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West New Malaysia

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  • Malaysian
  • 46-48 Bowery Chinatown Arcade # 28, New York 10013 40.715783 -73.996653
  • (Btwn Bayard & Canal St)
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  • (917) 924-1614
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A1. Roti Canai * indian pan cake    3.95
A2. Satay Tofu *    7.00
A3. Satay Beef *    6.00
A4. Satay Chicken *    6.00
A5. Belacan Fried Anchovies * ikan bilis    6.50
A6. Ipoh Rojak *    7.50
A7. Malaysia Style Curry Stuffed Combination *    7.50
A8. Achat * malaysia style salad    6.00
A9. Pasang Mango Squid, Shrimp *    8.00
A10. Melaka Crispy Coconut Shrimp     9.50
A11. Malay Spring Roll *    5.50
A12. Curry Potatoes Roll *    5.50
A13. Vegetable Roll     5.00
A14. Home Special Crispy Shrimp And Toro Roll     7.50
A15. Baby Oyster Omelet     9.85
A16. Ipoh Bean Sprout     5.50
A17. Fried Fish Ball     6.00
A18. Pataya Fried Chicken *    8.00
A19. Japanese Pan Fried Or Steam Dumplings     6.50


S1. Curry Seafood Soup *    7.00
S2. Curry Beef Ball, Fish Ball Soup *    6.00
S3. Curry Mix Ball Soup *    6.50
S4. Hot And Sour Soup *    6.50
S5. Beef Ball Or Fish Ball Soup     6.00
S6. Mix Ball Soup     6.50
S7. Mix Seafood Soup     7.00
S8. Preserved Vegetable With Bean Curd Soup     7.00
S9. Preserved Vegetable With Beef Soup     7.00
S10. Fresh Pork And Egg With Chinese Mustard Soup     9.00
S11. Fillet Of Fish With Chinese Mustard Soup     9.00
S12. Seaweed With Fish Ball Soup     8.00
S13. Crispy Fish Head With Preserved Vegetable Soup     8.25
S14. Wonton Soup     5.50
S15. House Special Dumpling With Chicken Broth     6.50

Fried Noodles

U1. Choy Kway Teow     7.50
U2. Singapore Fried Rice Noodle     7.50
U3. Hokkien Mee     8.00
U4. Salted Fish & Chicken Fried Rice Noodle     8.50
U5. Fried Broad Noodle With Beef     7.50
U6. Fried Broad Noodle With Pepper Beef     8.50
U7. Har-Moon Fried Rice Noodle     7.50
U8. Egg And Seafood Fried Noodle     9.50
U9. Egg And Beef, Pork, Shrimp, Fried Noodle choose one    8.50
U10. Fried Noodle With Buddha's Delight     8.50
U11. Cantonese Chow Fun With Pork     8.50
U12. Crispy Seafood Noodle     9.50
U13. Pearl Noodle In Casserole     8.50
U14. Fried Pearl Noodle     7.50
U15. Malay Fried Amoy Flour Vermicelli     7.50
U16. Sungai Wang Kway Teow *    9.50
U17. Indian Mee Goreng *    7.50
U18. Home Style Fried Rice Noodle * stir fried rice noodle with curry flavor    8.50
U19. Pad Thai *    8.50
U20. Capitan Noodle     8.50
U21. Black Pepper With Egg Noodle     8.50

Fried Rice

F1. Indonesia Fried Rice *    8.00
F2. Yang Chow Fried Rice     7.50
F3. Pork, Shrimp, Beef, Chicken, Or Vegetable Fried Rice     7.00
F4. Seafood Fried Rice     8.50
F5. Chicken & Salted Fish Fried Rice     8.50
F6. Bangkok Seafood Fried Rice *    11.50
F7. Salted Fish With Seafood Fried Rice     9.50
F8. Coconut Seafood Fried Rice     11.50
F9. House King Special Fried Rice     9.50
F10. Seafood Fried Rice With Spicy Cereals *    11.50

