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  • Burgers, Healthy, Local/Organic, Salads, Sandwiches
  • 110 E 23rd St, New York 10010 40.739794 -73.985878
  • (Btwn Lexington & Park Ave)
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  • (917) 688-3062
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01. Oatmeal with milk, honey and cinnamon.   lg 4.49 sm 3.49
02. Assorted Cold Cereals With Milk     5.75
03. Fresh Fruit Salad     4.95
04. Mixed Fruit, Nonfat Yogurt, & Granola     4.95

Pastries & Bagels

Available Until 11:30am. Pastries: Blueberry, Bran, Apple Compote, Banana Chocolate, Low Fat Multi-Grain, Apple Danish, Blueberry Scone, Cranberry Scone

05. Freshly Baked Pastry croissants, scones, danish, and muffins.    2.95
06A. Bagel With Butter Or Jelly     2.59
06B. Bagel With Cream Cheese     2.99
06C. Bagel With Low-Fat Cream Cheese     2.99
06D. Bagel With Flavored Cream Cheese     3.49
06E. Bagel With Flavored Low-Fat Cream Cheese vegetable flavored.    3.49
06F. Bagel With Tofu     2.99
06G. Bagel With Vegetable Flavored Tofu     3.49
06H. Bagel With Peanut Butter & Jelly pomegranate flavored jelly.    3.49
06I. Bagel With Peanut Butter & Banana     4.29
06J. Bagel With Smoked Salmon with cream cheese and capers.    7.49

Egg Sandwiches

07. 1 Egg Sandwich     2.69
08. 1 Egg Whites Sandwich     2.49
09. 1 Egg With Cheese Sandwich     3.69
10. 1 Egg With Meat Sandwich     4.69
11. 1 Egg With Turkey Or Roast Beef Sandwich     4.69
12. Eggs Benedict poached egg, ham, hollandaise sauce on english muffin.    6.99


13. Ham & Cheese     5.99
14. Mushroom     4.69
15. Egg Whites with organic turkey, onion, tomatoes, and roasted red peppers.    6.99
16. Lox, Tomato & Onion     7.49
17. Two Eggs Any Style     3.29

Croissant Sandwiches $6.99

19. Gouda with grated parmesan, genoa salami, and arugula on croissant.  
20. Ham & Cheese   
21. Polenta with goat cheese, sundried tomatoes, and organic basil.  


Soup Of The Day    (12oz) 5.29 (16oz) 6.29

Create Your Own Salad

Sm $3.79 / Lg $4.79. Dressing Served On The Side. Extra Dressings: $0.75

Organic Greens crispy romaine, fresh mesclun, baby spinach, arugula  
Toss-In Choices organic alfalfa sprouts, organic beets, organic broccoli, organic shredded carrots, organic celery, organic grape tomatoes, chickpeas, cucumbers, organic diced tomatoes, haricot vert beans, organic mushrooms, organic onions, tri-colored peppers, watercress, organic red radish, organic scallions, organic pears.    1.00
Toss-In Choices organic crumbled blue cheese, organic parmegiano reggiano cheese, sun dried cranberries, dried fruits, organic egg whites, organic feta cheese, organic hard-boiled egg, organic cheddar cheese, organic kalamata olives, oranges, corn, roasted peppers, organic tofu, organic raisins, edamame, sun dried tomatoes, sunflower seeds, almonds, walnuts.    1.25
Toss-In Choices artichoke hearts, organic avocado, organic oranges, organic bacon, fresh mozzarella, organic roasted asparagus, pecans, grilled onions.    2.00
Toss-In Choices organic baked salmon, shrimp, tuna salad with organic celery, organic grilled chicken breast, fresh tarragon chicken(organic) salad, organic mushrooms, tuna salad with capers,    3.00
Dressings organic olive oil & balsamic vinaigrette, organic sesame tamari, organic sesame goddess vinaigrette, organic herbs de province vinaigrette, organic miso ginger vinaigrette, organic sundered tomato & garlic vinaigrette, organic tarragon dijon vinaigrette, organic blue cheese, fat-free lemon herb, thousand island, ranch, russian, red wine vinegar  


T. Goat Cheese On Sourdough with roasted red peppers.    8.49
V. Grilled Chicken On Sourdough with fresh mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes, and basil.    8.49
U. Vermont Cheddar On 7-Grain with granny smith apples and vidalia onions.    7.49
Z. Grilled Vegetables On Focaccia with smoked mozzarella and basil mayo.    8.49


