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  • 59 Nassau St, New York 10038 40.709241 -74.008739
  • (At John St)
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  • (212) 785-6688
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Special Lunch Box $7

L1. Chicken Teriyaki Lunch Box   
L2. Beef Teriyaki Lunch Box   
L3. Salmon Teriyaki Lunch Box   
L4. Fish Teriyaki Lunch Box   
L5. Shrimp Teriyaki Lunch Box   
L6. Shrimp & Vegetable Tempura Lunch Box   
L7. Shrimp Tempura Lunch Box   
L8. Vegetable Tempura Lunch Box   
L9. Negimaki Beef Lunch Box   
L10. Tonkatsu - Pork Lunch Box   
L11. Torikatsu - Chicken Lunch Box   
L12. Pork Shogayaki Lunch Box   
L13. Chicken Shogayaki Lunch Box   
L14. Chicken & Vegetable Tempura Lunch Box   
L15. Chicken Tempura Lunch Box   
L16. Vegetable Teriyaki Lunch Box   

Bento Boxes $20

Lobster & Beef Bento Box broiled lobster tail, beef teriyaki, chicken yakitori and spring roll.  
Lobster & Chicken Bento Box broiled lobster tail, chicken teriyaki, beef negimaki and spring roll.  

Special Bento Boxes

1. Special Bento Box choice of two items.    14.00
1. Special Bento Box e1. chicken teriyaki, e2. beef teriyaki, e3. salmon teriyaki, e4. fish teriyaki, e5. shrimp teriyaki, e6. shrimp & vegetable tempura, e7. shrimp tempura, e8. vegetable tempura, e9. beef negimaki, e10. tonkatsu, e11. torikatsu, e12. pork shogayaki, e13. chicken shogayaki, e14. chicken & vegetable tempura, e15. chicken tempura, e16. vegetable teriyaki, e17. scallop teriyaki, e18. tofu & vegetable teriyaki.  
1. Special Bento Box white or brown rice  

Japanese Appetizers

Edamame steamed soybeans.    4.00
Harumaki 2 pieces of spring roll.    4.00
Yakko Tofu 4 cold bean curd.    3.50
Age Tofu 4 fried bean curd.    3.50
Yakitori 2 chicken skewers.    4.00
Gyoza 6 pork dumplings.    4.00
Yasai Gyoza pan-fried vegetable dumpling.    4.00
Ebi Shumai 6 shrimp dumplings.    4.00
Miso Eggplant broiled eggplant with miso sauce.    5.00
Tatsuta Age 6 deep-fried chicken chunks.    4.00
Negimaki 6 pieces of beef with scallion.    6.00
Tempura 2 pieces of shrimp and vegetable.    5.00
Vegetable Tempura 5 pieces of assorted vegetable.    5.00
Sautéed Mushroom     5.00
Vegetable Teriyaki     5.00

Chinese Appetizers

Egg Roll    (1) 2.00
Spring Roll no meat.   (1) 2.00
Marinated Beef Skewer     5.00
Barbecued Spare Rib     9.00
Honey Ribs     7.00
Dumplings In Hot Sauce *   (6) 6.00
Fried Or Steamed Dumplings    (6) 6.00
Fried Wontons    (10) 5.00
Shrimp Toast     5.00
Scallion Pancake     4.00
Assorted Appetizer For Two     12.00
Cold Noodles With Sesame Sauce     5.00
Fried Chicken Wings     5.00
Roast Pork Appetizer     7.00
Roast Duck Appetizer     7.00

Japanese Soup $2

Miso Soup   
Clear Soup   

Chinese Soup

Wonton Soup     2.00
Hot & Sour Soup *    2.00
Egg Drop Soup     2.00
Wonton & Egg Drop Mixed Soup     2.50
Chicken Noodle Soup     2.00
Chicken Rice Soup     2.00
Pork With Pickled Cabbage Soup     2.50
Vegetable & Bean Curd Soup     2.50
Velvet Chicken Corn Soup     3.00
House Special Soup For Two     9.00
Seafood Soup For Two     11.00

Japanese Salads

House Salad     2.50
Seaweed Salad seaweed and fresh vegetable.    4.00


U1. Sukiyaki beef, chicken or seafood.    13.00
U2. Yosenabe noodle in soup with shrimp, crab meat, scallop, whitefish, fish cake, chicken, tofu and veggie.    15.00
U3. Nabeyaki Udon noodle in soup with crab meat, chicken, egg and shrimp tempura.    11.00
U4. Tempura Udon soup noodle.    10.00
U5. Yaki Udon stir-fried noodle with chicken and veggie.    10.00
U6. Seafood Yaki Udon stir-fried noodle with shrimp, scallop, crab meat and veggie.    13.00

