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Sushi Metsuyan

  • $$$
  • Japanese, Sushi
  • 72-08 Main St, Flushing 11367 40.726323 -73.82184
  • (Btwn 72nd Ave & 72nd Dr)
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  • (718) 575-8700
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Hot Appetizers

Edamame steamed soybean with cracked sea salt.    5.00
El Bomba avo & s.dried tomato eggrolls, tequila lime sauce.    12.00
Agedashi Tofu crispy tofu cubes served with sweet chili sauce.    8.00
Hamachi Kama buttery yellowtail neck broiled, sea salt & lemon.    13.00
Duck Summer Rolls filled with hoisin, scallion, noodles & duck confit.    12.00
Exotic Spring Roll Duo crispy malaysian cigar & spicy chicken rolls.    9.00
Sakura Onion Blossom golden sweet vidalia onion flower with honey mustard.    7.00
Barbecue Lamb Spare Ribs slow grilled in korean bbq sauce with kimchee.    15.00
Kinky Seafood & Veggie Tempura batter dipped & crisped golden with spicy sauce.    11.00
Jamaican Jerk / Teriyaki Wings caribbean hot & spicy or asian sticky sweet.    12.00
Dim Sum Dumpling Sampler beef & chicken ginger dumplings, steamed.    9.00
Jerusalem Crab Cakes in crispy panko crumbs with spicy sauce.    11.00
Metsuyan Kalbi Ribs house specialty glazed beef short rib, roasted.    16.00

Soups & Noodles

Shiro Miso Soup# gentle white broth over tofu & wakame.    4.00
Soup Of The Day a cup or bowl of one of our signature soothing elixirs.    4.50  6.50
Exotic Curry Soup meaty coconut curry broth with noodles & dumplings.   med 8.00 lg 15.00
Yaki Udon Soup traditional thick noodles with thin slices of beef in a slow roasted broth.   med 8.00 lg 15.00
Pad Thai Noodles rice noodle linguini with shredded chicken, egg & veggies, peanuts, chili oil & lime.    16.00
Yakisoba Pan Noodles wok seared noodles with aromatics, spices & a medley of beef, chicken & veg.    16.00
Singapore Rice Noodles angel hair noodles in a curry spice, veggies & medley of beef & chicken.    16.00
Sesame Chicken Noodles delicious noodles in a sweet sesame sauce with sweet peas, onions & chicken.    16.00
Thai Basil Gnocchi With Salmon seared noodles with chicken & veggies in a flavorful toasted sesame sauce.    16.00

Petite Salads

Metsuyan Shredded^ crisp shredded greens, stem tomatoes, cucumber & sliced avocado with our carrot ginger dressing.    7.00
Bonzai Kani# crunchy cucumber and crab stix tossed with flying fish roe in a tangy, spicy aioli.    8.00

Entree Salads

All Salads Below Are Served With Miso Soup (Or A Cup Of Soup Of The Day $2)

Toasted Sesame Chicken** garden fresh greens, cucumbers & scallions with tender slices of chicken in a flavorful sesame dressing topped with wanton chips.    16.00
Asian Grilled Vegetable^ a medley of grilled veggies atop a bed of hearty greens lightly tossed in a miso dressing. accompanied by a crispy soy cheese spring roll.    16.00
Sakura Grilled Salmon# our house blend of mixed greens in a tangy miso dressing topped with orange, crispy battered onion rings, toasted pine nuts & grilled salmon.    16.00
Thai Steak** mixed lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, scallion, avocado, cilantro topped with delicious noodles sliced thai grilled beef & peanut dressing.    18.00
Butterfly Tuna# slices of sashimi tuna coated in cracked black pepper, lightly seared & dotted with spicy sauce. served over mixed greens with avocado in a yuzu citrus vinaigrette.    18.00
Santa Fe** tortilla basket filled with lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, roasted corn, black beans, avocado topped with ground chilli beef, soy cream & scallions.    16.00
Cuban Chicken** roasted corn, tomatoes, cilantro, red onions, black beans, avocado, cucumber, bean sprouts, hearts palm, shredded chicken; lemon vinaigrette.    16.00
Vietnamese BBQ Chicken** mixed greens, roasted corn, tomatoes, red onions, black beans, avocado, cilantro with delicious noodles, bbq chicken & lime dressing.    16.00

The Wok & Grill

Unless Otherwise Noted All Dishes Above Are Served With A Medley Of Vegetables & Your Choice Of: Jasmine Rice, Coconut Rice, Truffle Mashed Potatoes, Hiros Fries. Also Avail: Roasted Kinoko Mushrooms $6, Sauteed Spinach $8&com

