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Steak & Hoagies

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  • Chinese
  • 1657 Madison Ave, New York 10029 40.796345 -73.947185
  • (Btwn 110th & 111th St)
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  • (917) 492-5003
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A1. Mozzarella Steak with marinara sauce.   (6pcs) 5.25
A2. Buffalo Wings with carrot, celery stick, truffle cheese.   (8pcs) 5.50
A3. Chicken Fingers with honey mustard sauce   (6pcs) 5.25
A4. Garlic Bread     1.65
A5. French Fries     2.25
A6. Cheese Fries With Cheddar Cheese     3.75
A7. Onion Rings     2.50
A8. Fried/Grilled Jumbo Shrimp    (6pcs) 5.25
A9. Fried/Grilled Jumbo Shrimp    (12pcs) 10.25
A10. BBQ Spare Ribs    (5pcs) 6.95
A11. 1/2 BBQ Chicken     5.50
A12. Fried Platter chicken fingers (6), french fries & 6 shrimps.    10.25
A13. Chicken & Cheese Tortillas lettuce, tomato, sour cream, marinara sauce.   (4pcs) 5.25
A14. Macaroni Cheese     3.50
A15. Baked Potato with butter    1.65


B1. Chicken Noodle Soup     2.25
B2. New England Clam Chowder     3.25
B3. Mixed Vegetable Soup     2.25
B4. Creamy Mushroom Soup     2.50
B4. Creamy Mushroom Soup with shrimp    3.25


Choice Of Dressing On The Side Italian, French, Caesar, Ranch, Blue Cheese, Honey Mustard.

C1. Garden Salad romaine lettuce, tomato, carrot, cucumber.   lg 5.50 sm 3.25
C2. Tuna Salad    lg 7.95 sm 4.25
C3. Caesar Salad romaine lettuce, carrot, tomato, parmesan cheese, crouton.    5.95
C4. Grilled Chicken B.L.T. Salad iceberg lettuce, tomato, bacon, onion, cheddar cheese mixed with creamy ranch dressing.    8.95
C5. Chef's Special Salad turkey, ham, cheddar cheese on garden salad.    7.95
C6. Grilled Chicken Salad     7.95
C7. Grilled Chicken Salad with honey glazed walnuts    8.95
C8. Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad with parmesan & crouton    8.95
C9. Spicy Cajun Chicken Salad     7.95
C10. Crispy Chicken Salad     7.95
C11. Baby Shrimp Salad    (20pcs) 9.95
C12. Grilled Jumbo Shrimp Salad    (8pcs) 9.95
C13. Grilled Salmon Salad     11.95
C14. Grilled Chicken & Shrimp Salad    (6pcs) 11.95
C15. Sirloin Steak (8oz) Salad     11.95
C15. Sirloin Steak (8oz) Salad extra chicken    2.00
C15. Sirloin Steak (8oz) Salad add cheese, honey glazed walnut or bacon   ea 1.00
C15. Sirloin Steak (8oz) Salad additional dressing   ea 0.50

Steak & Combination Platter From The Grill

All Served With Green Salad And Garlic Bread And Choice Of French Fries, Baked Potato, Yellow Rice Or Linguini In Marinara Sauce.

D1. Sirloin Steak    (11oz) 13.95
D2. Sirloin Steak    (8oz) 12.25
D3. House Special Seasoned Steak    (8oz) 12.25
D4. House Special Seasoned T-Bone Steak    (16oz) 16.95
D5. T-Bone Steak    (16oz) 15.95
D6. T-Bone Steak (16oz) & 1/2 BBQ Chicken     20.95
D7. T-Bone Steak (16oz) & BBQ Spare Ribs     20.95
D8. T-Bone (16oz) Steak & Jumbo Shrimp (6pcs)     20.95
D9. Steak (8oz) & BBQ Spare Ribs     16.95
D10. Steak (8oz) & Jumbo Shrimps (6pcs)     16.95
D11. Steak (8oz) & BBQ 1/2 Chicken     16.95
D12. BBQ 1/2 Chicken & Jumbo Shrimps    (6pcs) 13.95
D13. BBQ 1/2 Chicken & Jumbo Shrimps    (6pcs) 12.95
D14. BBQ Spare Ribs & Jumbo Shrimps    (6pcs) 13.95
D15. BBQ 1/2 Chicken & BBQ Spare Ribs & Jumbo Shrimps    (6pcs) 17.95
D16. BBQ Pork Chop    (2pcs) 9.95
D17. Honey Mustard Grilled Pork Chop    (2pcs) 9.95
D18. Grilled Pork Chop (2pcs) & Mushroom     10.95
D19. BBQ Pork Chop & Jumbo Shrimps    (6pcs) 13.95

Steam Vegetable $5.50

All Prices Are Tax Included, And Subject To Change Without Notice.

