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Next Door

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  • American, Japanese, Sushi
  • 813 W 187th St, New York 10033 40.855322 -73.937537
  • (Btwn Pinehurst & Fort Washington Ave)
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  • (917) 717-5261
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Appetizers & Soup

Caesar Salad Served with parmesan vinaigrette.    6.00
Mesclun Mixed Greens     5.75
Arugula Endive Radicchio & Goat Cheese Salad Served with basil-balsamic vinaigrette.    7.00
Soup of the Day     5.50
107 West Tomato Corn Chowder     5.00
Grilled Chicken & Jalapeno Jack Cheese Quesadilla Served with fresh salsa and guacamole.    6.00
Smoked Bean Dip & Cheese Nachos     8.00
Calamari Fritti Served with remoulade sauce.    8.50
Buffalo Chicken Wings Served with blue cheese dressing.    8.00
Coconut Shrimp Served with citrus dipping sauce.    8.50
Spicy Marinated-Seared Organic Firm Tofu Served with arugula, cucumber, mango, red onion and honey mustard vinaigrette.    8.00
Bacon Andouille Sausage & Potato Dumplings Served with roasted plum tomato-cilantro coulis.    7.00
Black Bean Crab Cakes Served with herb mayonnaise.     8.50

Fusion Appetizers

Miso Soup Served with seaweed and tofu.    3.50
Shrimp Shumai     5.50
Seaweed Salad     5.50
Spicy Tuna Salad     8.50
Grilled Marinated Gulf Shrimp Served with guacamole.    8.50
Coconut Curry Marinated Chicken Skewers Served with spicy peanut sauce.    7.00
Edamame Served with black and white sesame seeds and cajun spices.    6.00
Sashimi Appetizer Nine pieces of assorted sashimi.    10.00
Sushi Appetizer 4 Pieces of sushi and an asparagus roll.    10.00
Tuna & Green Apple Sashimi Served with guacamole.    10.50
Black Pepper Tuna Tataki  Served with ponzu sauce.    10.50


Vegetable Lasagna Served with basil tomato sauce.    12.50
Rigatoni Served with chicken, arugula and capers in brown chicken stock.    12.00
Penne In roasted red pepper tomato sauce and topped with fresh basil and mozzarella cheese.    12.00
Linguine Served with broccoli and shrimp in white wine garlic lemon sauce.    12.50
Linguine Pasta with Skirt Steak, Roasted Peppers & Asparagus Tips Served with brandy green peppercorn sauce.    15.50
Vegetable Stir Fry with Seared Organic Firm Tofu Over Linguine Served with tamari sauce.    13.50
Penne Pasta with Chicken Served with capers and sun-dried tomatoes.    13.00
Penne Pasta with Organic Firm Tofu Creamy classic alfredo sauce tossed over fettuccine.    12.00
Fettuccine Shrimp Alfredo Creamy classic alfredo sauce tossed over fettuccine.    13.50
Fettuccine Chicken Alfredo Creamy classic alfredo sauce tossed over fettuccine.    12.00
Capellini Served with basil, garlic and plum tomato sauce.    13.00
Yam Ravioli Served with shrimp, corn, roasted peppers and white wine sauce.    15.00

Sushi & Sashimi A La Carte

Eel Unagi     6.00
Fluke Hirame     4.50
Flying Fish Roe Tobiko     4.50
Crab Stick Kani     4.00
Octopus Tako     4.50
Red Snapper Tai     4.50
Salmon Sake     5.00
Shrimp Ebi     4.50
Smoked Salmon     5.00
Spicy Salmon     4.50
Spicy Tuna     4.50
Squid Ika     4.50
Super White Tuna Abura bozu.    5.50
Tuna Maguro.    5.50
Yellowtail Hamachi.    5.00
Scallops      6.00

Teriyaki Roll

Teriyaki Chicken Roll  Order of 8 pieces. chicken, japanese pickles, carrot and cucumber. teriyaki sauce on the side.    8.00
Teriyaki Beef Roll Order of 8 pieces. beef, scallion and cucumber. teriyaki sauce on the side.    8.50
Teriyaki Shrimp Roll Order of 8 pieces. tempura, shrimp, carrot, asparagus and seaweed outside. teriyaki sauce on the side.    9.50