Chicken Teriyaki tender white breast, grilled & basted in our slow roasted teriyaki sauce.    19.00
Metsuyan Pot Pie shredded turkey & chicken roasted with mushrooms, veggies, aromatics in a flakey pastry crust.    22.00
Katsu & Ses Noodles japanese crumbs coating delicious breasts, topped with kinoko mushrooms & side of katsu sauce.    19.00
Honey Sesame Chicken caramelized with onions, haricot vert & mango in a toasted sesame sauce topped with pine nuts.    24.00
Kamikaze Macadamia Chicken* tender breast battered & wok seared with pineapple & veggies in our sweet & spicy glaze.    24.00
Malaysian BBQ & Smokey Rice tender baby chicken marinated in a secret blend of malay spices & honey, grilled succulently.    24.00
Jamaican Jerk Chicken* succulent deboned slow roasted chicken, lathered in our spicy sweet caribbean sauce over sticky rice.    24.00
Bistro Beef Bulgogi thinly sliced beef sauteed with steak onions, crimini & shitake in a sesame soy glaze; over jasmine rice.    25.00
Bangkok Sizzle* beef slices pan seared with onions, baby corn, bamboo chestnuts & lemongrass in spicy chili sauce.    25.00
Thai Fire Wok* beef & chicken wok seared with fragrant herbs & veggies in a spicy coconut curry sauce.    25.00
Prime Rib a wonderful cut of beef seasoned with our special dry rub char grilled to perfection.    34.00
Dinosaur Kalbi succulent large rib bones glazed & grilled slowly in our sweet korean bbq sauce finger lickin good.    33.00
Steak Sambal tender marinated hangar steak grilled served with a side of sambal chili sauce.    35.00
Steak Polynesia marbled ribeye marinated in a secret tropical blend of garlic & other asian infusions. grilled, heavenly.    33.00
Chateau Briaund center cut beef steak coated in cracked black pepper over red wine reduction sided with crispy onions.    37.00
Kalbi, Ribs & Chips delicious beef & lamb ribs, marinated & roasted in a sweet soy reduction. simply divine.    33.00
Metsuyan Kalbi Fillet most tender boneless rib meat char grilled slowly yielding delicious layers of caramelized bliss.    38.00
Metsuyan Rack Of Lamb choice of 3 or 5 cut lamb rack oven roasted in a delicious panko crust with chipotle spread.    65.00  38.00

From The Sea

Unless Otherwise Noted, All Items Below Are Served With A Side Of Seared Asian Greens And Your Choice Of Starch As Listed On The Bottom Of Previous Page

Maui Mahi* meaty hawaiian mahi mahi pan seared a dressed in a tropical extra virgin olive oil, mango & jalapeno salsa.    31.00
Salmon Japonica north atlantic salmon marinated, then pan toasted & laced with a thin coating of our sweet miso glaze.    24.00
Roasted Peruvian Suzuki whole market fresh bass seasoned with garlic & herbs, roasted, served with tomato, lemon & saffron pesto.    30.00
Sesame Crusted Ahi Tuna* served with a medley of seared steak onions, edamame & shitake and a wasabi aioli.    34.00
Chilean Sea Bass Dumplings buttery sea bass fillets wrapped in napa, tied with garlic chives & served with a creamy seafood noodle.    33.00
Yellowtail Jalapeno & Mash* citrus marinated hamachi sashimi tossed with, ikura, extra virgin olive oil & sliced jalapeno.    33.00
Yellowtail Jalapeno & Mash* served with creamy jalapeno mash & bouquet of frisee slaw  
Miso Glazed Cod Blaque tender white, broiled & lacquered, with lemon.    33.00
Hiros Fish & Chips crispy fish fillets, golden. accompanied by our asian slaw, lemon, tartar sauce & seasoned fries.    18.00

Sushi Specials

Served With Miso Soup

Spicy Tuna Tartare diced tuna in a spicy sesame soy aioli, layered with tobiko, avocado & mango.    18.00
Citrus Marinated Ceviche assorted sliced sashimi in a citrus yuzu vinaigrette over crunchy cucumber stix.    21.00
Uzuzukuri With Cilantro thin sliced izumidai presentation dotted with a cilantro sauce, lemon slices & ponzu sauce.    21.00
Ume Tuna Sashimi* slices atop tangy plum sauce, jalapeno & sesame    18.00
Spicy T... Unwrapped* spicy t rice mix with avo & nori. roll'em yourself    18.00
Chirashi chefs choice sashimi & garnish atop sushi rice.    25.00
Tekka Don 9 slices of sashimi tuna ayop sushi rice    28.00
Sushi For U california roll & 7 or 10pcs chefs choice nigiri accompanied by pickled ginger & wasabi    29.00  37.00
Sashimi For U five towns roll & 10 or 14pcs chefs choice sashimi accompanied by rice, pickled ginger & wasabi.    37.00  42.00
Omakase Sushi Presentation our chef's custom sushi presentation of the finest combination of market availability & creativity.    50.00

