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Oda House

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  • Central Asian
  • 76 Avenue B, New York 10009 40.723985 -73.98218
  • (At 5th St)
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  • (917) 722-3846
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Express Lunch Special

Lobio & Mchadi Lunch Special served with beans and corn bread.    14.00

Lunch Menu

Ajabsandali (v). eggplant, carrots, potatoes, bell peppers and onions, slow-cooked with fresh tomatoes and herbs.    11.00
Beet Salad baked beets with parsley, prunes, chopped walnuts and mayo-sour cream sauce.    9.00
Mushroom Salad oyster mushrooms sautéed with onions, fresh tarragon, cilantro and mint.    12.00
Chizhi-Pizhi scrambled organic eggs topped with sulguni cheese, fresh sliced tomatoes and bread, oven-baked.    9.00
Baked Cheese Turkey Sandwich turkey breast with fresh herbs and tomatoes, topped with sulguni cheese and oven-baked. served with a green salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar on the side.    9.00
Mushrooms & Potatoes (v). fried potatoes with caramelized onions, garlic, oyster and button mushrooms sprinkled with fresh dill.    12.00
Lula Kebab organic meat ground and grilled with cranberries and fresh herbs. served with mashed potatoes and tkemali or adjika sauce.  
Lula Kebab organic beef or organic pork    13.00
Lula Kebab organic lamb    16.00
Khinkali not your average dumplings. over sized juicy, hand-rolled dumplings and filled with seasoned meat and herbs.  
Khinkali cheese, mushrooms or potatoes    7.00
Khinkali organic beef or organic pork    8.00
Khinkali organic lamb    10.00

Cold Appetizers

Pkhali Trio (v). eggplant, spinach, leek with ground walnuts, fresh herbs, georgian spices. garnished with pomegranate seeds.    15.00
Fresh Garden Salad (v). fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, red onions, green and red bell pepper, vinegar and olive oil.    10.00
Fresh Tomato Salad With Green Ajika Sauce (v). fresh tomatoes, onions and green ajika (ground fresh herbs, walnuts and georgian spices).    10.00
Georgian Salad With Walnuts fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, green and red bell pepper with fresh basil, herbs, ground walnuts and georgian spices.    12.00
Mushroom Salad (v). oyster mushroom sautéed with onions, fresh tarragon, cilantro and mint.    12.00
Chicken Salad grilled organic grass-fed chicken breast with fresh lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, parsley and sour cream-dijon mustard sauce.    12.00
Qindzmari boiled catfish in fresh cilantro, garlic and vinegar sauce.    13.00
Kuchmachi boiled chicken liver and gizzards with walnut sauce, fresh herbs, georgian spices and pomegranate seeds.    12.00

Hot Appetizers

Mtsvane Lobio (v). green beans, cooked with white onion, fresh tomatoes and herbs.    15.00
Soko Ketsze button mushrooms baked with sulguni cheese and butter in a ketsi (clay dish).    15.00
Tolma organic grass-fed ground beef and pork, with fresh herbs wrapped in grape leaves, served with yogurt mint tarragon garlic sauce.    12.00
Khinkali not your average dumplings! oversize hand-rolled bundles of joy with choice of filling.  
Khinkali cheese, mushrooms or potatoes    7.00
Khinkali organic beef or organic pork    8.00
Khinkali organic lamb    10.00


Pickle Assortment pickled green tomatoes, red cabbage, green peppers, garlic, baby cucumbers and jonjoli.    19.00
Cheese Assortment georgian cheeses: homemade imeruli, sulguni, smoked sulguni and sulguni with mint.    30.00
Meat Assortment housemade slow-cooked organic pork belly, organic cow tongue, sujuk (dry spiced sausage), basturma (highly seasoned, air-dried cured beef) served cold.    30.00
Fish Assortment house cured salmon, smoked white fish, sturgeon and red caviar.    32.00


Chickirtma traditional georgian soup made from organic grass-fed chicken, fresh herbs, eggs and vinegar.    10.00
Kharcho organic beef soup with rice, tomatoes and georgian spices.    10.00
Soko (v). fresh crimini, button and oyster mushrooms with leek and carrots.    8.00

Main Courses

Oda House Special organic grilled beef liver sautéed with onions, garlic, georgian spices and garnished with pomegranate seeds.    23.00
Chashushuli organic grass-fed veal slow-cooked with onion, fresh tomatoes and red bell pepper. served with georgian bread.    20.00
Chakapuli organic grass-fed lamb slow cooked with tarragon, mint, scallions, parsley, cilantro and white wine. served with georgian bread.    23.00
Mtsvadi georgian shish-kebab made from organic meat. served with baked potatoes and tkemali or adjika sauce.  
Mtsvadi organic grass-fed chicken    18.00
Mtsvadi organic pork    20.00
Mtsvadi organic lamb    24.00
Satsivi organic, grass-fed chicken cooked in walnut sauce and georgian spices (served cold) with ghomi (georgian grits) and sulguni cheese on the side (served hot).    21.00
Chkmeruli organic grass-fed cornish hen oven-roasted with garlic-thyme sauce. served with georgian bread.    22.00
Salmon & Mushrooms oven-baked salmon with mushrooms and sour cream and topped with cheese. served with baked or mashed potatoes and sliced tomatoes.    21.00
Lobio (v). pinto beans cooked with onions, fresh herbs and georgian spices. served with mchadi and assorted pickles.    18.00
Chanakhi seared organic grass-fed lamb baked in clay pot with eggplant, tomatoes, bell peppers, potatoes, garlic and fresh herbs.    22.00

Khachapuri & Breads

Adjaruli homemade imeruli and sulguni cheese baked in yeast dough and served with a poached organic egg.    16.00
Imeruli homemade imeruli and sulguni cheese melted inside yogurt dough.    12.00
Megruli homemade imeruli and sulguni cheese melted inside yogurt dough, baked with extra cheese on top.    14.00
Chvishtari pan-roasted corn bread with homemade imeruli and sulguni cheese and served with bazhe - georgian walnut sauce.    10.00
Kubdari chopped organic beef, onions, herbs and georgian spices baked inside yeast dough.    14.00
Lobiani (v). mashed pinto beans baked inside yeast dough.    10.00
Mchadi pan-roasted georgian corn bread.    2.00
Shoti traditional georgian bread baked in brick oven "tone".    6.00
Half Shoti traditional georgian bread baked in brick oven "tone".    3.00


Pineapple Cake oda special, chocolate cake with pineapple, sour cream and walnuts.    9.00
Orange Cake oda special, breadcrumb, walnuts and orange biscuit, iced with homemade bavarian cream.    9.00
Pelamushi (v). traditional georgian dessert of grape juice cooked with corn and wheat flour. served with chocolate or whipped cream.    7.00
Ideali honey walnut cake, iced with cooked condensed milk.    9.00
Napoleoni homemade puff pastry with bavarian cream.    8.00
Bakhlava traditional mediterranean dessert pastry with chopped walnuts and honey.    8.00


Georgian Soda flavors: tarragon, lemon, pear.    4.50
Georgian Lemonade     4.50
Mineral Water     3.50
Soda flavors: coke, diet coke, sprite.    3.00


Oda House
76 Avenue B
At 5th St
(917) 722-3846
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