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Pates et Traditions

  • $
  • Bistro, Coffee & Tea, Crepes, French
  • 52 Havemeyer St, Brooklyn 11211 40.714896 -73.954751
  • (At N 6th St)
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  • (917) 722-2500
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Les Salades

Goat Cheese Salad Mixed green, cherries tomatoes, goat cheese, bacon, honey served with toast.    12.50
Blue Cheese Salad Mixed grren, tomatoes, blue cheese, bacon apples, walnut served with toast.    12.50
Nicoise Salad Mixed green, tuna, tomatoes, anchovies, boiled egg, peppers, scallion, potatoes, olive from nice.    13.50

Les Toasters

Crouque Madame French sandwich toasted w/ melted swiss cheese, ham, egg. Served with mixed green salad.    11.50
Italian Croque  Country bread, grated with garlic italin proschutto, red pepper, mozzarella, tomatoes and pesto. Served with mixed green salad side.    11.50
French Toast With balnanas and apples cinnamon   Plain 11.00  14.00

Les Omelettes

Create Your Own Omelette Add: $1 Onion or swiss cheese, add: $2 spinach, zucchinis, potatoes tomatoes or mushrooms, add: $3 goat cheese, blue cheese, ham or bacon, add: $4 merguez sausage, salmon or chicken. Egg white add $2   Base 3.00 Eggs 6.50

Les Crepes

La Parisienne Ham, swiss, mushrooms, egg    11.50
La Bergere Goat cheese, swiss, fig, honey, caramelized onions, rosemary    11.50
La Savoyarde Potatoes, comenbert, onions, bacon, swiss, white wine    11.50
La Sultan Chicken, bacon, cumin, swiss, crea, garlic, onions, mint    11.50
La Popeye Spinach, cream, swiss, egg    11.50
La Veggie Fresh tomatoes sauce, eggplant, mozzarella, onions    11.50
La Normande Chicken, mushrooms, white wine, cream, swiss    11.50
L Orientale Butcher spicy merguez, marmelade of peppers, swiss, egg    11.50
La Chevre Goat cheese, black tapenade, walnut, swiss cheese, provence herbs    11.50
La Poulet Citron Chicken, onions, honey, lemon, swiss, rosemary    11.50
chicken, onions, honey, lemon, swiss, rosemary Leeks, cream, salmon, swiss    11.50
La Shrimp Curry Shrimps, spinach, cream, curry, swiss    11.50
La Curry Chicken Chicken, curry, cream, swiss, almonds    11.50

Signatures Crepes

For $2 add cheese: Spinach, mushroom, tomatoes, zucchini, egg, potato. For $3 add choice of : goat cheese, roguefort, tuna, chicken, merguez, salmon

La Bourguignonne Snails, mushrooms, potatoes, swiss cheese, cream, parsley, garlic    14.00
La Norvegienne Salmon, asoarogus, goat cheese, zucchinis, onions, swiss cheese    14.00
La Sud Ouest Breast duck camenbert honey, apple, swiss cheese    17.00
La Lyonnaise Pork, sausage, mustard sauce, potatoes, onions, swiss cheese.    13.50

Les Pates

Mustard Chicken Penne Chicken dijon mustard onions, white wine, crea    14.00
Veggie Penne Fresh tomato sauce, eggplant, zucchinis, onions    13.00
Walnut Penne Bacon, cream, walnut, onions    13.00
Asparagus Penne Penne, asparagus, proschutto, cream, peto    16.00

Les Chauds

Organic French Press Coffee    2 Cups 5.50 3 Cup 7.50
Expresso     2.25
Americano     2.75
Double Expresso     3.00
Latte     3.50
Iced Coffeee     3.00
Iced Tea     3.00
Cappuccino     4.00
Mocchaccino     4.50
Hot Chocolate     3.50
Chocolate Viennois     4.50
Cafe Viennois     4.50
Moroccan Tea Press    Small 2 cup 7.00 Large 3 cup 9.00
Teas     2.50

Les Freids

Coke     2.50
Diet Coke     2.50
Gingerale     2.50
French lemonade Lemon, blood orange or pork    3.50
San Pellegrino     3.50
Fresh Sq Orange Juice     3.50
Milkshake Chocolate, vanilla, coconut, coffee, banana or amaretto    3.50

Les Bieres

Stella     6.00
Hoegaarden     6.00
Pieytra Brewed with chesnut flour    7.00
Jeanlain Blonde Honey and pear    8.00
Jeanlain Ambree Prune, coffee and caramel    8.00



Les Appetizers

Pissaladiere Onion pizza, anchovies, olives from nice    6.00
Socca Specialty of nice make with chick peas flour    6.00
Foie Gras Maison  Homemade foie gras served with marinated figs and toast    16.00
Provencale Plate  Pissaladiere, socca, marmelade of peppers, black tapenade, bread withgarlic    15.00
Pate Plate Assortment of pate, served with cornichon and toast    16.00
Cheese Plate Assortment of cheese, served with walnut, honey, dry cherries and toast    15.00

Les Salades

Goat Cheese Salad  Goat cheese, bacon, honey, cherries tomatoes, mixed green, provence herbs    12.50
Blue Cheese Salad  Blue cheese, bacon, tomatoes, mixed green, apple, walnut    12.50
Nicoise Salad  Mixed green, tuna, tomatoes, anchotfes. boiled egg. peppers, scallion, potatoes, dllve from Nice    13.50
Duck Salad Baby spinach, breast duck, cherry tomatoes, apples, mango, fig balsamic vinegar    15.00
Kale Salad Dry cherry, caramelized almonds, blue cheese, apples, parsley, lemon emulsion    14.00

