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Mon Cher

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  • Salads, Sandwiches
  • 339 Broadway, New York 10013 40.71658 -74.00451
  • (Btwn Catherine Ln & Worth St)
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  • (212) 965-0007
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Homemade Soup

Homemade Soup made fresh daily   (16oz) 4.25 (12oz) 3.25

Udon Noodles

Vegetable Udon Noodles     5.95
Chicken Or Beef Udon Noodles     6.95
Shrimp Udon Noodles     7.95

Ramen Bar

1. Regular Ramen     5.95
2. Chicken Ramen     6.95
3. Beef Ramen     6.95
4. Seafood Ramen     7.95
5. Shrimp Ramen     7.95
White Rice     1.00

Japanese Bar

Cucumber Roll     3.95
Avocado Roll     4.50
Vegetable Roll     4.50
California Roll     4.50
Salmon Avocado Roll     5.50
Shrimp California Roll     6.00
Shrimp Tempura Roll     6.50
Dragon Roll     9.50
Rainbow Roll     9.50
Seaweed Salad     3.00
Shrimp Shumai     3.00
Edamame     1.50


Grilled Chicken Quesadilla with cheese and vegetable.    6.00
Shrimp Quesadilla     6.50
Quesadilla Platter sour cream, guacamole and rice.    6.95

Premium Sandwiches $7.50

Monte Cristo Sandwich breaded chicken, bacon, cheddar cheese, variety sauce and russian dressing.  
Cordon Bleu Sandwich breaded chicken, ham, mixed greens, swiss cheese, variety sauce and russian dressing.  
Grilled Chicken Pesto Sandwich parmesan cheese, mixed greens, fresh mozzarella cheese, honey mustard and pesto sauce.  
Fillet Mignon Sandwich watercress, fresh mozzarella and variety sauce with horseradish sauce.  

Special Sandwiches $7.50

Cuban Sandwich ham, roasted pork, swiss cheese, pickles, garlic and butter on a hero.  
Ruben Sandwich corned beef, melted swiss cheese, sauerkraut and russian dressing on rye bread.  
Turkey Club Triple Decker Sandwich turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo on your choice of bread.  
Turkey Club Triple Decker Sandwich bread choice: white bread, wheat bread, rye bread.  
American Hero roasted turkey, ham, roasted beef, lettuce, american cheese, tomato and russian dressing on a hero.  
Tuna Melt Sandwich tuna and american cheese on your choice or bread.  
Tuna Melt Sandwich bread choice: white bread, wheat bread, rye bread.  

Carving Station Sandwiches

Turkey Sandwich     5.00
Ham Sandwich     5.00
Pastrami Sandwich     5.50
Cornel Beef Sandwich     5.50
Honey Roasted Turkey Sandwich     5.00
Prosciutto Sandwich     5.50
Import Swiss Sandwich     3.75
Muenster Sandwich     3.75
French Brie Sandwich     4.50
Fresh Mozzarella Sandwich     4.50
Home Made Roast Beef Sandwich     5.50
Pepper Turkey Sandwich     5.00
Oven Roasted Turkey Sandwich     5.00
Smoked Turkey Sandwich     5.00
Genoa Salami Sandwich     5.00
American Cheese Sandwich     4.50
Provolone Cheese Sandwich     4.50
Cheddar Cheese Sandwich     4.50

Salad Sandwiches

Egg Salad Sandwich     4.50
Chicken Salad     5.00
Tuna Salad     5.00

Wraps $6.50

California Wrap free range chicken marinated in rosemary, lemon, grill and mixed lettuce, ripe avocado, sprouts, roasted pepper, tomato and low-fat ranch dressing on a cilantro wrap.  
Crispy Chicken Cutlet Wrap avocado, tomatoes and arugula with chipotle aioli on a roasted pepper wrap.  
Chicken Caesar Wrap herb grilled chicken, romaine lettuce, roma tomato, roasted peppers, parmesan cheese and caesar dressing on a caesar wrap.  
Cajun Chicken Fajita spicy cajun chicken, avocado, caramelized onions, tomatoes, oven-roasted peppers, shredded lettuce and cheddar cheese on a black bean wrap.  

