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  • 157 E 28th St, New York 10016 40.742264 -73.981344
  • (Btwn Lexington & 3rd Ave)
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  • (212) 684-7830
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Lunch Specials - 12pm-3pm

1. Grilled Boston Mackerel Lunch Special Served with rice and miso soup.    13.00
2. Organic Fried Chicken Lunch Special Served with rice and miso soup.    12.00
3. Beef and Broiled Tofu Bowl Lunch Special Served with miso soup.    11.00
4. Pan Sauteed White Fish Lunch Special With seaweed sauce over rice served with miso soup.    18.00
5.Fried Organic Chicken Lunch Special With sweet black vinegar, pine nuts, watercress over rice served with miso soup.    16.00
6. Salmon Flakes and Ikura Lunch Special Served over rice/scallion, wasabi, sesame seeds served with hot udon noodle soup, tempura flakes, seaweed, scallion and sesame seeds.    17.00
6a. Salmon Flakes and Ikura Without Udon Soup Lunch Special Served over rice/scallion, washabi and sesame seeds.    14.00
7. Udon Soup Lunch Special Hot udon noodle soup with tempura flakes, seaweed, scallion and sesame seeds.    6.50

Cold Appetizers

Tomato     4.00
Kuro Edamame     5.00
Shio Cabbage Lightly pickled cabbage.    5.00
Nasu Ni Eggplant in soy broth.    7.00
Kimpira Gobo Burdock, carrot and spicy soy sauce broth.    5.00
Kaminari Konnyaku Yam cake and spicy soy sauce.    5.00
Ikura Oroshi Soy marinated salmon roe with grated daikon radish.    8.00
Cream Cheese Marinated in Sweet Saikyo Miso     5.00
Hotaruika Okizuke Fire fly squid sashimi marinated in soy sauce.    7.00
Aburi Mentaiko Seared mentaiko (spicy cod roe) served with grated daikon radish.    9.00
Nukuzuke and Oshinko Assorted pickles.    7.00
Goma Tofu Sesame tofu, uni and wasabi.    7.00
Kurage Gomazu Jelly fish, cucumber and shiitake mushroom dressed with sesame vinegar.    7.00
Zaru Tofu - Yakko Homemade tofu with scallion and ginger.    8.00
Mozukusu Seaweed in sweet vinegar with salmon roe, cucumber and ginger.    7.00
Kamo Reisei Braised duck breast marinated in red wine and soy sauce broth served with mixed greens.    10.00
Mushidori and Avocado Steamed chicken breast and avocado with wasabi soy sauce.    10.00

Hot Appetizers

Hamaguri, Yuba and Hakusai Takiawase Clam, napa cabbage, and tofu skin in salt based clear soup.    13.00
Daikon Yuzu Miso Simmered daikon radish with sweet miso.    8.00
Buta Kakuni Berkshire pork belly in brown sugar soy sauce broth.    12.00
Saba Miso Boston mackerel simmered in miso broth.    15.00
Tori Kara Age Soy marinated fried chicken.    9.00
Tori Kurozu Fried chicken with black vinegar.    10.00
Koebi Kara Age Deep fried shrimp.    10.00
Kaki Fried Fried oyster.    15.00
Agedashi Tofu Deep fried tofu in soy broth with nameko mushroom and grated daikon.    10.00
Steak Niku Croquette Beef croquette.    8.00
Satsuma Age Homemade fish cake.    8.00
Dashimaki Tamago Japanese omelette.    10.00
Saba Shio Yaki Grilled Boston mackerel.    13.00
Gindara Miso Yu-An Yaki Black cod with citrus sweet miso.    21.00
Ika - Kimo Soy Sauce Squid and mushroom sauteed with squid guts.    12.00


Jako and Mizuna Salad Mizuna leaf, cripsy baby anchovy, onion bonito flakes, tomato with wasbai soy sauce dressing.    13.00
Aburi Buri Salad Seared hamachi, mixed green with spicy ponzu vinaigrette.    15.00
Tako and Cresson Salad Octopus, watercress, walnuts, sesame oil and wasabi soy sauce.    14.00
Potato Salad Mashed potato, sliced onion, carrot, cucumber, mayonnaise and yuzu pepper.    5.00


Sake Ikura Oyakodon Salmon flake, salmon roe and sesame seed mixed rice.    13.00
Kurobuta Don Pork don. Thin Berkshire pork sauteed with peanut soy sauce over rice.    12.00


Sake Onigiri 2 pieces. Rice ball with salmon.    9.00
Ume Onigiri 2 pieces. Rice ball with plum pickles.    9.00
Metai Onigiri 2 pieces. Rice ball with spicy cod roe.    10.00


Sake Ochazuke Salmon. Served on top of rice with green tea broth.    10.00
Ume Ochazuke Plum pickle. Served on top of rice with green tea broth.    10.00
Mentai Ochazuke Spicy cod roe. Served on top of rice with green tea broth.    11.00
Tai Sashimi Snapper sashimi with sesame sauce. Served on top of rice with green tea broth.    16.00


Beef Nabe Hot pot dish. Beef, lettuce, ginger and crystal noodle in black vinegar broth.    14.00
Duck Nabe Hot pot dish. Duck, watercress and onion in sweet orange flavored soy sauce broth.    14.00
Gyu-Suji Nabe Hot pot dish. Tendered beef tendon, daikon, scallion and tofu in salt based broth.    12.00


157 E 28th St
Btwn Lexington & 3rd Ave
(212) 684-7830
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