Roll & Hand Roll

California Roll 6pcs Kani, avocado, cucumber and tobiko.    5.00
Boston Roll 6pcs Shrimp, tobiko, mayo and lettuce.    5.00
Alaska Roll 6pcs Cooked salmon, avocado and cucumber.    5.00
Eel Avocado Roll 6pcs Cooked eel and avocado.    6.50
Eel Cucumber Roll 6 pcs Cooked eel and cucumber.    6.50
Avocado & Cucumber Roll 6pcs     5.00
Crispy Salmon Skin Roll 6pcs Salmon skin, avocado and cucumber.    5.00
Spicy Tuna Roll 6pcs Fresh tuna, tobiko and house spicy sauce.    6.00
Crunchy Spicy Salmon Roll 6pcs Fresh salmon, tempura flakes and spicy mayonnaise.    6.00
Spicy Shrimp Roll 6pcs Shrimp, cucumber and house special sauce.    5.50
Philadelphia Roll 6pcs Smoked salmon, cream cheese and cucumber.    6.00
Christmas Roll 6pcs Tuna, avocado and tobiko.    6.00
Crispy Kani Roll 6pcs Kani, tempura flake and spicy mayo.    5.50
Yellowtail Avocado Scallion Roll 6pcs     6.00
American Roll 4pcs Tempura shrimp, avocado, cucumber, kani and tobiko outside.     6.00
Tempura Roll 6pcs Tempura shrimp, cucumber and tobiko outside.    6.50
Super White Tuna Roll 6pcs White tuna and scallion.    6.00
Veggie Supreme Roll 4pcs Shiitake mushroom, spinach, asparagus, carrot and avocado inside, seaweed outside.    6.00
Mango, Salmon & Avocado Roll 6pcs     6.00
Avocado Roll Seaweed outside.    4.50
Kani Roll Seaweed outside.    4.00
Cucumber Roll Seaweed outside.    4.00
Tuna Roll Seaweed outside.    5.00
Salmon Roll Seaweed outside.    5.00
Asparagus Roll Seaweed outside.    4.00
Oshinko Roll Seaweed outside.    4.00

From The Tortilla Bar

Tuna and Spring Vegetables Roll Served with wasabi and miso puree.    7.00
Grilled Breast of Chicken Roll Served with jicama, sweet pepper, avocado and salsa.    6.50
Shrimp & Avocado Roll     7.00


Marinated Steak Served with black beans, cheese, guacamole, salsa, rice and beans.    13.00
Smoked Chicken Served with red beans, cheese, guacamole, salsa, rice and beans.    11.50


Grilled Marinated Steak     14.00
Grilled Breast of Chicken     12.00
Grilled Vegetables & Portabello Mushroom     11.50
Shrimp & Sweet Potato Quesadilla     11.50
Grilled Skirt Steak Quesadilla     13.50


Jumbo Crab Cakes Served with roasted new potatoes and herb mayonnaise.    16.50
Grilled Ginger Glazed Norwegian Salmon On a bed of grilled vegetables with dill vinaigrette.     17.00
Pan-Seared Organic Farm Raised St. Peter's Fish Served with roasted new potatoes and steamed mixed vegetables.    16.00
Grilled Ginger Glazed Yellowfin Tuna Served with brown rice and stir-fried vegetables.     19.00


Sushi Deluxe Nine pieces of sushi and one california roll.    20.00
Sashimi Deluxe Eighteen pieces of assorted sashimi.    21.50
Tuna Don Tuna sashimi on bowl of sushi rice.    20.50
Chirashi Assorted sashimi on bowl of sushi rice.    19.00
Una Jyn Eel on bowl of sushi rice.    16.00
Sushi & Sashimi Combo  Four pieces of sushi, fifteen pieces of sashimi and one california roll.    23.50
Sushi Roll Comb Six pieces of sushi and one california roll.    15.50
Hand Roll Combo One california roll, one spicy tuna and one salmon skin roll.    13.00
Vegetarian Roll Combo One avocado roll, one asparagus roll and one oshinko roll.    12.50
Roll Combo A One california roll, one tuna roll and one salmon roll.    13.50
Roll Combo B One yellowtail roll, one eel roll and one california roll.    14.50
Salmon Roll Dinner Three salmon rolls. Seaweed outside.    12.50
Tuna Roll Dinner Three tuna roll.    13.50
Spicy Trio Combo Spicy shrimp roll, spicy tuna roll and spicy salmon roll.    15.00

100% Vegetarian

Organic Firm Tofu Salad Mesclun salad, mango, avocado, organic brown rice and carrot miso vinaigrette.     13.50
Veggie Burger Served with sauteed asian greens, tomato, onion and tahini sauce.    12.00
Simply All-Veggie Plate Assorted vegetables, fried tofu, tamari brown rice and tahini sauce.     13.50

