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Sacred Chow

  • $$$$
  • Healthy, Kosher, Local/Organic, Vegan, Vegetarian
  • 227 Sullivan St, New York 10012 40.729589 -73.999459
  • (Btwn Bleecker & 3rd St)
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  • (917) 924-1560
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Daily Bread & Soup $10

Black Bean (gf, sf, ns). with mirepoix (onions, carrots, celery), garlic, and herbs  
Pumpkin Bisque (gf, ns, sf). smooth & delicious, with cinnamon, ginger, cloves & nutmeg, & a touch of maple syrup  

Salads $11

Nama Gori Kale Caesar * (gf). tossed with a miso caesar dressing & layered with sliced wedges of nama gori tofu  
Fresh Market Salad (gf, ns, sf). baby greens, roasted butternut squash, cucumbers, & savory sunflower granola, dressed with dijon vinaigrette.  
Greek Salad (gf, ns, sf).mixed greens, cucumbers, red onions & greek olives, toasted crushed feta-almonds paired w/ a lemon wedge & extra virgin olive oil. contains nuts.  

Specials $13

Power Bowl any tapa served over broccoli & or collard greens, with brown rice.  
Souper Hero half a panini and a bowl of soup  
Salad Tossing choose from greens, dressings, two sides, and protein  
Salad Tossing greens: kale, mesclun or a mix.  
Salad Tossing dressing: thousand island, olive oil & lemon, olive oil & cider vinegar, dijon vinaigrette, or miso caesar  
Salad Tossing two sides: sliced carrots, cucumbers, red onions, black olives, crushed feta-almonds, savory sunflower granola, or butternut squash.  
Salad Tossing * one protein: grilled nama gori, roasted black olive seitan, indonesian tempeh, sunflower lentil pate, or nama gori spa.  

Paninis $10

Served On A Toasted Ciabatta (NS, SF); Or Soft Corn Tortillas (GF, NS, SF); Smoky Home Fries On The Side. A Few Tasty Extras $1.50 Each: Cucumbers; Butternut Squash; Red Onions; Black Olives; Dijon Vinaigrette; Dill Mayo; Garlic Aioli; R

Grilled Nama Gori * (gf, sf). nama gori tofu steaks are first steeped in a rich mustard-garlic sauce, then sliced, & seared till tender & succulent; served with baby greens, & a drizzle of garlic aioli.  
Shredded Nama Gori Spa Salad * (gf, sf). thin shreds of nama gori tofu tossed with house-dill mayo & diced celery; stuffed wth baby greens.  
Indonesian Tempeh (gf). slow-cooked in a french lemon-mustard sauce; clean & smooth, rich & earthy; served with warm kimchi, & a savory russian dressing  
Mama's Soy Meatballs (gf, sf). pan-seared meatballs with a spicy sicilian sauce, till it's piping hot  
Thai-Ginger: BBQ'd Seitan roasted in a tamari-ginger-molasses sauce, then sizzled with caramelized onions.  
Country Fried Tofu (gf, sf). crunchy perfect, covered in a white gravy; comes stuffed w/ steamed collard greens.  
Roasted Black Olive Seitan fileted, & soaked in an olive-hot pepper-rosemary marinade; then slow- roasted in a cornmeal spice blend till crunchy, chewy & tender; comes with baby greens, & a dijon drizzle.  
Kebab Vegetables (gf, ns, sf). red peppers, onions, mushrooms, & zucchini perfectly grilled, with french vinaigrette.  


