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Point Brazil

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  • 38-01 31st Ave, Astoria 11103 40.76169 -73.917849
  • (At 38th St)
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  • (718) 278-1934
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Serve Yourself And Pay Per Pound

Breakfast Buffet     4.99
Lunch And Dinner Buffet     5.99
Buffet And BBQ Meats Combination     6.99
BBQ Or Buffet Meat Only     7.99


Our Ham Is 95% Fat Free And Our Mozzarella Is Part Skim.

Plain Omelette     2.99
Mozzarella / Ham     3.99
Vegetables     3.99
Spinach / Mozzarella     3.99
Spinach / Mushrooms     3.99
Spinach Only     3.99
Feta Cheese     3.99
Feta / Mozzarella / Pecorino Romano     4.99
Mozzarella / Ham / Veggies / Bacon     4.99
Melted Cheese / Ham On Sliced Bread     2.75

Hot Bar

Some Of The Following Items Are Offered On Different Days.

Chicken Dogs 45%less fat then regular ones  
Brown Potatoes   
Home Fries   
Brazilian Breakfast Pork Sausage   
French Toast   
Brazilian Toast rabanada  
Ripe Fried Plantains   
Ripe Boiled Plantains   
Boiled Yuca   
Lightly Sweetened Corn Porridge   
Boiled Fresh Corn   
Fried Polenta   
Dried Corn In Sweet Sauce   
Sweet/Salted Brazilian Couscous   
Scramble Eggs   
Sweet Potato   
Fresh Corn Roll pamonha  
Vegetable Quiche   
Rice Balls   
Fish Balls   
Beef Croquettes   
Small Chicken Croquettes   
Soup Of The Day   
Breaded Fries   
Tapioca Porridge   

Cold Bar

Hard Boiled Eggs   
Sliced Part Skim Mozzarella Cheese   
Sliced 95% Fat Free Ham   
Sliced Canadian Bacon   
Water Mellon   
Seasonal Fruits   
Feta Cheese   
French Bread Roll   
Bagel / Cream Cheese   

Breakfast And Daily Cakes

Orange Cake     2.75
Marble Cake     2.75
Butter Cake     2.75
Coconut Cake     2.75
Chocolate Covered Carrot Cake     3.25
Coffee Cake     2.75
Banana Pie     3.25
Pineapple Pie     3.25
Yuca Cake     2.75
Bread Pudding     2.75
Banana Cake     2.75
Whole Wheat Cake occasional    2.75
Lemon Angel Cake     2.75
Cheese Bread     1.40
Roll Of Bread     0.50

Coffee And Tea

Fresh Ground Coffee    med 1.60 sm 1.10 lg 1.90
Decaffeinated Coffee    sm 1.10 lg 1.90 med 1.60
Espresso     2.25
Cappuccino     3.25
Cafe Latte     3.25
Frappe     3.25
Ice Coffee    lg 2.75 med 2.50 sm 2.00
Hot Chocolate     1.75
Herbal Tea     1.50
Iced Tea     1.50
Iced Coffee    med 2.50 sm 2.00 lg 2.75
Cashew Nuts Juice    sm 1.35 lg 1.95 med 1.65
Passion Fruit Juice    lg 1.95 med 1.65 sm 1.35

BBQ Meats

Top SirloIn   
Sirloin Steak   
Skirt Steak   
Beef Ribs   
Roast Beef   
Pork Loin   
Chicken Legs   
Chicken Breast Wrapped In Bacon   
Chicken Hearts   
Chicken Sausage   
Pork Sausage   

