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Nussbaum & Wu Bagel & Bakery

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  • Bagels, Deli Food, Salads, Sandwiches
  • 2897 Broadway Ave, New York 10025 40.806081 -73.965621
  • (At 113th St)
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  • (917) 722-3416
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Breakfast Special

Muffin and Coffee Special Pick-up only.   Small 4.25 Medium 4.75 Large 5.25
Buttered Bagel and Coffee Special Pick-up only.   Small 3.50 Medium 3.95 Large 4.50 Fagel 0.50 Add Nova Scotia Salmon 8.95
Bagel with Cream Cheese and Coffee Special Pick-up only.   Small 4.25 Medium 4.75 Large 5.25 Fagel 0.50 Add Nova Scotia Salmon 8.95
Bagel with Flavored Cream Cheese and Coffee Special Pick-up only.   Small 4.95 Medium 5.45 Large 5.95 Fagel 0.50 Add Nova Scotia Salmon 8.95
Egg Sandwich and Coffee Special Pick-up only.   Small 5.25 Medium 5.75 Large 6.25 Croissant 1.00
Egg and Cheese Sandwich with Coffee Special Pick-up only.   Small 5.75 Medium 6.25 Large 6.75 Croissant 1.00
Lox, Egg and Onion Sandwich with Coffee Special Pick-up only.   Small 10.95 Medium 11.25 Large 11.95 Croissant 1.00


Avo Toast Avocado spread with tomatoes served on a whole grain bread with a poached egg.    7.95
Eggs Benedict Toasted english muffin served with two poach eggs and home fries. topped with hollandaise sauce and bacon.    11.95
Challah French Toast Served with butter and pure maple syrup.    5.95
Belgian Waffles With Maple Syrup Served with butter and pure maple syrup.    5.95
Buttermilk Pancakes 3 Buttermilk pancakes served with homemade blueberry sauce.    6.95
Cheese Blintzes 3 Cheese blintzes served with blueberry sauce and sour cream.    5.95
Quinoa Breakfast Meal Quinoa cooked in almond milk. garnished with maple syrup, strawberry jam and chia seeds.    7.45
Shak Shuka Poached eggs cooked in a homemade tomato sauce, green chili peppers, cilantro and garlic.    9.95
2nd Avenue Deli Spread Platter consists sides of: Lox Spread, Whitefish, Egg Salad& Sundried Tomato Cream Cheese. Served with a Side of a Bagel of your choice and Red Onions.    10.95
Continental Breakfast Served with scallion cream cheese, butter, strawberry and grape jams.    7.45
Red Quinoa Salad Red quinoa salad mixed with fresh herbs, lime and truffle oil. served with a poached egg on top.    9.95
Challah French Toast Combo Served with 2 pieces of challah french toast, 2 eggs and home fries.    8.45
Pancakes Combo Served with 2 pancakes, 2 eggs, home fries.    8.45
Waffles Combo Served with 2 waffles, 2 eggs, home fries.    8.45

Hot Egg Sandwiches

2-Egg on a Bagel     4.25
Ham, Egg, Cheese On A Croissant     7.25
Bacon, Egg, Cheese On A Croissant     7.25


2-Topping Omelette Served with toast and home fries.    7.95
3-Topping Omelette Served with toast and home fries.    9.95
Egg White Frittata Prepared with goat cheese, tomatoes, spinach and mushrooms.Served with your choice of bagel and home fries.    8.45
Lox Eggs Omelette With 2 Toppings On A Bagel Served with your choice of bagel and home fries.    12.50
Lox and Onions Omelette Platter Served with your choice of bagel and home fries.    14.95

Freshly Baked Homemade Pastries

Plain Croissant     2.95
Chocolate Croissant     2.95
Ham and Cheese Croissant     4.75
Spinach and Cheese Croissant     4.75
Assorted Danishes     3.25
Assorted Muffins     3.25
Apple Turnover     2.95
Crumb Cake Original and frappuccino.    2.75
Assorted Bourekas Puffed pastry filled with various fillings.    3.95

Cream Cheese and Spreads on a Bagel

Butter     2.00
Peanut Butter     3.75
Plain Cream Cheese     3.25
Scallion Cream Cheese     4.50
Vegetable Cream Cheese     4.50
Olives Cream Cheese     4.50
Walnuts and Raisins Cream Cheese     4.75
Sundried Tomato Cream Cheese     4.75
Strawberry Cream Cheese     4.75
Blueberry Cream Cheese     4.75
Low-Cal Plain Cream Cheese     3.55
Low-Cal Vegetables Cream Cheese     4.75
Low-Cal Scallion Cream Cheese     4.75
Tofu Spread     3.75
Tofu Scallion Spread     4.75
Tofu Vegetables Spread     4.75
Lox Spread     4.95
Hummus Spread     3.25
Avocado Spread     4.25

