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Sushi Tokyo

  • $$
  • Japanese, Kosher, Sushi
  • 627 Kings Hwy, Brooklyn 11223 40.606056 -73.96585
  • (Btwn Ocean Pkwy & E 7th St)
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  • (347) 431-0909
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E1. Vegetable Cigars ground vegetables mixed in fried dough.   (6pcs) 5.95
E9. Edamame Beans steamed soy beans with salt and lemon.    5.95
E11. French Fries     5.95
Sweet Potato Fries     5.95
E5. Jalapeño Bay scooped jalapeño tempura with spicy tuna. topped with special sauce.    6.95
E7. Settai Salmon salmon sushi with tempura tomato. topped with special sauce.    5.95
E2. Krispy Kosara crispy cubes of rice topped with spicy tuna crunch and sauce.    7.95
E3. Takoyaki crispy balls of rice, stuffed with spicy tuna. topped with sauce.    7.95
E6. Kani Poppers cubes of kani tempura with special sauce.    7.95
E12. Tokyo Dish bed of rice topped with sweet sweet potato, avocado, kani, mango and ground cashews with special sauce.    7.95
Yellow Tail Jalapeño freshly sliced fatty yellow tail, jalapeño with ponzu dressing.    8.95
E4. Tempura Fingers mix of fish and vegetable tempura. tempura style.    8.95
Tuna Tartar spicy tuna, scallion, avocado, crunch and fried onion.    9.95
Taco Sushi 2 tacos. lettuce, avocado, tomato, salmon, spicy tuna and sauce.    9.95


F1. Miso Soup     3.95
F2. Soup Of The Day     4.95


G1. Cucumber Salad crispy strips of cucumbers, mixed with ponzu dressing and sesame.    5.95
G2. Seaweed Salad     6.95
G3. Kani Salad shredded kani mix with cucumber, mayonnaise and masago.    6.95
G4. Garden Salad lettuce, avocado, tomato, onion, carrot and pepper.    6.95
G5. Avocado Salad  lettuce and cucumber topped with layer of avocado.    6.95
G6. Crunchy Salmon Skin Salad kani salad base, topped with crunchy salmon skin and special sauce.    7.95
G8. Tokyo Salad lettuce, cucumber, avocado, mango, kani, cashews and carrot.    7.95
G7. Sashimi Salad lettuce and cucumber topped with variety of fish and avocado.    7.95
G9. Salmon Tempura Salad kani salad base, topped with crunchy strips of salmon and special dressing.    9.95
G10. Classic Salad lettuce, rice, salmon, tuna, crunch and sesame, mixed with spices. topped with drizzle of spicy mayo.    9.95

Sushi & Nigiri

D1. Imitation Crab      2.00
D2. Salmon     3.00
D3. Tuna     3.00
D4. White Tuna     3.00
D5. Yellowtail     3.00
D6. Striped Bass      3.00
D7. Black Pepper Tuna     3.00
D8. Smoked Salmon     3.00
D9. Tamago     3.00
D10. Masago     3.00
D11. Ikura     3.00
D12. Spicy Tuna Sushi     3.00
D13. Spicy Salmon Sushi     3.00
D14. Sushi Or Sashimi Combo Platter mix any 5 choices of fish of your selection.    9.95

Sushi Rolls Or Hand Rolls

A1. Salmon Roll     4.50
A2. Tuna Roll     4.50
A3. Yellowtail Roll     4.50
A4. White Tuna Roll     4.50
A5. Smoked Salmon Roll     4.50
A6. Tamago Avocado Roll     4.95
A7. California Roll kani, avocado and cucumber.    4.95
A8. Alaska Salmon Roll salmon, avocado and cucumber.    4.95
A9. Spicy Tuna Crunch Roll     4.95
A10. Spicy Salmon Avocado Roll     4.95
A11. Spicy Yellowtail Scallion Roll     4.95
A12. Spicy Kani Roll     4.95
A17. Crunchy Salmon Skin Cucumber Roll     5.45
A13. Bagel Roll smoked salmon, cucumber and parve cream cheese.    5.95
A14. Black Pepper Tuna Avocado Roll     5.95
A15. Spring Roll spicy white tuna, cucumber and crunch.    5.45
A16. Philadelphia Roll salmon, parve cream cheese and cucumber.    5.95
A18. Boston Roll cut in 5. kani, boston lettuce, avocado and cucumber.    5.95
A19. Laguna Roll spicy tuna, avocado, cucumber and crunch.    5.95
A20. Cherry Blossom Roll salmon, tuna and avocado.    5.95
A21. King Crab Roll shredded imitation crab, caviar and mayo, topped with masago.    5.95
A22. Coney Roll spicy salmon, avocado and crunch with spicy kani.    5.95
A23. Striped Bass Roll avocado and jalapeño.    5.95
A24. King Of Maki Roll cut in 5. maki syle. tuna, crunch, mayonnaise and mango.    5.95
Health Freak Roll chopped salmon, shredded ginger. avocado, cucumber and brown rice.    6.95
A25. Snowball Roll white tuna, salmon, cucumber and parve cream cheese.    6.95
A26. Ikura Roll maki style. salmon eggs and cucumber.    7.95

