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Sugunya Thai Food

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  • Thai
  • 87-19 Atlantic Ave, Woodhaven 11421 40.686682 -73.854183
  • (Btwn 87th & 88th St)
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  • (718) 850-1525
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Spring Roll     1.95
Chicken Wings     4.95
Sate with peanut sauce and cucumber salad  
Chicken     8.95
Beef     8.95
Shrimps     9.95
Crispy Noodles with shrimps. mee-krob    6.95
Crispy Fried Squid with honey sauce    7.95
Crispy Fried Tofu with cucumber sauce    6.95
Toda-Man fish cake    8.95
French Fries     3.95
Dried Beef     6.95


Thai Chicken Consomme with dumplings    3.50
Old Fashioned Thai Spicy Soup with macaroni and vegetables    2.95
Thai Favorite Tom Yum Goong     12.95
Tom Kha-Gai     12.95


Chicken Salad with peanut sauce    8.95
Sugunya Salad with cashew nut sauce    8.95
Yum-Voon-Sen clear bean thread with shrimps, onion, chili, lime juice, thai herbs    9.95
Beef Salad with thai herbs    8.95
Shrimp Salad with thai herbs    9.95
Chicken Salad with thai herbs    8.95
Carrot Salad with white rice    6.95

Fried Rice

Any Extra $2 More.

Plain Thai Fried Rice Or Brown Fried Rice     5.50
Chicken Thai Fried Rice Or Brown Fried Rice     6.95
Deluxe Fried Rice     6.95
Beef Fried Rice Or Brown Fried Rice     6.95
Shrimp Thai Fried Rice Or Brown Fried Rice     7.95
Fried Chicken with vegetable fried rice or brown fried rice    6.95
Chicken Wings with fried rice    7.95
Fried Chicken with lo mein    7.95
Chicken Wings with lo mein    7.95
Fried Shrimp with french fries or fried rice    9.95
Fish & Chips with french fries or fried rice    9.95

Fried Rice

Thai Style Or Brown Rice

Mixed Vegetable Fried Rice     7.95
Mixed Fried Rice chicken, beef and shrimp    9.95
Mixed Fried Rice chicken and beef    8.95
House Special Fried Rice with beef or chicken    6.95
House Special Fried Rice Rice with shrimps    7.95
House Special Fried Rice with beef, chicken and shrimp    9.95
Kao Mok Gai curry rice    7.95
Kao Mak Lamb curry rice    8.95
Kao Mok Goat curry rice    8.95
Kao Mok Beef curry rice    7.95

Fried Chicken

Whole Chicken     11.95
Half Chicken     6.50
Half Chicken b.b.q. or honey sauce extra    1.00
American Style 4 Pieces with mashed potato or biscuit or corn    8.95
American Style 4 Pieces with fried rice    8.95
American Style 4 Wings with mashed potato or biscuit or corn    8.95
Gai Yang     8.95


Pad-Thai Chicken     8.95
Chicken & Shrimp     9.95
Shrimp     9.95
Chicken Lo Mein     8.95
Beef Lo Mein     8.95
Shrimp Lo Mein     9.95
Shrimp Lo Mein any extra    2.00
Thai Broad Noodles Lad Naa with chicken    8.95
Thai Broad Noodles Lad Naa with beef    8.95
Thai Broad Noodles Lad Naa with shrimp    9.95
Thai Angel Hai Lad Naa with chicken    8.95
Thai Angel Hair Lad Naa with beef    8.95
Thai Angel Hair Lad Naa with shrimp    9.95
Sugunya Broad Noodles with chicken    8.95
Sugunya Broad Noodles with beef    8.95
Sugunya Broad Noodles with shrimp    9.95
Sugunya Angel Hair with chicken    8.95
Sugunya Angel Hair with beef    8.95
Sugunya Angel Hair with shrimp    9.95
Noodle Soup any style of noodles with chicken or beef    7.95
Shrimp     8.95
Voon Sen with shrimp served in clay pot    10.90


1. Chicken with sweet and sour sauce    7.95
2. Chicken with broccoli    7.95
3. Chicken with onion and peppers    7.95
4. Chicken with ginger and scallions    7.95
5. Chicken with thai chilli and holy basil leaves    7.95
6. Chicken with thai curry and bamboo shoots    7.95
7. Chicken with bean sprouts    7.95
8. Chicken with thai curry and lemon grass    7.95
9. Chicken with thai curry and string beans    7.95
10. Chicken with mixed vegetables    8.95
C1. Chicken with green curry and vegetables    8.95
C2. Chicken with red curry and vegetables    8.95
C3. Chicken with garlic sauce    7.95
C4. Chicken with cashew nuts    7.95
C5. Chicken sesame    7.95
C6. Chicken General Thai     7.95
C7. Chicken Salted Black Beans     7.95
C8. Chicken Massaman     8.95
C9. Chicken Sma Go Reng     8.95
C10. Chicken with yellow curry    8.95