Noodles Soup

Choice Of Noodles

W1. Asam Laksa * spicy & sour in chef's special lemon grass broth with fish flakes    7.25
W2. Penang Prawns Noodle Soup *    7.25
W3. Curry Beef Brisket Noodle Soup *    7.25
W4. Curry Chicken Noodle Soup *    7.25
W5. Curry Tender Beef Noodle Soup *    7.25
W6. Curry Beef Ball, Fish Ball Noodle Soup *    6.50
W7. Curry Squid Noodle Soup *    7.25
W8. Curry Mixed Vegetables Noodle Soup *    7.25
W9. Curry Mix Ball Noodle Soup *    7.00
W10. Curry Mix Seafood Noodle Soup *    7.25
W11. Malay Authentic Udon Noodles *    7.25
W12. Curry Hainanese Chicken Noodle Soup *    7.25
W13. Curry Stuffed Combination Noodle Soup *    7.50
W14. Seafood Ton Yum Mee Hoon *    7.50
W15. Ipoh Chicken Noodle Soup *    7.25
W16. House Special Vermicelli Noodle Soup     7.25
W17. Hainanese Chicken Noodle Soup     7.25
W18. Beef Ball, Fish Ball Noodle Soup     6.50
W19. Mix Ball Noodle Soup     7.00
W20. Mix Seafood Noodle Soup     7.25
W21. Grill Pork Chop Noodle Soup     7.25
W22. Wonton Noodle Soup In Malaysia Style soup or dry    6.50
W23. Crispy Fish Head With Preserved Vegetable Noodle Soup     8.25


V1. Pea's Leaves And Bamboo Shoots In Chicken Broth Or Ginger Garlic   
V2. Kang-Kung Belacan *    12.50
V3. Fried Belacan Lady Finger With Shrimp *    12.50
V4. String Bean In Belacan Sauce With Shrimp *    12.50
V5. Fried Belacan Assorted Vegetables *    12.50
V6. Asparagus In Belacan Sauce With Shrimp *    12.50
V7. Watercress In Belacan Sauce *    12.50
V8. Broccoli In Garlic Sauce *    11.00
V9. Eggplant In Garlic Sauce *    11.00
V10. Sambal Egg Plant *    11.00
Salted Fish With Eggplant     12.50
Salted Fish With Bean Curd     12.50
V11. Bean Curd In Garlic Sauce *    11.00
V12. Spicy Bean Curd With Pork *    11.00
V13. Home Made Tofu With Special Sauce     15.00
V14. Homemade Tofu With Squash crab meat    15.00
V15. Bean Curd In Special Brown Sauce     11.00
V16. Asparagus In Black Bean Sauce     11.00
V17. Baby Shanghai Vegetable Sauteed With Garlic     11.00
V18. Water Spinach In Bean Curd Sauce     12.50
V19. Buddhist Delight In Preserved Bean Sauce     12.50
V20. Sauteed Lotus Delight With Assorted Veg.     12.50
V21. Salted Fish With Chinese Broccoli     12.50
V22. Salted Fish With Bean Sprout     11.00

Pork $13

P1. Fresh Pork With Asparagus In Belacan Sauce Or Black Bean Sauce *  
P2. Grill Pork Chop In House Special Style   
P3. Honey Glazed Pork Chop   
P4. Grill Pork With Onion   
P5. Authentic Malaysian Spare Ribs   
P6. Peking Pork Chop   
P7. Sweet & Sour Pork boneless pork with sweet & sour sauce  
P8. Authentic Pineapple Spare Ribs   

Beef $15

B1. Curry Lamb *  
B2. Tender Beef In Curry *  
B3. Curry Beef Brisket *   lg 13.50 sm 7.50
B4. Beef Rendang * dried curry beef  
B5. Orange Crispy Beef *  
B6. Sambal Beef *  
B7. Beef With Asparagus In Belacan Sauce *  
B8. Pepper Beef With Black Bean Sauce   
B9. Beef With Water Spinach   
B10. Beef In Scallion And Ginger   
B11. Beef With String Beans In Thai Style Curry Sauce *  
B12. Tender Beef With Broccoli   
B13. Tender Beef With Bitter Ground   
B14. Tender Beef With Preserved Vegetable   
B15. Honey Glazed Steak   
B16. Beef With Asparagus In Black Bean Sauce   
B17. Beef With Chinese Broccoli   