Vegetable Rolls

Kyuri cucumber    4.50
Avocado     5.00
Kyuri Avocado     5.00
Mexican tomato, avo, cuc & mexican sauce    5.50
Yama Gobo Avo     5.25
Shibazuke Avocado     5.25
Horenso Avocado     6.25
Tamago egg custard    6.75
Crunch pear, crunch, cuc & mayo    6.75
Tropical mango, shitake, avo, cuc, crunch    7.25
Sweet Potato seaweed outside    8.50
Veggie Futo cuc, avo, shitake, gobo, shibazuke, spinach    9.75
Veggie Rainbow tom, pear, cuc, crunch, avo, mango, shitake    9.75
Mango Maki     5.00
Cuc / Avo / Carrot     5.25
Grilled Bella Avocado     6.95
Tamanegi Maki red onion tempura style    6.95
Horenso Shitake spinach & mushroom    6.50

Sushi & Sashimi

Kanikama crab stick    2.50
Hirame fluke    3.25
Sake salmon    3.25
Smoked Salmon     3.25
Maguro tuna    3.75
Maguro Tatake pepper tuna    3.75
Toro fatty tuna  
Hamachi yellowtail    3.75
Sawara spanish mackerel    3.75
Tai red snapper    3.25
Suzuki sea bass    3.25
Tobiko flying fish roe    4.25
Ikura salmon roe    4.50
Tamago egg custard    2.50
Shiitake sweet mushroom    2.75

Specialty Fish Rolls

Tekka Maki tuna seaweed outside    5.75
Tekka Maki reverse    0.50
Salmon Maki seaweed outside    5.50
Salmon Maki reverse    0.50
California Roll kani, avocado & cuc    5.00
Yellowtail Scallion seaweed outside    5.75
Yellowtail Scallion reverse    0.50
Spicy Tuna tuna, scallion, tobiko & spicy sauce    5.75
Fuzzy Tuna spicy tuna futo, reverse & tobiko & crunch    10.95
Tai Lemon Maki whitefish, scallion & thinly slice lemon    5.50
Fuentes Roll salmon skin & avo with spicy t outside    12.50
Dragon Roll spicy tuna inside with avocado outside    9.95
Spicy Salmon Roll chop salmon, negi, tobiko & sp sauce.    5.75
Bagel Roll smoked salmon, tofutti cream cheese & red onion.    6.00
Alaska Maki smoked salmon & avocado    6.00
Rock-N-Roll salmon skin, kani & cucumber    6.75
American Dream tuna, salmon, avocado & cucumber    15.00
Peanut Crunch crushed peanuts, cuc, mango, kani (s.o.)    10.25
Tuna Sashimi Maki sliced tuna around avo & cc. / no rice    14.50
Rainbow Roll kani & cuc with tuna, salm, yt & avo outside    10.25
Kiwi Tuna tuna & avocado with kiwi outside    10.25
Outta Control shitake, cuc, mango with tuna & yt outside    11.25
Honada spicy peanut & kani with mango, avo, tuna & yt out.    11.75
Ume Tuna kani, cuc, avo & salm with tuna & ume spice out.    11.25
Kawasaki peppered tuna & avocado with spicy salmon out.    13.50
Madame Butterfly tuna, salm, yt, kani, cuc. seaweed out.    14.50
Red Dragon tomato, avo, cuc with blk pep tuna & sp sauce    12.50
Lalute smoked salmon, tamago & asian pear in cuc skin    11.50
Zata Salmon mango, pear, avo with salm, shitake, zatar out.    12.50
Sawara Ganja spicy t, cuc & avo with span mackerel out.    13.50
Sbj Overload spt, tuna, yt, car, avo, shitake, mango & spt out.    14.00
5 Towns Maki 5 sashimi & tobiko in cuc skin, no rice    15.50
Teaneck Maki mango, cuc, avo, shitake, crunch, red snapper lemon, scallion & tobiko outside.    11.50
Five Alarm Roll spicy kani salad, rolled reverse topped with spicy t, red onion, sliced jalapeno & crunch.    12.95
Black Dragon Maki spicy t, red onion & crunch, reverse, topped with avo, eel sauce, tobiko & scallion    12.95

