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Pho Vietnam

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  • Vietnamese, Noodle Shops
  • 1243 Avenue U, Brooklyn NY11229 40.598833 -73.958584
  • (Btwn Homecrest Ave & E 13th St)
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  • (718) 998-2858
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Rice Noodle Beef Soup

1. Xe Lua (combination extra big bowl) rice noodles beef soup six differences brisket, navel, frank, omosa tendon & eye of round.   6.50
2. Dac Biet + Bo Vien combination special big bowl with beef ball   6.50
3. Dac Biet (combination special big bowl) rice noodles beef soup, six difference brisket, navel, frank, omosa, tendon & eye of round.   5.95
4. Tai Nam Gau Gan Sach combination rice noodle beef soup with fresh eye of round, brisket, tendon and omosa.   5.50
5. Bun Rieu Cua crab meat and tomato paste soup over vermicelli   6.50
6. Chin Nam Gau Gan Sach combination rice noodle beef soup with eye of round well done, brisket, tendon & omosa.   5.50
7. Chin Nam Ve Dzon combination rice noodles beef soup with well done eye of round & flank.   5.50
8. Tai Nam Gan combination rice noodles beef soup with fresh eye of round, navel & tendon.   5.50
9. Tai Nam Sach combination rice noodles beef soup with fresh eye of round, navel & omosa.   5.50
10. Tai Nam combination rice noodle beef soup with fresh eye of round & navel.   5.50
11. Tai Sach combination rice noodles beef soup with fresh eye of round & omosa.   5.50
12. Tai combination rice noodles beef soup with fresh eye of round.   5.50
13. Pho Tom shrimp rice noodles beef soup   6.95
14. Pho Ga Luot shredded chicken rice noodle beef soup.   5.95
15. Pho Bo Vien Hoac Bo Vien Khong combination rice noodles beef soup with beef ball or beef ball only.   5.50
16. Pho Ca Vien Hoac Ca Vien Khong combination rice noodles beef soup with fish ball or fish ball only.   5.50
17. Pho Suon Nuong combination rice noodles beef soup with grilled pork chop.   6.25
18. Pho Do Bien Hoac (Mi) combination rice noodles or noodles with seafood.   6.95
19. Pho Chay vegetarian noodles soup   5.95
20. Pho Bo Kho beef stewed with rice noodle soup (vietnamese style).   6.50
21. Pho Cari (Ga) curry chicken with rice noodles.   6.50
22. Pho Ga Nuong grilled chicken rice noodles with beef soup.   6.25
23. Hu Tieu Nam Vang (Kho) shrimp, squid, fish ball, liver, kidney, heart & crab meat with noodles.   5.95
24. Pho Bo Sate sate beef with rice noodle soup   6.50
25. Bun Bo Hue beef flank, condensed pig blood cubes in special vermicelli (hue style)   6.50

Mi Xao $10.95

Pan Egg Noodles

26. Mi Xao Don Do Bien combination of seafood on crispy noodle.   
27. Mi Xao Mem Do Bien combination of seafood lo mein or egg roll.   
28. Pho Xao Do Bien combination of seafood chow fun   
29. Pho Xao Thit Bo Rau Cai beef & vegetable chow fun   

Cac Mon An Choi

Appetizers. Small / Large

30. Goi Cuon Hoac Bi Cuon summer roll shrimp or shredded pork, veg. with rice paper.  (2 roll) 3.75
31. Banh Mi Thit Nguoi french sandwich   3.50
32. Goi Tom Du Du shrimp with shredded green papaya & peanuts sm 6.95lg 9.95
33. Goi Tom, Bo Hoac Ga shrimp, beef or chicken with vegetable salad & peanuts. sm 6.25lg 8.95
34. Cha Gio vietnamese spring roll (sm 4 roll) 4.25 (lg 8 roll) 7.50
35. Muc Chien Don crispy squid (calamari) sm 6.95lg 9.95
36. So Nuoc Dua green mussel with curry sauce.   8.95
37. Bot Chien Tieu Chau fried egg flour cake   5.95
38. Cua Lot Chien Bo' soft shell crab deep fried with special butter french style   12.95
39. Ech Chien Bo Hoac Xao Xa Ot frog legs fried with special french butter or chili & lemongrass sauce   12.95
40. Banh Cuon Cha Lua steamed rice roll noodle.   5.95

