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Taco Hut

  • $
  • Mexican, Southwestern
  • 32-67 Francis Lewis Blvd, Flushing 11358 40.76754 -73.790602
  • (Btwn 32nd & 33rd Ave)
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  • (718) 358-2333
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SP1. Grilled Chicken Potato Corn Soup     1.99
SP2. Grilled Chicken Potato corn black bean rice soup    2.29
SP3. Grilled Chicken Potato Corn Black Bean Soup     2.29
SP4. Grilled Steak Rice Soup     2.29
SP5. Potato Corn Soup     1.59
SP6. Chili Soup     2.59

Side Orders

A1. White Corn Tortilla Chips     1.29
A2. Black Bean Or Pinto Bean    (8oz) 1.49
A3. Sour Cream    (8oz) 2.29
A4. Lettuce And Tomato    (16oz) 1.59
A5. Fresh Flour Tortillas    (2pcs) 1.00
A6. Chili ground beef   (8oz) 2.49
A7. Guacamole    (8oz) 2.99
A8. Jalapeno Peppers     1.59
A9. Salsa Sauce     1.59
A10. Fountain Soda    (8oz) 1.39 med 0.92
A11. Snapple     1.60
A12. Can Of Soda     1.00
A13. 2 Liter Soda     2.75


A14. Small Spring Rolls    (4 pcs) 2.29 (8 pcs) 3.99
A15. Crab Meat Rangoon    (6 pcs) 3.49
A16. Fried Chicken Wings    (8 pcs) 4.59 (20 pcs) 10.99
A17. Fried Onion Rings    (12 pcs) 2.99
A18. French Fries    sm 2.29 lg 4.36
A19. Fried Chicken Nuggets    (8 pcs) 2.99
A20. Cheese Fries     3.69
A21. Hot Dog     1.39
A22. Beef On Stick    (3) 4.99
A23. Chicken On Stick    (3) 3.99
A24. Mozzarella Stick    (7) 3.99
A25. Cheddar Cheese     1.99
A26. Hot Dog with chili & cheese    1.99
A27. Grilled Chicken    (8oz) 2.99
A28. Grilled Steak    (8oz) 3.99
A29. Buffalo Wings    (8 pcs) 5.75
A30. Fried Shrimp    (12 pcs) 4.59
A31. Fried Green Plantains     2.75
A32. Fried Sweet Potato     2.75
A33. Fried Fish     3.99
A34. Popcorn Chicken     3.45

Fresh Soft Flour Taco

With A Filling Of

S1. Black Bean And Cheese Soft Taco     1.39
S2. Pinto Bean And Cheese Soft Taco     1.39
S3. Guacamole served with lettuce, tomato & cheese    1.99
S4. Grilled Chicken Fajita onion and pepper    2.29
S5. Grilled Chicken Fajita & Guacamole     2.69
S6. Grilled Steak Fajita onion and pepper    2.69
S7. Grilled Steak Fajita & Guacamole     2.89
S8. Chili Soft Taco     1.79
S9. Grilled Chicken Soft Taco     2.29
S10. Grilled Steak Soft Taco     2.69
S11. Shrimp Fajita onion and pepper    2.69
S12. Shrimp Soft Taco     2.69
S13. Fish Soft Taco     2.49

Crispy Shell Taco

Fried Corn Tortillas Served With Lettuce, Tomato & Cheese

C1. Black Bean Crispy Taco     1.39
C2. Pinto Bean Crispy Taco     1.39
C3. Chili (Ground Beef) Crispy Taco     1.79
C4. Guacamole Crispy Taco     1.99
C5. Grilled Chicken Crispy Taco     2.19
C6. Grilled Steak Crispy Taco     2.59
C7. Shrimp Crispy Taco     2.69


With 2 Soft Fresh Flour Tortillas Stuck Together With Melted Cheese

Q1. Jack Cheese     2.49
Q2. Jack Cheese And Jalapenos     2.69
Q3. Jack Cheese And Onion, Pepper, Lettuce & Tomato     3.49
Q4. Jack Cheese And Black Bean     3.49
Q5. Jack Cheese And Chili     3.69
Q6. Jack Cheese And Grilled Chicken     4.19
Q7. Jack Cheese And Grilled Steak     4.59
Q8. Jack Cheese And Guacamole     3.89
Q9. Jack Cheese And Shrimp     4.59

Tostada Salads

Served In Crispy Fresh Flour Tortillas Bowl With Lettuce Tomato Jalapenos And Cheese

T1. Black Bean Tostada Salads     4.99
T2. Chili (Ground Beef) Tostada Salads     5.99
T3. Guacamole Tostada Salads     5.99
T4. Grilled Chicken Fajita Tostada Salads     6.29
T5. Grilled Steak Fajita Tostada Salads     6.59
T6. Plain Tostada Salads     4.99
T7. Shrimp Tostada Salads     6.59
T8. Fried Fish Tostada Salads     6.49

