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Shun Lee Palace

  • $
  • Chinese, Dim Sum
  • 155 E 55th St, New York 10022 40.759171 -73.968987
  • (Btwn Lexington & 3rd Ave)
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  • (212) 371-8844
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Hot Appetizers

1 Piece Shanghai Spring Roll     5.75
1 Piece Vegetable Spring Roll     5.75
4 Piece Vegetable Steamed Dumplings     12.75
2 Piece Szechuan Fish Tacos     13.95
2 Piece Beijing Duck Egg Rolls     13.95
4 Piece Shanghai Soupy Dumplings     12.75
4 Piece Beijing Pan Fried Dumplings     12.75
4 Piece Prawns In Black Bean Sauce     14.95
8 Piece Szechuan Boiled Dumplings     12.95
4 Piece Grilled Scallops With Xo Sauce     17.25
4 Piece Crispy Shrimp Balls     16.25
6 Piece Honey Spare Ribs     18.25
6 Piece Barbecue Spare Ribs     18.25
Chicken Soong     17.75
Spicy Chicken Soong     17.75

Cold Appetizers

Szechuan Cucumber     10.25
Hot And Sour Cabbage     10.25
Cold Noodle With Sesame Paste with or without chicken.    16.25
Szechuan Chicken Salad     17.95
Hacked Chicken     16.25
Tangy And Spicy Shrimp With Cilantro     18.95
Ox Tongue And Tripe In Chili Sauce     17.95
Shanghai Duck Braised In Sweet Soy     18.95


Wonton Soup     7.75
Hot And Sour Soup     7.75
Egg Drop Soup With Tomato     7.75
Sizzling Rice Cake Soup with chicken or vegetable.    7.75
Szechuan Bouillabaisse Soup seafood and sliced fish simmered in a tangy fish broth.    13.25

Rice And Noodles

Side Of Brown Rice     1.50
Vegetable Fried Rice     14.95
Roast Pork Fried Rice     15.50
Chicken Fried Rice     15.50
Duck Fried Rice     16.25
Beef Fried Rice     16.25
Shrimp Fried Rice     16.25
Young Chow Fried Rice     18.50
Chicken Lo Mein     15.95
Beef Lo Mein     19.25
Shrimp Lo Mein     19.25
Young Chow Lo Mein     18.95
Young Chow Pan Fried Noodles     20.95
Seafood Pan Fried Noodles     21.95
Singapore Style Rice Noodles With Curry     18.95
Chicken Chow Fun     16.95
Beef Chow Fun     18.95
Shrimp Chow Fun     18.95
Szechuan Dan Dan Noodle With Minced Meat     16.95

Veggie And Tofu

Sauteed Bean Sprouts With Chives fresh bean sprouts, fresh ginger, galric and scallions delicately sauteed with green chives. served with rice.    16.50
Buddha's Vegetarian Delight a mixture of fresh water chestnut, chinese mushroom, bamboo shoot, snow peas, tree ears, gingko nuts, chinese cabbage and carrots. served with rice.    16.50
Dry Sauteed String Beans fresh string bean sauteed with minced garlic pickle. served with rice.    16.50
Baby Eggplant, Szechuan Style baby eggplant, fresh ginger, garlic and scallions delicately simmered in spicy hunan sauce. served with rice.    16.50
Dry Sauteed String Beans And Eggplant fresh string bean sauteed with baby eggplant. served with rice.    16.50
Chinese Broccoli, Hunan Style stir-fried with lemon grass and mushrooms. served with rice.    16.50
Sauteed Pea Shoots tender snow pea pod shells sauteed with garlic. served with rice.    18.50
Braised Soft Bean Curd With Mushroom And Soy tender soybean curd braised with soy and fresh mushrooms. served with rice.    17.95
Mo-Po Bean Curd tender soybean curd cooked in a tangy spicy sauce with or without minced pork. served with rice.    17.25
Bean Curd Home Style soybean curd coated with a delicate tangy spicy sauce, then sauteed with seasonal vegetables. available with or without pork. served with rice.    17.95


