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S & W Deli

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  • Deli Food, Sandwiches
  • 2900 Stillwell Ave, Brooklyn 11224 40.576847 -73.981431
  • (At Mermaid ave)
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  • (718) 946-9003
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Breakfast Specials

Served From 6am-11am. After 11am No Coffee, Juice. All Platters Served With Home Fries, Toast Coffee Or Tea.

A1. Two Eggs any style    4.00
A1. Two Eggs with ham, bacon or sausage    4.75
A1. Two Eggs with beef sausage or corned beef hash, turkey bacon    5.75
A1. Two Eggs extra cheese    0.50

Egg Sandwiches

Beef Or Turkey Sausage, Turkey Bacon, Egg White $0.50 Extra.

A2. Two Egg On A Roll     2.25
A3. One Egg On A Roll     1.75
A3. One Egg On A Roll with ham, bacon or sausage    3.00
A3. One Egg On A Roll with turkey bacon, beef sausage, turkey sausage    3.50
A3. One Egg On A Roll extra cheese    0.50
A4. Any Omelettes Sandwich 2 eggs    3.00
A4. Any Omelettes Sandwich with ham, bacon or sausage    4.00
A4. Any Omelettes Sandwich with beef sausage, turkey sausage    5.00
A5. 1 Egg On A Croissant     2.25
A6. 1 Egg & Cheese On A Croissant     2.75
A7. 1 Egg, Sausage, Ham, Bacon & Cheese On A Croissant     3.75

Egg Platters $5.25

All Platters Served With Home Fries, Toast (White, Rye, Whole Wheat) & 3 Eggs

A8. Cheese Omelette any cheese  
A9. Western Omelette ham, onion, green peppers  
A10. Egg White Omelette spinach, ham, onion, egg whites  
A11. Vegetable Omelette mushroom, broccoli, spinach  
A12. Greek Omelette feta cheese, tomato, onions  
A13. California Omelette avocado, mushrooms & tomato  
A14. Spanish Omelette onion, pepper, tomato, cheese, jalapeno, salsa picante  

Pancakes & French Toast

A15. Golden Brown Or French Toast     3.50
A16. With Ham, Bacon Or Sausage     4.50
A17. With Turkey Bacon, Beef Or Turkey Sausage     5.00
A18. Healthy Oat Meal    (sm 12oz) 2.00 (lg 16oz) 2.50
A18. Healthy Oat Meal choice of toppings: banana, walnuts or raisins    0.50



A19. Plain Bagel     1.00
A20. With Butter     1.25
A21. With Cream Cheese     1.50
A22. With Peanut Butter     2.00
A22. With Peanut Butter add jelly for    0.25


Sm 12oz $2.50 / Lg 16oz $3. Our Homemade Daily Selection Served With Bread:


Sandwich Salads

Sandwich / Platter / Per Lb. Platter Served With Bed Of Lettuce, Tomato, Peppers And Hard Boiled Egg.

C1. Tuna     4.75  6.99  6.50
C2. Italian Tuna     6.99  6.95  4.95
C3. Ind. Can Of Tuna sandwich    4.95
C3. Ind. Can Of Tuna platter    6.95
C4. Chicken     4.45  6.99  6.95
C5. Egg     5.95  4.49  3.45
C6. Seafood     5.45  8.99  6.95
C7. Shrimp     7.95  5.45  9.99
C8. Pesto Chicken     4.75  7.99  6.45
C9. Avocado Chicken     7.99  6.95  4.95

C10. Salads Your Way

Sm 6 Toppings & One Meat $6.95 / Lg 8 Toppings & One Meat $8.95. Choose From:

House Mix   


Grilled Chicken   
Roasted Turkey   
Hearts Of Palm   
Sun Dried Tomato   
Black Olives   
Sunflower Seeds   
Red Peppers   
Sliced Peppers   
Broccoli Mushrooms   
Garbanzo Beans   
Alfalfa Sprouts   
Red Onion   
Feta Cheese   
Blue Cheese   
Mandarin Orange   
Chinese Noodles   
Hard Boiled Egg   


Balsamic Vinaigrette   
Light Italian   
Honey Mustard   
Balsamic Vinegar   
Blue Cheese   
Creamy Caesar   
Fat Free Italian   
Raspberry Vinaigrette   
Red Wine Vinegar   
Fat Free Lemon Herb   
Fat Free Tomato Basil   
Russian Creamy Italian   
Golden Italian   
Extra Virgin Olive Oil   