Chinese Fried Rice Or Noodles

Vegetable Fried Rice     8.00
Fried Rice     8.00
Ginger Fried Rice     8.00
Curry Fried Rice *    8.00
Yang Chow Fried Rice     9.50
Vegetable Noodle     8.00
Lo Mein soft, wheat flour noodles.    8.00
Mei Fun thin, rice noodles.    8.00
Chow Fun flat noodles.    8.00
Pan-Fried Noodle     9.50
Seafood Pan-Fried Noodle     12.00
Malaysian Noodle chicken, shrimp, egg and vegetable, stir-fried with spicy shrimp sauce.    9.50
Singapore-Style Curry Mei Fun *    9.50
Pineapple Seafood Fried Rice     12.00
Noodle Soup     9.00

Don Buri $9

Tendon shrimp tempura over rice.  
Katsudon pork cutlet, vegetable and egg sauce on rice.  
Oyakadon chicken cutlet, vegetable and egg sauce on rice.  

Japanese Entrées

Lobster Teriyaki     20.95
Lobster Tempura     20.95
E1. Chicken Teriyaki     11.00
E2. Beef Teriyaki     14.00
E3. Salmon Teriyaki     13.00
E4. Fish Teriyaki     13.00
E5. Shrimp Teriyaki     13.00
E6. Shrimp Vegetable Tempura     12.00
E7. Shrimp Tempura     13.00
E8. Vegetable Tempura     10.00
E9. Beef Negimaki     14.00
E10. Tonkatsu pork cutlet deep-fried with bread crumbs.    12.00
E11. Torikatsu chicken cutlet deep-fried with bread crumbs.    12.00
E12. Pork Shogoyaki pork with ginger sauce.    12.00
E13. Chicken Shogoyaki chicken with ginger sauce.    12.00
E14. Chicken & Vegetable Tempura     11.00
E15. Chicken Tempura     12.00
E16. Vegetable Teriyaki     10.00
E17. Scallop Teriyaki     15.00
E18. Tofu & Vegetable Teriyaki     10.00

Chinese Poultry

Orange Chicken *    11.00
Lemon Chicken & Sesame     11.00
Diced Chicken & Shrimp     10.00
Kung Po Chicken With Peanut *    10.00
Chicken With Garlic Sauce *    10.00
Chicken Chow Mein     10.00
Chicken With Black Bean Sauce     10.00
Chicken With Curry *    10.00
Chicken With Cashew Nuts     10.00
Chicken With Walnut     10.00
Chicken With Broccoli     10.00
Chicken With Mixed Vegetables     10.00
Moo Shu Chicken with 4 pancakes.    10.00
Moo Goo Gai Pan     10.00
Sweet & Sour Chicken     10.00
Crispy Duck     12.00
Roast Duck     12.00

Chinese Vegetable

Sautéed Triple Delight     8.00
Dry Sautéed String Beans no meat.    8.00
Moo Shu Vegetable with 4 pancakes.    8.00
Eggplant With Garlic Sauce *    8.00
Ma Po Bean Curd * no meat.    8.00
Broccoli With Garlic Sauce *    8.00
Sautéed Broccoli     8.00
Vegetable Supreme     8.00
Fresh Mushrooms Sautéed With Spicy Sauce     8.00
Bean Curd Home-Style     8.00
Curry Tofu *    9.00
General Tso's Tofu *    9.00

Chinese Beef

Sesame Beef fried.    12.00
Orange Flavor Beef *    12.00
Beef & Scallops In Oyster Sauce     12.00
Pepper Steak     11.00
Sliced Beef Hunan-Style     11.00
Kung Po Beef With Peanut *    11.00
Shredded Beef With Szechuan Sauce *    11.00
Shredded Beef With Garlic Sauce *    11.00
Moo Shu Beef with 4 pancakes.    11.00
Beef With Broccoli     11.00
Beef With Black Bean Sauce     11.00
Shredded Beef With Scallions     11.00
Shredded Beef With Curry Sauce *    11.00
Beef With Mixed Vegetables     11.00

Chinese Pork $10

Shredded Pork With Garlic Sauce *  
Twice Cooked Pork *  
Moo Shu Pork with 4 pancakes.  
Shredded Pork With Peking Sauce   
Sweet & Sour Pork   
Shredded Pork With Scallions   
Sliced Roast Pork With Mixed Vegetables   
Shredded Pork With Black Bean Sauce *  
Sliced Roast Pork With String Beans   
Pork Chop Peking-Style   

