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Sura Thai Kitchen (CLOSED)

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  • Thai
  • 2656 Broadway, New York 10025 40.797601 -73.969294
  • (At 101st St)
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  • (917) 688-3144
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Thai Iced Tea     1.00
Thai Iced Coffee     1.00
Soda free refill for fountain soda    1.00

Small Plate

Fingerling Spring Roll   
Virgin Summer Roll   
Green Papaya Salad   
Oriental Salad   
Chicken And Shrimp Dumpling (Steam Or Fry)   
Tom Yum with chicken  
Special Of The Day   

Curry Dish $10

Choice Of Red, Green Or Massamun Curry Sauce Please Asked For Special Of The Day $9 Served With Jasmine Rice Or Brown Rice Except The Noodle Dish

Thai Basil, Egg Sunny Side Up bell pepper, onion, sweet basil in chili garlic puree  
Garlic Medley Greens sauteed mixed vegetable with pepper garlic sauce  
Cashew Dish water chest nut, scallion, onion, bell pepper, celery and roasted chili puree  
Garlic Black Pepper water chest nut, scallion, with oyster mushroom sauce  
Fried Rice golden raisin, snow pea, tomato, scallion, egg and cucumber  
Chicken Leg Noodle Soup vermicelli noodle, bean sprout, scallion with chicken stock  
Pad Thai rice noodle, egg, smoked tofu, sweet radish, chive, peanut, and tamarind sauce  
Pad See Ew egg noodle, bok choy, black pepper, egg and black bean sauce  
Glass Noodle Salad green bean noodle, scallion, peanut and chili lime dressing  
Grilled Shrimp And Mango Salad shallot, cherry tomato, scallion, dried chili and mixed greens  
Grilled Salmon mixed vegetable and three flavor sauce  
Fillet Of Crispy Flounder with shitake mushroom, minced chicken, scallion, onion and ginger oyster sauce  

Small Dish

Fingerling Fried Spring Roll jicama, carrot, glass noodle, celery, bean sprout served with sweet chili vinaigrette (sugar, vinegar, salt and blended red bell pepper or long hot)    4.00
Virgin Summer Roll marinated tofu, noodle, carrot, jicama, sweet basil with horseradish peanut plum sauce 4 seaweed crusted tofu served with chili honey sauce and sprinkle peanut    4.00
Pan Fried Chive Pancake served with chili soy vinaigrette    4.00
Oriental Salad mixed greens, cheery tomato, quail egg and peanut dressing    4.00
Lemongrass Soup With Shrimp spicy lemongrass broth with mushroom, cilantro, and scallion    4.00
Coconut Galanga soup with chicken chicken coconut galanga broth with mushroom, cilantro and scallion    4.00
Chicken Shrimp Dumpling (steam or fry) shitake mushroom, water chestnut, scallion, garlic chip and rice soy vinaigrette    4.00
Satae Chicken chicken skewer with peanut sauce, cucumber relish and toast    5.00
Calamari Fritter marinated calamari with spices and fresh herb served with avocado chili lime sauce.    6.00
Coconut Crusted Prawn mixed greens and sweet chili sauce    6.00
Thai Coconut Boston Lettuce Cup young ginger, shallot, roasted peanut and shred coconut flake and tamarind sauce    6.00
Golden Scallop With Wasabi Mayo semolina crusted bay scallop with mixed greens    6.00
Tasting Menu Select 3 Items Form Small     12.00

Yum & Spicy Salad

Green Papaya Salad julienne green papaya, long bean, ground peanut, cherry tomato, birdied fresh chili and lime juice    6.00
Roasted Trio Mushroom Salad enoki mushroom, bottom mushroom, shitake, roasted rice powder, shallot, scallion and chili lime dressing    6.00
Chinese Sweet Sausage Salad cucumber, red onion, dried chili, scallion mixed with chili lime dressing    6.00
Crispy Chicken Cake Salad marinated fried ground chicken with mint, lime, red onion, rice powder, dried chili.    6.00
Salmon Thai Caveche salmon sashimi topped with fresh garlic, birdied eye chili, lime juice    7.00
BBQ Spicy Beef Salad marinated bbq beef with green apple, red onion, shallot, dried chili, lime segment    7.00
Crispy Duck & Green Apple Salad shallot, cashew nut, scallion, cherry tomato mixed in roasted chili lime dressing    7.00
Thai Seafood Noodle Salad green bean noodle mixed with scallop, shrimp, calamari, red onion, scallion, and peanut and chili lime sauce    7.00

