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  • Thai, Vegetarian
  • 64-13 39th Ave, Woodside 11377 40.746409 -73.899646
  • (Btwn 64th & 65th St)
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  • (718) 899-9599
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A-1. Papaya Salad* w. dry shrimp and crushed peanuts    7.00
A-2. Papaya Salad* w. seafood and dry shrimp    9.00
A-3. Papaya Salad & Dry Shrimp* garnished w. crispy ground catfish    10.00
A-4. Shredded Green Mango Salad* w. shrimp, squid, chicken, crushed peanuts and cashew nuts    10.50
A-5. Bean Thread Salad* w. ground chicken, shrimp, squid and dry shrimp    9.00
A-6. Crispy Chinese Watercress Salad* w. shrimp, squid and chicken    10.50
A-7. Crispy Ground Catfish* topped w. green mango salad and cashew nuts    14.00
A-8. B.B.Q. Pork Tender* w. "jae" sauce on the side    8.50
A-9. B.B.Q. Pork Tender* w. chili, mint, onion and lime juice    9.00
A-10. B.B.Q. Beef* w. "jae" sauce on the side    9.00
A-11. B.B.Q. Beef* w. chili, mint, onion and lime juice    9.00
A-12. Roasted Duck Salad* w. onion, chili, lime juice, pineapple, ginger, mango and crushed peanuts    10.50
A-13. Larb: Ground Meat* w. fresh mint, dry chili and lime juice    8.50
A-14. Sweet Sausage* w. cucumber, onion, chili and lime juice    8.50
A-15. Fried Soft Shell Crab* w. shredded green mango sauce    16.00
A-16. Raw Shrimp* topped w. garlic, chili and lime juice    11.00
A-17. Shrimp Or Squid Salad*     11.00
A-18. Steamed Calamari* topped w. garlic, chili and lime juice    11.00
A-19. B.B.Q. Pork* topped w. garlic, chili and lime juice    9.00
A-20. Fried Chicken & Shrimp Dumpling* w. lemongrass, chili and lime juice    8.00
A-21. Thai Vegetable Salad w. egg and peanut sauce    5.00
A-22. B.B.Q. Pork marinated w. honey, served w. chili sauce    8.00
A-23 Fried Pickled Pork Spare-Ribs boneless    7.50
A-24. Thai Buffalo Wing     7.50
A-25. Grilled Meatball (Beef Or Pork)* w. spicy sauce    5.00
A-26. Pork, Chicken Or Beef Satay     8.50
A-27. Fried Marinated Pork Strips* w. "jae sauce" on the side    8.00
A-28. Steamed Dumpling w. chicken and shrimp    5.00
A-29. Fried Fish Cake*     8.50
A-30. Fried Shrimp Cake     9.50
A-31. Fried Egg Roll     7.00
A-32. Fried Whole Shrimp wrapped w. egg roll skin    8.00
A-33. Fried Pork And Crabmeat Roll     8.00
A-34. Fried Minced Shrimp Roll     8.00
A-35. Fried Bean Curd served w. chili sauce and crushed peanuts    5.50
A-36. Chicken Curry Puff served w. cucumber salad    6.00
A-37. Mee-Krob sweet & sour crispy vermicelli and shrimp    6.50
A-38. Fried Calamari* w. chili sauce on the side    7.50
A-39. Fried Shredded Taro & Peanut* w. chili sauce on the side    7.00
A-40. Fried Stuffed Golden Bag w. chicken and vegetables    6.00
A-41. Fried Chive Vegetable Dumpling     5.00
A-42. Ground Pork* w. ginger, chili, peanut and lemon juice    8.00
A-43. Minced Sea Trout Salad* w. red onion, cilantro, chili & lime juice    10.00


