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Nepalese Indian Restaurant

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  • Asian (other), Indian
  • 907 Seneca Ave, Ridgewood 11385 40.700674 -73.903868
  • (At Myrtle Ave)
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  • (718) 569-5962
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1. Chat     5.99
2. Samosa    (2pcs) 2.99
3. Vegetable Pakora    (8pcs) 4.99
4. Papadum    (2pcs) 1.99
5. Chhola Bhature     6.99
6. Fish Pakoda    (6pcs) 7.99
7. Paneer Pakoda    (6pcs) 6.99
8. Chicken Pakoda    (6pcs) 6.99
9. Chicken Samosa    (2pcs) 5.99
10. Chicken Momo choice of steamed or fried.    8.00
13. Vegetable Momo  fried.     7.99
14. Chicken Sekuwa    (6pcs) 7.99
15. Lamb Sekuwa    (6pcs) 8.99


1. Muligutawany Soup delicious lentils, cooked tomato and lemon flavor with curry leaves and indian spices.    3.00
2. Chicken Soup chicken broth cooked with rich flavored curry leaves, lemon and mustard seeds.    3.50
3. Vegetable Soup fresh mixed vegetables cook with lentils and curry leaves. flavored wit lemon.    3.00
4. Tomato Soup a refreshingly delicious fresh tomato soup.    3.99


5. Green Salad garden fresh tomato, green pepper, cucumber and mixed vegetables. served with oil and vinegar, garlic and our homemade salad dressing.     4.99
6. Chicken Salad garden fresh tomato, green peppers, cucumber, mixed with grilled chicken. served with oil and vinegar, garlic and our homemade salad dressing.     5.99

Vegetable Special

1. Mixed Vegetable a combination of garden fresh vegetables cooked lightly in spiced curry sauce.    8.99
2. Vegetable Vindaloo highly spiced fresh vegetables cooked in tomato and spices.    8.99
3. Chana Saag chickpeas and spinach cooked with thin curry sauce fresh tomatoes and spices.    9.99
4. Mushroom Masala garden fresh mushrooms cooked with thin curry sauce, fresh tomatoes and spices.     9.99
5. Sag Paneer fresh spinach cooked with our homemade wok, tossed with cottage cheese, creams and with thin curry sauce.    9.99
6. Mattar Paneer green peas and our homemade cottage cheese cooked with mild curry sauce.    9.99
7. Mushroom Saag garden fresh mushrooms and spinach cooked with thin curry sauce.    9.99
8. Saag Aloo  potato and spinach fully sautéed with herbs and indian spices.    8.99
9. Bhindi Masala fresh okra cooked with fried onion, tomatoes and green pepper in indian spices.    10.99
10. Vegetable Korma garden fresh mixed vegetables cooked mughlai-style with almond and mild creamy sauce.    8.99
11. Aloo Gobi fresh cauliflower and potatoes cooked with curry sauce, fresh tomatoes and spices.     9.99
12. Malai Kofta combination of mixed vegetable balls cooked in mild creamy sauce.    9.99
13. Baigan Bhartha classic vegetarian dish in which a whole eggplant is roasted and peeled then puréed, fresh onion, green pepper and tomatoes seasoned with herbs and spices.    10.99
14. Chana Masala fresh chickpeas cooked with tomatoes, onion, green pepper and homemade masala sauce.    8.99
15. Bombay Aloo potatoes cooked tangy fresh tomatoes and spices.     8.50
16. Sabzi Jal Frazie a variety of fresh seasonal vegetables sautéed with our homemade jalfrazie sauces.    9.99
17. Paneer Makhani indian homemade cottage cheese cooked with special ground cashew creamy sauce and topped off with butter and saffron.    10.50
18. Tadka Dal lentil delicately tempered and seasoned with indian herbs and garlic.    7.99
19. Dal Makhani creamed lentils simmered in the tandoor and tempered in mild spices and clarified butter.    8.50

Chicken Special

1. Chicken Curry  boneless chicken cooked with ginger, garlic, ground onion, tomatoes and mild curry sauce.    10.99
2. Chicken Vindaloo boneless chicken cooked with potatoes, hot pepper and highly spicy tangy curry sauce. south indian style.    10.99
3. Chicken Bhuna chicken cooked with tomato, green pepper, onion, medium spicy coriander and curry sauce.    10.99
4. Chicken Saag boneless chicken cooked with spinach and mild curry sauce. north indian style.    10.99
5. Chicken Bhindi boneless chicken cooked with fresh okra in spicy curry sauce.    10.99
6. Chicken Korma boneless chicken cooked with saffron, creamy almond sauce and pineapple raisins.     11.50
7. Chicken Tikka Masala boneless chicken cubes cooked with special tandoori mild spicy tomato sauce.    11.50
8. Chicken Jalfrazi boneless cubes of chicken cooked with onion, tomatoes, green pepper and indian herbs. mughlai-style.    10.99
9. Chicken Chili hot. boneless chicken cooked with our special homemade chili sauce, tomato, onion and green pepper. south indian-style.    10.99
10. Butter Chicken dice tandoori chicken cooked in an exotic sauce topped off with butter, nuts and house special sauce.    11.50

Lamb And Goat Special $11.99

1. Lamb Or Goat Curry tender pieces of boneless lamb or goat cooked in lightly spiced curry gravy.  
2. Lamb Or Goat Vindaloo highly spiced meat cooked with potatoes in a tangy sharp sauce.  
3. Lamb Or Goat Shag lamb or goat cooked in a purée of spinach, tomatoes, ginger and tempered with cumin seed.  
4. Lamb Or Goat Bhuna tender pieces of boneless lambo or goat cooked with tomatoes, green peppers, onions and coriander. served medium spicy.   
5. Lamb Or Goat Chili hot. tender cubes of lamb or goat cooked with our special homemade chili sauce, tomato, onion and green pepper. south indian style.   