Bowl Dish $10

Honey Glazed Roasted Duck with steam shanghai bok choy  
Fried Rice With Chicken golden raisin, cherry tomato, scallion, onion, egg and snowpea  
Minced Chicken With Thai Basil And Sunny Side Up stir fried bell pepper, sweet basil, onion with chili garlic puree. substitutions are available chicken, beef, shrimp, vegetable or tofu  
Chicken With Cashew Nut stir fried water chestnut, onion, celery, scallion in roasted chili puree  
Trio Mushroom With Silken Tofu enoki, shitake and bottom mushroom stir fried with water chest nut, scallion, ginger, snow pea, celery in oyster sauce  
Garlic Medley Vegetable With Silken Tofu stir fried mixed vegetable with silken tofu and garlic sauce  
Wok Beef With Yong Green Pepper Corn With Curry Paste thai eggplant, basil, bell pepper and green pepper corn. substitutions are available chicken, beef, shrimp, vegetable or tofu  
Garlic Black Pepper With Shrimp wok scallion, water chestnut, black pepper and oyster mushroom sauce  
Wok Chinese Broccoli With Anchovy with oyster fresh chili sauce  
Pad Thai With Shrimp rice noodle, egg, ground peanut, bean sprout, chive, smoked tofu and tamarind sauce  
Crispy Egg Noodle In Vegetable Shrimp gravy sauce bamboo shoot, snow pea, carrot in oyster gravy sauce  
"Drunken" Fried Noodle With Mixed Meat fried wide noodle with cherry tomato, basil, onion, bell pepper shrimp, calamari chicken and chili garlic puree. substitutions are available chicken, beef, shrimp, vegetable or tofu  
Fermented Rice Vermicelli With Fish Ball And Green Curry Sauce green pepper corn, thai eggplant, bell pepper, and rhizome  
Red Curry With Chicken pumpkin, thai eggplant, bell pepper, and basil in red curry coconut milk. substitutions are available chicken, beef, shrimp, vegetable or tofu  
Green Curry With Beef bamboo shoot, thai eggplant, bell pepper and rhizome in green curry coconut milk. substitutions are available chicken, beef, shrimp, vegetable or tofu  
Massamun Curry With Chicken Leg peanut, red potato, onion and lotus root in mild curry coconut sauce  

Main Dish

New Zealand Mussel Omelet With Cilantro and siracha hot sauce    10.00
River Prawn With Creamy Lemongrass Broth * enoki mushroom, lemongrass, lime, scallion, young coconut meat and cilantro served with jasmine rice    10.00
Fried Free Range Chicken With Garlic Plum Sauce with ginger rice and green papaya salad    12.00
Pineapple Fried Rice shrimp, calamari, scallop, chinese sausage, pine apple, golden raisin, scallion, onion, serve in pineapple shell    12.00
Roasted Duck With Red Curry green apple, cherry tomato, golden raisin, basil and thai eggplant served with jasmine rice    12.00
Red Snapper Rad Prik * crispy filet of red snapper, shanghai bok choy, cherry tomato, basil and with three flavor sauce. served with jasmine rice    13.00
Steamed Fillet Of Flounder With Soy Vinaigrette rice noodle, scallion, bean sprout and smoked tofu    13.00
Atlantic Salmon Croquette With Mango Salad * mango, shallot, cherry tomato, and chili lime sauce. served with jasmine rice    13.00
Banana Leaf Wrapped BBQ Trout served with caramelized fish sauce, shallot chip, roasted chili and jasmine rice    16.00
Grilled Skirt Steak With Roasted Rice Grain Chili Dipping Sauce * served with spicy cucumber salad and pandan sticky rice    16.00
Braised Berkshire Pork Belly With Tamarind Curry Sauce * with chinese water crest served with jasmine rice    16.00


Includes With One Choice Of: Champagne, Mimosa, Sake Screw Driver Bloody Mary, Coffee Or Tea. *Side Dish: $5 Wok Chinese Water Crest With Yellow Bean And Chili Garlic Sauce, $4steam Mixed Vegetable And Sea Salt, $4 Pineapple

Thai Style Chicken French Toast served with chilled cucumber salad    9.00
Stuffed Thai Omelet chicken, tomato, green bean, wrapped with thai style omelet served with white toast and mixed greens    9.00
Congee Village (hong kong style rice soup) marinated minced chicken, ginger, shitake mushroom, scallion and chinese twist cruller    9.00
Grilled Duck Crepe marinated duck, scallion, served with mixed greens    9.00
New Zealand Mussel Omelet With Cilantro fresh bean sprout and siracha hot sauce    10.00
Garlic Black Pepper Steak & Egg W/ Toast And Home Fries marinated flank steak, 2 egg any style, onion and pepper    10.00
American Fried Rice with sunnyside up, bacon, golden raisin, and fired chicken leg    10.00


Sura Thai Kitchen
2656 Broadway
At 101st St
(917) 688-3144
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