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  • Bakery & Pastries, Coffee & Tea
  • 243 Bleecker St, New York 10014 40.730859 -74.002523
  • (Btwn Carmine & Cornelia St)
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  • (212) 242-6031
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Please Check With Server For Availability Of Cakes.

Banana Cream Pie a tart shell filled with banana cream   slice 5.50 (12") 48.00 (7") 18.50
Chocolate Black Out a chocolate sponge cake filled and covered with a rich cheesecake fudge filling   slice 5.50 (11") 48.00
Chocolate Cheesecake a chocolate sauteed american cheesecake topped with decorated pieces of chocolate   slice 6.50 (11") 58.00 (7") 24.00
Chocolate Cream Pie a tart shell filled with chocolate cream and topped with whipped cream   slice 5.50 (7") 18.50 (12") 48.00
Chocolate Delight chocolate mousse and vanilla french cream, with assorted candy bits on top   (7") 30.00 (11") 70.00 slice 6.50
Chocolate Lovers Fantasy chocolate mousse and caramel mascarpone   (7") 25.00 slice 6.50 (11") 68.00
Fresh Apple Almond Tart an almond paste tart coated with an apricot glaze and topped with fresh apples   slice 6.50 (11") 68.00
Fresh Fruit Almond Tart an almond paste tart covered with a light layer of apricot glaze and topped with fresh fruit   slice 6.50 (11") 68.00
Fresh Fruit Cheesecake an american cheesecake topped with a variety of assorted fruit   (7") 24.00 (11") 68.00 slice 6.50
Fresh Peach Almond Tart an almond paste tart coated with an apricot glaze and topped with fresh peaches   (11") 68.00 slice 6.50
Fruitta Di Bosca a tart shell filled with a light french cream and wild berry sauce topped with mixed berries   (12") 58.00 (7") 24.00 slice 6.50
New York Style Cheesecake new york style cheesecake made with philadelphia cream cheese   (7") 19.00 (11") 54.00 slice 5.50
Oreo Cheesecake our new york style cheesecake smothered with crushed oreo cookies   (7") 24.00 (11") 58.00 slice 6.50
Peanut Butter Cheesecake    (7") 24.00 (11") 58.00 slice 6.50
Peanut Butter Smoothie    (12") 58.00 (7") 24.00 slice 6.50
Rainbow Cake    (7") 35.00 slice 6.50
Raspberry Chocolate Fudge Cake a chocolate fudge cake with raspberry filling   (6") 16.50 slice 6.50 (11") 58.00
Raspberry French Cream Tart a tart filled with light french cream and raspberry sauce, topped with fresh raspberries and chocolate   (12") 58.00 (7") 24.00 slice 6.50
Roccochoco Pie a chocolate shortbread filled with chocolate custard and brownie bits, topped with snickers and mint caramint cups   (7") 24.00 slice 6.50 (12") 58.00
Strawberry Cheesecake an american cheesecake topped with fresh strawberries   slice 6.50 (7") 24.00 (11") 68.00
Tiramisu a ladyfinger sponge soaked with espresso coffee and filled with mascarpone cheese, topped with real coco   (7") 24.00 (11") 58.00
Turtle Cheesecake an oreo based american cheesecake topped with caramel, chocolate and pecans   (7") 24.00 (11") 58.00 slice 6.50
S'Mores Cheesecake our new york style cheesecake with chocolate chunks, marshmallows and graham cracker crust   slice 6.50 (11") 58.00 (7") 24.00
Red Velvet Cheesecake our american cheesecake sandwich between layers of our red velvet cake   (7") 30.00 (11") 68.00 slice 6.50
Black And White Chocolate our american cheesecake sandwiched between layers of vanilla and chocolate cake   slice 6.50 (7") 25.00 (11") 68.00
Italian Ricotta Cheesecake our traditional italian cheesecake made with ricotta cheese lemon and orange peel   (11") 58.00 slice 6.50
Pistachio Cheesecake our new york cheesecake topped with crushed pistachio nuts roasted to perfection   (7") 25.00 slice 6.50 (11") 58.00
Profiterol Cake    slice 6.50 (11") 58.00
Red Velvet Cake    slice 6.50 (7") 24.00 (11") 58.00

