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Stage Deli (CLOSED)

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  • American, Deli Food, Diner
  • 834 7th Ave, NEW YORK 10019 40.763434 -73.981575
  • (Btwn 53rd & 54th St)
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  • (212) 245-7850
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"Let the meal begin".

Chopped Liver   
Stuffed Cabbage   
Potato Pirogen   
Fried Kreplach   
Gefilte Fish   
Knishes Square or round.  
Split Knish With melted swiss, with pastrami, with corned beef and swiss.  
Creamed Herring   
Kasha Varnishkas   
Onion Rings   
Stuffed Derma   

Home Made Soups

"A taste from mom's kitchen".

Chicken Soup With rice and noodles.  
Chicken Soup With Matzoh Ball Or Kreplach   
Soup Of The Day (Ask your server).  
Mish Mash (A large bowl of chicken soup with matzoh ball, kreplach, rice and noodles).  
Borscht (Hot or cold).  
Borscht With A Boiled Potato   


"On the lighter side of 7th avenue".

Giada De Laurentis Chef Salad Turkey, ham, roast beef, american and swiss cheese atop traditional greens.  
Joel Grey Broadway Salad Grilled sliced chicken breast atop traditional greens.  
Melina Kanakaredes Greek Salad Chopped lettuce topped with feta cheese, hard boiledegg, grape leaves and anchovies.  
Richard Simmons Tropical Fruit Salad Cottage cheese, fresh fruit salad and strawberry jello.  
Sid's Caesar Salad The timeless recipe served stage style.  
Sid's Caesar Salad Topped with grilled chicken.  
Linda Lavin Salad Platter Choice of tuna salad, chicken salad, shrimp salad, chopped liver, egg salad or gefilte fish served on a bed of lettuce and tomatoes, potato salad and coleslaw..  
Stage House Salad Small or large.  

Our Regular Sandwiches

"If you can call them regular". Choice of kaiser or club roll with cheese.

Corned Beef   
Roast Beef   
Chopped Liver   
Smoked Ham   
Bacon Lettuce And Tomato   
Salami Soft   
Salami Hard   
Tuna Salad   
Chicken Salad   
Egg Salad   
Shrimp Salad   
Beef Bologna   
Grilled Chicken   
Chicken Club   
Traditional Turkey Club   
Grilled Cheese   
Grilled Cheese With Tomato   
Grilled Cheese With Bacon And Tomato   
Doublemeat Combo   


"Our hamburgers are 10 ounces of trimmed double ground chuck roll served with french fries, lettuce and tomatoes".

Bacon Cheeseburger   
Mushroom Swissburger   
Turkey Burger   
Jack Bac Burger (Bacon grilled chesse with a burger inside).  
Deli Burger (With swiss cheese, grilled onions on rye).  

Eggs & Omelettes

"We serve breakfast all day". L eggs platters served with bagel or toast. Additional omellete items: bacon, diced ham, tomatoes, onions, green peppers or mushrooms, extra additional cheese, egg beaters.

3 Eggs (Any style).  
3 Eggs (Any style) with bacon, ham or sausage.  
Plain Omelette   
Cheese Omelette With american, muenster, cheddar, swiss or mozzarella.  
Western Omelette   
The Original Deli Style Omelette (With corned beef or pastrami).  
The Original Deli Style Omelette - Salami (With salami or bologna).  
The Traditional Novie Eggs & Onions   
The Classic Leo Lox Eggs & Onions   
Corned Beef Hash Topped with a poached egg.  
Matzah Brei   

Stage Specialty Triple Deckers

"A tradition that started in 1937 when owner max asnas would invite his famous clientele to the carving board to create their favorite combinations. The results were put on the menu for all to enjoy. Today, the list represents a who's who

Marv Albert (Corned beef and swiss cheese).  
Ron Blomberg (Corned beef, pastrami, chopped liver and bermuda onion).  
Cindy Adams (Corned beef, pastrami and swiss cheese).  
Clint Eastwood (Turkey, tongue and corned beef).  
Harvey Fierstein (Corned beef, chopped liver and onion).  
Al Roker (Salami, tongue and pastrami).  
Adam Sandler (Nova scotia salmon, sturgeon, lettuce, tomato and onion).  
Katie Couric (Turkey, ham and swiss cheese).  
George Pataki (Turkey, chopped liver, bacon, lettuce and tomato).  
Howie Mandel (Chicken salad, hard boiled egg, lettuce and tomato).  
Stephen Sondheim (Chicken salad, bacon, lettuce and tomato).  
James Gandolfini (Roast beef, chopped liver and onion).  
Conan O'brien (Brisket, corned beef and swiss cheese).  
Paul Loduca (Bologna, ham and swiss cheese).  
Howard Stern (Pastrami, brisket and muenster cheese).  
Mel Brooks (Pastrami, turkey and swiss cheese).  
Larry Gatlin (Turkey, salami and swiss cheese).  
Alex Rodrigez (Turkey, chopped liver, lettuce, tomato and onion).  
Gloria Estefan (Tuna, bacon, american cheese, lettuce and tomato).  
Aretha Franklin (Pastrami, turkey, roast beef and swiss cheese).  
Derek Jeter (Roast beef, turkey and muenster cheese).  
Larry David (Corned beef, turkey, pastrami, and swiss cheese).  
Tim Robbins (Corned beef, turkey, pastrami, roast beef and swiss cheese).  
Doly Parton (Twin rolls of pastrami and corned beef).  