Mexican Pizza

8". Two Soft Fresh Flour Tortillas Stuck Together With Bean & Cheese, Tomato Sauce, Topped

MP1. Chili (Ground Beef) Pizza     4.36
MP2. Chicken Pizza     4.59
MP3. Steak Pizza     4.99
MP4. Shrimp Pizza     4.99

Mexican Rice

M1. Mexican Rice     1.99
M2. Mexican Rice And Black Bean     2.69
M3. Mexican Rice And Pinto Bean     2.69
M4. Mexican Rice And Chili     2.99
M5. Mexican Rice And Grilled Chicken     4.19
M6. Mexican Rice And Grilled Steak     4.59
M7. Mexican Rice And Chicken Fajita Lettuce Tomato     4.59
M8. Mexican Rice And Shrimp     4.59


Served With Large Fresh Tortillas With Rice, Black Bean, Cheese, Guacamole, Lettuce, Tomato & Sour Cream

B1. Black Bean Burritos     4.59
B2. Pinto Bean Burritos     4.59
B3. Chili (Ground Beef) Burritos     4.79
B4. Grilled Chicken Burritos     5.79
B5. Grilled Steak Burritos     5.99
B6. Shrimp Burritos     6.29

Combination Plates

With Rice, Bean, Lettuce, Tomato & Cheese, 2pcs Flour Tortillas

P1. Grilled Chicken Combo     5.99
P2. Grilled Steak Combo     6.29
P3. Chili (Ground Beef) Combo     5.79
P4. Chicken And Steak Combo     6.29
P5. Guacamole Combo     5.79
P6. Shrimp Combo     6.29
P7. Fried Fish Combo     6.49

BBQ Chicken

H1. Whole BBQ Chicken     7.99
H2. Half BBQ Chicken     4.59
H3. Half BBQ Chicken with rice    5.99
H4. Half BBQ Chicken with rice, black bean    6.45
H5. Half BBQ Chicken with rice, lettuce & tomato    6.45
H6. Half BBQ Chicken with rice & chili    6.45
H7. Half BBQ Chicken with french fries    5.99


With Chips, Cheese, Black Bean & Tomato

N1. Chili Nacho     4.59
N2. Guacamole Nacho     4.59
N3. Grilled Chicken Nacho     5.49
N4. Grilled Steak Nacho     5.69
N5. Nacho And Cheese (Only)     3.49
N6. Shrimp Nacho     5.69
N7. Nacho Supreme     6.99


Two Soft Taco With Rice, Bean, Guacamole, Tomato & Cheese On Topped.

E1. Enchiladas with chicken    6.49
E2. Enchiladas with steak    6.89
E3. Enchiladas with chili (ground beef)    5.99
E4. Enchiladas with shrimp    6.89
E5. Enchiladas with chicken & steak    6.89

Fajitas By The Pound

By Lb. 12 Fresh Flour Tortillas, Grilled California Pepper & Spanish Onion, Homemade Bean & Salsa Ranchera With One Pound Of

F1. Chicken     15.29
F2. Steak     16.99
F3. Chicken & Steak     15.99
F4. Shrimp     17.99

Lunch Special $5.99

11am-3pm. Served With Soda Or Potato Corn Soup.

L1. Half BBQ Chicken with rice  
L2. Half BBQ Chicken with rice, lettuce & tomato  
L3. Half BBQ Chicken with rice & black beans  
L4. 2 Soft Chicken Tacos with rice  
L5. 2 Soft Steak Fajitas with rice  
L6. 2 Soft Shrimp Tacos with rice  
L7. 2 Crispy Chicken Tacos with rice  
L8. 2 Crispy Shrimp Tacos with rice  
L10. Steak Burrito   
L11. Chili Nacho with rice  
L12. Chicken Nacho with rice  
L14. Enchiladas Chicken   
L15. Enchiladas Steak   
L17. Chicken Wing with french fries or rice  
L18. Fried Shrimp with french fries or rice  
L19. Fried Shrimp with rice & salad  

Taco Hut Special

#1. Crispy Chili Taco & 2 Soft Chicken Taco / Soda     6.49
#2. Crispy Chili Taco Soft Chicken Taco & Crispy Chicken Taco / Soda     6.49
#3. Crispy Steak Taco & Chicken Quesadillas / Soda     6.49
#5. Pinto Beans, Steak & Rice / Soda     5.49
#6. Chicken Burrito / Soda     6.29
#7. Chicken Combo with guacamole / soda    6.49

Student Specials

K1. Wing Zings & French Fries / Soda     3.89
K2. Soft Chicken Taco & French Fries / Soda     3.29
K3. Crispy Chili Taco & French Fries / Soda     2.99
K5. Hot Dog & French Fries / Soda     2.75
K6. Crabmeat Rangoon & French Fries / Soda     3.29
K7. Chicken Nuggets & French Fries / Soda     2.99


Taco Hut
32-67 Francis Lewis Blvd
Btwn 32nd & 33rd Ave
(718) 358-2333
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