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Sri Thai Cafe

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  • Thai
  • 795 Grand St, Brooklyn 11211 40.71198 -73.94142
  • (Btwn Humboldt St & Bushwick Ave)
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  • (718) 388-7787
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1. Thai Dumpling ground chicken, water chestnut wrapped in wonton skin, served with black soy sauce   (4) 4.95
2. Vegetable Dumpling steamed vegetable dumplings with light soy sauce   (5) 4.95
3. Curry Puff ground chicken, potato, onion, curry powder wrapped in a thai pastry   (3) 5.50
4. Fish Cake home made thai fish cakes, served with sweet chili sauce   (4) 4.95
5. Spring Roll famous thai spring rolls with a special home made vegetables and glass noodles   (4) 4.95
6. Shrimp Roll shrimp and ground chicken, marinated with thai herbs   (4) 6.50
7. Golden Tofu fried tofu served sweet chili sauce    4.95
8. Fried Calamari fried calamari, served with chili sauce    6.00
9. Satay * chicken marinated with thai herbs, skewered and grilled served with peanut sauce and cucumber ajad salad    6.00
10. Mixed Appetizers steamed dumplings, chicken satay, curry puff, shrimp roll, spring roll    11.00
11. Chicken Dumpling mixed chicken and vegetable with special sauce   (5) 4.95
12. Fried Fish Ball fried fish ball served with sweet chili sauce    4.95
13. Veggie Thai Pancake light pan fried with soy sauce   (3) 4.95
14. Grill Thai Sausage served with fresh ginger roast peanut and red onion    6.00
15. Golden Thai Finger papaya salad with shrimp roll    7.00


1. Tom Yum Toong mushroom in spicy lemongrass broth    4.00
2. Tomkla Gai mushroom,galanga lime juice in coconut broth    4.00
3. Tom Yum Seafood shrimp, squid, fish, mussel, mushroom in spicy lemongrass broth    6.00
4. Glass Noodle Soup ground chicken, glass noodles, scallion, carrot, baby corn and cilantro in clear broth    4.00
5. Vegetable Soup mixed vegetable in clear broth    4.00
6. Tofu Soup ground chicken, tofu, carrot, bok choy, napa, scallion, cilantro in clear broth    4.00


1. Thai Salad mixed green vegetables, tomatoes, red onions, cucumber, carrots and tofu, served with peanut dressing    4.95
2. Papaya Salad green papaya, tomatoes, string beans, carrots, peanuts, lime juice    5.50
3. Beef Salad grilled beef with red onions, roast rice, chili bell peppers, scallion, mint in a spicy lime dressing    7.50
4. Shrimp Salad grilled shrimp with red onions, scallion, bell peppers, carrots, lemongrass, mint and chili paste, lime dressing    7.95
5. Crispy Duck Salad crisp duck with red onions, chili, carrots, bell peppers, scallion, tomatoes, cashew nuts, apples, pineapple in a spicy lime dressing    8.50
6. Mango Salad grilled shrimp, mango mixed with bell peppers, onions, scallion, mint, ralsive, cashew nut in a sweet lime dressing    7.50
7. Seafood Salad shrimp, squid, red onion, bell pepper, carrots, scallion, mint, glass noodles in a spicy lime dressing    9.00
8. Tilapia Garden crispy tilapia filet tossed with green mango salad    7.50
9. Larb Gat ground chicken with chili, roasted rice, red onion, scallion and fresh lime juice, mint bell peppers, carrots    6.50
10. Vegetarian Duck Salad vegetarian duck, carrot, red onion, scallion, green apple, pineapple, cashew nuts, bell peppers, mint, tomatoes in a spicy lime dressing    6.50
11. Squid Salad squid, bell peppers, red onion, carrots, scallion, mint and lime juice    7.50

Noodle Soup

1. Chicken Noodle Soup broiled rice noodle with chicken, bean sprout in chicken broth    6.50
2. Beef Noodle Soup broiled rice noodle with sliced beef, bean sprout, beef bell in beef broth    6.50
3. Seafood Noodle Soup broiled rice noodle or eggs noodle with shrimp, squid, fish ball in clear soup    7.50
4. Sukiyaki Soup broiled glass noodles, egg, bok choy, shrimp, squid, chicken with red bean curd sauce    7.50
5. Fish Ball Boodle Soup broiled rice noodle with fish ball, bean sprout in clear soup    6.50
6. Duck Noodle Soup broiled rice noodle with roast duck, bean sprout in duck broth    8.00
7. Curry Noodle * red curry with broiled rice noodle (chicken or beef)    7.00


Choice Of: Shrimp Or Squid $10. Chicken, Beef, Vegetables Tofu $8, Duck $13.95.