Smoked Fish

Nova Scotia Salmon Sandwich Served with a bagel of your choice, plain cream cheese and romaine lettuce and sliced onions.    10.95
Nova Scotia Salmon Platter Served with bagel, cream cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and Bermuda onions.    16.75
1/4 lb. of Nova Scotia Salmon     9.95

Assorted Bagels

Baker's Dozen Bagels 15 bagels. Please specify quantity of each flavor in special instruction box below.    16.20
Flagel     1.50
Mini Bagel     0.70

Healthy Choices

Cereals and Yogurt Cereals served with homemade granola and honey parfait.    5.95
The Perfect Fruit Platter Carved seasonal fruits with fresh mint.    6.95
Yogurt Parfaits Served with homemade granola.    4.25

Homemade Oatmeal

Homemade Oatmeal    Add Granola 2.00 Small 4.99 Large 5.99 Add Peanut Butter 2.00

Homemade Soups

Homemade Soups    Small 5.50 Large 6.50

Homemade Quiches

Homemade Quiches Served with Israeli salad on the side.    7.95

Home Made Spreads

Bagel with Egg Salad     7.50
Bagel with Chicken Salad     7.50
Bagel with Albacore Tuna Salad     7.50
Bagel with White Fish Salad     7.50
Bagel with Butter     2.00
Bagel with Plain Cream Cheese     2.95
Bagel with Scallions Cream Cheese     4.25
Bagel with Vegetable Cream Cheese     4.25
Bagel with Olive Cream Cheese     4.25
Bagel with Walnuts & Raisins Cream Cheese     4.50
Bagel with Sun-Dried Tomato Cream Cheese     4.50
Bagel with Lox Spread     4.95
Bagel with Low-Calorie Cream Cheese     3.50
Bagel with Low-Calorie Vegetable Cream Cheese     4.25
Bagel with Low-Calorie Scallion Cream Cheese     4.25
Bagel with Tofu Spread     3.50
Bagel with Tofu Scallion Spread     4.25
Bagel with Tofu Vegetable Spread     4.25
Bagel with Peanut Butter     3.25

Meat Sandwiches

Beef Pastrami Sandwich     8.95
Corned Beef Sandwich     8.95
Turkey Breast Sandwich     8.95
Roast Beef Sandwich     8.95
Ham Sandwich     8.95
Salami Sandwich     8.95
Smoked Turkey Sandwich     8.95
Chicken Breast Sandwich     8.95

Combination Sandwiches

Pastrami Melt Sandwich Pastrami, Swiss cheese, grilled peppers, mustard and coleslaw. Served with chips and can of soda or water.    11.25
Chicken BLT Sandwich Rostisserie seasoned chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes and pesto sauce. Served with chips and can of soda or water.    11.25
Reuben Sandwich With corned beef, Swiss cheese and sauerkraut. Served with chips and can of soda or water.    11.25
Turkey Club Sandwich Turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato. Served with chips and can of soda or water.    11.25
Salami Sandwich Lettuce, tomato, avocado, Provolone cheese and mustard. Served with chips and can of soda or water.    11.25
New Yorker Sandwich Smoked turkey, Swiss cheese, cucumber, romaine lettuce, tomato and blue cheese dressing on a roll. Served with chips and can of soda or water.    11.25
Smoked Turkey Brie Sandwich Smoked turkey, brie cheese, lettuce,tomatoes and honey dijon dressing. Prepared on seven grain bread.    11.25
Ham and Swiss Sandwich Ham, swiss cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and mayo. Prepared on seven grain bread.    11.25
San Remo Sandwich Ham, turkey, provolone cheese, sun-dried tomato, romaine lettuce, fresh basil and hard boiled egg. Served with chips and can of soda or water.    11.25

Hot Sandwiches

Grilled Cheese Sandwich     5.75
Garden Chicken Sesame chicken, ham, mozzarella cheese, romaine lettuce, tomatoes and mayo. Served with a small soup of the day.    11.25
Veggie-wich Zucchini, eggplant, roasted peppers, sundried tomatoes and pesto sauce.    11.25
Turkey Veg Turkey, portobello mushrooms, grilled peppers, zucchini and onion.    11.25
Broadway Melt Corn beef, cheddar cheese, avocado and chipotle sauce.    11.25
Roast Beef Sandwich Roast beef, avocado, peppers and onions.    11.25