Our World Famous

Open faced sandwiches. "Piled so high we had to put the bread on the bottom".

Tiger Woods Reuben (Your choice of corned beef, pastrami, turkey or salami with hot sauerkraut and melted swiss cheese).  
Ben Stiller Hot Open Roast Beef (Roast beef, served with gravy and french fries).  
Hugh Jackman Hot Open Turkey (White meat turkey, served with gravy and french fries).  
Donald Trump Sliced Steak (Sliced tenderloin steak, grilled with au jus gravy and served with fries and mashed potatoes).  
Patrick Dempsey (Grilled chicken breast topped with sliced tomatoes and melted muenster cheese).  
Robert Klein (Sliced beef brisket topped with cole slaw and melted mozzarella).  
Pedro Martinez Tuna Melt (Tuna topped with bacon, tomato and american cheese).  

Our Heros

"Subs, grinders, hoagies or wedges, call them whatever you want. They still come out delicious".

New York Police Dept (Genoa salami, cappicola, ham, pepperoni, mozzarela with lettuce, tomato, onion and hot peppers).  
Rudy Giulani (Corned beef and pastrami topped with muenster and swiss cheese and finished with cole slaw and russian dressing).  
Fire Dept. Of Ny (Sweet italian sausages sauteed with peppers and onions).  
Port Authority P.D. (Home made meat balls topped with mozzarella cheese).  


Reuben Wrap (Corned beef or pastami with swiss cheese and sour kraut).  
Tuna Wrap (Flaked white tuna with feta cheese, lettuce, olives and red onions).  
Club Wrap (Turkey with bacon, lettuce and tomatoes).  
Chicken Caesar Wrap (Grilled chicken with romaine lettuce and caesar dressing).  


"Enjoy home style cooking in the tradition that makeus famous".

Cheese Blintzes (The best in the city? We think so. Served with sour cream and choice of fruit preserves).  
Potato Pancakes (Three pancakes served with sour cream and apple sauce).  
Potato Pirogen (Delicate crepes filled with our secret potato filling).  
Roast Chicken (Fresh half chicken roasted to perfection, served with choice of two side dishes).  
Spaghetti & Meat Balls (Home made meat balls atop a mound of fresh imported pasta).  
Beef Knockwurst (Two "specials" served grilled or boiled with choice off rench fries or baked beans).  
Beef Franks (Two "foot-long" hot dogs, served with choice of french fries or baked beans).  
Chicken Liver Sautee (Choice chicken livers sauteed with onions and peppers, served on a bed of rice).  
Hungarian Goulash (Chunks of hand cut chuck roll in a hearty gravy, topped with peas and carrots and served over broad noodles).  
Corned Beef And Cabbage (Our own cured corned beef served atop fresh steamed cabbage).  
Roumanian Tenderloin (Our famous "skirt steak" , tenderized in garlic and oil and served with two side dishes).  
Sliced Beef Brisket (Thick cuts of our oven roasted full shoulder brisket served with a potato pancake and brown gravy).  
Chicken In The Pot (Boiled chicken in a crock pot filled with chicken soup, kreplach, matzoh ball, fresh vegetables and egg noodles).  
Stage Deli Platter (Your choice of four of our deli meats or cheese served with sides of coleslaw and potato salad).  

Smoked Fish

"Our smoked fish is hand picked, hand sliced and comes with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cream cheese and toasted bagel". Nova scotia, salmon, belly lox, whitefish, baked salmon, sturgeon&comma

Single Fish Platter   
Fish Combo Double, triple.  
Novie, Cream Cheese On A Bagel Novie, lox.  
Sturgeon, Cream Cheese On A Bagel   

On The Sides

French Fries   
Onion Rings   
Fresh Vegetables   
Potato Pancake (1)   
Baked Potato   
Cole Slaw   
Potato Salad   
Macaroni Salad   
Stuffed Derma   
Corn On The Cob   
Cherry Peppers   
Filet Peppers   


Soft Drinks Dr. brown's cream, cel-ray or black cherry, bottomless soda.  
Bottomless Mug Of Coffee   
Brewed Decaf   
Milk Small, large.  
Iced Tea   
Stage Deli Brooklyn Root Beer   
Espresso Single, double.  
Stage Deli Spring Water   
Hot Chocolate   
Stage Deli Seltzer   

From The Fountain

"Remember the corner drugstore".

New York Egg Cream   
Brooklyn Root Beer Float   
Old Fashioned Ice Cream Soda    
Milk Shake   
Cappuccino Shake   


Stage Deli
834 7th Ave
Btwn 53rd & 54th St
(212) 245-7850
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