C11. Caesar Salad lettuce, parmesan cheese, croutons with house dressing    4.75
C12. Grilled Chicken Salad grilled breast of chicken over salad    6.75
C13. Greek Salad feta cheese, tomato, olives, mixed green    5.75
C14. Tossed Salad crispy iceberg, tomato, cucumber, green peppers, onion & black olives    5.25
C15. Chef Salad roast beef, turkey, ham & cheese on a bed of greens sliced eggs & tomato, lettuce    6.95
C16. Coney Island Salad lettuce, topped with grilled chicken breast & cheddar cheese    6.95

Side Orders

B1. Vegetables mixed green, lettuce & tomato or spinach    2.50
B2. Potato Salad     2.50
B3. Cheese Fries     3.00
B4. Macaroni Salad    lg 4.25 sm 3.00
B5. French Fries    sm 2.50 lg 3.75
B6. Cole Slaw     2.50
B7. Onion Rings     3.00
B8. Home Fries     2.50
B9. Corn Beef Hash     2.95
B10. Beef Patties     2.00
B10. Beef Patties with cheese    2.50
B11. Hot Dog     2.25
B12. Nachos    sm 2.75 lg 3.50
B13. Nachos with cheese   sm 3.50 lg 4.50
B14. Rice & Beans    sm 3.50 lg 4.95


Sandwiches / Per Lb. White, Whole Wheat, Kaiser Roll Or Rye. Hero Add $0.50

B15. American     3.75  5.99
B16. Swiss     3.95  6.99
B17. Muenster     3.95  6.99
B18. Provolone     3.95  6.99
B19. Mozzarella     3.95  6.99
B20. Fresh Mozzarella     3.95  7.99
B21. Cheddar     3.95  6.99

B22. Pastries & Desserts

Muffin     1.50
Danish     1.75
Croissant     1.50
Scone     1.50
Donuts    ea 1.00
Dozen     9.50
1/2 Dozen     5.00
Fancy Donuts     1.50
Brownie     2.50
Cheese Cake plain    3.00

B23. Beverages

Sm / Lg.

House Blend Coffee     1.00  1.50
House Decaf     1.00  1.50
Iced Coffee    sm 2.00  3.00 lg 2.50
Tea     1.50  1.00
Iced Tea    lg 2.50 sm 2.00  3.00
Herbal Tea     1.25  1.50
Hot Chocolate     1.25  1.50
Espresso    sm 2.25
Cappuccino     2.00  1.50
Cafe Latte     3.25  2.25

From The Grill And Burgers

Sandwich / Dlx. Served With Lettuce, Tomato & Onion.

E1. Hamburger     5.25  3.50
E2. Cheese Burger     5.50  3.75
E3. Bacon Cheese Burger     6.25  4.50
E4. Mushroom Burger mushroom, swiss cheese, onion & steak sauce    6.25  4.50
E5. Turkey Burger     5.50  3.75
E6. Veggie Burger     5.50  3.75
E7. Grilled Cheese     4.75  3.00
E8. B.L.T     5.00  3.50
E9. Tuna Melt     4.95  6.45
E10. Cheddar Melt     4.50  5.95
E11. Turkey Cheddar Melt     5.00  6.45
E12. Fish-N-Chips fried fish fillet served with lettuce, tomato, pickle, french fries & tartar sauce   dlx 6.45
E13. Reuben Sandwich served with corned beef, melted swiss cheese & sauerkraut    5.25  6.75
E14. Turkey Club all deluxe include: pickle, lettuce, tomato, french fries    5.95  7.45
E14. Turkey Club double burger   extra 1.50

Philly Steak

E15. Original fried onion, green pepper & american    5.95
E16. Italian tomato sauce & mozzarella    5.95
E17. English bacon & cheddar cheese    6.50
E18. Mexican monterey jack cheese, tomato & onion    5.95

Deli Classics

Sandwich / Per Lb. Choice Of Bread: (White, Whole Wheat, Kaiser Roll Or Rye) Hero & All Grain Add $0.50. With Rice Available Lettuce, Tomato Extra $0.50

