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Salad Pangea

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  • 303 Park Ave S, New York 10010 40.74025 -73.98577
  • (At 23rd St)
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  • (917) 688-3289
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Homemade Soups

Mama's Chicken Noodle pulled chicken pieces simmered with root vegetables in a hearty chicken stock with egg noodles and fresh herbs. served warm daily.  
Tomato Soup vegan. roasted tomatoes simmered with carrots, onions, celery and fresh herbs. served warm daily.  
Regional Soup Of The Week   

Seasonal Salads

The Power Of Green kale and spinach, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, broccoli, jalapeño, celery, edamame, brussels sprouts and grilled asparagus. served with green goddess salad dressing on the side.    7.99
SXSW Cobb Salad on bed of iceberg and kale, with pico de gallo, red and black beans, corn, jalapeno, crispy onions, avocado, hard-boiled-egg, shredded cheddar, turkey bacon and chipotle chicken. served with southwest zest dressing on the side.    11.99

Classic Salads

With Your Choice Of Lettuce Blend And Dressing Served On The Side. Lettuce Blend Choice: Romaine, Iceberg, Arugula, Mixed Greens, Spinach, Kale. Salad Dressing Choice: Caesar Dressing, Red Wine Vinaigrette, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Blue Cheese Dressing, Ranc

Caesar Salad romaine lettuce bed (recommended), parmesan cheese, multi-grain croutons, sun-dried tomatoes and freshly ground black pepper. recommended with house caesar dressing.    7.45
Chef's Salad mixed greens (recommended) with grilled chicken, cheddar and havarti cheeses, hard-boiled egg, turkey bacon, cherry tomatoes and diced celery. recommended with blue cheese dressing.    10.49
Cobb Salad iceberg lettuce (recommended) topped with grilled chicken, sliced hard-boiled egg, roquefort blue cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, avocado and turkey bacon. recommended with blue cheese dressing.    10.25

Regional Salads

Served With Your Choice Of Lettuce Blend And Dressing Served On The Side. Salad Add Ons: Baked Falafel $2, Hummus $1, Chicken $2, Turkey Bacon $2, Steak $3, Salmon $3, Shrimp $3, Tuna $3, Chipotle Cumin Rubbed Chicken $2

New York Steak Salad from north america. spinach & arugula blend (recommended) with sautéed onions, cherry tomatoes, sliced potatoes, grilled asparagus and portabella mushrooms topped with marinated skirt steak. recommended with tomato basil or blue cheese dressing.    10.49
Peruvian Quinoa Salad from south america (peru). spinach & arugula blend (recommended) with seasoned quinoa, cherry tomatoes, cilantro, sliced red onions, fava beans, corn,jalapeños and bulgarian feta. recommended with red wine vinaigrette or orange chipotle dressing.    9.45
Cyprus Salad mediterranean (greece). mixed greens (recommended) with cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, red onions, green & red bell peppers and feta cheese topped with fresh grilled salmon. recommended with minted vinaigrette or tzatziki dressing.    10.49
Moroccan Lentil Salad from africa (morocco). arugula (recommended) with a mix of lentils and garbanzo beans, cherry tomatoes, green & red bell peppers garnished with a medjool date and moroccan spiced goat cheese. recommended with moroccan spiced lemon dressing or borage ranch dressing.    9.99
Thai Shrimp & Mango Salad from asia (thailand). mixed greens (recommended) with diced mango, haricot vert (string beans), shredded coconut and crispy wonton pieces topped with grilled shrimp. recommended with miso carrot ginger or coconut lime dressing.    10.99
Niçoise Salad from europe (france). mixed greens with sliced potatoes, haricot vert (string beans), cherry tomatoes, kalamata olives and hard-boiled egg topped with fresh seared tuna. recommended with truffle honey champagne or toasted almond vinaigrette.    11.49