A. Fresh Mozzarella & Organic Tomato On Focaccia with basil and organic olive oil.    9.49
B. Grilled Organic Vegetables On Ciabatta with basil mayo.    9.49
C. Sliced Hard Boiled Egg On 7-Grain Bread with organic avocado, greens, tomato, sprouts, with herb vinaigrette.    9.49
D. Organic Roasted Turkey Breast On Brioche with coleslaw and russian dressing.    9.49
E. Organic Roasted Filet Of Beef On Sourdough with caramelized onions and horseradish cream.    17.99
F. Organic Country Ham On French Baguette with swiss gruyere, organic tomatoes, and greens with dijon mayo.    9.49
G. Organic Egg Salad with watercress on 7-grain bread    9.49
H. Organic Grilled Breast Of Chicken On Baguette with organic avocado, greens, and chipotle mayo.    9.79
I. Chicken Salad On Brioche made with organic chicken, with fresh tarragon and organic greens.    9.79
J. Organic Herbed Goat Cheese On Focaccia with roasted red peppers and organic red onions.    9.79
K. Organic Ripe Brie On French Baguette with sliced apples and farmhouse chutney.    9.49
L. Tuna Salad With Organic Celery On 7-Grain with organic red onion and parsley.    9.49
M. Tuna Salad On 7-Grain Bread with lemon juice, capers, parsley, and organic olive oil.    9.49
N. Prosciutto De Parma On Semolina Baguette with fresh mozzarella, organic arugula, and sun-dried tomato pesto.    10.29
O. Organic Smoked Salmon On Pumpernickel with sliced cucumber and organic dill cream cheese.    10.29
P. Organic Roasted Breast Of Turkey On Sourdough with organic bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayo.    9.49
R. Organic Feta & Tomatoes In Whole Wheat Pita with cucumber, organic onions, and romaine.    9.49
S. Buttered Ficelle with ham, salami or gruyere.    7.99

Create Your Own Sandwich $9.95

Choose Up To 3 Ingredients. Bread And Spreads Are Complimentary. Each Additional Is $1.

Freshly Baked Breads 7 grain bread, french baguette, semolina baguette, focaccia, pumpernickel bread, sourdough bread, croissant, ciabatta bread, brioche, organic whole wheat bread, organic flaxseed bread, organic sunflower bread, gluten free whole grain bread, mulit -grain wrap  
Sandwich Ingredients organic grilled breast of chicken, fresh tarragon chicken salad with organic chicken, organic roasted breast of turkey, prociutto de parma, organic roast beef, organic salami, ham, organic bacon, organic turkey bacon, organic smoked salmon, organic roasted salmon, tuna salad, white tuna salad, egg salad with organic eggs, organic ripe brie cheese, organic plain goat cheese, organic herbed goat cheese, organic blue cheese, organic swiss gruyere cheese, fresh mozzarella cheese, smoked mozzarella cheese, all natural american cheese, organic monterey jack, organic feta cheese, organic shaved parmegiano reggiano cheese, organic reduced fat swiss cheese, organic arugula, organic alfalfa sprouts, organic avocado, organic greens, cucumber, organic celery, organic lettuce, basil, organic parsle    1.00
Sandwich Ingredients sliced tomatoes    0.75
Sandwich Spreads humus, organic shiitake mushroom humus, organic sweet roasted red pepper humus, eggplant spread, organic olive spread, sesame seed spread, organic blue cheese spread, organic dill cream cheese, sundered tomato spread, tofu spread, horseradish cream, farmhouse chutney, pesto, dijon mustard, fat-free nayonaise, canola mayonnaise, dijon mayo, chipotle mayo basil mayo, sun-dried tomato humus.    0.50
Sandwich Spreads organic olive oil, russian dressing, herb vinaigrette    0.75


A. Organic Beef Burger with organic pickles, ketchup, mustard, and mayo.   dbl 10.99 sgl 8.29
C. Organic Beef Burger With Cheese your choice of melted cheese. with ketchup, mustard, and mayo.   dbl 11.99 sgl 8.49
E. Organic Blue Cheese Beef Burger with organic sharp blue cheese and green peppercorn mayonnaise.    8.49
F. Organic Mozzarella Beef Burger with organic mozzarella cheese, pickles, and thousand island dressing.    8.49
G. Organic Bacon Beef Burger  with organic crisp bacon, cheddar cheese, and bbq sauce.    8.49
H. Organic Roasted Onion Beef Burger with roasted onion, organic cheese, and bbq sauce.    8.49
I. Organic Mushroom Beef Burger with portabella mushrooms, roasted onion, organic cheese and steak sauce.    9.29
J. Organic Turkey Burger with organic roasted onion and honey dijon sauce.    8.49
K. Organic Salmon Burger with tartar sauce.    10.29
M. Boca Burger made with soy. with organic blue cheese and pickles.    7.69


