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Thanh Hoai 1

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  • Vietnamese
  • 73 Mulberry St, New York 10013 40.716262 -73.999365
  • (Btwn Bayard & Canal St)
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  • (212) 233-8988
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Cac Mon An Choi

1. Cha Gio vietnamese spring rolls served with a vinegar fish sauce.   (4pcs) 5.00
2. Goi Cuon fresh shrimp rolls summer rolls. served with a peanut sauce.   (2pcs) 5.00
3. Bo La Nho b.b.q. beef wrapped in grape leaves. served with a vinegar fish sauce.   (4pcs) 6.00
4. Bo Nuong Lui charcoal-grilled beef sticks served in sesame sauce.    6.00
5. Nem Nuong grilled pork hash on a skewer served with a vinegar fish sauce.    8.00
6. Chao Tom grilled shrimp in sugar sauce paste served with a sugar sauce paste.   (2pcs) 8.00
7. Nem Nuong Hoac Bo Nuong Cuon grilled pork hash or bbq beef roll served with a vinegar fish sauce.    6.00
8. Banh Cuon Cha Lua steamed pork rolls viet. style cooked in a vietnamese style. served with a vinegar fish sauce.    6.00
9. Banh Uot Cha Lua steamed rice crepes w/ pork bologna served with a vinegar fish sauce.    6.00
10. Banh Xeo Tom Thit shrimp & pork vietnamese crepe served with a vinegar fish sauce.    8.00


39. Canh Chua Ca * vietnamese hot and sour fish soup  
40. Canh Chua Tom. * vietnamese hot & sour shrimp soup  
41. Canh Thap Cam Do Bien. shrimp, squid, crab, scallops & fish cake soup served with assorted vegetables in a soup.  
43. Cari Dau Ca Mu. * curried fish head casserole soup    16.50


23. Pho Dac Biet Xe Lua extra big bowl of beef deluxe noodle soup    7.25
24. Pho Dac Biet beef brisket tender noodle soup    6.75
25. Pho Tai Bo rare beef noodle soup    6.50
26. Pho Tai Nam Gan rare beef brisket noodle soup    6.50
27. Pho Tai Bo Vien noodle soup with beef balls    8.00
28. Pho Hu Tieu Mi Nam Vang cambodian rice noodle soup    6.50
29. Pho Hu Tieu Mi Sai-Gon saigon-style noodle soup    6.50
30. Pho Hu Tieu Hoanh Thanh wonton rice or egg noodle soup served with your choice of wonton rice or egg noodles in a soup.    6.50
31. Pho Hu Tieu Mi Ca Vien fish ball noodle soup    6.50
32. Pho Hu Tieu Mi Ga shredded chicken noodle soup    6.50
33. Pho Mi Bo Kho beef brisket rice noodle soup    6.50
34. Pho Hu Tieu Mi Ca Tuoi fresh tilapia noodle soup fresh, sliced, tilapia fish in a noodle soup.    6.50
35. Pho Hu Tieu Mi Sate Tom Hoac Bo. * shrimp or beef w/ sate sauce noodle soup    6.50
36. Pho Hu Tieu Mi Tom Tuoi. fresh shrimp noodle soup    6.50
37. Pho Hu Tieu Mi Bo Bien. assorted seafood noodle soup shrimp, squid, fish cakes and assorted seafood. served with your choice of rice or egg noodles.    6.50
38. Mi Vit Tiem Dong Co. duck w/ chinese mushroom noodle soup    7.50

Banh Mi

116. Banh Mi Thit Nguoi. ham, pate & chicken french bread sandwich house special    4.50
117. Banh Mi Bo Nuong/Heo Nuong. grilled beef or pork w/ assorted vegetables french bread sandwich    5.00
118. Banh Mi Ga Nuong. sliced chicken & pate w/ assorted vegetables french bread sandwich    5.00
119. Manh Mi Hot Ga. two fried eggs french bread sandwich    4.50
120. Banh Mi Bo Kho. beef brisket french bread sandwich    6.50
121. Banh Mi Cari Ga. curry chicken french bread sandwich    6.50
122. Banh Mi Cari De. curry lamb french bread sandwich    6.50