Build Your Own Salad

Build Your Own Salad includes lettuce blend, 5 base toppings and dressing.    7.99
Build Your Own Salad lettuce blend choice: romaine, iceberg, arugula, mixed greens, spinach, kale  
Build Your Own Salad specialty toppings: grilled artichoke hearts, pomegranate seeds, avocado, hearts of palm, roasted eggplant spread, hummus, egg whites, edamame, haricot vert - string beans, medjool dates, spiced almonds, toasted walnuts, grilled asparagus, roasted portabella mushrooms, kalamata olives, seasonal brussels sprouts, seasonal crispy chickpeas - apple cider vinegar, seasonal crispy chickpeas - cracked sea salt    0.99
Build Your Own Salad specialty toppings: grilled chicken breast, chipotle cumin rubbed chicken, turkey bacon, tofu, baked falafel    2.00
Build Your Own Salad specialty toppings: grilled salmon, sesame seared tuna, grilled shrimp, marinated skirt steak    3.00
Build Your Own Salad cheese additions: crumbled feta, cheddar cheese, freshly grated parmesan, low-fat cheddar cheese, bulgarian feta, havarti cheese, asiago cheese, moroccan spiced goat cheese, aged gouda cheese, roquefort blue cheese    1.09
Build Your Own Salad base toppings (5 included): cherry tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes, pico de gallo, red onions, caramelized onions, roasted butternut squash, sliced boiled potatoes, hard-boiled eggs, shredded carrots, roasted red peppers, green & red bell peppers, broccoli, lentils, persian cucumbers, garbanzo beans, fava beans, red kidney beans, black beans, roasted beets, corn, grilled italian kale, bosc pear, celery, jalapeños, granny smith apples, dried apples, dried cranberries, dried cherries, cilantro, multi-grain croutons, diced mango, wonton strips, capers, shredded coconut, crispy fried onions, pumpkin seeds, mandarin oranges, dried pineapple.    0.50
Build Your Own Salad salad dressing choice: caesar dressing, red wine vinaigrette, balsamic vinaigrette, blue cheese dressing, ranch dressing, chipotle ranch dressing, spicy thai peanut dressing, green goddess dressing, moroccan spiced lemon dressing, truffle honey champagne vinaigrette, raspberry vinaigrette, tomato basil vinaigrette, miso carrot ginger dressing, coconut lime dressing, southwest zest dressing, reduced fat ranch dressing, toasted almond vinaigrette, reduced fat honey dijon dressing, reduced fat blue cheese dressing, minted vinaigrette, tzatziki dressing, dill dressing, lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, red wine vinegar, white wine vinegar, cider vinegar  
Build Your Own Salad extra dressing: extra dressing on the side    0.50
Build Your Own Salad soup add on: mama`s chicken noodle soup, tomato soup, regional soup of the week   (8oz) 2.25
The Vacationer Salad 4 base toppings, 2 specialty toppings, 1 premium protein, 1 cheese and your choice of dressing.    9.99
The World Traveler Salad 5 base toppings, 3 specialty toppings, 1 premium or specialty protein, 1 cheese, and your choice of dressing.    11.99

Signature Wraps

Caesar Wrap     6.75
Chef's Wrap     9.75
Cobb Wrap     9.49
New York Steak Wrap     9.75
Peruvian Quinoa Wrap     8.75
Cyprus Wrap     9.75
Moroccan Lentil Wrap     9.25
Thai Shrimp & Mango Wrap     10.25
Niçoise Wrap     10.75
Build Your Own Wrap with 5 base toppings.    7.25


Deep River Snack Potato Chips bbq, original salted, dusty jalapeño    1.50
Bean Field Chips pico de gallo, nacho, sea salt    1.99

The Protein Bakery

Protein Bakery Cookie     2.99
Protein Bakery Blondie     3.99
Protein Bakery Brownie     3.99

Signature Smoothies

Berry Banana Flaxseed Smoothie blueberries, raspberries and strawberries blended with banana, flax seeds and almond milk.    7.49  6.79
Green Apple Machine Smoothie apples and strawberries blended with spinach leaves and avocado then sweetened with peach, mango and banana pieces.    7.49  6.79
Black And Blue Berry Smoothie black berries and blue berries blended with low-fat yogurt, steamed broccoli and orange juice.    7.49  6.79
Build Your Own Smoothie includes 2 fruits, 1 vegetable and liquid.    6.99  5.99
Build Your Own Smoothie smoothie dairy option: dairy  
Build Your Own Smoothie smoothie fruit choice (2 included): blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, banana, peach, mango, green apples    0.75
Build Your Own Smoothie smoothie vegetable choice (1 included): avocado, broccoli, kale, spinach    0.75
Build Your Own Smoothie nutritional boost option: peanut butter, flax seed, antioxidant powder, whey powder    1.00


Vitamin Water assorted.    2.49
Honest Tea assorted.    1.99
Smart Water    (20oz) 1.99 lt 2.99
Pangea Lemonade     2.77
Iced Tea - Unsweetened Classic Black Tea    (lg 20oz) 2.30 (sm 16oz) 2.07
Iced Tea - Ginger Peach Tea    (lg 20oz) 2.30 (sm 16oz) 2.07
Iced Tea - Herbal Cleanse Mint Detox Tea    (lg 20oz) 2.30 (sm 16oz) 2.07
Perrier Sparkling Water     2.79
Cut & Compass 20oz. filtered h2o, freshly-squeezed lemon juice, steeped hibiscus flower and organic cane sugar.    3.69
Frava     2.49
Hibiscus Lemonade     2.77
Rosemary Lemonade     2.77


Salad Pangea
303 Park Ave S
At 23rd St
(917) 688-3289
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