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Peking Duck House

  • $$$
  • Chinese
  • 28 Mott St, New York 10013 40.714638 -73.998552
  • (At Pell St)
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  • (212) 227-1810
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Peking Duck     48.00

Cold Appetizers

A4. Cold Noodle w. sesame sauce    6.25
A5. Spiced Beef     8.00
A6. Sliced Jelly Fish     8.50
A7. Vegetarian Duck     8.00
A8. Boneless Duck Feet     8.00
A9. Spicy White Cabbage *    8.00
A10. Smoked Fish w. bone    8.00

Hot Appetizers

A11. Steamed Pork Buns    (8) 6.95
A12. Steamed Chicken Dumplings    (8) 6.95
A13. Steamed Pork Dumplings    (8) 6.95
A14. Fried Spring Roll    (2) 4.25
A15. Fried Spare Ribs w. honey    12.25
A16. Assorted Meat And Vegetable * w. tiensin mung bean sheets    15.50
A17. Fried Pork Dumplings    (8) 6.95
A18. Steamed Vegetable Dumplings    (8) 6.95
A19. Scallion Pancakes    (2) 4.00
A20. Barbequed Beef    (6) 9.95


T1. Shark's Fin Soup    (2) 32.00
T2. Wonton Soup     7.75
T3. Hot And Sour Soup *    7.75
T4. Egg Drop Soup     6.25
T5. Chicken & Corn Soup     7.75
T6. Vegetable Soup     7.75
T7. Shrimp W. Sizzling Rice Soup     7.75
T8. Assorted Sizzling Rice Soup     7.75
T9: Seafood W. Bean Curd Soup     7.75


S44. Sesame Chicken     16.50
S45. Chicken W. Broccoli     15.25
S46. Chicken W. Snow Peas     15.25
S47. Chicken W. Cashew Nuts     15.25
S48. Chicken W. Walnuts     15.25
S49. Chicken W. Peanuts     15.25
S50. Lemon Chicken     15.25
S51. Sauteed Duck Meat     15.25
S53. Crispy Duck     17.50

Beef $16.25

S36. Beef W. Oyster Sauce   
S37. Beef W. Snow Peas   
S38. Sliced Beef Sauteed W. Green Scallions   
S39. Beef W. Broccoli   
S40. Beef W. Garlic Sauce   

Pork $15.25

S41. Moo-Shu Pork   
S42. Sweet & Sour Pork   
S43. Pork Chop W. 5 Spice Flavors   


S23. Live Lobster In Hot Sauce *  
S24. Prawns W. Hot Spicy Sauce *    20.75
S25. Crspy Prawns W. Ginger     20.75
S26. Shrimp In Lobster Sauce     20.75
S27. Shrimp W. Ginger & Scallions     20.75
S28. Sauteed Baby Shrimp     17.25
S29. Steamed Flounder   
S30. Steamed Sea Bass   
S31. Sweet & Sour Sea Bass   
S32. Crispy Fish Fillet     19.25
S33. Scallops In Garlic Sauce *    19.25
S34. Kung Pao Squid *    19.25
S35. Squid W. Black Bean Sauce     19.25


V1. Sauteed String Beans W. Minced Pork     12.35
V2. Sauteed Broccoli     12.15
V3. Bean Curd W. Minced Beef In Hot Sauce *    12.15
V4. Sauteed Snow Peas & Water Chestnuts     12.15
V5. Eggplant In Garlic Sauce W. Minced Pork *    12.15
V6. Sauteed Mixed Vegetables     12.15
V7. Bean Curd In Brown Sauce     12.15
V8. Sauteed Spinach W. Garlic Sauce     12.15
V9. Chinese Broccoli W. Oyster Sauce     12.15

Pan Fried Noodles

N1. W. Pork, Chicken, Beef Or Vegetable.     11.25
N2. W. Shrimp Or Assorted     12.25
N3. W. Seafood     14.00

Homemade Noodles

N4. W. Pork, Chicken, Beef Or Vegetable.     11.25
N5. W. Shrimp Or Assorted     12.25
N6. W. Seafood     14.00
N10. W. Minced Pork & Bean Sauce.     7.50

Lo-Mein, Fried Rice

N7. W. Pork, Chicken, Beef Or Vegetable.     9.50
N8. W. Shrimp Or Assorted     10.50
N9. W. Seafood     11.25

Chinese Specialties

C1. Sharks Fin steamed shark's fin peking style   (for 2) 75.00
C2. Braised Pork braised pork in dark sauce adorned w. vegetable (w. skin & bone)    20.75
C3. Stewed Pork w. dried cabbage    14.25
C4. Shredded Pork W. Bean Curd * sauteed shredded pork w. sliced dried bean curd & pepper.    15.25
C5. Shredded Pork W. Salted Cabbage sauteed shredded pork w. bean sheet salted cabbage & beans.    15.25
C6. Shanghai Shrimp sauteed shrimps shanghai style (in shell).    19.25
C7. Salt & Pepper Shrimp fried shrimp w. salt & pepper (in shell).    19.25
C8. Sea Cucumber W. Black Mushrooms braised sea cucumber w. blank mushrooms.    34.00
C9. Sea Cucumber W. Shrimp Row braised sea cucumber w. shrimp roe.    34.00
C10. Sauteed Zucchini sauteed chinese zucchini w. gluten.    13.25
C11. Sauteed Zucchini W. Dried Shrimps sauteed chinese zucchini w. dried shrimps.    13.25
C12. Steamed Ham Buns steamed sliced ham w. honey sauce & steamed bread.    22.00
C13. Soup Casserole assorted soup served in a casserole.    22.00
C14. Chinese Cabbage sauteed chinese cabbage.    13.25
C15. Chinese Cabbage W. Black Mushrooms chinese cabbage w. black mushrooms.    13.25
C16. Fried Bean Curd * deep fried bean curd sauteed w. black mushrooms, sliced pork & bamboo shoots in brown sauce.    12.25