Hot Bar

Black And Pinto Beans   
White And Brown Rice   
Baked Beef   
Roasted Beef   
Grilled Beef   
Beef Stew   
Beef Stroganoff   
Corned Beef   
Beef Meat Balls   
Stuffed Meat Loaf   
Chicken Stew   
Baked Chicken   
Grilled Chicken Breast   
Lemon Chicken   
Chicken Marsala   
Chicken with spinach/mushrooms  
Spaghetti w/ meat balls  
Spaghetti Marinara Sauce   
Spaghetti with olive oil/garlic  
Spaghetti Primavera   
Chicken Pancakes   
Chicken Stroganoff   
Stuffed Chicken Legs   
Chicken Fingers   
BBQ Chicken Wings   
Fried Chicken Wings   
Fish Stew w/ coconut milk  
Breaded Fish   
Baked Pork Loin   
BBQ Pork Ribs   
Fried Ripe Sweet Plantains   
Fried Breakfast Pork Sausage   
Baked Turkey   
Chicken Pie   
Baked Potato   
Mashed Potato   
Italian Polenta   
Okra Stew   
Baked Acorn Pumpkin   
Vegetables Stew   
Spinach Fettuccini   
Cheese Tortellini   
Beef Croquette   
Fish Balls   
Rice Balls   
Corn And Vegetables Souffle   
Bacalao w/ potatoes/peppers/olives/ onions  
Feijoada black beans, dried beef, pork sausage, bacon  
Tropeiro Beans pinto beans, bacon , pork sausage, seasoned yuca flour  
Grilled Egg Plant   
Beef Lasagna   
Chicken Lasagna   
Eggplant Lasagna   

Salad Bar

Romaine Lettuce Or Mixed Greens   
Collard Greens   
Young Soy Beans Salad   
Pasta Salad   
Vegetables Couscous   
Barley Rice Salad   
Eggplant Salad   
Mixed Vegetables   
Fresh Beets   
Tomato Salad   
Potato Salad   
Lentils Salad   
Chick Peas Salad   
Chicken Salad   
Celery / Radish   
Cucumber Tomato   
Tuna Salad   
Orzo Salad   
Okra Salad   
Chayote Salad   
Grilled Vegetables   
Baby Carrot Salad   
Corn/Tomato Salad   
Corn/Black Beans Salad   
Fresh String Beans   
Fresh Peas/Carrots Salad   
Bacalao /Potato Salad   
Grilled Zucchini   
White Cabbage Salad   
Crab Salad   
Red Cabbage w/ raspberry vinaigrette  
Feta Cheese/Olives/Pickles   


16oz $3.49 / 32oz $5.99. We Make One Kind Of Soup Per Day.

Split Peas   
Chicken Noodles   
Rice / Chicken   
Yuca w/ beef  
Beef And Vegetables   

House Specialty Pastries

Finger Food

Pastel De Frango Assado baked chicken pastry    2.75
Coxinha chicken croquette    2.40
Coxinha chicken croquette. w/ catupiry cheese e    2.90
Pastel De Carne prime beef croquette    2.40
Risole De Milho corn croquet    2.75
Pastel De Queijo part skim mozzarella croquette    2.40
Kibe bulgur wheat w/ prime beef croquette    2.40
Empada De Bacalhau bacalao pastry (occasional)    2.40
Empada De Frango chicken filling pastry    2.40
Empada De Camarao shrimp filling pastry (occasional)    2.40
Bolinho De Aimpim yuca croquette (occasional)    2.40


Brazilian Flan     2.75
Flan / Guava Paste Mousse Cup     3.50
Coconut /Pineapple Mousse Cup     3.50
Passion Fruit Mousse Cup .     3.50
Strawberry Jelly/Cream Cup     3.50
Passion Fruit Flan     3.80
Tres Leches Cake     3.80
Chocolate / Dulce De Leite Flan     3.80
Doce De Leite Flan     3.80
Tapioca Cake couscous de tapioca    3.80
Skim Milk / Splenda Flan     2.75
Healthy Bar dry fruits/granola    3.80
Fruit Salada occasional    3.50
Caramel / Cookies Creamy Flan     3.80
Coconut/Prunes Filling Cake     3.80
Chocolate Filling Cake     3.80
Pineapple / Coconut Filling Cake     3.80
Dried Fruits / Doce De Lete Filling Cake     3.80
Lemon / Lime Flan     3.80

Simply Healthy Choice

Sm $2.99 / Med $3.99 / Lg $4.99.

