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The Brooklyn Continental Breakfast Platter orange juice, toast, boiled egg, granola, fruit, yogurt, coffee 12.50
The Tamarama sexy toast with avocado, tomato, pepper, olive oil & lemon juice, served with a latte, cortada, flat white 9.75
Emmanuels Fancy Schmanzy sliced atlantic salmon, cream cheese, lemon juice & pepper served open faced on ciabatta 9.75
Seventeen Grain Granola With Luscious French Vanilla Yogurt accompanied by a hint of fresh fruit and a mixed berry compote 7.75
Birds Breakfast Sandwich sliced boiled egg, cucumber and cracked pepper on pumpernickel 5.25
Felicias Irreverently Bold Breakfast Sandwich egg, tomato, & spicy fire roasted chicken & turkey sausage 7.00
The Buddhist Ohmmmmmlette herbed cream cheese and fresh roma tomatoes 8.75
The Artie Beetson Omelette provolone cheese, baby spinach and sweet caramelized onions 9.75
The Oh Dios Mio Omelette herbed cream cheese, roma tomatoes, caramelized onions & sweet italian chicken sausage 10.75
The Frisky Fergus ‘we Remember Who's Your Daddy' Scrambled Pesto Eggs 8.75
Pascale's "I Get Up To Way Too Much Mischief In Fort Greene & I'm Loving It" Breakfast sexy toast lavished with avocado, sliced egg and accessorized with sprinklings of thyme & pepper. served with a cortada 8.75
The "No Animals Were Harmed During The Making Of This Breakfast" Breakfast curried tofu scrambled with cumin, tomatoes, olive oil, carrots, cranberries and onions 8.75
Sexy Venezuelan Toast served with preserves & nutella and drowned in creamy butter 4.50
Sexy Venezuelan Toast add a toey armenian egg 1.75
Vegemite Soldiers if you don't know what these are you probably shouldn't have them 5.00
Vegan Wheat Free Muffins Toasted & Hypocritically Lavished With Moo Cow Butter pear and granola, strawberry and peach, blueberry and banana 3.50
The Awesomest Brunch scrambled eggs or tofu, homefries, salad, toast, orange juice, coffee or tea 14.00
The Awesomest Brunch add a mimosa or bellini for a nice happy buzz 8.00

The ‘cry Me A Rivera Diego Cos I Just Dumped My Cheating Ex' Mouthful Of Satisfaction fire roasted spicy chicken & turkey sausage served with squadrilla orange and chilli chutney plus tomato & baby spinach on ciabatta & served with chili and lime tortilla chips 9.75
The ‘let's Be Nice To Everyone Except The Assholes Who've Trashed Us On Yelp' Sandwich Of Harmony organic turkey breast slices served with provolone cheese, & coasted with sweet smooth hot mustard, greens, & slices of crisp fuji apples served on ciabatta bread & served with chili and lime tortilla chips 9.75
The Vegan Temptress marinated & baked oriental tofu, vietnamese carrot slaw, jalapeno & veganaise served on 5-grain bread with a cool green salad 9.75
The Everybody Loves The Sunshine Veggie Burger served with greens, tomato & caramelized onions on 5-grain bread coated with veganaise and a red pepper picante plus a light salad 9.75
The Everybody Loves The Sunshine Veggie Burger add avocado or cheese 1.75
The Classic Dole Bludger provolone cheese, sliced tomatoes and crunchy onions served on pressed ciabatta coated with pesto 7.00
Nutty Buddy creamy organic peanut butter with french strawberry jam, toasted on pumpernickel & served with pear 5.25
The Mysterious WTF we take some of this and add a touch of that and serve it on whatever. you'll have no idea what you're eating on this evasive sandwich but it sure will taste good 9.75
Bodhi's Sandwich Of Enbitenment named in honor of our adorable smooch pooch, this sandwich comes complete with hummus, tomatoes, greens, sprouts, carrots, cucumbers and sprouts 8.00

The Garden Of Eden 7.50
The Sassy Lassy Sweet Italian Chicken Sausage 9.75
The Voluptuous Vixen Avocado & Hummus 9.75
Steamed Kale served with dried cranberries, olive oil & sea salt 7.50
Sides $3.50

Chicken Sausage
Homefries weekend only for homefries

Chocolate Cake vegan 5.50
Red Velvet Cake vegan 5.50
Carrot Cake vegan 5.50
Chocolate Chip Cookie 2.50
Oatmeal & Raisin Cookie 2.50
Spring Summer Specials

