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Naya Mezze & Grill

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  • 1057 2nd Ave, NEW YORK 10022 40.758438 -73.965999
  • (Btwn 55th & 56th St)
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  • (917) 765-9050
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Weekly Specials

Bemieh bel Lahme or Vegetarian Monday. Baby Okra Cooked with Beef, Tomato, Onion Spices, Served with Rice.    22.00
Kousa Ablama Tuesday. Baby zucchini stuffed with minced beef, tomato pine nuts. Served with rice and yoghurt.    22.00
Sheikh el Mehche Wednesday. Italian eggplant stuffed with minced beef tomato, pine nuts, served with rice and yoghurt.    22.00
Waraa Enab bel Lahme Thursday. Grape leaves stuffed with spiced beef and rice served with beef short rib and yoghurt.    22.00
Mouloukhie Saturday and Sunday. Tender mallow leaves slow cooked with chicken cilantro. Lemon and spices, toasted pita onion vinaigrette. Served with white rice.    22.00
Daoud Basha Friday. Lebanese style beef meat balls served with rice.    22.00

Salads & Soups

Tabboule Parsley, mint, bulgur, tomato, onion, lemon dressing.    8.00
Fattoush Mixed green salad, tomato, cucumber, radish, green pepper, onion, toasted pita, sumac, vinaigrette.    9.00
Spinach Baby spinach leaves, onion, tomato, walnut pomegranate - citrus dressing.    9.00
Feta & Baby Arugula Diced tomato, beets, fresh oregano zaatar mustard vinaigrette.    9.00
Lentil Soup Served with toasted pita bread.    7.00

Mezze Vegetarian

Hommus Chick pea puree, lebanese tahini, lemon.    6.00
Baba Ghannouj Roasted eggplant puree, lebanese tahini, lemon.    8.00
Muhammara Spicy red pepper dip mixed with walnuts pomegranate molasses & cumin.    8.00
Fassoulia Cannellini beans with lemon, garlic, parsley & olive oil.    7.00
Halloumi Pan-seared halloumi cheese, tomato, pomegranate.    9.00
Duo Of Eggplant Stuffed with parsley, rice, onion, tomato chili pepper & walnut, cooked in a tomato sauce.    8.00
Rekakat Blend of 3 cheeses wrapped in phyllo.    7.00
Grape Leaves Stuffed with parsley, onion, tomato, rice.    8.00
Falafel Ground fava beans - chick peas served with vegetables & tahini sauce.    7.00
Labne Strained yoghurt, dry mint & olive oil.    7.00
Shankleesh Middle eastern cheese coated with zaatar topped with diced tomato & scallion.    8.00
Arayess Jebne Toasted pita filled with grilled halloumi cheese.    8.00
Loubie String beans sauteed with tomato, garlic & olive oil.    7.00
Batata Harra Spicy sauteed cubes of potatoes & fresh coriander.    8.00
Moudardara Lentils, rice, onion.    7.00
Fatayer Sabenegh Mini pies with spinach, lemon & sumac.    8.00
Batinjan Makdous Baby aubergines pickled, stuffed with walnut & garlic.    7.00
Sambousik Jebne Pastry stuffed with halloumi cheese & fresh oregano.    8.00

Mezze Meat & Shrimp

Fried Kibbe Beef dumplings stuffed with minced beef & pignoli.    9.00
Kibbe Trio Trio of beef dumplings : the classic kibbe kibbe with eggplant puree & kibbe with cumin paste.    9.00
Makanek Fresh lebanese sausage sauteed in olive oil & lemon.    10.00
Sujuk Fresh lebanese spicy beef sausage & tomato sauteed in olive oil.    10.00
Arayess Lahme Toasted pita filled with minced lamb onion, parsley & lebanese spices.    9.00
Sambousik Lahme Pastry stuffed with minced beef & pignoli.    9.00
Lahm Bi Ajeen Homemade dough topped with minced beef onion & pine nuts.    8.00
Spicy Shrimp Sauteed shrimp with garlic & spicy red sauce.    12.00
Kibbe Naya Lebanese-style lamb tartar with bulgur, onion & mint.    12.00
Hommus Bi Lahme Naya's hommus topped with minced beef & pine nuts.    12.00
Sawdet Djej Chicken livers sauteed with lemon, pomegranate sumac & olive oil.    8.00
Jawaneh Chicken wings marinated in garlic, lemon & cilantro.    11.00

Entrees - Beef

Our lamb & beef are grass fed and poultry is natural fed.

Beef Shawarma Strips of marinated beef roasted on a skewer served with tahini sauce, sumac onion-parsley mix.    22.00
Beef Kebab Cubes of marinated beef tenderloin served with rice & grilled vegetables.    26.00
Kibbe Sayniye Baked ground beef & cracked wheat with pine nuts served with cucumber-yoghurt.    22.00

Entrees - Lamb

Kafta Kebab  Seasoned ground lamb with onion, parsley & mint served with rice & grilled vegetables.    20.00
Kafta Sayniye Baked seasoned ground lamb in red sauce topped with tomato, onion & idaho potato, rice on the side.    22.00
Kibbe Labniye Lamb dumplings steamed & served in cooked yoghurt & rice.    22.00
Lamb Chops Grilled australian chops served with rice & grilled vegetables.    35.00

Entrees - Poultry

Chicken Shawarma Strips of marinated chicken roasted on a skewer served with rice, garlic sauce & spicy red sauce.    19.00
Chicken Shish Taouk Breast of chicken cubes marinated in lemon & oregano served with garlic sauce, rice & grilled vegetables.    22.00
Mixed Grill Combination of chicken shish taouk, beef kebab & kafta.    29.00

Entrees - Fish

Samke Harra Baked striped bass, topped with spicy tahini sauce walnut & pignoli, rice on the side.    25.00
Samke Mechwiye Baked striped bass with tahini sauce & grilled vegetables.    23.00
Spicy Shrimp Sauteed served with rice & vegetables.    26.00


Bazella Organic green peas, carrots & diced potatoes cooked in tomato sauce, served with rice.    17.00


Cabbage Salad Shredded cabbage with mint, lemon & olive oil.    5.00
Yogurt-Cucumber Diced cucumber in yogurt, mint.    5.00
Mixed Vegetables Pickles     5.00
French Fries     5.00
Lebanese Rice With vermicelli.    5.00

Lunch Specials - Prix Fixe Lunch

Choice Of 3 Mini Mezzes Tabboule, fattoush, feta, hommus, baba ghannouj muhammara, fassoulia, duo of eggplant moudardara, grape leaves, falafel, labne, loubie, fried kibbe.  
Quick Naya Choice of gourmet sandwich.    17.00
Gourmet Naya Choice of entree i add $7 for fish, beef kebab & mixed grill i $10 for lamb chops i.    21.00

Lunch Specials - Gourmet Sandwiches

Beef Shawarma Strips of marinated beef, tomato, pickles parsley-onion mix & tahini sauce.    10.00
Chicken Shawarma Strips of marinated chicken, lettuce, potato pickles & garlic sauce.    10.00
Beef Kebab Cubes of marinated tenderloin of beef, parsley-onion mix hommus & pickles.    11.00
Kafta Kebab Lamb kebab, parsley-onion mix, hommus & pickles.    10.00
Chicken Shish Taouk Marinated breast of chicken, garlic sauce & pickles.    10.00
Falafel     7.00


Naya Mezze & Grill
1057 2nd Ave
Btwn 55th & 56th St
(917) 765-9050
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