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Prime Wok-N-Grill

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  • Japanese, Kosher, Sushi
  • 1987 Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn 11223 40.608804 -73.962087
  • (Btwn Quentin Rd & Ave P)
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  • (718) 336-4566
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Pita Chips     3.95
Pastrami Spring Roll     6.25
Bowl Of Chili     5.95
Buffalo Wings    (12pcs) 9.95 (24pcs) 14.95
Barbeque Grilled Wings     13.95
Nuggets    (12pcs) 10.95 (6pcs) 5.95
Blooming Onion Rings     7.95
Junior Combo Platter chili peppers, buffalo wings and a blooming onion.     20.95

Chinese And Japanese Appetizers

String Beans sauteed with fresh garlic.     7.95
Edamame steamed soy bean pods.     5.95
4 Piece Gyoza steamed or fried beef dumplings.     6.25
Vegetable Dumplings steamed or fried.     6.25
2 Piece Harumaki japanese vegetable spring roll.     5.95
Tatsuta Age lightly fried marinated chicken.     9.49
Yakitori skewered chunks of chicken and vegetables (two skewers).     6.95
Gyusashi tender marinated skewered beef (three skewers).     11.95
6 Piece Beef Negimaki grilled beef rolled with scallions.     9.95
Crispy Shredded Beef thinly sliced crispy beef in chef's special sauce.     11.95
4 Piece Hasami Age fried eggplant stuffed with marinated chicken, tempura style.     7.95
Vegetable Tempura assorted vegetables.     9.25
Bo Bo Platter Per Person chicken wing, chicken nugget, gyoza, harumaki and gyusashi.     11.95


Egg Drop     5.49
Chicken Noodle chicken, yellow noodles, carrots and scallions in special broth.    4.95
Chicken Yellow Rice chicken, rice, carrots and scallions in special broth.    4.95
Chicken Matzoh Ball chicken, matzoh ball, carrots and scallions in special broth.    5.95
Hot And Sour mushroom, bamboo shoot and carrot in a spicy, pungent broth.    5.25
Dumpling beef or vegetable dumpling in a special broth.    5.25
House Special beef, chicken and vegetables in a special broth.    6.49
Seafood imitation crab, striped bass and vegetables in a special broth.    6.49


Kani imitation crabmeat, cucumber and mayonnaise.    9.95
Avocado avocado, imitation crabmeat, cucumbers and mayonnaise.    9.95
Salmon Skin sliced cucumbers and crispy salmon skin in sweet sauce.    9.95
Seaweed arama sea vegetables in a special dressing.    7.95
Mango tantalizing pieces of mango, cranberries and cucumbers.    8.95
Seafood crunchy hazelnuts, salmon, yellowtail, kani, cucumber and avocado in a special dressing.    12.95
Caesar     9.95
Grilled Chicken     15.95
Chef     13.95

A La Carte Makimon

Cucumber Roll     4.00
Avocado Roll     4.00
Oshinko Roll japanese pickled raddish.    4.00
Cucumber Avocado Roll     4.00
Sweet Potato Roll     4.00
Crunchy Mango Roll mango and hazelnut crunch.    4.00
Lemon Roll lemon, avocado and cucumber.    4.00
California Roll imitation crab meat, avocado and cucumber.    4.25
Salmon Roll     4.25
Salmon Skin Roll     4.25
Alsakan Roll smoked salmon, avocado and cucumber.    4.25
Philadelphia Roll smoked salmon, cucumber and parve cream cheese.    4.95
Tuna Roll     4.50
Spicy Tuna Roll     4.50
Yellowtail Roll     4.95
Spicy Yellowtail Roll     4.95
Boston Roll imitation crab, lettuce, cucumber and avocado.    4.95
Dynamite Roll wasabi, mayonnaise, salmon and tuna wrapped with massago.    5.95

Tempura Rolls

Spicy Tuna Tempura Roll     8.95
California Tempura Roll     8.95
Banana Paradise Roll banana, yellowtail, massago and scallions.    10.95
Spider Roll spicy imitation crab, salmon, cucumber and massago.    10.95
Prime Wok Roll spicy cooked tuna, salmon, yellowtail and crunch topped with imitation crab.    11.95
Godzilla Roll imitation crab, smoked salmon, asparagus, tamago and sweet potato. no rice.    14.95
King Kong Roll salmon tempura, imitation crab, carrots and almonds.    14.95