Cac Mon An Dac Biet

House Special Dishes

41. Tom Chien Don crispy shrimp   11.95
42. Bo Nuong Vi table grilled beef perfectly marinated & cooked on site.   15.95
43. Tom Nuong Vi table grilled shrimp perfectly marinated & cooked on site.   18.95
44. Tom Bo Nuong Vi table grilled shrimp & beef perfectly marinated & cooked on site.   18.95
45. Banh Hoi Thit Heo Nuong grilled pork on tiny rice stick with lettuce cucumbers & mint leaves.   8.75
46. Banh Hoi Bo Lui grilled beef sesame seasoned on tiny rice stick with lettuce, cucumber & mint leaves.   9.50
47. Banh Hoi Bo Lui Cha Gio grilled beef spring roll on tiny rice stick and lettuce, cucumber & mint leaves.   9.50
48. Banh Hoi Tom Nuong grilled shrimp on tiny rice stick with lettuce, cucumber & mint leaves.   11.95
49. Banh Hoi Chao Tom barbecued shrimp roll on sugar cane served with veg. & tiny rice stick.   11.95
50. Banh Hoi Ga Nuong grilled chicken on tiny rice stick with lettuce, cucumber & mint leaves.   8.95
51. Banh Xeo vietnamese style pan-cake (pork, shrimp, onion bean sprout, green bean)   6.50
52. Banh Hoi Bo La Lot barbecued beef wrapped in vietnamese green leaves & tiny rice stick.   9.95



53. Bun Thit Nuong grilled pork with lettuce on rice vermicelli.   5.95
54. Bun Cha Gio spring rolls with lettuce on rice vermicelli.   5.95
55. Bun Cha Gio Thit Nuong spring rolls & grilled pork with lettuce on rice vermicelli   6.25
56. Bun Bo Lui grilled beef with sesame seasoning & lettuce on rice vermicelli   6.25
57. Bun Cha Gio Bo Lui grilled beef & spring roll with sesame seasoning lettuce on rice vermicelli.   6.25
58. Bun Cha Gio Tom spring roll & grilled shrimp with lettuce on rice vermicelli.   6.95
59. Bun Bo Xao sauteed sliced beef, lettuce on rice vermicelli.   6.25
60. Bun Ba Mien v/n style triple region flavor grilled beef on rice vermicelli   6.25
61. Bun Tom Nuong grilled shrimp on rice vermicelli.   6.95


Soup. Sm / Lg.

62. Canh Chua Tom hot & sour shrimp vegetable soup (vn style)  8.95 12.95
63. Canh Chua Ca hot & sour fish vegetable soup (vn style)  8.95 12.95
64. Canh Chua Ga hot & sour chicken vegetable soup (vn style)  8.95 12.95
65. Canh Do Chay vegetable with bean curd soup  7.95 10.95
66. Canh Do Bien seafood soup (vietnamese style)  8.95 12.95

Ca & Muc

Fish & Squid

67. Ca Luoi Trau Chien Don crispy fried whole fish with vietnamese sauce.   21.95
68. Ca Luoi Trau Hap steamed fish with ginger, onions, pepper & oyster sauce   21.95
69. Ca Hong Sot Ca crispy red snapper with tomato sauce (whole fish)   23.95
70. Muc Xao Cai Chua stirred fried squid with preserved veg. in oyster sauce.   8.75
71. Muc Xao Chua Ngot squid sauteed with sweet & sour sauce   8.75
72. Muc Xao Xa Ot squid, lemon grass onions, green peppers & chili sauce.   8.75
73. Muc Xao Thap Cam sauteed squid delight.   8.75

