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Ramen Takumi

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  • Japanese, Sushi, Noodle Shops
  • 1 University Pl, New York NY10003 40.730697 -73.995056
  • (Btwn Waverly Pl & 8th St)
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  • (212) 229-2752
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A1. Takumi House Salad bread crumbled chicken boneless drumstick, iceberg lettuce, cucumber, red cabbage, serve with choice of garlic mayo sauce or spicy mayo sauce.   6.50
extra sauce   1.00
A2. Tako Wasabi octopus salad marinated in wasabi   3.00
A3. Oshinko japanese pickled vegetables   3.50
A4. Menma-Zara natural salt flavored bamboo shoot salad   4.50
A5. To-Fu fresh sliced to-fu w/ ginger and bonito dipping sauce.   4.00
A6. Kimchi    4.00
A7. Edamame steamed green soybeans with pinch of sea salt.   3.75
A8. Seaweed Salad green seaweed salad   4.50
A9. Shio Tama salt flavored soft boiled egg   1.50
A10. Syo-Yu Tama soy sauce flavored soft boiled egg   1.50
A11. Pork Shumai steamed dumpling  (4pcs) 5.00
A12. Shrimp Shumai steamed dumplings  (6pcs) 5.00
A13. Gyoza pork, vegetable or shrimp, japanese style fried dumplings   5.00
A14. Chasyu-Zara slow cooked sliced pork   7.95
A15. Deluxe Zara 4 sliced of chasyu served with bamboo shoots and salt flavored soft boiled egg.   9.95

Cold Tsukemen

Cold Noodle With Hot Dipping Soup. With Pork, Bamboo Shoots, Scallop Powder, Seaweed, And Scallion.

T1. Shio Tsukemen plain cold noodle with natural salt flavored dipping sauce cold 10.95 11.95
T2. Shio Tsukemen Oomori shio tsukemen with extra noodle cold 12.45 13.45
T3. Shio Chasyu-Tsukemen shio tsukemen with extra pork cold 12.45 13.45
T4. Shio Chasyu-Tsukemen Oomori shio chasyu-tsukemen with extra noodle cold 13.45 14.45
T5. Syo-Yu Tsukemen plain cold noodle with soy sauce flavored dipping sauce cold 10.95 11.95
T6. Sto-Yu Tsukemen Oomori syo-yu tsukemen with extra noodle cold 12.45 13.45
T7. Syo-Yu Chasyu-Tsukemen syo-yu tsukemen with extra pork cold 12.45 13.45
T8. Syo-Yu Chasyu-Tsukemen Oomori syo-yu chesyu-tsukemen with extra noodle cold 13.45 14.45
T9. Miso Tsukemen syo-yu noodle with soy bean paste flavored dipping sauce cold 11.45 12.45
T10. Miso Tsukemen Oomori miso tsukemen with extra noodle cold 12.95 13.95
T11. Miso Chasyu-Tsukemen miso tsukemen with extra pork cold 12.95 13.95
T12. Miso Chasyu-Tsukemen Oomori miso chasyu-tsukemen with extra noodle cold 13.95 14.95
T13. Tan-Tan Tsukemen plain cold noodle with spicy soybean paste flavored dipping sauce cold 11.50 12.50
T14. Tan-Tan Tsukemen Oomori tan-tan tsukemen with extra noodle cold 12.95 13.95
T15. Tan-Tan Chasyu-Tsukemen tan-tan tsukemen with extra pork cold 12.95 13.95
T16. Tan-Tan Chasyu-Tsukemen Oomori tan-tan chasyu-tsukemen with extra noodle cold 13.95 14.95

Cold Vegetable Tsukemen

We Use Chicken And Pork Broth, Which Gives Our Ramen A Clean And Uniquely Flavorful Taste. Cold Noodle With Hot Dipping Soup. With Bamboo Shoots, Scallop Powder, Seaweed, Corn, Cabbage And Scallion.