11. Bun No Nuong bbq beef & spring roll on vermicelli    7.00
12. Bun Nem Uong. grilled pork hash on vermicelli    7.00
13. Bun Cha Gio. spring roll on vermicelli    7.00
14. Bun Tom Nuong. grilled shrimp on vermicelli    7.00
15A. Bun Ga Nuong. bbq chicken in vermicelli    7.00
16. Bun Xao Do Chay. (v). mixed vegetables over vermicelli.    7.00
17. Bun Ga Xa Ot. * chicken w/ lemongrass on vermicelli    7.00
18. Bun Tom Cari. * yellow curry shrimp w/ coconut milk over vermicelli    7.50
19. Bun Tom Xa Ot. * shrimp w/ lemongrass on vermicelli    7.50
20. Banh Hoi Bo Nuong. bbq beef w/ vegetables & vermicelli    12.50
21. Banh Hoi Nem Nuong. grilled pork hash w/ vegetables & vermicelli    12.50
22. Banh Hoi Cha Gio Tom Nuong Va Heo. grilled shrimp & pork spring roll deluxe w/ vermicelli grilled shrimp, pork, spring roll deluxe and vermicelli.    14.50
22A. Bun Ga Rau Que. chicken basil & chili on vermicelli    7.00

Com Dia

77. Com Tam Suon Nuong. grilled pork chop over rice grilled pork chop on broken, small-grain, rice.    6.50
78A. Com Ga Rau Que. chicken w/ basil & chili on rice    7.00
79. Com Tam Bo Nuong. bbq beef over rice bbq beef on broken, small-grain, rice.    7.00
80. Com Tam Nem Nuong. grilled pork hash over rice grilled pork hash on broken, small-grain, rice.    7.00
81. Com Tam Suon Nuong Ap-La. grilled pork chop & fried egg w/ rice grilled pork chop and fried egg.    7.00
82. Com Tam Suon Nuong Bi Cha. pork chop, shredded pork, & crab meat patty w/ rice    8.50
83. BBQ Beef, Shredded Pork, & Crab Meat Patty     8.50
84. Com Cari Ga. * curry chicken on rice    6.50
85A. Com Tom Sate Dau Que. shrimp & string beans w/ sate sauce over rice    7.50
86. Com Ga Hoac Muc Xa Ot. * chicken or squid w/ hot pepper & lemongrass    6.50
87. Com Bo Hoac Heo Xa Ot. * beef or pork w/ lemongrass over rice    7.00
88. Com Tom Xa Ot. * shrimp w/ lemongrass over rice    7.50
89. Com Tom Xao Dau Xanh. shrimp w/ green peas over rice    6.50
90. Com Bo Xao Dau Que. sautéed beef w/ string beans over rice    6.50
91. Com Ga Xao Cai. sautéed chicken w/ mixed vegetables over rice    6.50
92. Com Tom Cari Dau Que. * curry shrimp w/ string beans & coconut milk over rice    7.50
93. Com Xao Do Chay. (v). mixed vegetables over rice    6.50
94. Com Bo Xao Ganh. well-done pepper steak w/ onions    6.50
95. Com Ga Xao Gung Hanh chicken with ginger & scallions on rice    6.50
96. Com Ga Xao Cai Ngot. chicken w/ chinese vegetables over rice    6.50
97. Com Bo Luc Lac. sautéed spiced beef cubes over rice    7.50
98. Com Tom Ram. jumbo shrimp in shell w/ onions    7.50
99. Com Chien Duong Chau. deluxe fried rice served w/ shrimp, pork, chicken & chinese sausage    8.00
100. Mi Xao Tom, Ga Hoac Bo. lo mein made with your choice of shrimp, chicken or beef.    8.00
101. Com Viet Huong. seafood, veggies, & pork house special over rice house special combination on rice. served with shrimp, squid, fish cakes, pork and mixed vegetables.    7.00

Ga $11.50

73. Goi Ga Xe Phay. vietnamese shredded chicken salad w/ mint & lime juice a shredded chicken salad, cooked vietnamese style and served with mint and lime juice.  
74. Ga Bong Cai. chicken w/ broccoli  
75. Ga Xa Ot * chicken w/ lemongrass spices  
76. Ga Cari Ca Tim * yellow curry chicken w/ eggplant & coconut milk  