Bowl Of Acai acai, banana, strawberries, granola, guarana syrup    6.99
Acai Smoothie acai, strawberries, banana, guarana syrup    4.99
Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice   
Fresh Squeezed Carrot Juice   
Fresh Squeezed Beets Juice   
3 In 1 Juice orange, carrots, beets  
Pineapple / Mint Juice   
No Alcohol Pina Colada   
Ginger / Honey Hot Or Iced Tea     1.50
Any Tea     1.50
Fresh Squeezed Lemonade    sm 1.99 lg 3.99 med 2.99

Cold Beverages

Bottled Water     1.35
Canned Guarana Regular/Diet     1.80
Canned Soda     1.50
Perrier Water     1.99
Snapple     1.90
Vitamin Water     1.90
Gatorade     1.90
Coconut Water     2.15
Acai Bottled Drink     3.49
New Leave Tea     2.20
Brazilian Rio Mate Tea lemon or sugar free    2.20
Aloe Vera Bottled Drinks     2.20
Brazilian Fruit Pulp Bottled Juices passion fruit, cashew nuts, guava.    1.85

Once A Month House Specialty

1st Saturday Of Each Month

Acaraje     5.00
Abara     5.00
Taste Of Bahia     12.00
Acaraje made from peeled and finely ground black eyed peas, shaped into balls, deep fried in palm oil then split and filled with vatapa, okra gumbo, bacalao salad.  
Vatapa is creamy paste made from bread, coconut milk, palm oil, finely ground nuts, ginger and ground fish or shrimp  
Okra Gumbo is made from chopped okra, onion, ginger, palm oil.  
Bacalao Salad is made with bacalao, peppers, onions, tomatoes, fresh herbs and palm oil.  
Abara similar to acaraje, not fried, instead palm oil is added to the peas batter then small portion is wrap in fresh banana leaves and steamed.  
Taste Of Bahia this dish comes with: fish stew with palm oil and coconut milk, vatapa, okra gumbo, bacalao salad and white rice. some shrimp may be added in this dish.  

Meat Of The Day

Every Day We Offer A Choice Of

BBQ Pork Ribs   
Thin Fried Pork Sausage   


Every Day We Offer A Choice Of

Brown Or White / Beans black or pink  


Every Day We Offer A Choice Of

Romaine Lettuce Salad   
Potato Salad   
Chopped Salad   
Collard Greens Salad   
Sliced Tomato   
Sliced Beets   
Fried Sweet Banana   


Fish Stew   
Grilled Beef Or Beef Stew   
Baked Chicken Legs   
Pork Sausage   


Lemon Chicken   
Beef Oxtail   
Fish Stew   
BBQ Pork Ribs   
Pork Sausage   


Chicken Stew   
Chicken Stew w/ okra and polenta  
Baked Beef   
Fried Fish   
Pork Sausage   


Grilled Chicken Breast   
Beef Ribs Stew w/ yuca  
Fish Stew   
Pork Sausage   


Chicken Breast Stew   
Rolled Beef Or Grilled Onion Beef   
Fish Stew   
Pork Sausage   


Stuffed Chicken Legs   
Baked Beef   
Fried Fish   
Pork Sausage   


Chicken Marsala   
Broiled Beef   
Fried Fish   
BBQ Pork Ribs   
Pork Sausage   


Flan     2.75
Bread Pudding     2.75
Yuca Cake     2.75
Passion Fruit Flan     3.80
Coconut Flan     3.80
Chocolate Flan     3.80
Tapioca w/ condensed milk    3.80
Tres Letes Cake     3.80
Chocolate Cake     3.80
Coconut / Prunes Filling Cake     3.80
Coconut / Pineapple Filling Cake     3.80
Flan In The Cup     3.80
Banana Pie     3.80


Point Brazil
38-01 31st Ave
At 38th St
(718) 278-1934
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