Sushi And Sashimi A La Carte

Tomago egg custard.    1.50
Kani imitation crab stick.    2.00
Fresh Salmon     2.00
Smoked Salmon     2.00
Hirame striped bass.    2.00
Maguro tuna.    2.25
Himachi yellowtail.    2.50
Massago Caviar     4.50
Ikura salmon caviar.    4.50

Prime Special Rolls

Volcano Roll cucumbers and avocado topped with spicy tuna and massago.    7.95
Ocean Roll tuna, mayonnaise and crunch wrapped with salmon.    8.95
Ginza Roll cooked salmon, sauteed onion, crunch and mayo wrapped with massago.    8.95
Green Dragon Roll california roll wrapped with avocado, massago and sweet sauce.    7.95
Red Dragon Roll california roll wrapped with salmon.    8.95
Insane-A-Salmon Roll salmon and avocado topped with salmon skin, massago, sweet sauce.    9.95
Red Submarine Roll spicy tuna, cucumbers topped with spicy salmon and crunch.    9.95
Yellow Submarine Roll kani salad, hazelnut crunch and cranberries topped with mango.    10.95
Tsunami Roll salmon tempura wrapped with tuna and spicy mayo.    10.95
Rainbow Caviar Roll california roll wrapped with salmon, tuna, yellowtail and avocado.    11.95
Tnt Roll spicy tuna, yellowtail, salmon and crunch wrapped with black massago.    11.95
Green Ocean Roll tuna, salmon, mayonnaise and crunch topped with cucumber.    11.95
Nutty Dragon Roll mango and hazelnut crunch, topped with imitation crab and avocado.    11.95
Bbq Salmon Roll cucumbers and seaweed salad topped with bbq salmon and honey wasabi glaze.    10.95
Kamikaze Roll bbq salmon, onion tempura and crunch topped with peppered tuna and avocado.    11.95
Firecracker Roll spicy tuna, onion tempura and crunch topped with peppered tuna and avocado.    11.95
Titanic Roll salmon and kani tempura, onion, avocado, cucumber rolled in seaweed.    12.95
Mexican Roll spicy tuna, cucumber and lemon topped with peppered salmon, peppered tuna, jalapeno.    12.95
Double Decker Roll salmon, yellowtail, crunch topped with salmon, tuna, yellowtail, seaweed salad and caviar.    12.95


Tuna tuna in a wrap with fresh vegetables, served with coleslaw.    9.95
Salmon salmon in a wrap with fresh vegetables, served with coleslaw.    11.95
Grilled Vegetable roasted and grilled vegetables wrapped with a special house dressing.    8.95
Grilled Chicken piece of grilled chicken wrapped with fresh vegetables, served with a special house dressing and coleslaw.    11.95
Schnitzel breaded and fried chicken cutlet wrapped with fresh vegetables, served with our specialty house dressing and coleslaw.    11.95
Pastrami Schnitzel breaded and fried chicken cutlet with grilled pastrami wrapped with fresh vegetables, served with our house dressing and coleslaw.    13.95
Hot And Spicy Chicken spicy and breaded fried chicken cutlet wrapped with fresh vegetables and our special spicy sauce, served with coleslaw.    11.95

From The Grill

House Ribs tender roasted short ribs in chef's signature marinade with sauteed oriental vegetables.     29.95
Moshi Fusion tender slices of beef, chicken and vegetables served over fried noodle bread.     22.95
Crispy Duck succulent boneless half of a free range duck, served on a bed of sauteed oriental vegetables.     39.95
Mango Chicken succulent fusion of tender chicken, mango and oriental vegetables.     21.95
Pineapple Tori exotic blend of tender chicken, cranberries and pineapple.     21.95
Chicken Teriyaki grilled chicken breast in teriyaki sauce.     21.95
Beef Teriyaki new york strip steak in teriyaki sauce.     24.95
Beef Negimaki grilled beef and scallion roll in teriyaki sauce.     21.95
Rib Steak Teriyaki succulent 16 oz. rib steak in teriyaki sauce, grilled to your liking.     29.95
Mixed Grill lamb chops, short ribs, rib eye and chicken cutlet served on mini hibachi grill.     32.95
Rack Of Ribs succulent ribs in chef's special marinade.     26.95
Lamb Chops mouthwatering grilled lamb shoulder chops in fragrant oriental marinade.     32.95
Signature Rib Steak     33.95
Boneless Rib Eye     29.95
Grilled Chicken     18.95
Fried Chicken Cutlet     18.95
Combo Platter dinner for two: combination of ribs, fire poppers and your choice of grilled chicken or fried chicken.     32.95


Vegetable Bi Fun sauteed vegetables and rice noodles.     15.95
Yasai Teriyaki assorted oriental vegetables in teriyaki sauce.     14.95
Yasai Tofu assorted oriental vegetables and bean curd in brown sauce.     14.95
Vegetable Tempura lightly battered and fried oriental vegetables.     14.95
Lo Mein     11.95

Nabemono $22.95

Yasenabe chicken, noodles, egg, fresh vegetables and bean curd in a special broth.  
Chicken Sukiyaki sliced chicken, vegetables and rice noodles in a sukiyaki broth.  