Cooked Rolls

Substitute Brown Rice $1 Per Roll. Side Of Spicy Or Eel Sauce $1.50

Godzilla tuna, yt, salmon, kani, battered & tempura    14.75
Shogun tuna, yt, kani, avocado, reverse, battered & tempura    13.50
Main Street Maki spicy t tempura / avo out, chili sauce    13.00
Spicy T Negimaki spicy tuna & scal battered in tempura    11.50
Crispy Sea Bass Roll red onion, shibazuke, sp sauce, avo out    13.50
Tarantula spider, spicy peanut, cucumber, carrot & lettuce    12.50
Yankee tuna & yt tempura, mayo, carrots, lettuce, peanuts out.    13.50
Spider panko crisped kani, avocado, cucumber & lettuce    6.50
Grilled Salm Or Tuna     7.00
Grilled Yellowtail Or Tai     7.00
Sakekawa broiled salmon skin, cucumber & scallion    6.50
Kani Godzilla same as godzilla, except using kani for fish    9.95

Specialty Lunch Wraps

Add Miso Soup, Asian Slaw, Hiros Fries & Iced Tea / Lemonade $4

Chicken Teriyaki Wrap grilled chicken breast, sliced and ladled in a generous pour of our home roasted teriyaki sauce.    12.00
Tropical Chicken Wrap grilled chicken breast, sliced & accompanied by a julienne of mango in a curry mayo.    12.00
Malaysian BBQ Chick Wrap tender baby chicken, mainated & seasoned in our secret blend of malaysian spices.    12.00
Spicy Jerk Chicken Wrap smokey baby chicken, roasted & pulled, then tossed in our signature jamaican jerk sauce.    12.00
Bulgogi Wrap thinly sliced rib eye, sauteed with steak onions, in a sweet sesame-soy reduction.    12.00
Steak Sambal Wrap tender grilled hangar steak, marinated in our robust tequilla-lime sauce.    13.00
Metsuyan Kalbi Wrap our house specialty short rib steak, grilled & lacquered in a caramelized lorean bbq sauce.    14.00
BBQ Lamb Wrap slow roasted tender lamb, shredded and basqued in our homemade bbq sauce.    16.00
Wild Mushroom Wrap our blend of roasted kinoko mushrooms, drizzled with truffle essence & sprinkle of sea salt.    12.00

Steak Lunch Special

Served With Miso Soup & Metsuyan Salad & Choice Of Side

Prime Rib / Steak Polynesla straight up salt & pepper or our tropical marinated rib steaks, char grilled to perfection.    22.00

Sushi Lunch Combos

Veggie Combo cucumber avo, tropical & mexican rolls    15.00
Maki Combo california, tuna & cucumber rolls    15.00
Spicy Combo spicy tuna, spicy salmon & spicy cali rolls    18.00
Salmon Combo alaska, spicy salmon & salmon cuc rolls.    19.00
Tuna Combo tekka, black pepper t / avo & spicy t rolls.    19.00
Cooked Combo grilled salmon, grilled tuna & grilled yt rolls    20.00
Exotic Roll Combo five alarm & black dragon rolls    25.00
Spicy Tuna... Unwrapped sp t rice mix, with avo & nori. roll'em yourself.    18.00
Chirashi sashimi & garnish atop bed of sushi rice    25.00
Sushi For U cali roll & 7 / 10 pcs chefs choice nigiri.    37.00  29.00
Sasimi For U five towns roll & 10 / 14 pc chef sashimi.    42.00  37.00

Lunch Fish Specialties $16

Served With Miso Soup & Metsuyan Salad. * Hot & Spicy, ** Meat / Poultry, # Fish, ^ Parve

Salmon In Tangy Jalapeno Sauce fresh salmon fillet broiled then basqued in a mild med spicy jalapeno & cucumber salsa.  
Chillean Sea Bass Dumplings buttery white sea bass wrapped in napa then simmered in a flavorful seafood boullion over noodles.  
Jerusalem Crab Cakes & Chips golden, light & flakey seafood cakes served with spicy mayo accompanied by a mango pepper relish.  
Hiros Fish & Chips flakey white pacific cod fillets, panko crusted, golden. served with asian slaw & japanese tartar sauce.  


Sushi Metsuyan
72-08 Main St
Btwn 72nd Ave & 72nd Dr
(718) 575-8700
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