Beef $8.95

11. Beef with sweet and sour sauce  
12. Beef with broccoli  
13. Beef with onion and peppers  
14. Beef with ginger and scallions  
15. Beef with thai chili and holy basil leaves  
16. Beef with thai curry and bamboo shoots  
17. Beef with bean sprouts  
18. Beef with thai curry and lemon grass  
19. Beef with thai curry and string beans  
20. Beef with mixed vegetables  
B1. Beef with green curry and vegetables  
B2. Beef with red curry and vegetables  
B3. Beef with garlic sauce  
B4. Beef with cashew nuts  
B5. Beef Sesame   
B6. Beef General Thai   
B7. Beef Salted Black Beans   
B8. Beef Massaman   
B9. Beef Sma Go Reng   
B10. Beef with yellow curry  

Shrimp $9.95

21. Shrimp with sweet and sour sauce  
22. Shrimp with broccoli  
23. Shrimp with onion and peppers  
24. Shrimp with ginger and scallions  
25. Shrimp with thai chili and holy basil leaves  
26. Shrimp with thai curry and bamboo shoots  
27. Shrimp with bean sprouts  
28. Shrimp with thai curry and lemon grass  
29. Shrimp with thai curry and string beans  
30. Shrimp with mixed vegetables  
51. Shrimp with green curry and vegetables  
52. Shrimp with red curry and vegetables  
53. Shrimp with garlic sauce  
54. Shrimp with garlic sauce  
55. Shrimp Sesame   
56. Shrimp General Thai   
57. Shrimp Salted Black Beans   
58. Shrimp Massaman   
59. Shrimp Sma Go Reng   
S10. Shrimp with yellow curry  

Squid $9.95

31. Squid with sweet and sour sauce  
32. Squid with broccoli  
33. Squid with onion and peppers  
34. Squid with ginger and scallions  
35. Squid With Thai Chilli And Holy Basil Leaves   
36. Squid with thai curry and bamboo shoots  
37. Squid with bean sprouts  
38. Squid with thai curry and lemon grass  
39. Squid with thai curry and string beans  
40. Squid with mixed vegetables  
Q1. Squid with green curry and vegetables  
Q2. Squid with red curry and vegetables  
Q3. Squid with garlic sauce  
Q4. Squid with cashew nuts  
Q5. Squid Sesame   
Q6. Squid General Thai   
Q7. Squid Salted Black Beans   
Q8. Squid Massaman   
Q9. Squid Sme Go Reng   
Q10. Squid with yellow curry  

Lamb $10.95

L1. Lamb with sweet sour sauce  
L2. Lamb Massaman   
L3. Lamb Sma Go Reng   
L4. Lamb with ginger and scallions  
L5. Lamb with thai chilli and holy basil leaves  
L6. Lamb with thai curry and bamboo shoots  
L7. Lamb with yellow curry  
L8. Lamb with thai curry lemon grass  
L9. Lamb with thai curry and string beans  
L10. Lamb with green curry and vegetables  
L11. Lamb with red curry and vegetables  
L12. Lamb with garlic sauce  

Goat $10.95

G1. Goat with sweet sour sauce  
G2. Goat Massaman   
G3. Goat Sma Go Reng   
G4. Goat with ginger and scallion  
G5. Goat with thai chili and holy basil leaves  
G6. Goat with thai curry and bamboo shoots  
G7. Goat with yellow curry  
G8. Goat with thai curry lemon grass  
G9. Goat with thai curry string beans  
G10. Goat with green curry and vegetables  
G11. Goat with red curry and vegetables  
G12. Goat with garlic sauce  


Seafood Combination with mixed vegetables    12.95
Fried Rice with spicy thai sauce  
Steam Fish with fresh ginger, scallions, and black bean sauce  
Yellow Curry Fish   
Sour Curry Fish   


1 Vegetable   
Mixed Vegetables   
White Rice    lg 3.00 sm 1.50
Peanut Sauce     2.50

Side Salad

Green Salad     3.95
Cucumber Salad     4.95
Steamed Vegetables     8.95
Large     8.95
Steamed Broccoli     8.95
Large     8.95


All Soda   
Coffee Or Tea   
Thai Tea Hot Or Coffee   
Thai Iced Tea Or Iced Coffee   


Sugunya Thai Food
87-19 Atlantic Ave
Btwn 87th & 88th St
(718) 850-1525
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