Skin     5.00

Sushi And Sashimi Entrees

Served With Miso Soup And Rice.

Sushi 7 pieces and 1 roll    20.00
Sushi Deluxe 8 pieces and 1 roll    24.00
Sashimi 5 kinds of sashimi    22.50
Sashimi Deluxe 7 kinds of sashimi    26.50
Sushi-Sashimi Combination 3 kinds of sashimi and 5 pieces sushi and 1/2 roll    27.00
Sushi 16 pieces sushi and 2 big rolls   (for 2) 58.00
Sushi-Sashimi Combination 5 kinds of sashimi, 10 pieces sushi, 1 big and 1 regular roll   (for 2) 60.00
Chirashi assorted raw fish on bed of sushi rice    26.00
Tekka Don sliced tuna on bed of sushi rice    25.00

Seafood Entrees

Served With Miso Soup And Rice.

Sake Tuyayaki grilled salmon with green tea salt    18.00
Gindara Saikyo-Yaki grilled black cod marinated in white miso    23.00
Seafood Tempura 3p. shrimp, 1p. white fish, 1p. scallop and 5p. vegetables.    20.00

Meat Entrees

Served With Miso Soup And Rice.

Tori Teri grilled organic chicken in teriyaki sauce    18.00
Beef Steak shell steak with avocado and wasabi sauce    25.00


Scallop     4.50
Shrimp white fish, squid    4.00
Shitake enoki, shimeji mushroom    2.50
Broccoli carrot, okra, string beans, sweet potato    1.50
Eggplant onion, asparagus, pumpkin, green and red pepper    1.50


Tuna     4.25
B.Fin Tuna   


Yellowtail     4.00
Yellowtail Toro     4.50


Salmon     3.50
Miso Salmon     3.50
King Salmon     4.00

White Fish

Fluke     4.00
Engawa     4.50
Red Snapper japan  

Shrimp And Others

Squid     4.00
Octopus     4.00
Shrimp     3.50
Botan Ebi   
Crab     4.00
Shrimp     3.50
King Crab     8.50


Sawara     3.50


Scallop     7.00


Tobiko     3.50
Ikura     5.00
Uni     7.00
Egg     2.00


Quail Egg     0.75
Masago     2.00
Kyuri     0.25
Inside Out     0.50
Avocado     0.50
Spicy     1.00
Shiso     0.50

From Sushi Bar

Sashimi today's chef's selection of fish, 3 kings    16.00
Beni Toro Carpaccio salmon belly sashimi with onion and yuzu pepper dressing    9.00
Aburi Plate seared tuna belly with ginger dressing    13.00
Ahi-Poki tuna, mango, avocado and macadamia nuts on top with sesame oil sauce    13.00
Mars Attack cilantro, lemon, cucumber, and hishiho miso roll with salmon sashimi and jalapeno on top    14.00
White Tar-Tar chopped white fish and avocado with cilantro sauce    9.00
Oyster Ponzu fresh oyster served with jelly ponzu (3pcs)    12.00
Toro Taku chopped toro scallion roll tighten up with takuwan    10.00

Special Fish

Our Japanese Fishes Are Under FDA. They Are From Kyu-Shu Province, Where It Is Located By The Sea Of Japan And East China Sea (South Western Hemisphere Of Japan). Thank You Very Much And Please Enjoy Our Meal.

Hiramasa from chili    6.00
Oyster from wa    4.50
Sock Eye Salmon from alaska    6.00
Grouper from li    5.50
White Salmon from alaska    8.00
Aji from japan    6.00
Chutoro from ecuador    6.00

From Kitchen

Chicken Wing Dumpling 2pcs of fried chicken wing, stuffed with pork and vegetable.    8.50
Pop Shrimp Tempura beef battered shrimp and broccoli tempura in spicy mayo sauce    10.00
Seafood Garden shrimp, squid, scallop, avocado and tomato marinated in sesame garlic oil, served cold    13.00
Hiyayakko home made cold tofu with plum, ginger, scallion, and bonito flakes in fish soy broth.    6.50
Soft Shell Crab fried soft shell crab with sweet ponzu sauce    16.00
Curry Chicken grilled free range chicken marinated with curry sauce    8.50
Chilean Seabass grilled chilean seabass served with sauteed vegetable    13.00
Hamachi Kama grilled yellow-tail collar    12.00
Today's Kama grilled collar of today's fish  


Home Made Green Tea Mille Crepe paper thin crepes with green tea flavor.    10.00
Banana Harumaki slightly fried banana wrapped in rice paper.    6.50


Banana Harumaki     6.50
Green Tea Ice Cream     4.50
Yuzu Ice Cream     4.50
Green Tea Mille Crepes     10.00
Red Bean Sauce     1.50

Soda And Water

Soda coke, diet coke, ginger ale, sprite    2.00
Evian    lg 6.00 sm 4.00
Pellegrino    lg 6.00 sm 3.00


Sauvignon Blanc pouilly fume, france    14.50
Chardonnay california    8.00
Pinot Grigio terre valse, italy    8.00


Pinot Noir willamette valley, oregon    11.50
Cabernet Sauvignon sylvester, california    12.00
Syrah sylvester, california    8.50


145 Duane St
Btwn W Broadway & Church St
(212) 571-1830
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