Vegetable & Fruit Rolls

B1. Cucumber Roll     2.75
B2. Carrot Roll     2.75
B5. Pepper Roll     2.75
B3. Avocado Roll     3.50
B4. Asparagus Roll      3.95
B6. Fried Onion Roll     3.95
B7. Mango Roll     3.95
B8. Portobello Mushroom Roll     3.95
B9. Sweet Potato Roll     3.95
B10. Avocado Cucumber Roll     3.95
B11. Vegetable Roll avocado, cucumber and carrot.    3.95
B12. Cucumber Cream Cheese Roll     4.25
B13. Oshinko Roll pickled radish.    4.25
B15. Cashews & Avocado Roll     4.75
B16. Sunshine Roll mango, avocado and cashews.    4.75
B17. Citrus Roll mango and lemon.    4.75
B18. Garden Roll lettuce, cucumber, avocado, tomato and scallion.    4.95
B14. A.A.C. Roll avocado, asparagus and cucumber.    4.95
B19. Bk Roll sweet potato, mushroom and cucumber.    4.95
B20. Tropical Roll kiwi, mango, avocado and ground cashews.    5.95
B21. Diet Vegetable Roll no rice. avocado, cucumber, carrot and lettuce. soy seaweed.   (10pcs) 5.95

Tempura Rolls

C1. Portobella Mushroom Tempura Roll     6.95
C2. Sweet Potato Avocado Tempura Roll With Sweet Sauce  with sweet sauce.    6.95
C3. Crunchy Tempura Roll cooked salmon, avocado, crunch and topped with sweet sauce.    7.95
C4. Spider Roll cooked salmon, tempura kani and carrots topped with special sauce.    7.95
C5. Dynamite Sandwich salmon, parve cream cheese, avocado, topped with special sauce.    8.15
C6. Godzilla Roll cooked tuna, kani, cooked salmon, topped with sweet and spicy sauce, and chopped jalapeño.    9.95
C7. Manhattan Roll spicy salmon, spicy tuna, avocado, topped with masago and sweet and spicy sauce.    9.95
C8. Volcano Roll tempura-style california, topped with spicy tuna, fried onion crunch.    9.95
C9. Splendid Roll salmon, spicy tuna, avocado, tempura-style topped with spicy salmon crunch and fried onion.    9.95
C10. Tokyo Roll cooked salmon, sweet potato, avocado, tempura-style topped with spicy tuna, fried onion, crunch and special sauce.    9.95
C11. Phenomenal Tempura Roll salmon, portobella mushroom, avocado, crunch, tempura-style, wrapped with avocado and tempura tomato.    9.95
Sakura Roll cooked yellow tail, spicy kani, pepper, fried onion, asparagus, maki style, topped with special sauce and spicy mayo.    9.95
Royal Tempura Roll kani, asparagus, carrot, jalapeño, maki style, wrapped with sweet potato, fried onion, special sauce and spicy mayo.    9.95