E1. Mixed Vegetable broccoli, string bean, cabbage, onion & carrot.  
E2. Broccoli   

Steam Seafood Combo

All Served With Mixed Vegetables (Broccoli, Onion, Carrot). Choice Of Yellow Rice, Baked Potato, Or Linguini In Marinara Sauce.

F1. Jumbo Shrimp    (10pcs) 11.95
F2. Salmon Fillet    (2pcs) 11.95
F3. Salmon (2pcs) & Jumbo Shrimp (4pcs)     14.95
F4. Whiting Fillet    (2pcs) 9.95
F5. Whiting (2pcs) & Jumbo Shrimp (4pcs)     12.95
F6. Cat Fish (2pcs)     9.95
F7. Cat Fish (2pcs) & Jumbo Shrimp (4pcs)     12.95
F8. Flounder Fillet    (1pcs) 9.95
F9. Flounder (1pcs) & Jumbo Shrimp (4pcs)     12.95

Pasta Special

All Served With Green Salad And Garlic Bread.

G1. Shrimp Parmigiana Pasta     12.95
G2. Chicken Parmigiana Pasta     9.75
G3. Grilled Chicken Linguini marinara / alfredo sauce.    9.75
G4. Eggplant Parmigiana Pasta     9.25
G5. Meat Ball Parmigiana Pasta     9.95
G6. Shrimp with linguini in garlic, marinara or alfredo sauce    12.50
G7. Meat Ball with linguini (marinara sauce).    9.75
G8. Mushroom with linguini in garlic, marinara or alfredo sauce    9.25
G9. Broccoli Parmigiana Pasta     9.25
G10. Baked Ziti In Marinara Sauce Or Alfredo Sauce     9.25
G11. Baked Ziti Parmigiana     9.25
G12. Baked Ziti with chicken parmigiana    9.95

House Special

All Served With Green Salad And Garlic Bread And Choice Of French Fries, Baked Potato, Yellow Rice Or Linguini In Marinara Sauce.

H1. Grilled Jumbo Shrimp    (8pcs) 9.95
H2. Fried Jumbo Shrimp    (6pcs) 8.25
H3. Fried Jumbo Shrimp    (12pcs) 12.95
H4. Grilled Salmon Steak     11.95
H5. Grilled Salmon Steak with jumbo shrimp   (16pcs) 16.95
H6. Flounder Fillet Beer Butter Cream Sauce     11.95
H7. Cat Fish Fillet Beer Butter Cream Sauce     11.95
H8. Whiting Fillet Beef Butter Cream Sauce     11.95
H9. BBQ Spare Ribs    (5pcs) 9.75
H10. 1/2 BBQ Chicken     8.50
H11. Whole BBQ Chicken     12.95
H12. Grilled Chicken Breast With Teriyaki Sauce     9.95
H13. Grilled Chicken Breast With BBQ Sauce     9.95
H14. Blacken/Cajun Boneless Chicken     9.95
H15. Chicken Cutlet & Mushroom     9.95
H16. Chicken Finger    (6pcs) 8.50
H17. Fried Jumbo Shrimp (6pcs) & Chicken Finger (6pcs)     12.50

Hoagies & Wraps Special

Garlic Hero $0.50 Extra, With French Fries $0.50 Extra, For Any Extra Meat $2.

J1. Philly Steak     5.50
J2. Sirloin Steak     5.95
J3. Char Grilled Chicken     5.50
J4. Grilled Chicken BLT     5.50
J5. Honey Mustard Chicken     5.50
J6. Chicken Parmigiana Hoagies     6.25
J7. Cajun Chicken     5.50
J8. Crispy Chicken     5.50
J9. Meat Ball Parmigiana Hoagies     6.25
J10. Eggplant Parmigiana Hoagies     6.25
J11. Crispy Fish Fillet Hoagies     5.75
J12. Roasted Beef     5.50
J13. Turkey Breast     5.50
J14. Boiled Ham     5.50
J15. Pastrami     5.50
J16. Sauteed Baby Shrimp     6.25
J17. Shrimp Parmigiana Hoagies     7.25
J18. American Hero roast beef, turkey, american cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo on toasted garlic hero.    6.25
J19. Beef Eater roast beef & melted mozzarella cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo on toasted garlic hero.    6.25
J20. New Yorker turkey breast & melted swiss cheese, lettuce, mayo on toasted garlic hero.    6.25
J21. Philly Veggie grilled onion, green pepper, mushroom, lettuce, tomato, cheese and ranch dressing.    5.95
J22. Chicken Cordon Bleu chicken breast, ham, swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mayo on garlic hero.    6.25
J23. Meat Ball Hoagie chunks of meat balls, grilled onion, green pepper, mozzarella cheese and italian dressing.    5.95
J24. Tuna Melt     5.50
J25. Tex Mex Hero grilled chicken with grilled onion, green pepper, b.b.q. sauce, hot sauce and monterey jack cheese on garlic hero.    6.25
J26. Cuban Style Hero grilled chicken, ham, bacon, swiss cheese, romaine lettuce and tomatoes on garlic hero.    6.25
J27. Chef's Special Hero roasted beef, pastrami, mustard, swiss cheese, american cheese lettuce and tomatoes on garlic hero.    6.25