Panini $6.95

Chicken Parmesan Panini oven-roasted chicken, fresh mozzarella, baby arugula and tuscany tomato sauce. served on flat european bread.  
Tuna Melt Panini swiss cheese, red onion, avocado, tomato and arugula. served on flat european bread.  
Mediterranean Fajita Panini chicken, caramelized onions, cilantro, roasted vegetables, cheddar cheese and salsa picanté. served on flat european bread.  
Ala Pesto Panini grilled chicken, fresh mozzarella, roasted peppers and pesto sauce. served on flat european bread.  
Eggplant Parmesan Panini oven-roasted eggplant, fresh mozzarella, arugula, fresh basil and tuscany tomato sauce. served on flat european bread.  
Cubano Panini roast pork, swiss, prosciutto, pickles and mustard sauce. served on flat european bread.  
Monte Cristo Panini smoked turkey, swiss cheese, ham, leaf lettuce, plum tomatoes and honey dijon dressing. served on flat european bread.  
Vegetarian Panini mixed greens, fresh basil, mozzarella, sliced plum tomatoes, sun-dried tomato and pesto sauce. served on flat european bread.  
Roma Panini grilled chicken, red onions, chopped fresh cilantro, mozzarella and chipotle sauce. served on flat european bread.  
Salsalito Panini turkey breast, avocado, sliced tomato, monterey jack cheese, jalapeno, fresh spinach and spicy variety sauce. served on flat european bread.  

Hot Off The Grill

deluxe with french fries $1.50 cheese choice: cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese, swiss cheese, parmesan cheese, american cheese.

Grilled Cheese     3.50
Grilled Cheese With Protein bacon or ham and tomato.    4.50
Bacon, Lettuce And Tomato with mayo.    5.00
Hamburger     4.50
Hamburger Deluxe includes fries, lettuce, tomatoes and pickle.    6.95
Cheeseburger     5.00
Cheeseburger With Bacon     6.50
Turkey Burger     4.95
Old Fashioned philly cheese steak.    6.95
New Fashioned chicken cheese steak.    6.95
Hot Steam Table Sandwich fresh turkey, honey mustard chicken, sweet sausage with peppers, grilled chicken, chicken cutlet, fresh homemade roast pork, pastrami, teriyaki chicken, grilled chicken, meat loaf with gravy or fresh homemade roast beef.    6.95
Hot Steam Table Sandwich platter with fries, onion rings or cheese fries.   add 1.00

Side Orders

Fries     2.00
Onion Rings     2.00
Cheese Fries     3.50

Premium Coffee Bar

Coffee    lg 1.75 sm 1.25
Flavored Herbal Tea    sm 1.25 lg 1.75
Hot Chocolate    lg 2.00 sm 1.50
Cappuccino    lg 2.00 sm 1.50
French Vanilla    sm 1.50 lg 2.00
Iced Tea    16oz 2.75 12oz 1.95
Iced Coffee    16oz 2.75 12oz 1.95

CYO Salad Greens

Mixed Greens   
Baby Spinach   
Crispy Romaine   
Baby Arugula   
Iceberg Lettuce   

CYO Salad Toppings (Choose Up To 6)