V5. Vegetable Miso Tsukemen plain cold noodle with spicy soy bean paste flavored dipping sauce cold 11.45 12.45
V6. Vegetable Miso Tsukemen Oomori vegetable miso tsukemen with extra noodle cold 12.95 13.95
V7. Vegetable Tan-Tan Tsukemen plain cold noodle with spicy soy bean paste flavored dipping sauce cold 11.45 12.45
V8. Vegetable Tan-Tan Tsukemen Oomori vegetable tan-tan tsukemen with extra noodle cold 12.95 13.95

Side Menu

S1. Vegetable Tempura   (4pcs) 5.50
S2. Croquette fried mashed potato  (2pcs) 5.95
S3. Fried Jumbo Shrimp   (5pcs) 6.50
S4. Fried Chicken   (6pcs) 6.50
S5. Shrimp Tempura   (4pcs) 7.95
S6. Miso Soup    2.50
S7. Spicy Miso Soup    2.50
S8. Chasyu 2 sliced of slow cooked pork garnished w/ scallion   2.50
S9. White Rice    2.00
S10. Kaedama extra noodle   2.00

Lunch Special

Mon-Fri: 11:30am-3:30pm (Except Holidays).

Donburi & rice

D1. Oyako-Don ground chicken over rice topped with raw egg.   5.00
D2. Curry Rice japanese curry with rice.   5.00
D3. Chasyu-Don five slices of pork over rice topped with seaweed, scallion and ginger pickles served with raw egg on the side   11.95
D4. Unadon grilled eel over rice with japanese pickles and vegetables, serve with miso soup   15.95
D5. Bibimbop * ground beef, vegetable (bean sprouts, carrot, daikon, red cabbage, water cress, romaine, bracken) and fried egg, rice, sesame oil, with hot sauce, serve with miso soup. cold 13.95 14.95
D6. Dalsot-Bibimbop * sizzling stone pot bibimbop. a heavenly combination of beef, flavorful vegetables cooked just right, egg on top and the spiciness of korean chili paste with a hint of aromatic sesame oil, serve with miso soup. cold 14.95 15.95
D7. Spicy Pork Over Rice ** pork marinade with homemade spicy sauce over rice.   7.95


We Use Chicken And Pork Broth, Which Gives Our Ramen A Clean And Uniquely Flavorful Taste.

1. Shio Ramen natural salt flavored broth with two slices of pork, bamboo shoots, salt flavored egg, seaweed, scallion, scallop powder and noodle cold 10.95 11.95
2. Shio Chasyomen shio ramen with extra pork cold 12.95 13.95
3. Syo-Yu Ramen soy sauce flavored broth with two slices of pork, bamboo shoots, soy sauce flavored egg, seaweed, scallion, onion and noodle cold 10.95 11.95
4. Soy-Yu Chasyumen syo-yu ramen with extra pork cold 12.95 13.95
5. Miso Ramen soy bean paste flavored broth with two slices of pork, scallion, bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, seaweed, corn and noodle cold 11.95 12.95
6. Miso Chasyumen miso ramen with extra pork cold 13.95 14.95
7. Nin Niku Ramen soy sauce flavored broth with four slices of pork, cabbage, bean sprouts, bonito powder, broccoli, garlic and noodle cold 11.95 12.95
8. Tan-Tan Men * spicy soybean paste flavored broth with ground chicken, chicken breast, sesame powder, salt flavored egg, scallion, broccoli, bamboo shoots and noodle cold 10.95 11.95
9. Curry Ramen limited. curry flavored broth with salt flavored egg, scallion, ground chicken, chicken breast, bamboo shoots, ginger pickles and noodle cold 11.45 12.45
10. Hiyashi Ramen-Haru (Cold) sweet soy sauce flavored sauce with pork, bamboo shoots, scallion, broccoli, salt flavored egg, corn, cucumber, ginger, crab and noodle with mustard sauce. cold 10.95 11.95
11. Hiyashi Ramen-Natsu (Cold) ** spicy soybean paste flavored sauce with pork, bamboo shoots, broccoli, salt flavored egg, scallion, corn, cucumber, crab meat, pickles and noodle cold 10.95 11.95