Chinese Seafood

Baby Shrimp With Hot Pepper Sauce *    12.00
Baby Shrimp With Hot Chili Sauce *    12.00
Baby Shrimp With Black Bean Sauce     12.00
Baby Shrimp With Cashew Nuts     12.00
Baby Shrimp With Walnut     12.00
Moo Shu Shrimp with 4 pancakes.    12.00
Shrimp With Garlic Sauce *    13.00
Shrimp With Broccoli     13.00
Shrimp With Mixed Vegetables     13.00
Shrimp With Lobster Sauce     13.00
Sesame Shrimp     13.00
General Tso's Shrimp *    13.00
Prawns & Scallops *    13.00
Scallops With Hot Pepper Sauce     13.00
Scallops With Oyster Sauce     13.00
Shanghai Prawns     13.00
Fish Filet With Vegetable     12.00
Fish Filet With Winery Sauce *    12.00
Fish Filet With Szechuan Sauce *    12.00
Lobster With Garlic Sauce *    16.00
Lobster With Hot Chili Sauce *    16.00
Lobster Cantonese     16.00

Chinese Special Combination $9

C1. Sliced Chicken & Mixed Vegetables   
C2. Baby Shrimp With Cashew   
C3. Pepper Steak   
C4. Sweet & Sour Chicken   
C5. Barbecued Spare Rib   
C6. Jumbo Shrimp With Lobster Sauce   
C7. Chicken In Black Bean Sauce   
C8. Beef With Broccoli   
C9. Shrimp In Garlic Sauce *  
C10. Chicken With Broccoli   
C11. Double Cooked Pork *  
C12. Chicken With Cashew   
C13. Shredded Chicken In Garlic Sauce *  
C14. Mixed Vegetables In Brown Sauce   
C15. General Tso's Chicken *  
C16. Sesame Chicken Or Beef fried.  
C17. Curry Chicken *  
C18. Boneless Spare Ribs   
C19. Chicken Chow Mein   
C20. Chicken & Shrimp   
C21. Kung Po Chicken with peanuts.  

Chinese Diet Delight

Steamed Seasonal Vegetable     8.00
Steamed Tofu & Veggie     8.00
Steamed Chicken & Veggie     10.00
Steamed Shrimp & Veggie     13.00
Steamed Chicken, Shrimp, Scallop & Veggie     14.00

Chinese Chef's Special

Jumbo Shrimp & Steak jumbo shrimp and steak served with mixed vegetable in brown sauce.    16.00
Seafood Combination fish filet, shrimp and scallops sautéed with mixed vegetables in wine sauce.    15.00
Trio Delicacy * sliced chicken, beef and shrimp sautéed with spicy sauce.    13.50
Four Seasons sliced shrimp, chicken, beef and roast pork with chef`s special sauce.    13.50
Crispy Scallops * deep-fried lightly breaded scallops with spicy sauce.    13.50
Hunan Royal Chicken * sliced chicken sautéed with hot and spicy sauce.    11.00
Beef Or Chicken In Jalapeño Garlic Sauce *    11.00
Beef With Three Nuts sliced beef sautéed with cashew nuts, walnuts and peanuts in brown sauce.    11.00
Sliced Fish With Black Bean Sauce     12.00
Grand Marnier Shrimp     13.50
Peking Duck     27.00
Mango Chicken * sliced chicken and mango served with mixed vegetables in chef`s sweet spicy sauce.    11.00
General Tso's Chicken * lightly breaded chicken chunks, sautéed with green and red pepper with spicy sauce.    11.00
Chicken With Banana sliced chicken and banana, sautéed with snow peas, carrots and water chestnut in special sauce.    11.00
Crispy & Fragrant Chicken lightly breaded chicken chunks, served with sweet and sour sauce, garnished with vegetables.    11.00
Sesame Chicken fried. lightly breaded white meat chicken with chef`s special sauce, garnished with sesame.    11.00
Crispy Prawns * deep-fried lightly breaded shrimp with spicy hot sauce.    13.50
Salt & Pepper Shrimp     13.50
Crispy Whole Red Snapper * crispy deep-fried with onion, pepper and topped with spicy house special sauce.    21.00
Soft Shell Crab any sauce.    14.00

Side Orders

White Rice     1.50
Brown Rice     1.50
Moo Shu Pancake    ea 0.25


Ice Cream green tea, red bean    4.00
Mochi Ice Cream green tea, red bean, mango   (2pcs) 4.00
Tempura Ice Cream green tea, red bean    5.00
Fried Banana With Honey     6.00
Coconut Sticky Rice With Fresh Mango     7.00
Pineapple     3.50
Honey Dew Melon     3.50
Mixed Fruit     3.50


Soda coke, diet coke, pepsi, sprite, diet sprite, ginger ale, sunkist, club soda.    1.00
Snapple lemon, peach, raspberry.    2.00
Juice orange juice, cranberry juice    2.00
Spring Water     1.50


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