Tom $8.75


74. Tom Ram Man Ot Xanh shrimp with little salt, green pepper, onions & oyster sauce   
75. Tom Ram Muoi shrimp dressed with little salt, served with pepper, onions & fried butter.   
76. Tom Xao Chua Ngot sweet & sour jumbo shrimp.   
77. Tom Xao Hanh Gung shrimp with ginger & scallions.   
78. Tom Xao Xa Ot sauteed shrimp with lemongrass   
79. Tom Xao Bong Cai (Broccoli) shrimp with broccoli.   
80. Tom Xao Thap Cam sauteed shrimp delight.   



81. Bo Xao Bong Cai (Broccoli) beef with broccoli in oyster sauce.   8.75
82. Bo Xao Can Tay beef with celery in oyster sauce.   8.75
83. Bo Xao Ca Chua beef with tomato.   8.75
84. Bo Xao Cai Chua beef with preserved vegetable in oyster sauce.   8.75
85. Bo Xao Dau Hoa Lan beef with snow peas in special sauce.   8.75
86. Bo Xao Xa Ot beef lemongrass, green pepper, onions with chili sauce.   8.75
87. Bo Xao Sate beef with sate sauce & onions.   8.75
88. Bo Xao Thap Cam beef with mixed vegetables.   8.75
89. Bo Luc Lac marinated beef cubes sauteed with salad.   9.95

Ga $8.25


90. Ga Xao Bong Cai (Broccoli) chicken with broccoli   
91. Ga Xao Ca Ri chicken with curry sauce   
92. Ga Xao Hanh Gung chicken, ginger & scallions or onions.   
93. Ga Xao Xa Ot chicken lemongrass, green pepper, onions with chili sauce.   
94. Ga Xao Sate chicken with sate sauce & onions.   
95. Ga Xao Thap Cam chicken with mixed vegetables.   

Do Chay $7.25


96. Do Xao Chay sauteed mixed vegetable with oyster sauce.   
97. Cai Ngot Xao Dau Hao sauteed chinese vegetables with oyster sauce.   
98. Dau Hu Nam Rom Xao Dau Hao mushroom with soy bean cake in oyster sauce   
99. Dau Hu Xao Ha Ot fried soy bean cake with lemongrass, onion green pepper & chili sauce.   


Mixed Vegetables

100. Rau Hap steamed vegetable.   6.95
101. Rau Muong Xao Toi water spinach with garlic sauce.   8.95
102. Rau Xa Lach Dau Dam salad vietnamese style   5.95
103. Rau Xao Thap Cam buddhist delight.   7.25

Tay Cam


104. Ech Um Ca Ri frog with curry sauce.   12.95
105. Ga Um Ca Ri chicken with curry sauce.   10.95
106. Ca Kho To caramel fish (salmon or cut fish)   10.95
107. Tom Hoac Muc Xao Lan shrimp or squid sauteed with lemon grass, onion in curry flavor.   10.95
108. Bo Xao Lan beef sauteed with lemon grass onion in curry flavor.   10.95
109. Ga Xao Lan chicken sauteed with lemon grass onion in curry flavor.   10.95