Entrée Of The Day     12.95
Cold Bar & Hot Bar bar of the day    (hot 1lb) 10.95 (cold 1/2lb) 5.48


Organique Fries air baked, not fried. made without hydrogenated oils or preservatives.    3.29
Kettle Potato Chips (5oz). bag. organic.    3.99
Garden Of Eatin Chips (1.5oz). sesame blue corn tortilla chips made with organic blue corn.    1.79
Terra Chips     1.69
Larabar (48g). 90% raw bar, gluten-free, vegan, kosher, soy-free, organic.    2.49
Balance Nutrition Energy Bar (1.58oz). fruit, nuts, grains, organic.    2.99
Luna Bar (1.69oz). the whole nutrition bar for women. 70% organic.    1.95
Clif Bar (2.4oz). energy bar, made with organic oats and soy.    1.95
Nu Go Organic (1.76oz). dark chocolate, soy, brown rice bar, vegan, organic.    2.89
Raw Revolution (2.2oz). raw food bar with sprouted flax seeds. vegan, kosher, soy-free, organic.    2.69
Dagoba (2oz). chocolate, organic.    3.29
Rapunzel (3oz). chocolate, organic.    4.49
Vivani (3.5oz). chocolate, organic.    4.49
Theo (3oz). chocolate, made with organic cocoa.    5.99
Green & Black (3.5oz). chocolate, organic.    4.99
Newman's Mints organic.    2.79
Glee Gum (18pcs). all natural.    2.69
Ronnybrook Drinkable Yogurt (12 fl oz). all natural.    3.69
Total Greek Yogurt (5.3oz). all natural.    2.69
Yogurt (6oz). organic.    2.49
Ridgewood Goat Yogurt (6oz). organic.    2.99


Cookie    sm 0.99 lg 2.49


Sambazon Juice organic   (10.5 floz) 4.99
Sambazon Smoothie organic   (10.5 floz) 4.99
Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice organic   (9oz) 2.69 (16oz) 4.99
Naked Juice natural 100% juice   (15.2 floz) 4.99
Boylan's Soda 100% all natural   (12 floz) 2.49
Steaz Organic Lemon Soda    (12oz) 2.69
Steaz Organic Orange Soda    (12oz) 2.49
Fizzy Lizzy Soda all natural   (12floz) 2.49
Gt's Tea kombuca. organic raw   (16floz) 5.49
Guayaki Yerba Mate Iced Tea organic   (16floz) 2.99
Ito En Iced Tea unsweetened   (16.9 floz) 2.79
Vita Coco Water coconut water all natural   (11.2floz) 2.29
Vitamin Water    (20floz) 2.49
Hint Water essence water.   (16floz) 2.49
Metro Mint Water spearmint water.   (2.19floz) 2.89
Voss Water    (16.9 floz.) 2.19 (22.8 floz.) 3.19
Poland Spring Water    (16.9 floz) 1.29
S. Pelegrino sparkling water.   (8.45 floz) 1.79
Cell-Nique super green drink. organic.   (12 fl.oz) 4.99
Wheatgrass Juice fresh squeezed. organic.   (2oz) 4.75 (1oz) 2.75
Jana Water    (33.8 fl. oz.) 2.69 (16.9 fl. oz.) 1.69

Organique Coffee & Teas

Fresh Brewed Coffee     2.45  1.90
Decaffeinated Coffee     2.65  2.10
Flavored Coffee     2.65  2.10
Café Latté     3.99
Vanilla Coffee Latté     3.49  3.99
Chai Tea Latté     3.99  4.49
Cappuccino     3.79
Mocha     4.49  3.99
Caramel Mocha     4.69  4.29
Espresso     2.29  2.99
Espresso Macchiato     3.19  2.49
Americano     2.99  2.49
Hot Chocolate     3.49  3.19
Iced Coffee     2.69  2.29
Iced Americano     3.29  2.69
Iced Mocha     4.49  4.99
Iced Latté     4.49  4.99
Full-Leaf Teas certified    1.90  2.49


110 E 23rd St
Btwn Lexington & Park Ave
(917) 688-3062
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