Tuna Melt Panini Fresh tuna, Cheddar cheese, lettuce and plum tomatoes.    11.25
Chicken Parmigiana Panini Breaded chicken, fresh Mozzarella cheese, marinara sauce, fresh basil and Parmigiana cheese.    11.25
Chicken Fajita Panini Grilled chicken, Cheddar cheese, roasted peppers, caramelized onions and salsa.    11.25
The Italiano Panini Grilled chicken, roasted peppers, fresh mozzarella and pesto sauce.    11.25
Vegetarian Panini Whole wheat bread, Kalamata olives, tapenade, roasted red peppers, eggplant, grilled zucchini, baby spinach and pesto.    11.25
Meatless Panini Mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, fresh basil and pesto sauce.    11.25
Eggplant Parmigiana Fried eggplant, fresh mozzarella cheese,parmigiana cheese, marinara sauce and fresh basil.    11.25
Melted 3-Cheese Panini Open face bagel, brie, feta cheese and provolone served with baby arugula.    10.95
Sicilian Panini Open-face bagel, Swiss cheese, marinara sauce, Kalamata olives and eggplant. Served with baby arugula salad.    10.95


Whole Wheat Wrap Whole wheat wrap with grilled chicken, sauteed onions and jalapeno.    8.95
Sun-Dried Tomato Wrap Sun-dried tomato wrap with hummus, fresh spinach, eggplant and hard-boiled egg.    8.95
California Wrap Grilled chicken breast, lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, roasted peppers and chipotle aioli.    8.95
Italian Wraps Genoa salami, ham, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and italian dressing.    8.95
Grilled Veggie Grilled squash, eggplant, broccoli, red onions, bell peppers, tomatoes and baby spinach.    8.95
Grilled Chicken Caesar Grilled chicken, romai ne lettuce, tomatoes, parmesan cheese and creamy caesar dressing.    8.95


Whole Wheat Penne Pasta Sauteed baby spinach, sun-dried tomato, chicken breast and feta cheese.    8.95
Spaghetti Aglio Olio Sauteed spaghetti with garlic, parsley and virgin olive oil.    8.95
Penne Alla Vodka Penne pasta, pink sauce and vodka sauce.    8.95
Linguine Puttanesca Sauteed linguine pasta with Kalamata olives, sun-dried tomato, capers, fresh basil, anchovies and white wine.    8.95

Open Face Bagels

Pizza Bagel Fresh mozzarella, marinara sauce, mini pepperoni and fresh basil melted on an open face bagel of your choice.    4.95
Melted Three Cheese Brie cheese, feta cheese and provolone cheese and crispy bacon melted on an open face bagel of your choice.    5.95
Sicilian Swiss cheese, eggplant, kalamata olives and marinara sauce melted on an open face bagel of your choice.    6.95


Small Build Your Own Salad Up to 5 toppings, with your choice of dressing.    6.95
Large Build Your Own Salad Unlimited toppings, with your choice of dressing.    9.95
Orzo Pasta Salad Arugula, sundried tomatoes, feta cheese, kalamata olives, grape tomatoes, garlic, basil, mint, fresh lemon juice and grapeseed oil.    4.95
Chicken Caesar Salad Grill chicken, romaine lettuce, croutons, parmesan cheese and fresh lemon juice. served with caesar dressing.    6.95
Pearl Couscous Tomato Basil Pearl couscous, avocado, grape tomatoes, basil and balsamic vinaigrette.    4.95
Greek Salad Feta cheese, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, kalamata olives, red onions, fresh parsley and dried oregano. served with extra virgin olive oil and fresh lemon juice.    5.95
Mix Quinoa Salad Avocado, edamame, arugula, chickpeas, kalamata olives, fresh lemon juice and grape oil.    5.50
Caesar Salad Baby romaine, homemade croutons, Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese and Caesar dressing.    6.95
Red Quinoa Salad Red quinoa "tubule" with fresh herbs, lime, poached egg and truffle oil.    9.95

Juice Bar

Keep Cool Juice Beet, apple and carrot.   Small 5.75 Large 6.75
Ever Glow Juice Apple, celery, cucumber, mint and ginger.   Small 5.75 Large 6.75
Bottled Fresh Squeezed Juices Fresh squeezed orange juice, fresh squeezed grape fruit, fresh lemonade.   Small 3.95 Large 4.95
Healthy Columbia Juice Spinach, cucumber, celery, apples and lemon.   Small 5.75 Large 6.75
Morning Side Juice Cucumber, pear, pineapple and kale.   Small 5.75 Large 6.75
Start Over Juice Pear, apple and ginger.   Small 5.75 Large 6.75
St. Luke's Juice Broccoli, carrot, apple, peppers and cucumber.   Small 5.75 Large 6.75
Create Your Own Juice    Small 5.75 Large 6.75