Cookies $3 Each

Assorted Cupcakes cupcakes made right here in this shop  
Brownie our chocolate brownie  
Large Almond Chocolate Drop a chopped almond loaded cookies with a chocolate drop center  
Large Almond Horns an almond paste cookie rolled in sliced almonds and the ends dipped in chocolate  
Large Black And Whites a spongy cookie with a layer of apricot glaze and vanilla and chocolate icing  
Large Brownie Marshmallow Cookie a brownie cookie baked with marshmallow  
Large Butter Pecan Cookie a buttery cookie filled with pecans  
Large Chocolate Chip Cookie our special cookie with semi-sweet chocolate chips  
Large Chocolate Chip Dipped Cookie our special cookie with semi-sweet chocolate chips and chocolate covering on one side  
Large Double Chocolate Chip Cookie our special cookie with semi-sweet chocolate chips double dipped in chocolate  
Large Hammintosh a cookie filled with either a raspberry, apricot or prune filling  
Large Linzer Tarts a shortbread cookie with a raspberry filling and covered with confectionary sugar  
Large M & M Cookie a butter cookie topped with mini m&m  
Large Oatmeal Raisin Cookies an oatmeal cookie filled with raisins  
Large Palmieres a flakey sugar butter cookie  
Large Peanut Butter Cookie   
Large Raspberry Coconut Drop Cookie a coconut butter cookie with a raspberry center  
Large S'Mores Cookie   
Large Trail Mix Cookie   



Lemon Twist a biscotti with a slight lemon flavor    10.00
Cinnamon Sticks a cinnamon flavored biscotti    10.00
Orange S a biscotti with a slight orange flavor    10.00
Pavesi (Ladyfingers) a very light airy cookie with a cinnamon and orange flavor blend    12.50
Plain Anisette a light toasted anisette flavored biscotti    10.00
Raspberry Vanilla a vanilla cookie filled with a raspberry filling and coated with confectionery sugar    10.00
Saviordi a spongy semi soft orange / cinnamon flavored meringue type biscotti    10.00
Sesame (Regina's) a sesame covered biscotti    10.00
Umberti a vanilla flavored biscotti    10.00

Cakes And Pies

American Cheesecake Plain a cheesecake made with bakers cheese with no topping   lg 8.00 ea 6.00
American Cheesecake With Fruit a cheese cake made with bakers cheese topped with fresh fruit   (6") 8.00 (7") 10.00
Apple Horseshoe a flakey puff pastry dough filled with apples   ea 10.00
Apple Pie a pie crust filled with a cinnamon apple filling   ea 9.00
Assorted Fruit Pies (Criss Cross Top) our lemon, cherry, apple, blueberry and pineapple pie   (8") 9.50 (6") 5.50
Chocolate Layer Cake a chocolate sponge cake filled with a chocolate fudge filling   ea 15.00
Chocolate Loaf    ea 10.00
Iced Zombie a vanilla sponge bunt soaked in rum flavor covered with an apricot glaze with vanilla and chocolate icing   (6") 7.50 (8") 9.50
Italian Cheesecake a ricotta cheesecake filled with orange and lemon peel   (6") 8.50 (8") 10.50
Lemon Meringue Pie a tart shell with lemon filling topped with marinara   (7") 9.00 (12") 48.00 (6") 7.00
Lemon Zombie    (6") 7.50 (8") 9.50
Pecan Pound Cake a pecan filled pound cake   lb 5.00
Pineapple Upside Down Cake    ea 9.00
Plain Pound Cake    ea 5.00
Sunflower Lemon Meringue    (6") 9.00 (8") 11.00
Crumb Zombie    (8") 9.50 (6") 7.50


243 Bleecker St
Btwn Carmine & Cornelia St
(212) 242-6031
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