South Indian Curried Broccoli (gf, ns, sf). sautéed in an aromatic garlic & curry oil.  
Eggplant Rollatini (gf, sf). stuffed with fresh tofu ricotta, roasted & topped with a piping hot marinara.  
Grilled Nama Gori * (gf, sf). drenched in a rich mustard-garlic sauce, then seared till tender & juicy. comes with baby greens, & a drizzling of a garlic aioli.  
Smoky Home Fries (gf, ns, sf). savory crisp potato wedges with ketchup, hot sauce, or a bit of both.  
Dijon Marinated Raw Kale (gf, ns, sf). hand massaged till lightly wilted.  
Shredded Nama Gori Spa * (gf, sf). thin shreds of grilled nama gori tofu, tossed with diced celery bits & dill soy-mayo; served w/ baby greens.  
Indonesian Tempeh (gf). limited time specials: slow-cooked in a french lemon-mustard sauce till smooth. rich & earthy; served with warm kimchi, & russian dressing.  
Country Fried Tofu (gf, sf). limited time specials. crunchy & delicious; served with white country gravy.  
Seaside Nori Bites (gf, sf). crunchy tofu bits roasted crisp, & served with a house tartar-dill sauce.  
Root Vegetable Latkes (gf). crisp waffle latkes pair perfectly with date butter or simple sour cream.  
Sesame Collard Greens (gf, ns). a nutty dip, blended till pâté perfect, smooth with caramelized onions & a touch of black pepper; served with crudités.  
Silky Mashed Potatoes (gf, ns, sf). smooth, luscious, a bit peppery; whipped up with a sweet coconut cream;served with white gravy.  
Silky Mashed Potatoes perfect with the country fried tofu!  
Roasted Black Olive Seitan fileted, & soaked in an olive-hot pepper-rosemary marinade; roasted till chewy & tender; comes with baby greens, & a dijon drizzle. a touch spicy!  
Kebab Vegetables (gf, ns, sf). red peppers, onions, mushrooms, & zucchini perfectly grilled; served with a side of french vinaigrette.  
Mama's Soy Meatballs (gf, sf). pan-seared in a spicy sicilian sauce, till the meatballs are piping hot.  


Sardinian Omelet (gf). pan-seared crème de tofu omelet folded closed with sun-dried tomatoes, sweet onions, black olives, & crushed feta-almonds; served with a dijon salad. contains nuts.    12.00
The Big Scramble Bowl (gf). crumbled tofu pan-seared with mushrooms, peppers, peas, & olives; topped with roasted butternut squash, & steamed broccoli.    12.00
Belgian Waffle (gf). covered with a sweet & sour cherry compote, & coconut whipped cream. for ns: coconut milk.    10.00
Banana French Toast a thick slice of banana pound cake submerged in a french toast batter, & griddled till crispy. drenched with a wild blueberry sauce.    10.00
Soy Buttermilk Biscuit Po'boy (gf). crusty biscuit halves heaped with a fluff of scramble, pan- fried collard greens, & a gush of peppery white gravy. served with a dijon salad.    12.00
Fall Oatmeal & Macerated Currants (gf). a bowl of piping hot oatmeal mixed with flax-meal & yucca bits, & topped with roasted pumpkin & sliced banana. choice of maple syrup or sucanat (organic evaporated cane juice).    8.00


Triple Chocolate Brownie a mix of dutch cocoa, velvety ganache, & melted dark chocolate. amazing as a brownie sundae: w ice cream, truffle crème,    5.00
Triple Chocolate Brownie whipped cream, toasted peanuts.    3.50
Chocolate Truffle Cake (gf). a huge, delicious chocolate cake filled with a raspberry coulis, & topped with silky truffle sauce. contains nuts.    11.00
Toasted Macaroon (gf, sf, ns). rich, delicious.    2.00
Vanilla Cheesecake Gnocchis (gf, ns). drizzled with a sublime pumpkin pie cream, & topped with a dollop of coconut whipped cream.    9.00
Sunflower-Oat Jammie (gf, sf, ns). great energy boost, with brown rice syrup & dates.    2.00
Chocolate Creme Pie (gf). baked in a macaroon crust. superlative    8.00
Dessert Extras soy vanilla ice cream: chocolate truffle crème; cheesecake cream; seasonal fruit compote; suzanne's brown rice syrup raspberry jam. try the macaroon with chocolate, pumpkin, or cheesecake crème; jam too    3.00