3 Glass Chicken Casserole one glass each of rice wine, soy and sweet vinegar, then cooked with garlic, black mushrooms and bamboo shoots. served with rice.    19.75
Chan-Do Chicken chicken nuggets marinated with chinese spices and sauteed with ginger, hot pepper, garlic and scallions. served with rice.    19.75
Lemon Chicken chicken breast coated with egg batter and rolled win water chestnut flour, then fried till crispy and served with shredded lemon and a velvety lemon sauce. served with rice.    19.75
Breast Of Chicken With Chinese Vegetable sliced spring chicken with black mushroom, mixed with water chestnuts, bamboo shoots and crispy snow peas, deliciously seasoned and stir-fried in chef's secret sauce. served with rice.    19.75
Chicken With 3 Different Nuts chicken breast garnished with water chestnuts, bamboo shoots and snow peas, cooked in a brown sauce with sauteed walnut, peanuts and cashew nuts. served with rice.    19.75
Slippery Chicken thin shredded breast of chicken stir-fry with ginger, hot pepper and garlic in brown sauce served with spinach. served with rice.    19.75
Braised Duck With Seasonal Vegetables boneless long island duckling steamed with pepper corn braised with honey and soy sauce. garnished with baby bok choy.   (1/2) 25.50
Orange Press Duck crispy boneless long island duckling shredded then pressed with water chestnuts, cooked in grand marnier orange sauce.   (1/2) 25.95
Crispy Shredded Duckling aromatic shredded duck served with homemade crepes, spring onion brushes and hoisin sauce.   (1/2) 25.95


Twice Cooked Pork sliced tender pork loin cooked in spicy bean sauce with hot peppers and leeks. served with rice.    20.50
Pork In Hoisin Sauce sliced tender pork loin sauteed in hoisin sauce with bamboo shoots and green scallions. served with rice.    20.50
Moo Shu Pork pork loin shredded and sauteed in hoisin with eggs and chinese vegetables. served with homemade crepes.    20.50
Hunan Lamb choice spring lamb with leeks and hot pepper sauce. served with rice.    23.50
Rack Of Lamb, Szechuan Style four individual chops grilled with garlic and scallions. served with broccoli and carrots in a szechuan sauce. served with rice.    30.95
Shredded Beef With Leeks And Hot Pepper thin shredded beef with egg white then stir-fried with fresh leeks and szechaun hot pepper. served with rice.    24.50
Stir-Fried Beef With Baby Bok Choy sliced fillet of beef gently sauteed with chinese baby bok choy in brown sauce. served with rice.    25.50
Orange Beef sliced fillet of beef fried till crisp, sauteed with hot sweet preserved orange. served with rice.    25.50
Filet Mignon, Hunan Style tender fillet mignon pan-fried with garlic, scallion and hot pepper. served broccoli. served with rice.    31.95

From The Sea

Beijing Prawns large prawns marinated in egg whites and sauteed in rice wine, garnished with sugar snap peas and fresh water chestnuts. served with rice.    26.50
Szechuan Prawns large prawns marinated in szechuan spicy garlic sauce. served with rice.    26.50
Sea Bass Fillet Floating On Rice Wine fresh sea bass fillet sauteed with chinese vegetable and cooked in a rice wine sauce. served with rice.    26.50
Sea Bass Fillet In Spicy Garlic Sauce fresh sea bass fillet simmered in szechuan hot bean sauce. served with rice.    26.50
Szechuan Scallop sea scallop cooked until crispy, coated with a delicate, tangy spicy sauce. served with rice.    26.50
Neptunes Nets fresh lobster chunks, sliced shrimp, scallops and sea bass fillet all sauteed together in a tasty wine sauce. served in a potato basket.    31.95

Old Favorites

Sweet And Sour Pork     20.50
Sweet And Sour Chicken     20.50
Prawn In Lobster Sauce     26.50
Pork Egg Foo Young     24.50
Shrimp Egg Foo Young     24.50
Chicken Chow Mein     19.75
Moo Goo Gai Pan     19.75

Shun Lee Specialties

Beijing Duck a young seasoned duckling slowly grilled until crispy and golden. first the delicate skin is sliced, then the meat is carved separately. served with homemade crepes, spring onion brushes and hoisin sauce.    42.95
Szechuan Tri Peppery Chicken chunks of crispy chicken sauteed with szechuan hot pepper, garlic and scallions. served with rice.    19.75
Tingling Curry Chicken chunks of tender chicken cooked with curry, chili pepper and lemon grass all in a tingling spicy sauce. served with rice.    22.95
Ants Climb On Tree fine minced fillet of beef stir-fried with cellophane noodles in spicy garlic sauce, garnished with greens. served with rice.    26.50
Crabmeat Shanghai Style fresh crabmeat lightly sauteed with egg white and garnished with spinach. served with black vinegar. served with rice.    31.95
Dry Sauteed Shredded Crispy Beef shredded beef sauteed until crispy and served in a tangy spicy sauce. served with rice.    25.50
Red Cooked Short Ribs Hang Chow Style four large short ribs braised with sweet soy and rock candy, then stewed in red wine. authentic, served with spinach. served with rice.    31.95
Crispy Prawns With Xo Sauce jumbo prawns coated with water chestnut flour, cooked till crispy, then sauteed in garlic, ginger, scallions, hot pepper and dried scallops. garnished with fresh broccoli. served with rice.    26.50
Grand Marnier Prawns jumbo prawns coated with water chestnut flour, cooked till crisp and then sauteed in a grand marnier sauce. served with broccoli and sesame seeds. served with rice.    26.50
Red Fire Cracker Prawns And Scallops crispy prawns and scallops tossed with asparagus and chili peppers. served with rice.    27.50