1. Pad Thai thai styles stir fried noodles with tofu, radish, bean sprouts, scallion, egg and roasted peanuts  
2. Pad See-Ew sauteed with broad noodles, thai soya brown sauce, egg and chinese broccoli  
3. Pad Khee Mao * sauteed rice noodles with egg carrots, bell peppers, onion, basil and chili  
4. Pad Woonsen sauteed glass noodles with egg, carrots, bell peppers, onion, tomato, mushroom, scallion  
5. Lard NA sauteed rice noodles, topped with chinese broccoli in black bean gravy  
6. Gari Khua sauteed rice noodle with egg, oyster sauce, lettuce, scallion  
7. Spicy Pasta * sauteed penny with chili, onion, carrot, bellpepper, basil  
8. Pad Sukiyaki Sauteed shrimp, squid, chicken, glass noodle, napa, bok choy, egg carrot, red bean curd sauce  
9. Peanut Curry Pasta (Penny) sauteed vegetable top with peanut curry sauce  
10. Sweet & Sour Pasta broiled penny, cucumber, onion, pineapple, carrots, bell peppers, tomato top with sweet and sour sauce  
11. Ba-Mee broiled egg noodle, fish ball, parsley, bean sprout, top with black soy sauce and ground peanut. fried dumplings  

Fried Rice

1. Market Fried Rice (choice of beef, chicken or tofu) sauteed with egg, carrot, onion, tomato, scallion    8.00
2. Shrimp Fried Rice sauteed with egg, carrot, onion, tomato, scallion    9.00
3. Seafood Fried Rice sauteed shrimp, squid with egg, carrot, onion, tomato, scallion    10.00
4. Pineapple Fried Rice beef, chicken or tofu sauteed with egg, tomato, pineapple, chunks, onion, raisin carrot and cashew nut, scallion    8.00
5. Mango Fried Rice beef, chicken or tofu sauteed with egg, tomato, mango, onion, scallion, raisin and cashew nuts    8.00
6. Crabmeat Fried Rice sauteed with onion, egg, carrot, scallion, tomato    9.00
7. Bangkok Fried Rice sauteed (chicken, beef) egg, onion, carrot, tomato, chinese broccoli, brown rice    8.00


Served With White Rice. Choice Of: Shrimp Or Squid $11, Chicken, Beef, Vegetable, Tofu $8.50, Duck, Fish Filet $14.95.

1. Prik Khing * sauteed chili paste and thai spices with string bean, bell pepper, carrot  
2. Sweet & Sour sauteed with pineapple, tomato, onion, cucumber, carrots, bell pepper, scallion  
3. Mixed Vegetable sauteed mixed vegetable, bean curd with light sauce  
4. Spicy Basil * sauteed chili garlic sauce with onion, bell pepper, basil, carrot, string beans  
5. Ginger sauteed ginger, onion, scallion, bell pepper, baby corn, mushroom, carrot, with light sauce  
6. Cashew Nut sauteed cashew nuts, onion, celery, mushroom, baby corn and carrot, chili paste sauce  
7. Garlic sauteed with garlic black pepper, string bean  
8. Pineapple sauteed with pineapple, bell pepper, onion, mushroom, scallion carrots, oyster sauce  
9. Squid Padped * sauteed squid with bamboo shoot, string beans, onion, carrot, bellpepper, curry paste, chili, sweet basil  
10. Peanut Curry peanut, curry, bok choy, bellpepper, carrot, zucchini  
11. Seafood Basil * bell pepper, onion, carrot, string bean, basil leaf sauteed fresh chili garlic, shrimp, squid filet tilapia, mussel  


Duck $14.95, Choice Of: Fish Filet, Shrimp Or Squid $11, Chicken, Beef, Vegetable, Tofu $9.