64. Bo Luc Lac. * vietnamese beef cubes w/ spices    13.50
65. Bo Xao Bong Cai. beef w/ broccoli    12.50
66. Bo Xao Mang Cay. * beef w/ asparagus & chili sauce    12.50
67. Bo Sate. beef w/ string beans & sate sauce    12.50
68. Bo Xa Ot. * beef w/ lemongrass spices    12.50
69A. Goi Du Du Bo. * green papaya salad w/ beef    12.50

Heo $12.50

70. Suon Heo Nuong. grilled pork chop  
71A. Heo Cari Dau Que. * pork curry w/ string beans in coconut milk  
72. Heo Kho Tieu. * pork w/ black pepper & brown sauce  

Do Bien

44. Tom Cari Ca Tim. * yellow curry shrimp, eggplant & coconut milk    13.50
45. Tom Rau Que. * shrimp w/ basil leaves & chili    13.50
46. Goi Sua Tom Thit. vietnamese shrimp salad    13.50
47. Tom Xao Dau. shrimp w/ cashew nuts    13.50
48. Tom Sate Dau Que. shrimp w/ string beans & sate sauce    13.50
49. Tom Ram Man. caramel jumbo shrimp in shell    14.50
50. Tom Xa Ot. * jumbo shrimp w/ lemongrass spices    14.50
51. Cai Sa Ot. * mixed vegetables w/ lemongrass spices    11.50
52. Bo Soy Toi. * spinach w/ garlic sauce    10.50
53. Nghieu Xao Tuong Den. clams w/ black bean sauce    12.50
54. Rau Muong Toi. watercress w/ garlic sauce    11.50
55. Muc Xa Ot. * fresh squid w/ lemongrass spices    12.50
56. Muc Cari Dau Que. * squid w/ curry, string beans, & coconut milk squid with curry, string beans and coconut milk    12.50
57. Ech Chien Bo. butterfly fried frog leg    17.50
58. Ech Xa Ot. * fresh frog legs w/ lemongrass.    17.50
59. Ech Xao Lan. * frog w/ curry in casserole    17.50


60. Ca Tre Kho To. salmon in casserole    16.50
61. Ca Chien Mam Ngo. fried whole red snapper w/ pasty lime juice    18.50
62. Ca Chien Xa Ot. * fried, whole red snapper fish w/ lemon grass    18.50
63. Ca Chien Chua Ngot. sweet & sour whole red snapper cooked vietnamese style. spicy.    18.50

Desserts $3.50

109. Che Ba Mau. rainbow ice a red and green bean paste, served with asian jello and crushed ice.  
110. Che Dau Xanh. sweet green bean paste, served with crushed ice.  
111. Che Dau Do. a sweet red bean paste w/ crushed ice  
112. Sam Bo Luong. mixed nuts with lotus seeds and longan (a vietnamese tropical fruit), cooked in a sweet syrup.  
113. Suong Sa Hat Luu. asian jello, a sweet green bean paste and coconut-flavored granade (a vietnamese tropical fruit), served with crushed ice.  

Giai Khat

Beverages * Spicy, (V) Vegetarian.

102. Cafe Fin Den Da. espresso (black), served as an iced coffee. served with sugar.    3.00
103. Cafe Fin Sua Da. espresso black and condensed milk, iced coffee.    3.00
104. Nuoc Da Chanh. fresh lemonade.    2.75
105. Nuoc Chanh Muoi. salty lemonade.    2.75
106. Soda Sua Hot Ga. club soda with egg yolk and condensed milk.    3.50
107. Sua Dau Nanh. soy bean milk.    2.00
108. Nuoc Ngot canned soda    1.50
114. Sinh To Mang Cau. your choice of several all-natural, vietnamese tropical juices.    3.50
115. Sinh To Sau Rieng. durian shake. a tropical, vietnamese fruit shake.    3.50


Thanh Hoai 1
73 Mulberry St
Btwn Bayard & Canal St
(212) 233-8988
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