House Specialties

S1. Live Lobster w. ginger & scallion  
S2. Grand Marnier Prawns crispy jumbo prawns w. mayonnaise fruit sauce.    24.25
S3. Sizzling Prawns prawns w. pepper and onion in a sizzling plate w. garlic sauce.    24.25
S4. Prawns Peking Style * prawns breaded and deep fried in chili sauce.    20.50
S5. Fried Flounder deep fried whole flounder.  
S6. Crispy Fish W. Hot Sauce * whole sea bass or red snapper deep fried w. hot spicy sauce.  
S7. Fried Scallops scallop deep fried w. salt and pepper.    21.25
S8. Ma La Scallops * sauteed scallops w. ma-la sauce adorned w. broccoli.    21.25
S9. Beef W. Scallops sliced beef and scallops w. brown sauce served in a sizzling plate.    19.50
S10. Fried Squid squid deep fried w. salt and pepper.    19.50
S11. Seafood Triple Delight sauteed scallops, shrimp, and fish fillet in a white sauce.    19.50
S12. House Triple Delight sliced pork, chicken and shrimp sauteed w. green scallions in brown sauce.    17.25
S13. Rack Of Lamb Peking Style lamb chops flash fried & glazed w. peking sweet and sour sauce.    24.25
S14. Sizzling Rack Of Lamb * lamb chops flash fried garnished w. pepper and onion served in a sizzling plate w. black pepper sauce.    22.95
S15. House Steak sauteed rib eye steak w. special sauce adorned w. chinese broccoli.    22.95
S16. Steak W. Black Pepper sauteed rib eye steak w. black pepper spicy sauce adorned w. broccoli.    22.95
S17. Beef W. Orange Flavor * deep fried beef w. baby corn in a special sauce.    18.50
S18. Crispy Beef W. Spicy Sauce * deep fried shredded beef w. sliced celery & carrot in hot sauce.    18.50
S19. Pork Chop Peking Style pork chop deep fried w. house special sauce.    15.50
S20. Chicken W. Orange Flavor * crispy white chicken meat w. baby corn in special hot sauce.    18.50
S21. Ma La Chicken * sauteed shredded white chicken meat w. pepper, scallion & baby corn in szechuan special pepper sauce.    17.50
S22. General Tso's Chicken * chunks of spring chicken marinated & sauteed w. red pepper in our special tangy sauce.    16.50

Chef Specialities

A1. Chopped Duck Meat w. pine nuts served on a bed of fresh lettuce.    12.50
A2. Chopped Chicken w. pine nuts served on a bed of fresh lettuce.    11.50
A3. Deep Fried Prawns Breaded w. special flour.    10.50


N11. Pancake     0.75
N12. Plain Bun     0.85


Y1. Fried Banana w. walnuts   (2) 7.00
Y2. Lichee Nuts     4.25
Y3. Pineapple     4.25
Y4. Fried Red Bean Paste Cake.     7.75
Y5. Eight Treasure Rice Pudding     7.75


Soda     3.00
Perrier     3.50
Bottle Water     4.50

Peking Duck Dinner $31.00 Per Person

For 4 Persons one peking duck and choice of 2 entrees  
For 5 Persons one peking duck and choice of 3 entrees  
For 6 Persons one peking duck and choice of 4 entrees  
For 7 Persons one peking duck and choice of 5 entrees  
For 8 Persons one peking duck and choice of 6 entrees w/ fried rice or noodles  
For 8 Persons two peking ducks and choice of 4 entrees w/ fried rice or noodles  


Steamed Dumpling   
Spring Roll & Barbecued Beef *  


Hot & Sour Or House Special Duck Soup   


General Tso's Chicken *  
Sliced Chicken W. Orange Flavor *  
Sliced Chicken W. Broccoli   
Sliced Beef W. Orange Flavor *  
Sliced Beef W. Broccoli   
Sliced Beef W. Scallops served on a sizzling plate  
Sliced Pork, Chicken And Shrimp With Green Scallions   
Sauteed Prawns W. Ginger & Scallion   
Fried Sliced Prawns W. Chili Sauce *  
Shrimp In Garlic Sauce *  
Sweet And Sour Pork   
Sauteed Broccoli   
Crispy String Beans W. Minced Pork   
Eggplant In Garlic Sauce W. Minced Pork *  


Fried Banana w. walnuts  

Special House Dinner $40.75 Per Person

For 2 Persons half peking duck and choice of 1 entree  
For 3 Persons one peking duck, choice of 1 entree & 1 veg.  
For 4 Persons one peking duck and choice of 2 entrees  
For 5 Persons one peking duck and choice of 2 entrees & 1 veg.  


Chicken W. Pinenuts   
Barbecued Beef *  
Spring Roll   
Steamed Veg. Dumpling   


Wonton Soup   
Shrimp Sizzling Rice Soup   


All Entrees Are Served W. Fried Rice Entrees Can Also Be Chosen From Our List Of Chinese Specialties With The Exception Of C1

Lobster W. Ginger And Scallions   
Grand Marnier Prawns   
Sizzling Prawns   
Crispy Fish W. Hot Spicy Sauce *  
Steamed Sea Bass   
Fried Scallop   
Ma La Scallop *  
Rack Of Lamb Peking Style   
House Steak   
Fried Squid   


Fresh Fruit   


Peking Duck House
28 Mott St
At Pell St
(212) 227-1810
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