Ramen Set

12. Set A shio ramen with choice of curry, oyako-don, gyoza or shuma. cold 14.95 15.95
13. Set B syo-yu ramen with choice of curry, oyako-don, gyoza or shumai. cold 14.95 15.95
14. Set C miso ramen with choice of curry, oyako-don, gyoza or shumai cold 15.95 16.95
15. Set D tan-tan ramen with choice of curry, oyako-don, gyoza or shumai. cold 14.95 15.95
16. Set E curry ramen with choice of curry, oyako-don, gyoza or shumai cold 15.45 16.45

Ramen Topping

Corn    1.00
Onion    1.00
Scallion    1.00
Seaweed    1.00
Cabbage    1.00
Bean Sprouts    1.00
Salt Flavored Egg    1.50
Soy Sauce Flavored Egg    1.50
To-Fu    2.00
Bamboo Shoots    2.00
Ground Chicken    2.00
Chicken Breast    2.00
Two Slices Of Pork    2.50

Vegetarian Ramen $11.95

Cold $10.95.

V1. Vegetable Miso Ramen soybean paste flavored broth with scallion, bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, corn and noodle.   
V2. Vegetable Tan-Tan Ramen spicy soybean flavored broth with scallion, bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, corn, and noodle.   
V3. Vegetable Hiyashi Ramen-Haru (Cold) sweet soy sauce flavored sauce with bamboo shoots, scallion, cucumber, pickles, ginger, tofu, corn, broccoli, cabbage and noodle.   
V4. Vegetable Hiyashi Ramen-Natsu ** spicy soybean paste flavored sauce with bamboo shoots, cabbage, scallion, tofu, cucumber, broccoli, pickles and noodle.   

Special Rolls

(9pcs). Have It Your Way: Brown Rice $1 Or Soy Bean Paper $1.

H1. Takumi in: tuna, salmon, white tuna, yellowtail, cucumber, avocado. topping: tobiko, white sauce, scallion. cold 11.95 12.95
H2. Stern Roll * in: spicy salmon, avocado, cucumber. topping: crunch, salmon, teriyaki, spicy mayo. cold 11.95 12.95
H3. Steinhardt Roll * in: spicy tuna, avocado, cucumber. topping: crunch, tuna, teriyaki, spicy mayo. cold 11.95 12.95
H4. Osaka Roll in: crab meat, cucumber, avocado. topping: grilled eel, avocado, eel sauce, scallion, tobiko. cold 12.95 13.95
H5. Astor Place Roll in: soft shell crab, tobiko, cucumber. topping: avocado, teriyaki sauce & white sauce. cold 11.95 12.95
H6. Dragon Roll in: cucumber, avocado, crab meat. topping: eel, avocado, eel sauce. cold 10.95 11.95
H7. Poly Roll in: cucumber, avocado, crab meat. topping: tuna, salmon, white tuna, yellowtail, mango sauce. cold 11.95 12.95
H8. Manhattan Roll in: cucumber, avocado, salmon. topping: crab meat, salmon, white sauce. cold 11.95 12.95
H9. Hot Roll ** in: cucumber, crab meat, spicy salmon. topping: avocado, salmon, hot sauce. cold 11.95 12.95
H10. Rainbow Roll in: cucumber, avocado, crab meat. topping: tuna, salmon, white tuna, shrimp, avocado. cold 11.95 12.95
H11. Sunshine Roll in: cucumber, spicy tuna. topping: shrimp, avocado, spicy mayo. cold 11.95 12.95
H12. Tokyo Ebi Roll in: shrimp tempura, avocado. topping: spicy tuna, teriyaki & spicy mayo. cold 12.95 12.95
H13. Hanabi (6pcs) in: salmon, yellow tail, tuna, shrimp, avocado, lettuce, rolled with cucumber skin instead of rice. cold 10.95 11.95
H14. Bobst Roll in: shrimp tempura, cucumber. topping: crunch, crab meat, spicy mayo. cold 11.95 12.95
H15. Double Crunch in: crab meat, cucumber, avocado. topping: spicy salmon, spicy tuna, crunch, teriyaki, spicy mayo, mango sauce. cold 12.95 13.95
H16. Baked Dynamite Roll ** in: shrimp tempura, avocado. topping: crab salad, crunch, melted cheddar, mozzarella cheese. cold 12.95 13.95
H17. Washington Square in: spicy tuna, avocado. topping: spicy crab salad, mango sauce, crunch, tobiko, spicy mayo, teriyaki. cold 12.95 13.95
H18. N.Y.U Special in: shrimp tempura, avocado. topping: lobster salad, scallion, mango sauce, spicy mayo, tobiko, teriyaki sauce. cold 14.95 15.95



