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  • 111-10 Queens Blvd, Forest Hills 11375 40.718446 -73.837705
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Home Made Roti* canai crispy indian pancake served with curry chicken dip-ping sauce.    3.50
Roti Telur* pancake with egg and onion served with curry chicken dipping sauce.    5.00
Murtabak* pancake with minced beef, onion and egg.    6.00
Vegetable Thai Spring Roll     4.50
Ipoh Bean Sprout     4.50
Malai Fish Ball     4.50
Thai Curry Puff (1)* potatoes, onion & green pea in puff pastry.    2.00
Thai Fish Cake*     4.50
Achat * vegetable pickled with sesame and peanut.    4.50
Poh Piah* steamed spring roll with vegetable, minced shrimp and egg. vegetarian also available.    5.50
Crispy Roll (2) bean curd skin, pork & yam.    5.50
Satay Bean Curd* crispy tofu cucumber, bean sprout and peanut sauce.    5.50
Pandan Chicken fried chicken wrapped in screw-pine leaves.    6.00
Kerabu Mango* shredded mango, shallot and dried shrimp.    6.00
Satay Chicken Or Beef* charcoal grilled chicken or beef skewers served with peanuts sauce.    6.50
Crispy Duck Salad house ginger dressing.    8.00
Papaya Salad     6.50


Fried Or Steamed Wonton Soup     3.00
Seaweed with seafood soup    4.00
Seafood with bean curd soup    4.00
Seafood Tomyam Soup thai spicy and sour lemongrass broth.    4.00
Tom Ka Soup coconut soup with chicken & mixed vegetable.    4.00


Ginger rice wine, ginger & scallion with oyster sauce.  
Ginger tofu    9.00
Ginger chicken or beef    10.50
Ginger shrimp or fish fillet    14.00
Buddhist Yam Pot fried taro  
Buddhist Yam Pot vegetable    11.50
Buddhist Yam Pot chicken or beef    12.50
Buddhist Yam Pot seafood    14.00
Mango* shredded mango & onion with spicy sweet & sour sauce.  
Mango* tofu    10.00
Mango* chicken or beef    13.00
Mango* shrimp or fish fillet    14.00
Pineapple* fresh pineapple with thai sweet chili & coconut milk.  
Pineapple* chicken or beef    12.00
Pineapple* shrimp or fish fillet    14.00
Masak Lemak* mixed vegetable with chef's spicy brown sauce.  
Masak Lemak* squid    11.00
Masak Lemak* chicken or beef    12.00
Masak Lemak* shrimp    14.00
Masak Lemak* salmon    16.00
Sambal* indonesian spicy with tamarind, onion & chili sauce.  
Sambal* squid    11.00
Sambal* shrimp or fish fillet    14.00
Sambal* jumbo shrimp    20.00
Curry * lemongrass, onion and coconut  
Curry * chicken potatoes clay pot    10.00
Curry * squid    11.00
Curry * mix vegetable clay pot    11.00
Curry * chicken    12.00
Curry * beef rendang    13.00
Curry * salmon    16.00
Curry * jumbo shrimp with mix vegetable    20.00
Curry * red snapper  
Thai Sauce* pineapple, onion and coconut  
Thai Sauce* bean curd with mix vegetable.    10.00
Thai Sauce* crispy chicken    11.50
Thai Sauce* fish fillet    14.00
Thai Sauce* jumbo shrimp    20.00
Thai Sauce* red snapper  
Hot & Spicy * chilli and ginger with tomato sauce.  
Hot & Spicy * shrimp or fish fillet    14.00
Hot & Spicy * jumbo shrimp    20.00
Thai Yellow Curry* lemongrass. mix vegs, coconut milk with yellow paste.  
Thai Yellow Curry* chicken or beef    12.50
Thai Yellow Curry* roasted duck    15.00
Thai Green Curry* lemongrass, coconut with thai curry & mix vegs.  
Thai Green Curry* vegetable    11.00
Thai Green Curry* chicken or beef    12.50
Thai Green Curry* shrimp or fish fillet    14.00
Belachan* malaysian spicy, shrimp paste sauce.  
Belachan* string bean    9.50
Belachan* kangkong convolus    9.50
Belachan* lady finger    9.50
Belachan* chicken with asparagus    10.50
Belachan* chicken with string bean    10.50
Belachan* chicken with lady finger    10.50

Poultry & Meat

Hainanese Chicken steamed chicken with chef's soy sauce.   half 9.50 whole 18.00
Chicken Or Beef with broccoli    10.50
Basil Chicken Or Beef green & red pepper & mushroom    10.50
Chili Chicken*     10.50
Spareribs Malaysian Style marinated ribs lightly fried.    10.50
BBQ Pork Chop     10.50
Num Yee Duck Casserole chunk of duck with bean paste. ginger & scallion.    10.50
Grill Chicken Or Pork     10.50


Crispy Honey Squid*     11.00
Crispy Golden Fried Squid*     11.00
Seafood Combination Casserole     14.00
Coconut Jumbo Shrimp deep fried shrimp in aromatic coconut butter.    20.00
Pinang Steamed Fish* salted soy bean with chilli and garlic  
Steamed Fish With Ginger & Scallion chef's specials soy sauce.  
Pangang Fish bbq fish with banana tea.  
Mango Chilean Seabass   