Com Dia Bo-Ga-Muc-Tom

Beef, Chicken, Squid With Rice Plate

110. Com Bo Xao Dau Ve Ca Ri curry beef with snow peas & white rice.   5.50
111. Com Bo Luc Lac beef cubes with white rice, lettuce & tomatoes   6.50
com chien   1.50
112. Com Bo Xao Bong Cai beef with broccoli on white rice.   5.50
113. Com Bo Xao Cai Chua beef with preserved veg. in oyster sauce on white rice.   5.50
114. Com Bo Xao Xa Ot beef, lemongrass, green pepper, onions on white rice.   5.50
115. Com Ga Nuong grilled chicken with rice   5.75
116. Com Ga Xao Ca Ri curry chicken with rice   5.50
117. Com Ga Xao Bong Cai (Broccoli) chicken & broccoli on white rice.   5.50
118. Com Ga Xao Hanh Gung chicken & ginger scallion or onion on white rice.   5.50
119. Com Ga Xao Xa Ot chicken lemongrass, green pepper, onions on white rice.   5.50
120. Com Muc Dau Ve Ca Ri curry squid with snow peas on white rice.   5.50
121. Com Muc Xao Xa Ot squid lemongrass, green pepper, onions on white rice.   5.50
122. Com Chien Duong Chau young chow fried rice.   7.50
123. Com Chien Tom shrimp fried rice.   6.25
124. Com Chien Ga chicken fried rice.   5.95
125. Com Suon Nuong grilled pork chop on white rice.   5.75
126. Com Suon Bi grilled pork chop & shredded pork on white rice.   5.95
127. Com Suon Bi Cha grilled pork chop, shredded pork & crab patty on white rice.   6.50
128. Com Tom Xot Ca shrimp with tomato sauce on white rice.   6.75
129. Com Xao Do Bien seafood with steamed rice.   6.75
130. Com Suon Lap Xuong Apla grilled pork, sausage with fried egg over broken rice.   6.50
131. Com Tom Ram Muoi shrimp dressed with little salt & pepper over rice.   6.75
132. Com Ech Xao Xa Ot frog legs with chili & lemon grass over rice.   6.75
133. Com Bit Tet vietnamese steak over rice.   6.50



134. Chao Long congee with pork's liver, kidney, heart & vietnamese sausage.   5.50
135. Chao Ga congee with sliced chicken   4.95
136. Chao Ca congee with sliced fish   5.50
137. Chao Do Bien congee with seafood, shrimp, squid, fish ball & fish filet.   5.50

Giai Khat


G1. Ca Phe Phin Den Nong Hoac Da hot or cold black coffee.   2.25
G2. Ca Phe Sua Nong Hoac Da hot or cold coffee with condensed milk.   2.25
G3. Da Chanh fresh lemonade   1.95
G4. Soda Chanh Duong fresh soda lemonade   2.25
G5. Soda Xi Muoi salty plum soda   2.25
G6. Soda Sua Hot Ga soda with yolk & condensed milk.   2.50
G7. Tra Da Chanh cold tea with fresh lemonade   2.25
G8. Tra Sua Nong Hoac Da hot or cold tea with condesened milk.   2.25
G9. Sua Dau Nanh soy bean milk   1.25
G10. Chanh Muoi salty lemonade   1.95
G11. Nhan Nhuc dried longan in syrup   2.50
G12. Coke, Diet Coke, 7 Up- Sprite (Soda)    1.25
G13. Sinh To Man Cau sour sop nactar shake   3.00
G14. Sinh To Sau Rieng fresh durian nactar shake   3.00
G15. Sinh To Mit jack fruit nactar shake   3.00
G16. Sinh To Carrot carrot nactar shake   3.00
G17. Sinh To Bo' hass avocado nactar shake   3.00
G18. Cam Vat fresh orange juice   3.00
G19. Nuoc Dua fresh coconut juice   2.25

Cac Loai $2.50

Bubble Tea

G20. Tra Sua Tran Chau bubble tea milk   
G21. Ca Phe Tran Chau coffee bubble tea with milk   
G22. Mon Tran Chau taro bubble tea with milk   
G23. Dua Tran Chau coconut bubble tea with milk   
G24. Dau Tran Chau strawberry bubble tea with milk   
G25. Du Du Tran Chau papaya bubble tea with milk   
G26. Xoai Tran Chau mango bubble tea with milk   

Trang Mieng


Che Ba Mau rainbow iced with coconut milk   2.50
Che Sam Bo Luong sweet mixed nut drink   2.50
Banh Flang sweet egg custard   2.25
Pho Vietnam
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