Apple Beet Lemonade     6.00
Blue Sky Soda cola, black cherry, ginger ale, root beer, diet cola with stevia, lime sparkling water    3.00
Saratoga Sparking Water     4.50
Fresh Pressed Juices no substitutions, pretty please. thank you! carrot-apple-ginger celery-cucumber-greens orange-beet    8.00
Florida Orange Juice     6.00
Coffee espresso    3.00
Latte cappuccino    4.50
Tea green, black, chamomile, peppermint, ginger.    3.00
Almond Milk     1.00
Custard Smoothies very berry sorbet: bananas, berries, & apple juice. gym body: bananas, almonds, cinnamon, & almond milk. charlie brown: bananas, peanut butter chocolate sauce, & soymilk.    8.25


Mimosa sparkling wine (kosher) bubbling with orange juice.    7.00
Apple Lemonade Champagne a mix of fresh pressed apple juice, beet juice, & lemon juice, with sparkling wine (kosher).    9.00
Sangria red wine (kosher), brandy (kosher), orange juice, apple juice, & just a bit of lemon.   gl 7.00 (1/2 pitcher ) 18.00 (pitcher ) 28.00


Goldstar Kosher Lager amber in color, malty with a dry finish.   (12oz) 8.00
Gaffel Kölsch dry with a sweet finish; made in köln, germany.   (12oz) 8.00
Cricket Hill American Ale brewed on the jersey side of the hudson: a clean & refreshing local beer, from fairfield, n.j.   (12oz) 7.00
Belhaven Black Scottish Stout pub can. ‘tis sweet, with aromas of roasted dark malt, coffee, figs, & raisins; delicious as a vanilla   (14.9oz) 7.00
Ice Cream Float add    2.00
New Planet Pale Ale (gf). made from sorghum & brown rice: it's crisp & mildly sweet.   (12oz) 8.00
New Planet Amber (gf). toasty flavors, with mild citrus undertones.   (12oz) 8.00
Brunehaut Blond Ale (gf). a belgium ale, with caramel tones, & fruit & spice notes.   (11.2oz) 8.00
Jk's Scrumpy Organic Hard Cider (gf). (for two) just two ingredients: apples & yeast.   (22oz) 14.00

Whites Kosher

Alfasi Chardonnay mildly sweet chard, tones of apple, pear, & vanilla. great as an aperitif    8.25
Alfonso Sauvignon Blanc passion fruit & green apple undertones; light & crisp finish.    7.00
Bartenura Pinot Grigio dry, fruits, & citrusy; finishes with nice minerality & perfect acidity.    9.50

Reds Non-Kosher

Inédito Rioja. Spain unoaked blend of grenacha, tempranillo, and graciano. fruit forward, moderate acidity, and easy tanins.    11.00
Patience Merlot. France 100% merlot. the nose on this organic charmer is full of baking chocolate, ripe plums & sweet herbs. the palate is ultra-ripe with loads of crushed black berry, & plums.    9.39
Les Genestas Côtes-Du-Rhône. France medium bodied blend of syrah, grenache & mourvedre; with notes of fragrant cherry & blueberry flavors.    10.25
Binner Pinot Noir. Alsace hand harvested very late (for alsace) early to mid-october. the fully ripened fruit lends the wines a complexity of aromatics & favors. wonderfully gulpable! (for limited time only.)    14.00

Daily Bread & Soup $10

Country Split Pea (gf, sf, ns). with mirepoix (onions, carrots, celery), garlic, and herbs  
Cauliflower Chowder (gf, ns, sf). with chunks of cauliflower florets, and coconut cream.  

Tapas Specials

Country Fried Tofu (gf, sf). crunchy & delicious; served with white country gravy.  
Silky Mashed Potatoes (gf, ns, sf). smooth, luscious, a bit peppery; whipped up with a sweet coconut cream; served with white gravy.  

Dessert Specials

Sour Apple Cheesecake Mousse (gf, sf ).with apple spice compote.    9.00

Cocktail Specials

Mulled Pumpkin Wine a delicious mix of fresh pumpkin juice, spices, brandy, & white wine. (kosher).    8.00


Sacred Chow
227 Sullivan St
Btwn Bleecker & 3rd St
(917) 924-1560
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