Classic Triple Decker Sandwiches

Reg / Deluxe. Served With Toasted White, Lettuce, Tomato & Mayo, Deluxe Also Served With French Fries & Pickle. $0.75 Extra For Cheese; $0.50 Extra On Wheat Bread

L1. Bacon lettuce & tomato (blt)    5.50  3.80
L2. Grilled Cheese     4.50  3.00
L3. Grilled Cheese BLT     5.95  4.50
L4. Tuna Salad     6.25  4.50
L5. Tuna Melt     6.25  4.75
L6. Roast Beef Club     6.25  4.75
L7. Ham Or Turkey Club     4.50  6.25
L8. Roasted Beef pastrami & mustard    6.75  4.95
L9. Pastrami Club     6.25  4.75
L10. Grilled Or Crispy Chicken Club     4.75  6.25

Burgers From The Grill

Reg / Deluxe. All Served With Lettuce, Tomato Onion & Mayo, Deluxe Also Served With French Fries & Pickle.

M1. Hamburger     5.50  3.50
M2. Double Burger     5.25  6.95
M3. Cheeseburger     5.75  3.80
M4. Double Cheeseburger     7.25  5.50
M5. Bacon Burger     5.95  4.00
M6. Bacon Cheeseburger     6.50  4.75
M7. Double Bacon Cheeseburger     5.95  7.75
M8. Swiss Bacon Burger     4.95  6.75
M9. Double Swiss Bacon Burger     6.25  7.95
M10. Turkey Burger     3.80  5.75
M11. Turkey Cheese Burger     4.00  5.95
M12. Bacon Turkey Cheese Burger     4.75  6.50
M13. House Special Burger grilled onion, mushroom, bacon and mozzarella cheese.    6.75  4.95
M14. Triple Cheese Burger with swiss american and mozzarella cheese.    4.95  6.75
M15. Texas Burger topped with b.b.q. sauce, bacon and cheddar cheese.    4.75  6.50
M16. Philly Burger topped with sauteed onion, green pepper and american cheese.    5.95  3.95
M17. Crispy Or Grilled Chicken Burger     3.80  5.75
M18. Crispy Or Grilled Chicken Cheese Burger     4.00

Quesadillas From The House

Half Moon. All Served With Sour Cream, Special Red Sauce On Side

Q1. Grilled Chicken Quesadilla grilled chicken on a warm flour tortilla, with grilled onion and monterey jack cheese.    6.50
Q2. Texas Steak Quesadilla strips of sirloin steak on warm flour tortilla with grilled onion b.b.q. sauce and monterey jack cheese.    6.75
Q3. Philly Steak Quesadilla philly steak chopped with onion green pepper a. cheese on a warm flour tortilla.    6.50
Q4. Shrimp Quesadilla baby shrimps with onion, green pepper and monterey jack cheese on a warm flour tortilla.    7.50
Q5. Cajun Chicken Quesadilla grilled cajun chicken with grilled onion, mozzarella cheese on a warm flour tortilla.    6.75
Q6. Veggie Quesadilla chopped onion, green pepper, mushrooms, broccoli and carrot with mozzarella cheese on a warm flour tortilla.    6.25
Q7. Crispy Chicken Quesadilla     6.50



Cheesecake     2.75
Carrot Cake     3.25
Oreo Cheese Cake     3.25
Chocolate Mousse     3.25

Refreshing Beverage

Snapple     1.50
Homemade Iced Tea (16oz) Honey Infusion     1.25
Can Soda     1.00
Bottled Water     1.00


Steak & Hoagies
1657 Madison Ave
Btwn 110th & 111th St
(917) 492-5003
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