Coconut, Lime & Ginger Crush 4.50
Organic Lemonade 3.50
Tiger Woods a brown sugared modern arnold palmer 3.50
Iced Mint & Lemon Tea 3.00
Iced Mango Tea 3.00
Miss Boucicaut's Lemon Honey Rooibos Elixir 4.00
Shirley's Cool Mint Cocoa Milkshake 5.00
Ginger Beer 3.50
Iced Latte 4.00
Iced Americano 3.00
The Orgasmically Organic Smoothie $7

Mixed Berries banana, oj, mango nectar, milk & yogurt

Chinotto, Limonata & Aranciata 3.50
Ginger & Lemongrass Presse 3.50
San Pellegrino Water 3.50 6.00
Organic Juices $3.50

Fucken Great Coffee

Espresso 2.50
Double Espresso 3.50
Melbourne Latte 3.50
Cappuccino 3.50
Cortada 3.50
Flat White 3.50
Mocha 4.50
Americano 3.00
Macchiato 3.00
Twelve Dollar Latte 5.00

$3 Cup $5 Pot

Chamomile, Red Rooibos
Hot Spicy Mama lemon, honey & cayenne
Moroccan Mint
Kukicha Twig
Gentle Green Giant
Earl Grey
English Breakfast
Yerba Mate
Marsala Chai
Two More For Lola, Rose, & The Young At Heart

Babycino 2.00
Nice Bowl Of Hot Chocolate 4.00
Buzz $8

$25 Jug


Cabernet Sauvignon argentina 30.00 8.00
Malbec argentina 30.00 8.00
Sangiovese italy 25.00
Tempranillo spain 8.00 30.00
Crianza spain 25.00
Pinot Noir france 25.00 8.00

Pinot Grigio italy 30.00 8.00
Riesling germany 30.00 8.00
Sauvignon Blanc france 25.00 7.00
Chardonnay chile 25.00 7.00

Cava spain 30.00 8.00

Coopers Extra Best Stout 5.00
Kirin Ichiban 5.00
Coopers Sparkling Ale 5.00
Peroni 5.00
Corona 5.00
Negro Modelo 5.00
Red Stripe 5.00
Pinkus Pilsner organic 7.00
Pinkus Heiferveizan organic 7.00
Eat - Good Stuff On French Bread

$3 For 1, $7/3, $12/5, $16/7, $22/10, Recommended Companions

Tomato, Mozzarella, Pesto pinot noir
Roasted Garlic, Olive Oil, Parmesan chardonnay
Goat Cheese, Roasted Pepper crianza
Ham, Provolone, Sun Dried Tomato merlot
Pepperoni, Reggiano, Sweet Plum Chutney sangiovese
Ricotta, Baby Spinach, Pine Nuts sauvignon blanc
Caramelized Onions, Chicken Sausage, Mustard cab sav
Vegemite, Provolone, Avocado pinot grigio
Proscuitto, Fig, Ricotta montrasell
Parmesan, Ricotta, Mozzarella malbec
Sweet Potato Mash, Almond rose
Avocado, Tomato, Black Pepper lime juice riesling
A Bit Of Everything

$14 / $25 For Two, Selection Of

Meats cheeses, roasted vegetables, bread, including marinated artichokes, green & black olives, roasted peppers, boccocini, salami, sangiovese
The Big Cheese $14

Served With Quince Paste, Crackers & Breads Chardonnay

Let's Meat $13

Cab Sav / Crianza

Serfronja's Lovin $10

Mazza Crackers pinot grigio
Two Fancy Salads $10

Baby Spinach parmesan, almonds, pepper sesame oil (sauvignon blanc)
Avocado hummus, tomato, romaine, olive oil, pine nuts (chardonnay)
Sweetness $6

Cappuccino Mouse Cake montrasell
Rum And Raisin Cake malbec
Triple Chocolate Cake riesling

$8 Glass $25 Carafe

Sangria spain
Ethiopian Honey Wine

$5 / $7 Pinkus

Coopers Best Extra Stout
Coopers Sparkling Ale
Kirin Ichiban
Red Stripe
Negro Modelo
Pinkus Wheat Ale Organic
Pinkus Pilsner Organic
Coffee/Tea $3.50

Flat White
Double Espresso
Earl Grey
Sodas/Organic Juices $3.50


San Pellegrino 3.50
None Of The Above

Bowl Of Hot Chocolate 4.00