Chinese Classics

Lo Mein sauteed chinese yellow noodles and vegetables with chicken or beef.     19.95
Sesame Chicken crispy chicken with sesame seeds in a special sauce.     21.95
Crispy Shredded Beef thinly sliced crispy beef in chef's special sauce.     25.95
Pepper Steakbrown Sauce sauteed sliced beef with green peppers and onion in a mild sauce.     21.95
Chicken With Broccoli sliced chicken sauteed with broccoli in brown sauce.     22.95
Beef With Broccoli sliced beef sauteed with broccoli in brown sauce.     22.95
Chicken With String Beans sauteed sliced chicken with string beans in garlic sauce.     21.95
Chicken And Mixed Vegetables tender slices of chicken with mixed oriental vegetables.     21.00
Beef And Mixed Vegetables tender slices of beef with mixed oriental vegetables.     22.95
Spicy Beef tenderized beef sauteed with mixed oriental vegetables in chef's hot pepper sauce.     21.95
Sweet And Sour Chicken crispy chicken in a sweet and sour sauce.     21.95
Cashew And Almond Chicken tender slices of chicken, cashews, almonds and oriental vegetables.     21.95
Chicken Fried Rice     22.95
Beef Fried Rice     22.95
Pastrami Fried Rice     22.95
Beef With Snow Peas     21.95
Chicken With Baby Corn     21.95
Beef With Baby Corn     21.95
Chicken Chow Mein     21.95
Beef Chow Mein     21.95
Fung Wang Guy     25.95
Curry Chicken     21.95
General Tso's Chicken     21.95
Orange Flavored Chicken     21.95

Japanese Classics

Beef Kinoko sliced beef and mushrooms in brown sauce.     21.95
Chicken Syouga sauteed sliced chicken and onions in zesty ginger sauce served sizzling.     20.95
Lemon Toriniku crispy chicken in a mild lemon sauce.     20.95
Yama Tori sauteed sliced chicken and onions in traditional miso sauce served sizzling.     20.95
Gomatori japanese style sesame chicken in teriyaki sauce.     21.95
Chicken Vegetable Tempura lightly breaded and fresh sliced chicken with oriental vegetables.     20.95
Chicken Yaki Udon sauteed chicken, japanese white noodles and vegetables.     21.95
Beef Yaki Udon sauteed beef, japanese white noodles and vegetables.     21.95

Healthy And Dietary

Steamed Chicken And Vegetables steamed assorted oriental vegetables and chicken.    20.95
Light Chicken Broccoli sauteed chicken and broccoli in light brown or white garlic sauce.    21.95
Light Chicken Yasai Itame sauteed chicken and oriental vegetables in light brown or white garlic sauce.    21.95
Light Chicken String Beans sauteed tender sliced chicken and string beans in light garlic sauce.    21.95
Light Sesame Chicken steamed sliced chicken cutlet with light sesame sauce.    21.95


Small Platter any four regular rolls and two special rolls for a total of six prepared by our expert chefs.     44.95
Medium Platter any six regular rolls and four special rolls for a total of 10 prepared by our expert chefs.     64.95
Large Platter any eight regular rolls and seven special rolls prepared by our expert chefs.     99.95
Event Platter any 15 special rolls prepared by our expert chefs. designed immaculately and prepared as requested or at chefs discretion.     199.95

On The Side

Corn On The Cob     3.95
White Rice     2.95
Fried Rice     2.95
Coleslaw     3.95
Israeli Salad     3.95
French Fries     4.95
Sweet Potato Fries     5.95
Mixed Garden Salad     6.95


Water     1.49
Canned Soda coke, diet coke, sprite, pepsi, dr. pepper, root beer or orange soda.    1.49
Snapple lemon iced tea, diet lemon iced tea, peach iced tea, mango madness, kiwi strawberry or snapple apple.    1.95
Best Health Drink     1.95


Prime Wok-N-Grill
1987 Coney Island Ave
Btwn Quentin Rd & Ave P
(718) 336-4566
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