Special Roll

Rainbow Roll Kani, avocado and cucumber inside. tuna, salmon and white fish outside.    11.50
Dragon Roll Cooked eel, avocado and cucumber inside, avocado outside.    10.50
Hudson View Roll Spicy tuna inside. eel, avocado and tobiko outside.    12.50
Next Door Roll Shrimp, kani, avocado and cucumber inside. avocado, tuna, tobiko and seaweed salad outside.    13.00
Spicy Supreme Roll Avocado, cucumber and kani inside. spicy tuna and tobiko outside.    9.50
Hot Winter Roll Tempura, shrimp and asparagus inside. white tuna, avocado, scallion and spicy mayo outside.    13.75
Kamikaze Roll Spicy salmon, cucumber and avocado inside. Sesame seed and wasabi tobiko outside.    12.50
M-16 Roll Tempura shrimp and asparagus inside. Salmon outside with spicy mayo.    12.50
Wasabi Roll Tuna, salmon, avocado and cucumber inside. Wasabi tobiko and tobiko sauce.    13.00
Ultimate Tuna Roll Spicy tuna and tempura flakes inside. Tuna and avocado outside.    13.50
Spider Roll Crispy soft shell crab, cucumber and avocado inside. Tobiko outside.    13.50
Twofold Salmon Avocado Roll Salmon, avocado and mayo inside. Salmon, avocado tobiko and wasabi tobiko outside.    13.00
GWB Roll Tempura shrimp, cucumber and tobiko inside, eel and tobiko outside.    14.50


Southwestern Jambalaya Entree Served with andouille sausage, smoked chicken, shrimp, calamari and clams in corn sweet pepper etoufee sauce, served over cajun rice.     15.50
Creole Chicken & Shrimp Entree Served with mashed potatoes, spinach and chipotle pepper sauce.     14.00
Sauteed Chicken Breast Entree In marsala wine sauce with mashed potatoes and sauteed spinach and mushroom.     13.50
Sauteed Shrimp Entree Served with mashed potatoes and garlic spinach in a tequila lime sauce.     16.50
Southern Fried Chicken Entree  1/2 Chicken. Served with mashed potatoes and tomato onion chutney.     12.00
Cheeseburger Entree  1/2 lb. Served with lettuce, tomato, onion and french fries.     11.00
BBQ Porkchop Entree Served with mashed potatoes and steamed mixed vegetables.     14.00
Mesquite Smoked Chicken & Ribs Combo Served with mashed potatoes and steamed mixed vegetables.     18.00
Mesquite Smoked Boneless Chicken Entree Served with mashed potatoes and steamed mixed vegetables.    13.00
Pan-Seared Marinated Hanger Steak Entree Topped with sauteed sweet onions, served with mashed potatoes and collard greens.    17.00
Pan-Seared Turkey Burger Entree Served with lettuce, tomato, onion and french fries.    11.00
All-Natural Turkey Meat Loaf Entree Served with mashed potatoes and sauteed asian green and shiitake mushroom sauce.     15.00
Ancho Chili Rubbed Skirt Steak Entree Served with mashed potatoes and sauteed asian green and shiitake mushroom sauce.     19.50
Oven-Roasted Marinated Chicken Entree  1/2 Chicken served with sauteed asian green and spicy dipping sauce.     15.00
Grilled Tequila Lime Chicken Salad  Mesclun salad, mango, avocado, brown rice and carrot miso vinaigrette.    15.50
Grilled Chicken Salad Herb marinated chicken breast on a bed of caesar salad.    11.50
Taco Suave Entree Two soft flour tortillas with chicken and cheese served with guacamole, salsa and rice.     11.00
Mango Avocado Chicken Salad Served with raspberry vinaigrette.     14.00

Side Orders

Mashed Potatoes     3.50
Collard Greens     3.50
Red Beans & Rice     3.00
Steamed Broccoli     4.00
Coleslaw     3.00
French Fries     3.50
Garlic Spinach     4.50
Steamed Vegetables     4.00


Chocolate Mousse Layer Cake     6.00
Key Lime Pie     5.00
Bread Pudding     5.00


Soda Coke     1.50
Diet Coke     1.50
Sprite     1.50
Ginger Ale     1.50
Iced Tea     1.50


Next Door
813 W 187th St
Btwn Pinehurst & Fort Washington Ave
(917) 717-5261
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