From: N17-N23 Served Until 5pm Only

N-1. Pad Thai sauté rice noodles w. bean sprouts, egg, shrimp, dry shrimp and crushed peanuts on the side    9.00
N-2. Rad-Na sauté noodles topped w. thai style gravy sauce, choice of meat and chinese broccoli    9.00
N-3. Pad-See-Ew sauté soy sauce noodles, choice of meat, egg and chinese broccoli    9.00
N-4. Gai-Kua sauté noodles w. chicken, squid and egg    9.00
N-5. Drunken Noodles* sauté noodles w. choice of minced or sliced meat, chili and basil leaves    9.00
N-6. Nur-Sub Noodles sauté noodles topped w. thai style gravy sauce, minced beef and onion    9.00
N-7. Curry Rice Noodles* w. choice of meat, egg and crushed peanuts    9.00
N-8. Crispy Egg Noodles topped w. shrimp, chicken, bamboo shoot and mushroom    9.00
N-9. Kao-Soy* curry egg noodles w. choice of meat    9.00
N-10. Preserved Bean Curd Soup w. seafood, pork, chicken, vegetables, bean thread and egg    9.50
N-11. Thai Noodles* served w. northern style curry, herbs, ground pork and spare rib    9.00
N-12. Thai Noodles* w. green curry, chicken & bamboo shoots    9.00
N-13. Thai Noodles* w. ground fish curry sauce, coconut milk & fish ball; served w. steamed vegetables    9.00
N-14. Thai Noodles* w. ground fish curry sauce and fish ball; served with fresh vegetables    9.00
N-15. Jumbo Noodle Soup w. pig's offal and egg    9.00
N-16. Fish Maw Soup w. chicken, egg, bamboo shoot and black mushroom    9.00
N-17. Beef Noodle Soup (Light Or Dark)* w. meatball, beef liver and tripe    8.00
N-18.. Sour & Spicy Noodle Soup* w. ground pork, sliced pork, pork ball and peanut    8.00
N-19. Pork Noodle Soup w. fish ball and ground pork    8.00
N-20. Chan's Noodle Soup* w. beef or pork    8.00
N-21. Tomato Sauce Noodle Soup w. squid, fish ball, tofu & chinese watercress    8.00
N-22. Egg Noodles (No Soup) w. roasted pork and bean sprouts    8.00
N-23. Noodle Soup w. sliced duck or stewed duck    9.00


Sm / Lg

S-1. Tom-Yum Shrimp* w. mushroom in hot and sour soup    9.00  5.00
S-2. Bean Curd Soup w. ground pork or chicken    8.00  4.00
S-3. Vegetable soup w. ground pork, squid and shrimp    9.00  5.00
S-4. Chicken Soup* w. mushroom, coconut milk and galanga    4.50  8.50
S-5. Salmon Fillet* w. mushroom, lemongrass and galanga mint in sour and spicy soup   lg 9.50
S-6. Rice Soup w. sea trout fillet   lg 10.00
S-7. Tom-Yum Pork Leg* w. mushroom in hot and sour soup    9.00  5.00
S-8. Mixed Vegetable Soup w. shrimp, shrimp paste, pepper & dry shrimp*   lg 9.00
S-9. Bean Thread Soup w. ground chicken    4.00  8.00
S-10. Ground Pork w. mustard green soup    8.00  4.00
S-11. Stewed Beef Tendon light or dark soup*    4.50  8.50
S-12. Tom-Zap beef's offal soup*    4.50  8.50
S-13. Tom-Zap cornish hen in hot and sour soup*    4.50  8.50

Soft Shell Crab* $16

Sc-1. Fried Soft Shell Crab served with green curry sauce with pineapple, pumpkin and long bean  
Sc-2. Fried Soft Shell Crab topped w. chili, garlic and basil leaves  

Over Rice

O-1. Pork Leg w. mustard greens over rice    8.50
O-2. Chicken w. ginger sauce over rice    8.50
O-3. Roasted Pork w. special sweet house sauce over rice    8.50
O-4. Roasted Duck w. chinese watercress over rice    9.50
O-5. Stewed Beef Over Rice     8.50
O-6. Choice Of Ground / Sliced Meat* w. chili, garlic and basil leaves over rice    8.50
O-7. Seasoned Pork w. pepper and garlic over rice    8.50
O-8. Shrimp Paste Fried Rice w. chicken and dry shrimp    8.50
O-9. Fried Rice with salted beef    8.50
O-10. Fried Rice* w. chili sauce    8.50
O-11. Shrimp Or Crabmeat Fried     9.00
O-12. Combo Of Coconut Rice, B.B.Q.* chicken and papaya salad w. dry shrimp and crushed peanuts    9.00
O-13. Bu-Du Sauce Rice w. mixed vegetables, dry shrimp and toasted coconut    8.50
O-14. Pan Fried Mussels (No Rice) w. egg and bean sprout    9.00