C1. Curry Chicken *   lg 13.50 sm 7.50
C2. Spicy Thai Chicken *   (1/2) 14.00
C3. Chicken In Orange Sauce *    14.00
C4. Chicken With Asparagus In Belacan Sauce Or Black Bean Sauce *    14.00
C5. Chicken Rendang With Lemon Grass (Curry Chicken) *    14.00
C6. Tingy Spicy Chicken In Thai Style *    14.00
C7. Amazing Chicken In House Special Style *    14.00
C8. Chicken & Broccoli In Garlic Sauce     14.00
C9. Mango Chicken * shredded mango cooked with spicy sweet & sour sauce, served in mango shell    16.00
C10. Hainanese Chicken    (1/4) 7.50 (1/2) 10.50
C11. Sweet And Sour Chicken     14.00
C12. Sarang Burong sauteed chicken, shrimp cashew nuts in crispy taro net    15.00
C13. House Special Sesame Lemon Chicken     14.00
C14. Patong Basil Chicken In Banana Leaf *    14.00


D1. Steam Tilapia Or Striped Bass Fish In Bean Sauce *  
D2. Steam Tilapia Or Striped Bass Fish In Ginger Sauce   
D3. Steam Fish Teow Chow Style tilapia, striped bass  
D4. Deep Fried Red Snapper Fish In Chengmai (Thai) Sauce *    21.00
D5. Deep Fried Red Snapper Fish In Jawa Sauce *    21.00
D6. Pan Fried Red Snapper Fish In Soy Bean Sauce     21.00
D7. Asam Sting Ray Fish In Banana Leaf *    20.00
D8. Steam Carp Fish With Teow Chow Style Or Bean Sauce Or Ginger Sauce *    18.00
D9. Steam Carp Fish With Black Bean Sauce *    18.00
D10. Crispy Fish Fillet Thai Style *    15.50
D11. Filet Of Flounder In Garlic Saucer *    19.00
D12. Filet Of Flounder In Chef's Special Brown Sauce     19.00
D13. Braised Fillet Of Flounder In Thai Sauce     19.00
D14. Braised Fish Head Casserole     15.50
D15. Clams In Black Bean Sauce     15.50
D16. Clams In Siam Style *    15.50
D17. Pataya Fried Red Snapper In Siam Sauce *    21.00
D18. Crab In Aromatic Flavor *    17.00
D19. Crab In Hot & Spicy Sauce *    17.00
D20. Soft Shell Crabs With Salt & Pepper Or Fresh Mango Style   
D21. Green Curry Asparagus With Prawns Thai Style     20.00
D22. Seafood Delight With Prawn, Scallop, Flounder     20.00
D23. Amazing Prawns *    20.00
D24. Pan Fried Prawns With Chef's Special Sauce *    26.00
D25. Hot & Spicy Prawns *    20.00
D26. Prawns In Bamboo Branch Thai Style *    20.00
D27. Prawns In Asparagus In Belacan Sauce *    20.00
D28. Green Prawns In Aromatic Flavor     26.00
D29. Crispy Prawns With Spicy Cereals *    26.00
D30. Mango Prawns * shredded mango cooked in spicy sweet & sour sauce in mango shell    20.00
D31. Prawns In Chef's Special Brown Sauce     20.00
D32. Sweet And Sour Prawns     20.00
D33. Prawns With Asparagus In Black Bean Sauce     20.00
D34. Asian With Giant Prawns *    26.00
D35. Sambal Squid *    14.50
D36. Kung Pao Squid *    14.50
D37. Squid In Malay Style *    14.50
D38. Squid In Scallion And Ginger     14.50