Simply Steamed And Grilled (Low Carb)

Steamed Vegetable And Tofu     17.95
Steamed Chicken With Vegetable     19.75
Steamed Filet Of Fish With Vegetable     26.50
Steamed Prawns With Vegetable     26.50
Grilled Chicken With Mixed Vegetable     24.50
Grilled Chilean Sea Bass With Mixed Vegetable     31.95

Poached And Braised (Low Carb)

Poached Chicken In Rice Wine With Baby Bok Choy tender chicken breast poached in rice wine then garnished with chinese baby bok choy.    19.75
Braised Fillet In Spicy Broth served with yellow bean sprouts, chinese celery, szechuan pepper corn and hot pepper.    26.50
Boiled Sliced Beef In Chili Broth served with yellow bean sprouts, chinese celery, szechuan pepper corn and hot pepper.    26.50

Special Set Dinner $29.95

Appetizer Or Soup Choice spring roll, 2 bbq spare ribs, 2 steamed dumplings, 2 fried dumplings, 2 fried shrimp balls, chicken soong, spicy chicken soong, 2 grilled scallops, hot and sour soup (spicy), shun lee wonton soup, sizzling rice soup with chicken, sizzling rice soup with shrimp  
Entrée Choice mo-shu pork with chinese crepes, beef with hoisin sauce, shrimp szechuan (spicy), heavenly fish fillet, peking prawns, amazing chicken (spicy), lake tung ting shrimp, lemon chicken, chicken with hot pepper and peanuts (spicy), shrimp with lobster sauce, chicken with chinese vegetables, szechuan pork (spicy), beef with snow peas, pork lo mein, young chow fried rice, young chow pan fried noodles, baby eggplant szechuan style (spicy), dry sautéed string beans  
Soda Choice sprite, club soda, ginger ale, coke, diet coke  
Rice Selection white rice  
Rice Selection add extra white rice    0.75
Rice Selection brown rice    1.50


Almond Tofu showered with fresh fruits.    8.95
Traditional Cheesecake     9.25
Hot Chocolate Cake liquid chocolate encased in warm chocolate sponge.    9.25
Tiramisu mascarpone cheese, lady fingers, light cream and espresso.    9.25
Black & White Chocolate Mousse     9.25
Sour Cream Walnut Apple Pie     9.25
Fresh Hawaiian Pinneapple     8.75
Lychee Nuts     6.95
Ice Cream vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, pistacchio    7.95
Sorbet orange, mango    7.95


Soda coke, diet coke, sprite, gingerale, club soda    3.50
Ice Tea     3.50
Evian      6.25
San Pellegrino     6.25


Chicken Soong In Lettuce Wrap     17.75
Spicy Chicken Soong In Lettuce Wrap     17.75
Steamed Prawns With Ginger And Scallions    (4) 14.95
Grilled Scallops In Xo Sauce    (4) 17.25

Soups $7.75

Egg Drop With Tomato Soup   
Sizzling Rice Cake Soup chicken or vegetable.  

Main Courses

Beijing Duck wrapped in corn tortillas with our own sweet duck sauce, scallions and cucumber.    42.95
Sauteed Prawns     26.50
Heavenly Fish Fillet     26.50
Breast Of Chicken With Chinese Vegetable     19.75
3 Pepper Crispy Chicken     19.75
Szechuan Leg Of Lamb With Leeks And Hot Peppers     23.50
Dry Sauteed Shredded Crispy Beef     25.50
Mo-Po Bean Curd     17.25
Stir-Fried Pea Shoot With Garlic     18.50
Dry Sauteed String Beans     16.50
Sauteed Baby Bok Choy With Ginger     16.50
Stir-Fried Angel Hair Rice Noodle With Chicken     18.95
Stir-Fried Angel Hair Rice Noodle With Shrimp     18.95
Fried Rice     16.25
Steamed Cod With Ginger And Scallion In Xo Sauce     26.50
Szechuan Prawns     26.50


Shun Lee Palace
155 E 55th St
Btwn Lexington & 3rd Ave
(212) 371-8844
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