Chef Special Rolls

H1. King Cucumber Roll no rice. seaweed, avocado, sweet potato and mushroom wrapped with cucumber. narudo-style.    7.95
H2. Fancy Vegetable Roll portobella mushroom, avocado, cucumber and crunch, wrapped with avocado.    7.95
H3. Kiwinki Roll kiwi, mango, cucumber and ground cashews, wrapped with kiwi.    7.95
H4. Gorgeous Roll sweet potato, cucumber and mushroom, wrapped with avocado and special sauce.    8.95
H5. Valentine Roll maki style. asparagus, avocado, ground cashews, fried onion, sweet potato, lettuce, wrapped with soy seaweed.    8.95
H6. Paradise Roll kiwi, mango, cashews, strawberries, soy seaweed outside, topped with tempura banana and special dressing.    9.95
Dessert Roll banana, mango, crunch, ground cashews, soy seaweed, maki style, topped with tempura banana, cashews and chocolate syrup.    9.95
H7. Eden Roll cucumber, tomato, parve cream cheese, fried onion, wrapped with sweet potato tamago.    8.95
H8. Green Dragon Roll super california roll wrapped with avocado.    8.95
H9. Kawasaki Roll chopped kani and crunch, topped with avocado, sweet sauce and crunch.    8.95
H10. Shtark Roll kani, avocado, cucumber, parve cream cheese and lettuce, wrapped with avocado and spicy kani.    8.95
H11. Scorpion Roll crunchy salmon skin, spicy kani and cucumber topped with crunch, masago and sauce.    8.95
H12. Narudo Roll no rice or seaweed. steamed salmon, avocado, portobella mushroom and crunch, wrapped with cucumber skin, with special sauce.     8.95
H13. Fuji Roll cooked salmon and avocado, topped with spicy kani.    8.95
H14. Ninja Roll cooked salmon and avocado, wrapped with avocado.    8.95
H16. Tiger Roll cooked salmon, spicy kani, portobella mushroom and fried onion, wrapped with avocado and special sauce.    9.95
H17. Shtikkirikki Roll cooked salmon, crunchy salmon skin and fried onion, wrapped with avocado, spicy kani special sauce.    8.95
H15. Healthy Roll brown rice, steamed salmon, tomato, avocado, asparagus, lettuce, wrapped with soy seaweed and maki style.    9.45
H18. Tangy Roll cooked spicy tuna, mango, lemon, wrapped with spicy tuna, crunch and special sauce.    9.95
Shankiss Roll cooked yellow tail, asparagus, avocado, tomato, wrapped with sweet potato, fried onion, sweet sauce and spicy mayo.    9.95
H19. Fancy Roll mango and avocado wrapped with smoked salmon.    8.95
H20. Mexican Roll spicy tuna, spicy salmon, crunch and hot chili sauce topped with masago and jalapeño.    8.95
H21. Sky Roll yellowtail, scallions and avocado, wrapped with salmon and spicy tuna.    8.95
H22. Kamikazi Roll tuna, crunch, spicy sauce, topped with spicy yellowtail and hot chili sauce.     8.95
H23. Leo Roll spicy tuna, crunch and spicy kani, wrapped with avocado, spicy mayo and fried onion.    8.95
H24. Happy Roll mango, kani and cucumber, wrapped with salmon and crunch.     8.95
H25. Black Tuna Roll spicy tuna, crunch and avocado, wrapped with black pepper tuna and avocado.    8.95
H26. Rock & Roll tuna, salmon and spicy yellowtail wrapped with avocado.    8.95
H28. Diving Roll spicy tuna crunch, wrapped with tuna and avocado.    8.95
H29. Rainbow Roll super california roll wrapped with salmon, tuna, striped bass and avocado.    9.45
H30. Tazuna Roll cucumber, crunch, seaweed salad, wrapped with tuna, salmon, white tuna, kani and avocado    9.75
H31. Sweet Heart Roll spicy salmon, crunch, wrapped with salmon, tuna and avocado.    9.75
H32. Funky Roll spicy tuna, mango, crunch and spicy mayo, wrapped with mango and special dressing.     9.75
H33. Yamato Roll spicy salmon, spicy kani, crunch and chopped lemon, wrapped with black pepper tuna, avocado and spicy sweet and sauce.     9.75
H34. Yummy Roll tuna, white tuna and yellowtail, wrapped with salmon and topped with masago.    9.95
H35. Fantasy Roll salmon, cucumber and mushroom, wrapped with avocado, fried onion, crunch and masago.    9.95
H36. Lawrence Roll tempura black pepper tuna, avocado and crunch topped with spicy salmon, fried onion and special sauce.    9.95


Sushi Tokyo
627 Kings Hwy
Btwn Ocean Pkwy & E 7th St
(347) 431-0909
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