E19. All Kinds Of Turkey oven gold, smoked, honey, peppermill    4.75  8.99
E20. All Kinds Of Chicken Breast classic, buffalo, lemon    4.75  8.99
E21. All Kinds Of Ham boiled, black forest, virginia, cappicola, spiced, low sodium    8.99  4.75
E22. All Kind Of Salami genoa, hard, national hebrew, beef    8.99  4.75
E23. Bologna     3.50  5.99
E24. Pepperoni     3.50  5.99
E25. Roast Beef     5.00  9.99
E26. Pastrami     4.75  8.99
E27. Corned Beef     8.99  4.75
E28. Chicken Wing with french fries   (6) 5.95
E29. Fried Chicken with french fries   (5) 5.95
E30. Chicken Nugget    (6) 3.95
E30. Chicken Nugget with french fries    5.95
E31. Mozzarella Stick    (6) 4.25
E31. Mozzarella Stick with french fries    5.75
E32. Buffalo Wings    (6) 4.00
E32. Buffalo Wings with french fries    5.50


Cheese     0.50
Sweet Or Hot Peppers     0.50
Fresh Mozzarella     1.00
Brie Cheese     1.00
Tomato     0.25
Alpine Lace     1.00

Gourmet Wraps $6.45

D1. San Francisco grilled chicken, avocado, lettuce, tomato, roasted peppers, ranch dressing in whole wheat wrap  
D2. Grilled Chicken Caesar romaine lettuce, roasted pepper, romano cheese, croutons, and caesar dressing in caesar wrap  
D3. Tuscan Roast Beef fresh mozzarella, romaine, sun dried tomato, garlic oil, and onion in roasted pepper wrap  
D4. Italian grilled chicken, roasted peppers, fresh mozzarella and pesto sauce in a roasted pepper wrap  
D5. Cuban virginia ham, smoked turkey, swiss cheese, pickle, mustard in whole wheat wrap  
D6. Ranch grilled chicken, bacon, avocado, roasted pepper, lettuce and ranch dressing in plain wrap  
D7. Chicken Fajita grilled chicken, grilled onion, roasted pepper and salsa in a roasted pepper wrap  
D8. Cajun Chicken cajun grilled chicken, monterey jack cheese, lettuce on whole wheat wrap  
D9. Philly Beefeater roast beef, mushroom, sauteed pepper, onion, mozzarella cheese in a whole wheat wrap  
D10. Chicken Cutlet avocado, tomato, lettuce and creamy italian dressing in a roasted pepper wrap  
D11. Tuna Avocado tuna, salad, avocado in spinach wrap  


P1. Tuna Melt fresh tuna, cheddar cheese, lettuce & tomato    6.45
P2. Sicilian virginia ham, fresh mozzarella, sun dried tomato, arugula and creamy balsamic vinaigrette    6.45
P3. Delightful honey turkey, mozzarella cheese, honey mustard, cole slaw    6.45
P4. Chicken Parmigiana breaded chicken, fresh mozzarella, fresh basil, marinara sauce and parmesan cheese    6.45
P5. The Combo pastrami, corned beef, provolone, lettuce, tomato and mustard    6.45
P6. Chicken Fajita grilled chicken, cheddar cheese, roasted pepper, caramelized onion and salsa    6.45
P7. Toasted Monte Cristo layers of ham, smoked turkey, swiss, cheddar, lettuce, tomato and honey mustard    6.45
P8. Russian roast beef, muenster cheese, caramelized onion, lettuce, tomato and russian dressing    6.45
P9. The Italiano grilled chicken, roasted pepper, fresh mozzarella cheese, and pesto sauce    6.45
P10. Chicken Club grilled chicken, bacon, brie cheese, plum tomato, and house dressing    6.45
P11. Eggplant Parmigiana oven roasted eggplant, fresh mozzarella, basil, marinara sauce and parmesan cheese    6.45
P12. Quesadilla chicken, vegetable, steak or cheese. served with sour cream, salsa and guacamole    6.95
P13. Burrito vegetable, grilled chicken, beef or tex-mex. served with sour cream, salsa and dressing    6.95
P14. Tortas (beef, chicken, carnitas) cemitas (beef, chicken, carnitas)    5.95

Gourmet Sandwiches $6.45

Hero, Baguette, Roll Or Rye.