A La Carte

Choice Of Meat: Chicken, Beef Or Pork Substitute Meat To Seafood Add $1.50

C-1. Seasoned Pork w. garlic and pepper    9.00
C-2. Sauté Chicken* w. cashew nuts, pineapple & roasted chili    9.00
C-3. Pan Fried Egg w. ground pork or chicken    8.50
C-4. Fried Or B.B.Q. Chicken     9.00
C-5. Sauté Chicken w. ginger, onion and scallion    9.00
C-6. Bean Thread w. shrimp and pork belly in casserole    9.50
C-7. Sauté Mixed Vegetables w. oyster sauce    9.00
C-8. Sauté Chinese Watercress w. oyster sauce    9.00
C-9. Sauté Chinese Broccoli w. oyster sauce    9.00
C-10. Sauté Chinese Broccoli w. crispy pork    10.50
C-11. Sauté Snow Pea Tips* w. oyster sauce and roasted chili    10.50
C-12. Sauté Eggplant* w. ground pork, garlic, chili and basil leaves    10.00
C-13. Sauté Bean Thread w. egg, shrimp and chicken    9.00
C-14. Sauté* choice of ground or sliced meat, chili, garlic and basil leaves    9.00
C-15. Sauté Pork Leg* w. chili, garlic and basil leaves    10.00
C-16. Sauté Crispy Pork Belly* w. chili, garlic and basil leaves    10.00
C-17. Sauté Seafood* (shrimp, squid, trout fillet and mussels) w. garlic, chili, rhizome, green pepper, corn and basil leaves    11.00
C-18. Roasted Duck In Curry Sauce* w. thai eggplant and bamboo shoot    11.00
C-19. Sauté Pork* w. prik-khing curry and long bean    9.00
C-20. Chu-Chee Shrimp* shrimp w. chu-chee curry sauce and mushroom    11.00
C-21. Panang Curry* w. choice of meat    10.00
C-22. Massaman Curry* choice of beef or chicken w. onion, potato and peanut    9.00
C-23. Green Curry* w. choice of meat, thai eggplant or bamboo shoot and coconut milk    9.00
C-24. Red Curry* w. choice of meat, bamboo shoot and coconut milk    9.00
C-25. Green Curry* w. roasted duck, tomatoes, pineapple and coconut milk    11.00
C-26. Yellow (Karee) Curry w. coconut milk, chicken, potato, onion and cucumber sauce on the side    10.00
C-27. Jungle Curry* w. choice of meat & mixed vegetables    9.00
C-28. Kang Som* sour curry w. mixed vegetables & shrimp    9.00
C-29. Sauté Frog Legs (Bone In)* w. chili, garlic and basil leaves    12.00
C-30.Sauté Roasted Duck* w. bamboo shoot, chili & basil leaves    11.00
C-31. Sauté Sea Trout Fillet* in spicy curry sauce w. thai eggplant    11.00
C-32. Sauté Beef w. oyster sauce, mushroom & scallion    9.00
C-33. Sauté Sliced Catfish* (with tiny bones) in spicy curry sauce w. thai eggplant    9.00
C-34. Sauté Pork Curry* w. thai eggplant    9.00
C-35. Sauté Sa-Tor Bean* in spicy sauce w. shrimp    9.50
C-36. Southern Style Curry* w. choice of meat    9.50
C-37. Kang Som Sour Curry* w. shrimp and cha-om omelet    9.00
C-38. Sour And Spicy Yellow Curry* w. sour bamboo shoot and sea trout    9.00
C-39. Fish Flavor Curry* w. mixed vegetables and shrimp    9.00


Steamed Or Fried Plate: Sea Trout Filet Sm $12 / Lg $22 / Whole Red Snapper $22

F-1. Fried Fish topped w. tomato, onion and pineapple in sweet and sour sauce  
F-2. Fried Fish* topped w. sweet chili sauce  
F-3. Fried Fish* topped w. chili, garlic and basil  
F-4. Fried Fish topped w. ginger sauce  
F-5. Fried Fish* topped w. green mango sauce  
F-6. Fried Fish* topped w. curry sauce  
F-7. Fried Fish topped w. dry garlic and pepper  
F-8. Fried Fish* topped w. lemongrass sauce  
F-9. Steamed Fish* w. garlic, chili and lime juice  
F-10. Steamed Fish w. soy sauce, ginger and scallion  

Side Orders

So-1. Jasmine Rice     1.00
So-2. Sticky Rice     1.50
So-3. Chicken Stock Rice     1.50
So-4. Brown Rice     1.50
So-5. Coconut Rice     1.50

Dessert $5

D-1. Ice Cream

A. Coconut Ice Cream   
B. Lychee Ice Cream   
C. Green Tea Ice Cream chilled dessert is in refrigerator showcase  


Sd-1. Soda     1.50
Sd-2. Hot Tea, Green Tea     1.50
Sd-3. Hot Coffee     1.50
Sd-4. Black Thai Iced Tea     2.50
Sd-5. Black Iced Coffee     2.50
Sd-6. Thai Iced Tea w. milk    2.50
Sd-7. Thai Iced Tea w. milk & black pearls    3.00
Sd-8. Iced Coffee w. milk    2.50
Sd-9. Coconut Juice     2.50
Sd-10. Longan Juice Drink     2.50


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