The Nussbaum Smoothie With choice of base, banana, pineapple and mango.   Small 5.75 Large 6.75
St. Luke's Health Smoothie With choice of base, peach, papaya, beet and cucumber.   Small 5.75 Large 6.75
The Tobago Smoothie With choice of base, banana, yogurt, peanut butter and milk.   Small 5.75 Large 6.75
The Wild Tropical Smoothie With choice of base, grapefruit, mandarin, pineapple and carrots.   Small 5.75 Large 6.75
The Diet Smoothie With choice of base, strawberries, pineapple and banana.   Small 3.95 Large 4.95
The Better Sweet Smoothie With choice of base, lemon juice, strawberries and watermelon.   Small 5.75 Large 6.75
The Columbia IQ Smoothie With choice of base, blueberries, strawberries and banana.   Small 5.75 Large 6.75
The Detox Smoothie With choice of base, mango, kiwi, papaya and watermelon.   Small 5.75 Large 6.75
The Hangover Smoothie With choice of base, banana, honey and milk.   Small 5.75 Large 6.75
Crazy Tropical Smoothie With choice of base, papaya, mango and watermelon.   Small 5.50 Large 6.50
The Breakfast Smoothie With choice of base, red and green apples, kiwi and banana.   Small 5.75 Large 6.75
Create Your Own Smoothie With choice of base and ingredients.   Small 5.75 Large 6.75

1/4 Container of Cheese

1/4 lb. of Swiss Cheese     2.70
1/4 lb. of Muenster Cheese     2.70
1/4 lb. of Provolone Cheese     2.70
1/4 lb. of Cheddar Cheese     2.70
1/4 lb. of Pepper Jack Cheese     2.70


Coffee    Small 2.00 Medium 2.75 Large 3.25
Cappuccino    Small 3.50 Medium 3.95 Large 4.95
Latte    Small 3.50 Medium 3.95 Large 4.95
Chai Latte    Small 3.75 Medium 4.25 Large 4.50
Americano    Small 2.95 Medium 3.50 Large 4.45
Cafe Au Lait    Small 2.25 Medium 2.75 Large 3.50
Single Espresso     2.50
Iced Coffee    Small 3.25 Large 4.25
Iced Cappuccino    Small 4.50 Large 5.50
Iced Latte    Small 4.50 Large 5.50
Iced Mochaccino    Small 4.50 Large 5.50
Frapuccino    Small 4.50 Large 5.50
Iced Chai Latte    Medium 4.50 Large 5.50
Iced Americano    Medium 3.75 Large 4.75
Unsweetened Iced Tea    Small 3.25 Large 4.25
Canned Soda     1.50
Poland Spring Water     1.50
Fiji Water     2.00
Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice    Small 3.95 Large 4.95
Fresh Squeezed Grapefruit Juice    Small 3.95 Large 4.95
Fresh Squeezed Lemonade    Small 3.95 Large 4.95
Naked Juice     3.55
Nantucket Nectar     2.50
Tea    Small 2.00 Medium 2.75 Large 3.25
Hot Chocolate    Small 2.25 Medium 2.95 Large 3.50
Iced Tea    Small 3.25 Large 4.25
Cawston Press Juice     1.75
Double Espresso     2.95
Hot Chocolate    Small 2.25 Medium 2.95 Large 3.50
Cawston Press     2.50
Harmless Harvest Coconut Water     4.99
Honest Juice     2.50
Bai Juice     2.75

Desserts, Tarts and Pastries

Cookie Jar     1.50
Mini Rugelach     0.75
Slice Of Cake     3.95
Slice Of Pie     3.95
Cupcakes     2.95
Cranberry Macadamia Cookie     1.00
Pistachio Shortbread Cookie     1.00
Chocolate Macaroon Cookie     1.00
Pound Cake     2.75
Gluten Free Rice Krispy Treat     2.95
Gluten Free Granola     2.95
Gluten Free Muffins     2.95
Chocolate Brownie     2.95
Black & White Cookie    Mini Black & White Cookie 1.50 Large Black & White Cookie 3.25 Large Vanilla Black & White Cookie 3.25 Large Mocha Black & White Cookie 3.25 Large Chocolate Black & White Cookie 3.25


Nussbaum & Wu Bagel & Bakery
2897 Broadway Ave
At 113th St
(917) 722-3416
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