G1. Cajun Chicken avocado, roasted pepper, tomato and cajun sauce on a hero  
G2. Grilled Chicken Breast roasted pepper, tomato, lettuce and honey mustard on rye  
G3. Roasted Turkey bacon, avocado, tomato, blue cheese dressing on a hero  
G4. Prime Roast Beef cheddar cheese, grilled onion, roasted pepper, leaf lettuce, tomato and russian dressing on a baguette  
G5. Pepper Turkey genoa salami, provolone, lettuce, sun dried tomato, herb mayo on a hero  
G6. Pepper Turkey fresh mozzarella, cucumber, roasted pepper, tomato and chipotle sauce on rye  
G7. Meat Combo pastrami, roasted turkey, roasted pepper, avocado and russian dressing on baguette  
G8. Honey Turkey cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato on rye  
G9. Tuna Salad roasted pepper, tomato, leaf lettuce on hero  
G10. Vegetarian fresh mozzarella, tomato, lettuce, pesto sauce on a baguette  
G11. Seasonal Veggie grilled vegetables, avocado, plum tomato on a hero  
G12. Virginia Ham lettuce, sweet pepper, honey dijon mustard, fresh mozzarella on a hero  
G13. Lemon Chicken lemon chicken, jack cheese, sun dried tomato, lettuce or spinach and mayo on a hero  


Sandwich $5.95 / Dlx $6.95.

G14. Gyro Sandwich On Pita   
G15. Chicken Gyro On Pita   
G16. Grilled Chicken On Pita   

Chicken Special $6.45

Free Can Soda. Extra Meat Or Chicken Add $1.50.

G17. Teriyaki Chicken chicken cutlet, melted mozzarella cheese, lettuce, grilled onion, teriyaki sauce  
G18. Lemon Chicken lemon chicken cutlet, melted mozzarella cheese, lettuce, grilled onion, teriyaki sauce  
G19. Spiced Chicken chicken cutlet, melted mozzarella cheese, hot pepper, grilled onion, tabasco sauce, lettuce  
G20. B.B.Q. Chicken chicken cutlet, melted mozzarella cheese, grilled onion, bbq sauce  
G21. Chicken Parmigiana chicken cutlet, melted mozzarella cheese, parmigiana sauce  

Hot Sandwiches Specials $6.45

(Hero, Baguette, Roll Or Rye) Any Cheese.

H1. Honey Moon grilled honey turkey breast, melted muenster cheese, roasted pepper, honey mustard on garlic hero  
H2. Grilled Chicken Breast melted swiss, avocado, russian dressing on flat european bread  
H3. Chicken Cordon Bleu chicken cutlet, sliced ham, melted swiss, blue cheese dressing on a baguette  
H4. Corned Beef pastrami, melted swiss, cole slaw and russian dressing on rye bread  
H5. Roast Beef melted swiss, fried onion, lettuce, tomato and french dressing on a hero  
H6. God Father roast beef, melted mozzarella, roasted sweet pepper, honey mustard on a hero  
H7. Hot Pastrami Special melted swiss, onions, jalapeno peppers with chipotle sauce on a hero  
H8. Turkey Crazy grilled turkey, grilled onion, melted mozzarella cheese with brown gravy on a hero  
H9. Mets chicken cutlet with muenster cheese, roasted pepper, lettuce and tomato with chipotle sauce on a hero  
H10. M.T.A Special pepper turkey, roasted pepper mozzarella cheese, leaf lettuce with chipotle sauce on a toasted hero  
H11. Coney Island Special turkey breast, bacon, melted swiss, cole slaw and russian dressing on a toasted hero  
H12. House Special grilled chicken, grilled onion, roasted pepper, lettuce, melted fresh mozzarella with ranch dressing on a toasted hero  

Home Style Combination Sandwiches $6.45

(Wrap Or Hero) Hot Or Cold Available With Free Can Of Soda. Extra Meat Or Chicken Add $1.50

H13. B Train (The God Father ) genoa salami, cappicola ham, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, green pepper, oil & vinegar  
H14. D Train (American Hero) fresh roast beef, turkey ham, american cheese, lettuce, tomato & dressing  
H15. F Train grilled roast beef, melted mozzarella, grilled onion , pepper  
H16. G Train grilled roast beef, melted cheese, grilled onion, coleslaw, lettuce, hot spicy sauce  
H17. N Train grilled roast beef, crispy bacon, melted cheese, pickle, grilled onion, lettuce, tomato & dressing  
H18. E Train grilled chicken, melted cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, honey mustard  
H19. 7 Train grilled chicken, pastrami, mozzarella cheese, tomato, grilled onion  

Club Sandwiches $6.75

H20. Turkey with bacon, lettuce & tomato & french fries  
H21. Roast Beef with bacon, lettuce & tomato & french fries  
H22. Tuna Fish Salad with hard boiled egg, lettuce & tomato & french fries  
H23. Chicken Salad with bacon, lettuce & tomato  
H24. Virginia Ham with swiss, lettuce, tomato & french fries  


S & W Deli
2900 Stillwell Ave
At Mermaid ave
(718) 946-9003
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