1. Red Curry * red curry with bamboo shoots, carrot, pumpkin, bell pepper, basil, coconut milk  
2. Green Curry * green curry with bamboo shoots, bell pepper, carrot, string beans, eggplant, basil, coconut milk  
3. Panang Curry * panang curry with pineapple, bell pepper, basil, coconut milk  
4. Massaman Curry massaman curry, potato, onion, carrot, peanut, coconut milk, fried onion  
5. Duck Curry * roast duck cooked with red curry, tomato, pineapple, bell pepper, basil in coconut milk  
6. Roti Curry red curry, green curry, panang curry, massaman curry  


1. Gai Yang grilled marinated half chicken, mixed veggie with sweet chili sauce    9.00
2. Bangkok Street sauteed marinated beef served with papaya salad, sticky rice    9.00
3. Gai Gob Grob crispy chicken sauteed with bell pepper, carrot, basil, sweet chili sauce    9.00
4. Mango Curry * (chicken, beef, veggie, tofu, mock duck) red curry with fresh mango, basil leaf    9.00
5. Thai Pork Chop grill marinate pork chop, mixed veggie, chili sauce    9.00
6. Duck Tamarind roast duck with mixed veggie top of tamarind sauce    14.95
7. Pla Lad Prik * crispy whole fish top with chili sauce    16.00
8. Pla Garlic crispy whole fish sauteed with fresh garlic, black pepper, onion, scallion, carrot, baby corn, bell pepper    16.00
9. Pla Ginger crispy whole fish, sauteed with onion carrot, bell pepper, ginger, baby corn, black bean sauce    16.00
10. Hoy Ob (Eat In Only) * sauteed new zealand mussel with fresh chili garlic carrot bell pepper basil leaf, lemon glass, served with hot pot    9.00
11. Crazy Noodle * (chicken, beef, veggie, duck) broiled rice noodle noodle, bean curd, bean sprout top with chef sauce    8.00
12. Pad Thai Special crispy chicken sauteed or rice noodle, egg, peanut, bean sprouts, scallion,tofu and radish    9.00

Side Order & Extra

White Rice     1.50
Brown Rice     2.00
Steam Veggie     3.00
Sticky Rice     2.00
Roti     2.00
Extra Veggie Or Tofu     2.00
Extra Chicken Or Beef     2.00
Extra Shrimp Or Squid     3.00
Peanut Sauce     1.00


Ice Cream     4.00
Fried Banana     4.00
Fried Rice Cream     5.00
Mango Sticky Rice     6.00
Thai Pumpkin Custard     4.00
Street Of Bangkok coconut sticky rice, ice cream, top with sweet mixed fruit ground peanut    6.00


Thai Ice Tea     2.50
Thai Ice Coffee     2.50
Hot Tea     1.50
Juice     2.50
Bottle Water     1.00
Soda     1.50
Thai Iced Tea with pearl tapioca    3.00

Lunch Specials $6

Shrimp $7. Mon-Fri: 11am-4pm. Served With White Rice One Piece Spring Roll Choice Of Soup Or Salad. * Hot & Spicy

1. Fish Ball Noodle Soup   
2. Beef Boodle Soup   
3. Chicken Noodle Soup   
4. Pad Thai chicken, beef or tofu  
5. Pad Sea-Ew chicken or beef  
6. Pad Kee Moa (Chicken, Beef Or Tofu) sauteed with rice noodle, egg, onion, bell pepper, carrot, chili, basil leaf  
7. Gai Khao (Chicken Or Beef) sauteed rice noodle, egg, carrot, peanut, scallion, lettuce  
8. Gravy Noodle (Chicken Or Beef) sauteed rice noodle top with vegetable, gravy sauce  
9. Spicy Pasta (Chicken Or Beef) * sauteed penny, chili, onion, bell pepper, carrots, basil leaf  
10. Mixed Vegetable sauteed bean curd, mixed vegetable  
11. Garlic (Chicken Or Beef) sauteed with garlic, black pepper, string bean  
12. Spicy Basil (Chicken Or Beef) * sauteed with chili onion, bell pepper, carrot, string bean, basil leaf  
13. Peanut Curry (Chicken, Beef, Tofu Or Veggie) sauteed bell pepper, zucchini, carrot, bok choy, peanut  
14. Market Fried Rice (Chicken, Beef, Veggie, Bean Curd) sauteed egg, onion, carrot, scallion, tomato  
15. Red Curry * choice of chicken, beef, veggie, bean curd green curry, panang, curry, mussaman curry  


Sri Thai Cafe
795 Grand St
Btwn Humboldt St & Bushwick Ave
(718) 388-7787
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