Have It Your Way: Brown Rice $1, Soy Bean Paper $1, Extra Sauce $0.50, Extra Cucumber $1 Or Extra Avocado $2.

Sushi & Sashimi

A La Carte.

J1. Tuna    3.00
J2. Salmon    3.00
J3. White Tuna    3.00
J4. Yellow Tail    3.50
J5. Grilled Eel    3.00
J6. Cooked Shrimp    2.00
J7. Red Snapper izumidal   2.50
J8. Smoked Salmon    3.50
J9. Tamago    2.50
J10. Tobiko red   3.00
J11. Tobiko black   3.00
J12. Tobiko wasabi   3.00


F1. Tuna Tataki ahi tuna, scallion, tobiko, ponzu sauce   9.00
F2. Salmon Tataki seared sliced king salmon with ponzu sauce   9.00
F3. Green Apple crunchy spicy tuna wrapped in avocado   6.95
F4. Tuna Lover crunch, spicy tuna, wrapped tuna sashimi   6.95
F5. Salmon Lover crunch spicy salmon wrapped salmon sashimi   6.95
F6. Kaori yellowtail, cucumber, masago, rolled with sweet pickled radish skin   7.95
F7. Crunch Rice Balls choice spicy tuna or salmon or crab   4.95
F8. Crunch Crab Salad scallion, crunch, spicy mayo, crab meat   5.00
F9. Sushi & Sashimi tuna, salmon, white tuna, shrimp, yellow tail   9.95
F10. Shrimp Tempura Balls rice ball w/ crunch crab salad on top   4.95
F11. Yummy Balls crunch, spicy tuna, on sushi rice   6.00
F12. Yellow Tail Jalapeno thin sliced yellowtail, jalapeno, scallion w/ ponzu sauce   10.95

Classic Rolls & Hand Rolls

G1. California Roll    4.95
G2. Avocado Roll    4.50
G3. Cucumber Roll    3.95
G4. Crunch Spicy Crab    5.95
G5. Crunch Spicy Salmon    6.50
G6. Crunch Spicy Tuna    6.50
G7. Crunch Spicy YellowTail    6.95
G8. Shrimp Tempura    6.95
G9. Spicy Tuna    5.95
G10. Spicy Salmon    5.95
G11. Tuna Roll    5.50
G12. Salmon Roll    5.50
G13. Eel & Avocado    6.50
G14. Salmon & Avocado    5.95
G15. Tuna & Avocado    5.95
G16. Yellowtail & Scallion    5.95
G17. Miami shrimp boiled, cucumber, avocado   5.95
G18. Boston shrimp, cucumber, avocado, lettuce, white mango mayo   5.95
G19. Philadelphia cream cheese, smoke salmon, avocado, cucumber.   5.95
G20. Soft Shell Crab Spider soft shell crab tempura, cucumber, avocado, crab meat, tobiko.   8.95
G21. Vegetable Roll carrot, cucumber, avocado, lettuce, red cabbage.   4.95


Soda, Tea & Ice Cream.