Salted Fish with bean sprout    7.50
Watercress with bean paste sauce    8.00
Curry Potatoes*     8.00
Salted Fish With Chinese Broccoli sauteed with ginger, garlic & rice wine.    9.00
Malaysian Buddhist Delight mix vegetable, bean curd skin, vermicelli with brown sauce.    9.00
Vegetarian Casserole mix vegetable fired tofu with oyster sauce.  
Kang Kong With Garlic sauteed convolus with fresh garlic.    9.50
Eggplant with basil    9.50
Pinang Crispy Eggplant*     9.50


House Special Sizzling Bean Curd ground pork and shrimp with vegetable.    11.00
Peppercorn Sizzling Chicken Or Beef * spicy brown sauce with black pepper.    12.00
Sizzling Beef bell pepper & onion in brown sauce.    12.00
Pinang Spicy Sizzling Beef* malaysian bbq sauce with onion & mushroom    13.00
Sizzling Seafood Delight*     14.00
Malai Sizzling Shrimp broccoli with sweet ginger soy.    14.00

Noodle & Mee

Chow Kueh Teow* malaysian style, stir-fried flat rice noodle with seafood, bean sprouts egg in soy sauce.    8.50
Hokkien Char Mee stir-fried yellow noodle with shrimp and pork    8.50
Indian Mee Goreng* indian style stir-fried noodle with with tofu, shrimp and egg.    8.50
Singapore Rice Noodle*     8.50
Mee Siam (Chicken, Beef Or Vegetable)* rice vermicelli with tofu and egg in thai chili sauce with peanut.    8.50
Seafood Rice Noodle     8.50
Salted Fish Rice Noodle     8.50
Chow Fun (Chicken, Beef Or Vegetable) stir-fried flat noodle    8.50
Le Mein (Chicken Beef Or Vegetable) stir-fried yellow noodle.    8.50
Pad Thai (Chicken, Beef Or Vegetable)* stir-fried noodle in thai style with peanut.    9.00

Noodle In Gravy

Clay Pot Noodle     8.50
Cantonese Chow Fun seafood and pork in light brown gravy.    8.50
Seafood Scramble Egg Chow Fun pan fried flat noodles in brown egg gravy.    9.00
Seafood Crispy Noodle     9.00

Noodle In Soup

Home Made Kueh Teow Thong flat noodles, ground pork and fish ball with chicken broth and egg.    8.00
Wonton Mee egg noodles with wonton in chicken broth    8.00
Prawn Mee* shrimp, bean sprout in spicy shrimp broth.    8.00
Ginger Duck Noodle     8.00
Curry Mee* with curry chicken and boiled egg.    8.00
Seafood Tamyan Rice Noodle* thai spicy and sour lemongrass broth.    9.00


Hainanese Chicken with rice    7.50
Vegetarian Fried Rice with egg    7.50
Salted Fish Fried Rice     8.50
Yong Chow Fried Rice     8.50
Ginger Duck with rice    8.50
Nasi Lemark coconut rice with vegetable pickled, anchovy, curry chicken and bard broiled egg.    8.50
Seafood Fried Rice     8.50
Pineapple Fried Rice     8.50
Nasi Goreng (Chicken, Beef Or Vegetable)* malaysian fried rice with egg.  
House Special Fried Nasi Lemak* coconut fried rice with shrimp and boiled egg.    8.50
Tomyam Fried Rice* thai fried rice with seafood and egg.    8.50
Curry Chicken * with rice    8.50
Beef Rendang * with rice    8.50
Crispy Thai Chicken * with rice    8.50
BBQ Pork Chop with rice.    8.50


Tofu     6.00
Chicken Or Beef     6.50
Fish Fillet     7.50


Tofu     6.50
Chicken Or Beef     6.50
Shrimp     7.50

Curry* $6.50

Chicken Or Beef   
Mixed Vegetable Clay Pot   

Thai Sauce* $6.50

Bean Curd   
Crispy Chicken   


Squid     6.50
Shrimp Or Fish Fillet     7.50


String Bean Chicken Or Beef*     6.50
Lady Finger * with shrimp    7.50
Vegetarian Casserole     6.50
Malaysian Buddhist Delight     6.50
Duck Casserole     6.50
Golden Fried Squid*     6.50
Hainanese Chicken     6.50
Grill Chicken Or Pork     6.50

Noodle & Mee $6.50

Chow Kueh Teow* veg available  
Mee Siam chicken, beef or veg.  
Pad Thai chicken, beef or veg.  

Noodle In Soup $6

Wonton Mee   
Curry Mee*   
Prawn Mee*   


Pulut Hitam creamy black rice with coconut milk.    3.00
Bobor Chacha sweet potato and yum with coconut milk.    3.00
Ice Cream coconut , vanilla, red bean chocolate or green tea.    3.00
Fresh Pineapple     3.00
ABC shaved ice with red bean, corn, jelly, milk and coconut sugar.    3.00
ABC with ice cream    4.50
Peanut Pan Cake     5.00
Banana Pancake with ice cream    6.00
Fried Ice Cream     6.00


* Hot And Spicy.

Soda     1.50
Fresh Lemonade     2.50
Soy Bean     2.50
Ice Lemon Tea     2.50
Thai Ice Tea with milk    2.50
Malaysian Ice Coffee with milk    2.50
Carrot Juice with cream    3.00
Soy Bean with grass jelly    3.00
Pineapple Juice     3.00
Watermelon Drink     3.00
Red Bean Shake     3.00
Durian Shake     3.00
Mango Shake     3.00
Coconut Drink     3.00
Lychee Drink     3.00
Pearl Ice Tea With Milk     3.00


111-10 Queens Blvd
Btwn 75th Ave & 75th Rd
(718) 268-9135
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