Les Pates

Mustard Chicken Penne  Breast chicken, Dijon mustard, onions, white wine, cream    14.00
Salmon Fettuccinis Salmon, cream, parsley    14.50
Asparagus Penne  Penne, asparagus, proschutto, cream, pesto    16.00
Fettuccinis Proven Ale  Fresh tomato sauce, shrimps, mussels, olive oil and onions    16.00
Fettuccinis Dijonnaise  Mussels, dijon mustard, onions, cream    15.00
Veggie Penne  Fresh tomatoes sauce, eggplant, zucchinis and onions    13.50
Spinach Raviolis  Fresh tomatoes souce, rosemory, olive oil    14.00
Daube Nicoise  Beef stew, marinated and cooking in red wine with carotts, provence herbs, onions served with fresh fettuccinis or gnocchis    17.00
Duck Fettuccinis  Magret Duck Breast over, fresh fettuccinis, mushrooms, cream    19.00

Les Savory Crepes

Served with mixed salad. For $2.00 add choice of: spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, zucchini, egg, potato. For $3 add choice of: Gaot cheesem roquefort, tuna, chicken, merguez, salmon, chicken, merguez, salmon, ham, bacon, prosciutto

La Forestiere Ham, mushrooms, swiss,cream.    11.50
La Lyonnasise Pork, sausage, mustard sauce, potatoes, onions, swiss cheese wine, swiss.    13.50


Laprovencale Shrimps, fresh tomato sauce, swiss. onions, garlc    12.50
La Shrimp Curry Shrimps, spinach, curry, swiss. onions. cream, garlic    13.00
Lapoulette Mussels, garlic, onions, cream, white wine, swiss    12.50
Loceane Leeks, cream, salmon, swiss    12.50
La Norvegienne Salmon, asparagus, goat cheese. zucchinis. onions, swiss cheese    14.00


Parisienne Ham, swiss, mushrooms, egg    12.00
Lasavoyarde Potatoes, camembert, bacon, white wine, onions, swiss    13.00
La Bourguignonne  Snails, mushrooms, potatoes, swiss cheese, cream, parsley, garlic    14.00
Litalienne Prosciutto, fresh tomatoes, mozzarella    12.00
Laseguin Goat cheese, bacon, onions, swiss provence herbs    12.00
Laorientale Butcher spicy merguez sausage, egg, swiss, marmelade of peppers, tomatoes    13.00
Lanormande Chicken, mushrooms, white wine, cream, swiss    12.50
La Curry Chicken Chicken, curry, cream, onion, garlic, almonds    12.50
La Poulet Citron  Chicken, lemon, honey, onions, swiss, rosemary    12.00
La Sultan  Chicken, bacon, cumin, cream, swiss, onions, garlic, mint    13.00
Lasud-Ouest  Breast duck, camembert, honey, apple, swiss cheese    17.00


Lapopeye Spinach, cream, eqq, qarlic, swiss    11.50
La Veggie  Tomato sauce, eggplant, mozzarella, onions    11.50
Labergere Goat cheese, swiss, fig, honey, rosemary, caramelized onions    13.00
Lachevre Goat cheese, black tapenade, swiss, walnuts, provence herbs    11.50
Latrois Fromages  Potatoes, onions, camenbert, roquefort, goat cheese and swiss    13.00

Les Crepes Sunrees

La Beurre Sucre citron Butter, sugar, lemon    5.00
La Nutella     5.50
La Chocolat Homemade chocobt almonds    6.00
La suzette Home mode orange sauce, rhum, iced cream    7.00
La Bisou Sucree  Homemade caramel, almonds, iced cream    6.50
La Banane Nutella      6.50
La Bananechocolat  Banana, homemade chocolate    6.50
La Banane Flambee  Caramelized banana, rhum, iced cream    7.00
La Banane Caramel Banana, homemade caramel    6.50
La Meme Jeannette Caramelized apples, cinamon, iced cream.    6.50
La Choco Coco Hommade chocolate, coconut, iced cream    6.50
La Profiterolle Homemad3e chocolate iced cream, almonds    6.50
La Belle Helene Homemade chocolat pear almonds    6.50
Mont Blanc Chestnut spread    7.00

Les Chauds

Organic French Press Coffee    2 Cups 5.50 3 Cups 7.50
Expresso     2.25
Americano     2.75
Double Expresso     3.00
Latte     3.50
Iced Coffeee     3.00
Iced Tea     3.00
Cappuccino     4.00
Mocchacaino     4.50
Hot Chocolate     3.50
Chocolat Viennois     4.50
Cafe Viennois     4.50
Moroccan Tea     3.50
teas Add $0.50 for iced    2.50

Les Froids

Coke     2.50
Diet Coke     2.50
Gingerale     2.50
French lemonade     3.50
San Pellegrino     3.50
Fresh Sq Orange Juice     3.50
Milkshake Chocolat, vanilla, cconut coffee, banana or amaretto    5.00


Pates et Traditions
52 Havemeyer St
At N 6th St
(917) 722-2500
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