E1. Asam Fish Head Casserole *    20.00
E2. Indian Curry Assam Or Curry Fish Head Casserole *    20.00
E3. Curry Assorted Veg. Casserole *    14.00
E4. Seafood Tomyam Casserole *    15.50
E5. Bak Kut Teh chinese herbal soup    12.25
E6. Seafood Tofu Casserole     15.50
E7. Braised Fish Head Casserole     20.00


R1. Curry Combination On Rice * chicken & beef brisket    7.50
R2. Braised Fillet Of Flounder In Thai Sauce     7.00
R3. Curry Beef Brisket On Rice *    6.50
R4. Curry Chicken On Rice *    6.50
R5. Curry Tender Beef On Rice *    6.50
R6. Nasi Lemak * coconut flavored rice with belacan anchovy, chicken, hard boiled egg & peanuts    7.00
R7. Home Style Combination On Rice * hainanese chicken, beef brisket, fried egg    7.50
R8. Crispy Fish Fillet With Fried Rice     7.00
R9. Hainanese Chicken On Rice     6.50
R10. Hainanese Chicken Drumstick On Rice     7.00
R11. Fillet Flounder With Green Veg. On Rice     7.00
R12. Peking Pork Chop On Rice     7.00
R13. Honey Glazed Pork With Fried Rice     7.50
R14. Grill Pork With Fried Rice     7.00
R15. Grill Pork With Onion On Rice     7.00
R16. Pork And Pickle Veg On Rice     6.00
R17. Honey Glazed Steak With Fried Rice     7.50
R18. Mince Beef On Rice     6.00
R19. Beef, Chicken, Squid With Preserved Veg On Rice     6.00
R20. Pepper Beef, Chicken squid in black bean sauce on rice    6.00
R21. Beef, Chicken, Shrimp With Broccoli On Rice     6.00
R22. Beef, Chicken, Shrimp With String Bean On Rice     6.00
R23. Beef, Chicken, Shrimp With Bean Curd On Rice     6.00
R24. Beef, Chicken, Shrimp With Vegetable On Rice     6.00
R25. Beef, Chicken, Shrimp With Bitter Gourd On Rice     6.00
R26. Beef, Chicken, Shrimp With Tomatoes On Rice     6.00
R27. Beef, Chicken, Shrimp With Celery On Rice     6.00
R28. Beef, Chicken, Shrimp With Green Peas On Rice     6.00
R29. Beef, Chicken, Shrimp With Water Spinach On Rice     6.00
R30. Beef, Shrimp And Egg On Rice     6.00

Side Orders

Sm / Lg.

O1. Steamed White Rice     2.00  1.00
02. Hainanese Flavored Rice     3.00  2.00
03. Coconut Flavored Rice     3.00  2.00

Dessert & Beverages

J1. Singapore Ice     3.75
J2. Red Bean Ice     3.00
J3. Pineapple Ice     3.00
J4. Lychee Ice     3.00
J5. Longon Ice     3.00
J6. Tropical Thai Lemon Ice     3.75
J7. Black Jello Ice     3.00
J8. Coconut Red Bean Ice     3.75
J9. Pina Colada     3.75
J10. Cheddar Ice With Coconut     3.75
J11. Soya Bean With Black Jello     2.50
J12. Lemonade Ice Tea     2.50
J13. Malaysia Ice Coffee     3.00
J14. Bean Milk     1.50
J15. Tea With Milk cold. malay style    3.00
J16. Soda     1.50
J17. Mo Mo Cha Cha hot & cold   lg 6.50 sm 4.00
J18. Pulut Hitam hot   lg 6.50 sm 4.00
J19. Red Wine & White Wine     5.50
J20. Sake cold   btl 7.00
J21. Beer     4.50

Uniquely Malaysian

* Hot & Spicy

Satay * beef or chicken  
Roti Canai *  
Chow Kueh Teow   
Curry Beef Brisket, Chicken *  
Giant Prawns In Aromatic Flavor *  
Kang-Kung Belacan *  
Sarang Burong   
Indian Curry Asam   
Curry Fish Head Casserole   


West New Malaysia
46-48 Bowery
Btwn Bayard & Canal St
(917) 924-1614
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