Soda coke, d/ coke, sprite, ginger ale.   2.00
Green Tea hot.   1.00
Green Tea Bottle sweet (apple, mango or blueberry), unsweet.   2.45
Perrier   (330ml) 3.50
Mochi Ice Cream green tea, strawberry, red bean, mango or vanilla, 2pcs per flavor.   3.00
Gelato Ice Cream wink   3.95
smile   4.95
waffle cone   5.50
Gelato Flavors: Almond: Bacio, Cafe 30, Cappuccino, Caramel, Chocolate, Coconut, Cookies, Dolce De Leche, Hazelnut, Menta, Pistachio, Stracciatella, Tiramisu, Vanilla. Sorbet Flavors: Banana, Blood Orange, Cherry, Lemone, Mango, Pineapple, Strawberry.

Draft Beer


Sapporo kirin   4.50
Blue Moon    5.00

Bottled Beer

Budweiser   (12oz) 4.00
Sapporo kirin, asaki  (12oz) 5.00
Asaki   (22oz) 8.00

Sake & Wine By The Glass

Kinsen Plum sweet / fruity. plum wine. white wine based plum wine. kinsen plum is sweet with intense summer fruit flavor.  gl 6.00
Ginban light / dry. jummai daiginjo. light, dry sake that is less likely to cause hand-over.  gl 8.00
Sayuri rich / sweet. junmai unfiltered. brewed with selected rice, koji and the natural water of rokko. it has a refreshing aroma, natural sweetness and smooth aftertaste.  (300ml btl) 15.00
Hakkaisan slightly dry / light. tokubetsu junmai. this sake has the subtle, graceful aroma of ginjo and finishes with a flavorful yet clean finish. it pairs well with many types of foods.  (300ml btl) 19.00
Funaguchi Honjozo rich / sweet. this sake is a genuine (unpasteurized) sake with a hint of sweetness combined with being full bodied.  (200ml can) 9.95
Sake ($6 to $11). house, premium. hot or cold japanese sake.   
Suijin dry / fragrant. junmai. dry sake, full of taste. powerful flavor of rice, sharpness of smv +10. strong base of rice flavor.  gl 8.00
Gin Sumiyoshi very dry / light. tokutetsu junmai. very soft palate and rounded flavor dry sake. this sake is stored in casks made of high quality japanese ceder.  gl 8.00
Hana Awaka light / fresh. junmai sparkling. refreshing sparkling sake with soft sweetness.  (250ml btl) 15.00
Dassai 50 slightly dry / aromatic. junmai daiginjo. a prize-winning product, this sake has a graceful aroma and a well-rounded flavor. many regard it as a "perfect" sake.  (300ml btl) 29.00
Chamisul Fresh slightly dry / rice. jinro soju. rich mineral contents and pure and clean taste. this natural alkaline soju is refined with charcoals made from 3-year old bamboos grown in a clean zone of mountain.  (360ml btl) 15.00
Shirakabe Gura slightly dry / rich. tokubetsu junmai. this sake is fermented slowly and carefully at low temperature. the result is a rich and mellow sake with a great rice-based aroma. gl 8.00(300ml btl) 16.00
Kaori medium dry / fragrant. junmai ginjo. medium dry and light sake with aroma of melon and banana.  gl 8.00
Hakutsuru Draft light / smooth. junmai namachozo. light, refreshing sake that is easy to drink.  (180ml btl) 8.95
Kirin Koshi No Takumi slightly dry / light. tokubetsu junmai. very crisp and flavorful sake. slight sourness of this sake is very refreshing.  (300ml btl) 16.00
Scb Rei bold / floral aroma. junmai ginjo nama. this sake is wonderfully balanced combination of fragrant ginjo aroma and the fresh taste of draft sake.  (300ml btl) 15.00
Bokbunjajoo rich / sweet. black raspberry wine. exceptional wine made from wild black raspberry. the wine is the color of purplish, and its sweet, berry flavor is reminiscent more of dessert wine than a red wine.  (375ml btl) 16.00
* Spicy Levels.
Ramen Takumi
1 University Pl
Btwn Waverly Pl & 8th St
(212) 229-2752
or (212) 229-2753
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