Seafood Dishes Special

1. Shrimp Curry shrimp cooked with spicy flavored black seeds and mild light creamy sauce.    12.99
2. Shrimp Vindaloo shrimp cooked with tomatoes and medium hot sauce. south indian style.    12.99
3. Shrimp Bhuna shrimp cooked with tomatoes, green pepper and onions in medium spicy. north indian style.    12.99
4. Shrimp Saag shrimp cooked with garden fresh spinach and mild indian spices and herbs with curry sauce.    12.99
5. Shrimp Korma shrimp cooked with saffron, creamy almond sauce, raisins and curry sauce.     12.99
6. Shrimp Tikka Masala shrimp marinated in hint of garlic and slowly broiled in the clay oven. cooked with tandoori special creamy cashew sauce.     12.99
7. Fish Curry  talapia fish cooked banglai- style with mild indian herb curry sauce.    12.99
8. Fish Tikka Masala cubes of boneless tilapia fish cooked with a special tandoori with mild masala sauce.    13.99

Chowmein Special

1. Vegetable Chowmein      6.99
2. Chicken Chowmein     8.00
3. Shrimp Chowmein     9.99

Tandoor Speical

1. Tandoori Chicken chicken legs, marinated with authentic indian spices and yogurt, grilled in the clay oven. served sizzling.   half 8.99
2. Chicken Tiki skewered strips of boneless chicken marinated in herbs, spices and in the clay oven. served sizzling.   (8pcs) 10.50
3. Sheek Kabab minced lamb meat with onion, green pepper, mint, mild indian herbs and spices, coriander leaves, ginger and garlic, cooked in the clay oven. served sizzling.     10.50
4. Mixed Grill assortment of tandoori specialties. served sizzling.   (6pcs) 16.99
6. Vegetable Tandoor garden fresh vegetables marinated in yogurt cream sauce, ginger, garlic, mild indian herbs and spices and simmered in lemon juice and barbecued in our clay oven. served sizzling.    12.50
7. Fish Tandoor salmon fish marinated in yogurt, freshly ground spices and lemon juice, roasted in our tandoori clay oven. served sizzling.    15.50
8. Malai Kabab white chicken marinated in yogurt/sour cream, freshly ground spices and lemon juice, roasted in our tandoori clay oven. served sizzling.     11.50
9, Lamb Tiki lamb marinated in yogurt, freshly ground spices and lemon juice, roasted in our tandoori clay oven.   (8pcs) 11.99
10. Lamb Chops lamb chops marinated in yogurt/sour cream freshly ground spices and lemon juice, roasted in our tandoori clay oven. served sizzling.   (2pcs) 14.99

Biryani Special

1. Vegetable Birayani basmati rice cooked with fresh mixed mixed vegetables, nuts and special herbs.    7.99
2. Chicken Biryani indian basmati rice flavored with saffron, cooked mughlai- style with boneless chicken, nuts, spices and herbs.    10.99
3. Lamb Or Goat Biryani basmati rice, saffron flavored, cooked in oriental indian mughlai-style with succulent pieces of lamb or goat, nuts, herbs and spices.    11.99
4. Shrimp Biryani basmati rice flavored with saffron, nuts, special herbs and spices.    12.99


1. Basmati Rice     1.99
2. Jeera Rice     3.99
4. Lemon Rice     3.99


1. Nan  unleavened bread baked in tandoori clay oven.    1.99
2. Butter Nan served with butter.    2.99
3. Garlic Nan bread topped with fresh garlic, coriander leaves and roasted in the tandoori clay oven.    2.99
4. Aloo Nan stuffed minced cumin potatoes, baked in tandoori clay oven.    3.50
5. Onion Kulcha fresh onion and green pepper mildly spiced with mint and baked in tandoori clay oven.    3.50
6. Paneer Kulcha indian home-made cheese baked in tandori clay oven.     3.99
7. Paratha  butter fried layered bread.    2.99
8. Aloo Paratha paratha filled with mashed and spiced potatoes.    3.50
9. Roti unleavened whole wheat bread baked in tandoori clay oven.    1.99
10. Keema Naan     3.50


1. Gulab Jamun     2.99
2. Ras Malai     3.99
2. Rice Pudding     3.99
3. Gajar Haluwa     3.99
4. Raita     2.99


1. Soda pepsi, coke, sprite, ginger ale, fanta    1.50
2. Masala Tea     1.50
3. Green Tea     1.50
4. Coffee     1.50
5. Iced Coffee     1.50
6. Mango Lassi     2.99
7. Salt Lassi      2.99
8. Sweet Lassi     2.99


Nepalese Indian Restaurant
907 Seneca Ave
At Myrtle Ave
(718) 569-5962
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