13. Diced Tomatoes   
14. Roasted Corn   
15. Bell Peppers   
16. Hard-Boiled Egg   
17. Kidney Beans   
18. Shaved Red Onions   
19. Seedless Cucumber   
20. Broccoli Florets   
21. Green Peas   
22. Alfalfa Sprouts   
23. Sliced Mushrooms   
24. Shredded Carrots   
25. Crisp Celery   
26. Pineapple   
27. Penne Pasta   
28. Sunflower Seeds   
29. Chickpeas   
30. Sesame Noodles   
31. Cauliflower   
32. Grape Tomatoes   
33. Roasted Peppers   
34. Kalamata Olives   
35. Mandarin Oranges   
36. Parmesan Cheese   
37. Grilled Tofu   
38. Green Apple   
39. Feta Cheese   
40. Shredded Cheddar   
41. Golden Raisins   
42. Roasted Eggplant   
43. Walnuts   
44. Sliced Almonds   
45. Dried Cranberries   
46. Sliced Beets   
47. Grilled Asparagus   
48. Baby Mozzarella   
49. Sliced Radish   
50. Artichoke Hearts   
51. Sun-Dried Tomatoes   
52. Water Chestnut   
53. Cashew Nuts   
54. Fresh Mango   
55. Fresh Avocado   
56. Peanuts   
57. Raisin   
58. White Eggs   
59. Green Olives   
60. Heart Of Palm   
61. Mixed Cheese   
62. Sliced Jalapeños   
63. Croutons   
64. Snow Peas   
65. String Beans   

CYO Protein Choice

1. Cajun Chicken   
2. BBQ Chicken   
3. Ham   
4. Balsamic Chicken   
5. Herb Chicken   
6. Albacore Tuna   
7. Spicy Chicken   
8. Chicken Cutlet   
9. Baked Salmon   
10. Smoked Turkey   
11. Portabella Mushrooms   
12. Basil Shrimp   

CYO Dressing Choice

66. Sesame Ginger Dressing   
67. Balsamic Vinaigrette   
68. Balsamic Vinegar   
69. Virgin Olive Oil   
70. Bleu Cheese Dressing   
71. Classic French Dressing   
72. Honey Balsamic Vinaigrette   
73. Russian Dressing   
74. Creamy Italian Dressing   
75. Pepper Corn Parmesan Dressing   
76. Roasted Garlic Vinaigrette   
77. Red Vinegar   
78. White Vinegar   
79. Lemon Juice Dressing   
80. Honey Dijon Dressing   
81. Ranch Dressing   
82. Low-Fat Honey Dijon Dressing   
83. Low-Fat Caesar Dressing   
84. Light Italian Dressing   
85. Fat-Free Raspberry   
86. Light Ranch Dressing   
87. Creamy Caesar Dressing   
Sesame Thai Vinaigrette   
Mango Pineapple Vinaigrette   
Tomato Basil Vinaigrette   

CYO Pasta Choice

1. Penne   
2. Bowtie   
3. Spaghetti   
4. Rigatoni   
5. Fettuccini   
6. Tri-Color Tortellini   
7. Cheese Tortellini   
8. Cheese Ravioli   
Special Whole Wheat Penne   

CYO Pasta Sauce Choice

9. Tomato Basil Classico   
10. Beef Bolognese   
11. Cilantro Pesto   
12. Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto   
13. A La Vodka   
14. Alfredo   
15. Basil Pesto   

CYO Pasta Protein Choice $1

16. Grilled Chicken   
17. Chicken Parmesiana   
18. Chicken Cutlet   
19. Italian Sweet Sausage   
20. Meatballs   
21. Shrimp   
22. Prosciutto   
23. Bacon   

CYO Pasta Vegetables $1

24. Broccoli   
25. Mushrooms   
26. Scallions   
27. Onions   
28. Asparagus   
29. Sweet Peas   
30. Shiitake Mushrooms   
31. Capers   
32. Sun-Dried Tomatoes   
33. Cauliflower   
34. Tomatoes   
35. Fresh Spinach   
36. Fresh Basil   
37. Mixed Peppers   
38. Roasted Squash   
39. Parmesan Cheese   
40. Kalamata Olives   
41. Black Olives   


Mon Cher
339 Broadway
Btwn Catherine Ln & Worth St
(212) 965-0007
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